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Help!! Where are my Page Breaks for Page 2,3 etc.
4 replies , 9/24/2003, 3:37:10 AM
I use Excell for XP and want to add Pagebreaks. Only Page 1 is visible after Menu > View > Pagebraks. I canot add braks with selecting row/column and rightclick. No result after both setting up Print...

AA Arens
dropdown box printing
4 replies , 12/3/2003, 11:31:59 PM
Hi, I have created an excel spreadsheet with dropdown boxes within the worksheet. I want to be able to print the data that is displayed in a dropdown box but I dont want to print the dropdown box...

PDF Print Driver in Excel 97?
5 replies , 1/14/2004, 10:58:15 AM
I have a recollection of being told some time ago that there is a PDF Print Driver buried somewhere in MS Excel and that it can be installed so that it will work with any package in a similar way to...

Print Preview cause Excel to crash
6 replies , 1/14/2004, 4:52:56 PM
Whenever I do a Print Preview, 90% of the time, Excel crashes when I hit the Close button or the Print button (which closes the preview). Typically, if I click Next, the next page appears but with...

Newbie question....
1 replies , 2/6/2004, 10:41:18 PM
Hi, I'm fairly new to Excel, hope someone can help me out. I just purchased a technology directory for my local region, which was provided in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Figured out for...

Steven O.
I have a project where I'm using VBA to update multiple excel workbooks and creating custom copies of the workbooks as PDF files. The custom copies of the workbooks are customized by what sheets...

Question on Printing an Excel Doc
1 replies , 7/2/2004, 9:10:58 PM
Hoping someone can answer this for me. I have an Excel Spreadsheet which is around 14 pages. I wish to print the document but at the top of each page I want to include cells A3, B3 and C3. Can it...

Auto Page Break not working.
0 replies , 7/26/2004, 6:07:49 PM
I have a customer with two identical IBM Think Pads. They both run the Windows XP and have the same build of Excel 2002 installed. I've verified that the fonts being uses are the exact same...

Harvey Colwell
creating text files
2 replies , 1/10/2005, 6:31:29 PM
Hi all I am looking for away to creat a test file from an excel worksheet. I tried "Text Write Program-1c" but it dosn't seem to give me the results I am looking for, the fields don't always drop...

Printing worksheet not the same across the board
3 replies , 3/21/2006, 6:48:41 PM
I have 3 users that had problems with the way excel files were printing once the page had been set up. I have fixed the problem between 2 users and thought that took care of all. Now the 3rd user...

Excel Printing
3 replies , 5/8/2006, 11:04:10 AM
Hi, I have written a small VBA macro in excel (2002) which print outs a excel sheet as a pdf file. It used to work well until an update of acrobat was installed. Now it stops when I try to print out...

Can only print ~3 pages from Excel to Adobe pdf
0 replies , 6/1/2006, 10:17:35 PM
I've got a 30+ page Excel workbook, with 23 sheets that I want to print to a pdf. I select all those 23 sheets, then do File / Print / <select Adobe PDF> / OK. It almost immediately comes up with...

Can only print ~3 pages from Excel to Adobe pdf
2 replies , 6/1/2006, 10:17:41 PM
I've got a 30+ page Excel workbook, with 23 sheets that I want to print to a pdf. I select all those 23 sheets, then do File / Print / <select Adobe PDF> / OK. It almost immediately comes up with...

custom paper size in excel 2003
3 replies , 3/27/2007, 8:27:34 AM
I want to print on a custom paper size from excel. I realized that I have no option to choose a custom paper size and all I can choose are the paper sizes that are pre-configured on the printer. MS...

[2007] Multi-tab printing printer tray issues
1 replies , 7/20/2007, 8:24:13 AM
I have an issue with printing selected sheets in a workbook. If a specify a paper source like tray 1 at the printer settings dialog the first selected sheet is printed to that tray, all other...

Problem preserving Excel Correcitons
2 replies , 9/30/2008, 9:15:26 AM
A Heritage Society secretary gave me her mailing list for the recent newsletter. It is an Excel document, and it was a disaster. A couple dozen listings didn't print. I found about a half dozen...

Hi All, please, there is a workaround to bypass the problem born with Excel 2007 SP2 , which cause the PDF saved files not correctly resized? many thanks, i hope a solution... stex

stefano ceccato
Distribute Excel Workbook with licence?
18 replies , 2/19/2004, 1:46:09 PM
I have an Excel Workbook I want to distribute. I want to copy protect it. I want to be able to email/post it to users, on first use they will be prompted to enter a code, distributed with the...

Mike MacSween
Distributing secure ('er') Excel workbook
0 replies , 2/22/2004, 1:14:40 PM
Approaching this from a few angles. I know I can't make it that secure, just a little bit more. If I make a tiny VB app that does nothing more than pass in the Open file password, do users need...

Mike MacSween
Retrieving list of worksheets programmatically
3 replies , 7/2/2005, 9:25:40 AM
Hi, Sorry if this is a FAQ. I did search a number of Excel newsgroups and Google hits before posting. Say I have an Excel spreadsheet C:\Temp\My_Worksheet.xls, and it contains the worksheets...

Scott Bass