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Of2007 Silver Scheme
8 replies , 11/17/2006, 11:59:19 AM
Am I the only that thinks Office 2007's silver scheme in ribbon apps looks "dirty?" I don't know it just looks.... um, not very good. It's not the same color set as Office 2003's silver colors (at...

C. Moya
Bug in German Office/Excel 2007 on German Systems
2 replies , 11/22/2006, 3:45:17 PM
Hello. I've a German Windows XP Pro SP2 and of course a keyboard with German layout. Since I've installed my copy Office 2007 RTM from MSDN one key combination no longer works, maybe others too....

Marco von Frieling
(2007) Excel macro blocks Outlook???
3 replies , 4/25/2007, 2:29:05 PM
Why does a long running macro in Excel 2007 block Outlook??? (No, the macro doesn't access Outlook in any way. It does use ADO to access a database). I've noticed similar things on several...

C. Moya
Hello! How to make the Office 2003 Advanced file search to find files by the "text or property"? The Office 2003 sp2 Advanced file search does not find a Word or Excel file by a word or a number in...

Returning a range from an inner function
6 replies , 8/11/2007, 3:23:23 AM
I have a range of data, which has had the DOLLAR() function performed on it. I would like to get the total of this range using the SUM() function. doing SUM(F1:F4) will not work, so I need to...

Nathan Sokalski
Info Please: Excel , PowerPoint & Access User Groups
2 replies , 8/25/2007, 4:34:47 AM
I'm looking for Excel, PowerPoint & Access user groups in Austin & Houston. Anyone able to provide contact info? Thanks, Gerard

Gerard Anthony Gold
default paste setting?
4 replies , 1/21/2009, 2:33:07 AM
Is there a default paste setting in Office that can be changed? Right now, if I copy and paste text anywhere in Office with control-c and control-v, the text will always paste as formatted text...

Hello. I received a 82 KB XLSM (macro version?) file from a colleague. I tried to open it in my updated (as of last Tuesday) MS Office 2003 Pro. SP3, with its compatibilty pack. Excel Office SP3...

Phillip Pi
How to paste absolute references or sort links
2 replies , 6/28/2009, 10:31:38 PM
In Excel 2003, I need to sort columns that are links to other columns. If the paste function pasted absolute references, like $A$1, it would work like a charm. However, since it pastes normal...

El Kot
Corporate Upgrade to Office 2007 SP2
15 replies , 7/23/2009, 11:03:01 AM
Currently: Office 2003 SP3 applications on XP 2002 SP2 Upgrade to Office 2007 SP2 suite We are planning a corporate upgrade from 2003 apps to 2007 suite for 100,000+ users globally. My question is...

Printing embedded images
3 replies , 2/8/2010, 6:43:45 PM
Hi, When I embed my company logo (which i have in either GIF or PNG format) into an excel or word document, then print it to an Adobe PDF or Xerox Docucolor or other high-end color printer, the...

Excel 2007 not prompting blocked content with message bar
14 replies , 1/25/2011, 10:31:57 PM
even when I go into trust center and make sure that this feature is enabled. The excel file in question does have a macro that normally is blocked on other machines here with the message bar...

rule of 78 templets
1 replies , 8/27/2003, 11:02:39 PM
I have used google and can not find any to download. Does anyone have any or know where I can download some?

Custom Templates
10 replies , 2/24/2004, 10:55:20 PM
Hi all, We have just upgraded to Office 2003 (from Office 97 - yeah 'bout time i know!). We have a drive on our network server that we store all our corporate templates on, and under 97 were able...

BJ McGowan
auto update template?
1 replies , 5/11/2004, 2:16:07 PM
how can i setup a worksheet in a template iv made, to keep up to date with any changes made to copies of this page, from within workbooks made from the template, hope someone can understand that...

I have a Form in Sheet2 like: Name: B2 Company B3 Department B4 Emp #: B5 and list of Employees A2:D123 (more than 100 employees) with above details in Sheet1. I want to Print...

Range Tracking.....
0 replies , 10/9/2004, 2:20:33 PM
To All, I am wondering if there is an existing template or formatted spreadsheet that can be shared with me that enables a person to track data over time. I am trying to save myself some development...

Drew H
How do I set the default zoom to 90% ? (i.e. not 100%!)
4 replies , 11/5/2004, 10:15:22 AM
ms Excel 2002 /Windows 2000 Pro Hi How do I set the default zoom to 90% rather than 100%? I have a high resolution monitor, and have set the MS Windows 2000 text size to large. But in excel it is...

Shiperton Henethe
open OQY file from http:// folder
1 replies , 12/2/2004, 2:11:06 AM
ok. I develop OLAP cubes for a living.. with SQL Server Analysis Services.. And I've kindof fallen in love with the .OQY file extension. And I have a wierd question.. <DATA><PIVOT TABLE><GET...

Hello, I have a question, In word there is the possibility to attach a template to a *.doc file. That template is specific for that doc (attached template). If you open the doc the macros in the dot...