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Removing the data tracking add-in link
2 replies , 3/2/2007, 2:12:18 PM
I made a template quite a few years ago. In it we were using, "Template Wizard" add-in. The template has been developed through many years, has so many defined names, links etc. Now, I want to...

Problems with hyperlinks between word and excel.
0 replies , 10/6/2003, 7:20:42 PM
I have a problem. If I open an XP-excel spreadsheet (on a network drive) out of word-XP (hyperlink) then I get a crash of the spreadsheet if the spreadsheet is locked by an other person (person 1)....

Stubborn Link Data/Value Problem - Help Appreciated!
6 replies , 1/3/2004, 5:06:59 PM
Hello, I am having a problem with a link in one of my Excel worksheets and I'm hoping that someone can help me with it. Here's the situation... I have two separate workbooks that are connected...

Query to Access : does'nt see tables
1 replies , 2/25/2004, 10:42:13 AM
Office 2000 SP3 FR From Excel / MS Query, I want to read data in Access tables. I choose the mdb file and so MS Query displays this error message (translated) : "This data source does'nt have any...

Vuillermet Jacques
MSAccess query conversion to excel
1 replies , 8/10/2004, 12:31:05 AM
I have a MSAccess query which contains some memo fields. I am using Office links to transfer the data to Excel. There are about 500 characters in some of the memo fields. All the data is displayed as...

John Baker
Linking two sheets in different books
8 replies , 1/4/2005, 4:13:51 PM
Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked 1000 times already ... I have two Excel files file1.xls file2.xls File1 gets auto-generated each night and populated with the latest data. I wish to...

Glenn Mulno
Hyperlink to specific worksheet in Excel
2 replies , 1/21/2005, 4:09:45 PM
I tried asking this a few weeks back but did not get an answer that worked. I am trying to create a hyperlink on a web page that when clicked it will open a specific worksheet of a specific Excel...

Glenn Mulno
Dynamic link to Visio object?
2 replies , 3/12/2005, 5:03:06 PM
I am posting this here because Excel users seem to do more linking. I'm having trouble getting this answered in the Word NGs. I am looking for a way to embed individual Visio graphic objects in...

Top Spin
Transforming Data
4 replies , 8/23/2005, 10:36:29 AM
Consider the the below example: Sheet1: (This is what I have) A B C D E F 1 x x x y y y 2 x x x y y y 3 x x x y y y 4 x x...

can excel view drill throughs in a pivot table
1 replies , 12/1/2005, 4:24:35 PM
I'm building pivot tables in Excel 2000 based on data cubes from SQL 2000 Analysis Services. Is there anyway to view the drill down from the data fields in a Excel pivot table? I try...

Andy S.
Change links on moving to CD or another computer
0 replies , 2/16/2006, 7:21:36 PM
I have a large number of Excel files with links to some common data files all held in teh same directory. How do I copy these to a CD in a way that changes the directory references to reflect the...

Rich 80105
I have a user who is using Excel 2000 SP 3 to connect to cubes created in SQL 2000 AS SP 3. The user does have permissions to browse to the cube. Originally I could not even connect to the...

Andy S.
Hello How to make "Microsoft Excel This workbook contains links to other data sources To update all linked information, click Yes. To keep the existing information, click No." pop up or appear on the...

External data retrieve timescale
1 replies , 4/27/2006, 10:49:41 AM
Is there any way to lower the Refresh External Data time to below 1minute? Thank you. Richard

Richard Edwards
2 replies , 10/14/2006, 12:10:37 PM
Guten Tag Habe folgendes Problem mit Excel: Ich m�chte in der Zelle A1 ein beliebiges Datum eingeben. Excel soll dann in den Zellen A2, A3, A4, A5 immer ein Jahr sp�ter einf�gen. Beispiel: A1 =...

New to Replan!!
1 replies , 10/30/2006, 9:37:38 AM
Hi All, I have several spreadsheet xls files that have links to each other and it is now apparent that working would be much easier if they were all on separate tabs within the same spreadsheet...

Excel hyperlink to specific word mail merge record
1 replies , 1/22/2007, 1:38:34 PM
Hi, I'm not even sure that this is possible but.................... I have a Mail Merge document that is linked to a Excel sheet. I use this to send emails. My question is whether it is possible...

Problem printing underlines
1 replies , 11/13/2009, 12:22:36 PM
I have linked an Excel worksheet into a word file. In various locations on the same worksheet underlines do not print. They show up on the screen, but will not print in word. If I print the...

I need to link cells fom one work book to another. One workbook is daily use, the other is yearly totals.

Help! OfficeXP Excel scaling doesn't work
1 replies , 9/17/2003, 3:02:59 PM
I recently installed OfficeXP on pc w/Windows 2000. The scaling feature in Excel's page setup doesn't work. "Adjust to" shrinks the entire page and "fit to" choices are limited to 100% and 10%. ...

John Hoffpauer