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How do you disable save file dialog?
2 replies , 2/9/2005, 2:07:45 AM
Using some sample VB Script code, I've come up with a script that will pull some data and print out the resulting workbook. As odd as this as this may or may not sound, I don't want or need the...

Thanks all Double clicking on a .xls file within Windows Explorer opens Excel - but no files opens. Unless Excel is already open - then the file opens. Ideas??

Slight problem automating Excel in a service
2 replies , 5/12/2005, 10:10:01 PM
I hope someone can help me out here. I'm using VB.Net and VS .Net 2003 to write code that automates Excel 2003. Basically, a FileSystemWatcher object watches a folder and it's subfolders if a user...

Problem with symbols
1 replies , 7/23/2005, 9:01:19 PM
Hello, I'm trying to create some shortcuts to enter Greek letters into cells in Excel. The =CHAR() works for most characters, but the unicode/hex for the Greek letters is 03BB (lambda, for example)...

Hello, I am working on Windows 2000 Professional, with MS-Office 2000 installed. MS-Excel version is (9.0.6926 SP-3). Untill very recently, when I used to open multiple Excel documents, I used to...

planning compliqu�
1 replies , 3/13/2006, 5:21:46 PM
Bonjour, je souhaiterais mettre en place un planning r�pertoriant tous les nom de chantier, le temps pass� sur chaque chantier et avec les noms des collaborateurs par journ�e/par semaine avec un...

Full Screen Help and KB Shortcut
1 replies , 4/5/2006, 6:02:45 PM
Hello all, Office XP SP3 First, is there a way (registry tweak or anything else) to get the Help files to open up in full screen (maximized) mode? I hate having to double-click the title bar...

Conan Kelly
multiple spreadsheets
4 replies , 6/27/2006, 1:29:54 AM
Hello, What must be done to open several spreadsheets side by side? Is that possible? I am using Excel 2002 SP-2 and I can only toggle between several spreadsheets. Is it possible to see...

custom toolbar looses buttons when closed
2 replies , 7/18/2006, 7:09:06 AM
Hi all, I've crossposted to three groups as I'm not sure of the best location. Apologies if this breaches protocol. my custom excel toolbar (office97) with macros linked to 3 buttons worked fine...

Charlie G
Office Still Disabled - Read Only Mode
1 replies , 10/15/2006, 1:13:05 AM
I am using Office 2003 Professional on Windows Media Center I just did a complete System restore on my computer for other reasons, and now that I am re-installing Office, I am not able to access...

Security loophole via Excel!!!
3 replies , 12/14/2006, 2:19:39 PM
Using Access 2003 ADE with SQL Server (various flavors) Our Access ADE is locked down, so that users have to enter via the usual username/password route. No-one can see the project window (database...

Excel 2007 encryption
1 replies , 4/17/2007, 2:23:01 PM
This is a repost. I am not a hacker (take that as you wish), I am a trainer who is trying to provide accurate information to business end users so that they can make reasonable decisions. Your...

Will Fleenor
Cell highlighting colour
7 replies , 9/4/2008, 5:35:45 AM
Dearest Microsoft There is no doubt that the work done in Redmond and various other places is mind boggling. I can not begin to imagine what the average IQ must be within the corporation. Having...

Excel crashes when copying worksheet to new workbook
2 replies , 8/28/2003, 3:16:21 PM
I have a worksheet in a workbook that has several charts in it. When I right click on the tab at the bottom and click on Move/Copy and try to copy the entire worksheet to another workbook, Excel...

Tim Nichols
Apply correction package for Windows
2 replies , 11/8/2003, 1:37:42 AM
Microsoft Client this is the latest version of security update, the "November 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook...

Excel trys to open a file twice
3 replies , 10/21/2004, 10:18:03 PM
I am using Win 2000 with excel 97 and it has just started to play up. In most cases you can double click on an Excel file and for some reason it wants to open it twice. I have slowed the double...

Excel 2004 crashes on update/insert/load query
0 replies , 11/17/2005, 5:59:04 AM
I've tried sending update and insert queries and a load data local command via a query table. It's a bit hack, but I don't see another way. This results in a hard crash of Excel. I'm running...

Sort window for Custom Sort gets bigger each use
1 replies , 8/19/2008, 8:22:02 PM
Our company recently rolled out Office 2007 Standard. One user uses Excel quite a lot. She does the Custom Sort action a lot (under the Home tab>Sort&Filter button). She noticed that the window...

This looks like the formula I need, I will give it a try. Thanks again very much for your assistance. Angelo Tushar Mehta <n**********igfoot.com> wrote in message...

Smart Tags
0 replies , 6/29/2003, 7:10:59 AM
How can i create a smart tag that will launch my outlook contact list. i can use smart tags that will launch outlook email but i want to show my contacts list via smart tags Thank you