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US Map Plotted via Provided Input?
2 replies , 10/9/2004, 1:34:19 PM
To All, I am wondering if there is an existing add-on, function or freeware component that will link with an Office component to accept US States and Cities as input and output them in Excel, Visio...

Drew H
HELP: Need to recover damaged spreadsheet
4 replies , 11/25/2004, 1:28:40 PM
"Someone" has prepared a spreadsheet on a floppy (of all things!) and no backup anywhere. The XLS file on the floppy is corrupt, and Excel won't open it. Q1. Is there a recovery tool/option? Q2. ...

Richard White
Printing sheet to fit paper
2 replies , 12/30/2004, 7:32:20 PM
I waste a lot of paper trying to print an Excel 2000 sheet on a piece of paper. I don't mind multiple vertical pages, but I can't stand multiple horizontal pages. Is there any trick I can use to...

Howard Brazee
Database Issue
0 replies , 2/2/2005, 5:56:47 PM
I have a machine which was working fine. We have an excel spreadsheet which is linked to an access database. The machine is running windows 2000 with all the patches and office 2000 with all the...

Can't save new file in Excel 2003
0 replies , 2/11/2005, 8:42:15 AM
We have Excel 2003 SP1 with all available updates (version 11.6355.6408) After some time user recieve a problem: he can't save newly created files, application faulting and offer to send information...

Sadretdinov Vadim
I own several Excel files located in the organization's network. I want to keep a master copy in my laptop for offline updates. Then when I connect to the network, it automatically updates or...

I need to test the viability of upgrading our workstations from Office XP (2002) to Office 2003. It would be great if I could run both on the same machine and test the interoperability of documents...

Captain Infinity
Office 2003 and 2002 compatibility
6 replies , 8/2/2005, 6:44:02 PM
Do Word 2003 and Excel 2003 create documents/spreadsheets in a default format that can be read by Word 2002 and Excel 2002, or does the user need to scroll down the list of "Save As" types and pick a...

Captain Infinity
Windows In Taskbar Inconsistencies
11 replies , 2/26/2006, 1:57:12 AM
Just a little rant about the weird, highly disconcerting document switching inconsistencies between Office apps. I would have thought this would have been corrected in Office 2003. Sadly, it was...

Excel 2003 workbook saved as Excel 97 - 2003 issue
0 replies , 3/22/2006, 8:27:36 PM
I created a pivot table in Excel 2003 using data from a worksheet within the same workbook. The table is displayed correctly. If I save the file to the 97 - 2003 format so that users using...

Jeff M
Using mail-to hyperlink with an attachment
0 replies , 3/30/2006, 4:36:04 PM
I'm creating forms using Excel and Word. Somewhere in the form is an email address. I can use Edit-hyperlink to specify the recipient address of the email address as well as the subject field. ...

Try again: Using mail-to hyperlink with an attachment
4 replies , 4/8/2006, 10:55:06 PM
I'm creating forms using Excel and Word. Somewhere in the form is an email address. I can use Edit-hyperlink to specify the recipient address of the email address as well as the subject field. ...

Office 2007- What a horrible disappointment
8 replies , 5/24/2006, 5:23:58 AM
I gotta say that I am profoundly disappointed with Office 2007. I'm still trying to understand the ribbon... (it seems to basically be just an "exploded" menu bar)... but in essense, this is nowhere...

Excel beta - Bug
0 replies , 6/5/2006, 7:14:38 PM
I convinced the local IT guy to install the beta in an unused PC. He let me install it. I chose not to install Clip Art Organizer. Now in Excel, when I select the Insert tab in the ribbon, Excel...

Harlan Grove
Multiple Documents (MDI) in Office 2007
2 replies , 6/23/2006, 1:11:05 AM
I was very disheartened that Excel and PowerPoint still sport the frustrating Multiple Document...

Hello! How to paste a row of cells from Excel to a PowerPoint 2003 Table row? PowerPoint 2003 pastes all the row cells values in every cell in the row in the PowerPoint table if I select the row in...

Documents in Multiple Monitors
4 replies , 8/1/2006, 12:10:41 PM
Excel and Powerpoint (even in Office 2007) make it ludicrously hard (impossible?) to view two documents on multiple monitors. Even seeing them side by side is unintuitive (compared to Word). Will...

30 replies , 9/15/2006, 1:01:33 AM
The B2TR patch has some nasty surprises for users in store. The most important one being that Word 2007 Beta 2 files saved in the new file formats (extensions docx, docm, etc) might not open at all...

Patrick Schmid
Office 2007 Colors Scheme
2 replies , 11/16/2006, 5:01:41 AM
I use XP's Silver scheme. Why do some Office 2007 apps use a BLUE color scheme while others like (Publisher) use the right scheme (XP Silver). It looks horrible and contrasts with everything. Why...

C. Moya
Office2007 Laundry List of Gripes
5 replies , 11/16/2006, 12:30:33 PM
Some of these are admittedly nit-pickey... but they add up to what is a truly horrendous User Interface and extremely disappointing version of Office. 1) On my Silver themed WinXP, Word, Excel,...

C. Moya