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Machine Info: Toshiba laptop, satellite 1905-277, Pentium 4 CPU 1.60 GHz 256 MB of RAM OS: Windows XP Home Edition with SP1 When I am trying to shift from "EN" language to "FA" language in...

Rasoul Khoshravan Azar
Office settings for Word XP and 2003
6 replies , 10/12/2004, 4:01:56 PM
Hello all, I am looking for some information on the storing of values set in the Tools>options of office applications (I need to look into all but I think Word and Excel are probably the most...

"Installation source for MS Office not available"
0 replies , 10/11/2005, 7:22:26 PM
I have: XP Pro/SP1 Office 2000 SR-1 Professional I have got some problems with Excel. When I click an XLS file I get a message flash up and then vanish which says "Preparing To Install"...

Alex Coleman
MSOffice default directory
3 replies , 6/3/2006, 5:43:20 PM
Hi, When I create a new document in any MSOffice application, and first save it to disk, the dialog always comes up with "My Documents" as default-directory, which I think is pretty annoying. I...

[Qry] [OT] After open Excel 2K3 it closes immediately
2 replies , 7/13/2006, 3:49:49 PM
Sorry for cross-posting and of-topic (maybe people in W2K/XP news could solve this problem). Excel was working without problems for many time but I have great surprise today because when I open...

Cannot open excel file directly
7 replies , 12/19/2007, 9:22:15 AM
Hi all, After the excel crashing last time, I can't open excel file directly. That means I double click the excel xls file, it will only open the excel application but no any excel sheet will open...

Hello! How to hide the status bar in Excel 2007 and in Office 2007? Why does Outlook 2007 send message window appear in 30 seconds after sending a small file from an Office program or choosing the...

I just installed several copies of Office 2007 Plus on our work network. The version I have is a Volume License copy and on every other computer I have tried the ribbon is it's normal default...

Can't get update to work
7 replies , 9/18/2008, 11:47:49 PM
I am running Windows XP Home, and recently updated to SP3. The Windows updater is now trying to install the following update: Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (KB951548) However,...

Office Live add-in toolbar reappears after a restart
0 replies , 4/22/2009, 6:50:01 AM
Hello! How to prevent "MS Office Live add-in" toolbar from reappearing after an Office 2003 program restart? Regards, Dima

I need to install both Office 2003 & Office 2007 for my work. As Office 2007 is a newer version, it is automatcially set as the defaulted application. I would like to change the defaulted...

Office 2007 newsgroup?
4 replies , 11/30/2006, 7:42:53 PM
Is there a newsgroup dedicated to the new version of Microsoft Office (Office 2007)?

Hi again, Very weird one here. Had SBS4.5 - backed up all data - flattened server - clean install of SBS2k - restored data - shares with same names/locations created LAN clients running Office...

David Elders
shared .xls is locked for editing...
7 replies , 12/14/2004, 7:42:57 PM
We have a "shared" Excel 2000 spreadsheet that various users can access. Whenever one particular user has it open, and another user attempts to open it, it always says that a completely different...

Brad Pears
Excel 2003 bug
7 replies , 9/19/2003, 3:58:41 PM
This is a bug in all versions of Excel. When using conditional formatting with more than more formula, the formatting ceases to go through all conditions once one condition becomes true. This isn't...

Shawn Casey
(Note: I posted this in MS.Public.Word.Mail on 10/2/03, no replies yet) On 2000/03/10, Athena [an apparant former MVP-Outlook] (a*******vps.org) wrote a response to a question of why the...

Automatically generate graph
2 replies , 11/5/2003, 3:06:04 AM
let say I want ot automatically generate graph in excel. So toay i want to generate graph for cells A1 through A8 for the x axis and C1 through C8 for the y axis. But tomorrow I want the graph to be...

Recover a Save-As mistake
2 replies , 12/30/2003, 7:20:07 PM
Hi there, I don't think there is much help in this situation, but just incase... I need to know if there is a way to recover a file after doing a "save as" on top of it. Here is what...

Help with File Save As in
2 replies , 4/23/2004, 1:13:44 AM
I run Windows XP Home and I have Office 2000 Small Business Edition installed, which is essentially used for Excel and Word. The problem I have is when I do a File > Save As, and then I choose the...

OT: Do not buy software from Deksoftware.
4 replies , 7/27/2004, 11:51:20 AM
Get a load of this email I got from the company when I asked them about where to get a copy of their demo software: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - >You...

Julian Milano