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error in legendentry
0 replies , 12/14/2005, 8:23:52 PM
hello, I have a chart that needs more legend entries than can be visible shown in the chart. When I try to access (= change color with Interior.Colorindex) the legend entry, an error occurs...

Mick Turner
Deploy Excel Macros
3 replies , 2/22/2006, 6:13:01 PM
Hi! I developped some Excel XP macros in vbscript. Now it's time to deploy them to a unique client (only one computer). Those macros are made to be executed in many excel files, then for maintenance...

Thierry Paradis
Macros setup deployment
5 replies , 2/27/2006, 1:47:18 PM
Hi! I have a Template (to place in the template folder) and a .xls file with macros (to place in the XLStart folder) to deploy. Is it possible to deploy thoses files with a setup.bat? The...

Thierry Paradis
Text only in toolbar buttons
2 replies , 3/1/2006, 3:57:59 PM
Hi! I would like to know how to set custom toolbar buttons to display text only and no picture? Thanks, Thierry Paradis

Thierry Paradis
Calling a worksheet via a codename
2 replies , 3/2/2006, 2:19:54 PM
Hi! I have a xla and a xlt. In a xla macro, i need to access a sheet of an instance of the template with a specific codename. The following code returns an...

Thierry Paradis
Get a specific Program files folder
2 replies , 3/3/2006, 4:54:23 PM
Hi! I made a Deploy project in VS2003. The setup copy a xla and a xlt a specific Program files folder. After the copy, i want to execute a .vbs that will copy and register the xla and the xlt. My...

Thierry Paradis
All users path
2 replies , 3/8/2006, 7:20:32 PM
Hi! I have a weird path problem. Model path (Application.TemplatesPath): Gives a path in my windows user "documents and settings" folder Startup path (Application.StartupPath): Gives a path in my...

Thierry Paradis
Unload an addin
1 replies , 3/10/2006, 10:18:26 PM
Hi! To uninstall an add-in, i'm using a .vbs script. My problem is when Excel is open and i try to "uninstall" the addin, i get an Access Denied error. objXL.AddIns("LMI!Comptable").Installed =...

Thierry Paradis
Excel/VBA possibilities
2 replies , 4/30/2006, 7:42:57 PM
Hello, I have a question about the possibilities of Excel (in combination with VBA). Someone asks me to solve a problem and gives an idea for a possible solution along with it. I just want to know...

The Alltime Best
adding code to command button in word from excel VBA
2 replies , 1/3/2007, 6:03:57 PM
Hi- I am creating a document in word with excel VBA. I figured out how to add a command button to word from excel VBA, but I can not figure out how to add code to that command button for when the...

Hi everyone- I am writing a code in excel VBA for word. I am linking tables from various excel files to one word document. I need to specifiy which excel file table is placed into the word...

chop off last 5 characters of a string
9 replies , 3/4/2009, 1:31:52 AM
I have a list of strings that vary in length from 10 to 15 characters. The last 5 characters are always different but always a length of 5 characters and I want to chop them off and keep only the...

Hello, This issue could be sap program issue - in that case it's not appropriate to post here. But it also could be excel 2007 issue - so in that case: I'm using standard sap gui "export to excel"...

Vilius Mock´┐Żnas
Nested if statements Arrays - help!!
4 replies , 11/24/2003, 3:49:33 AM
I basically have a collum of dates and I want to have a descriptive cell with the range of dates. The dates are all entered from another sheet by a user and this page is a summary page the formula...

Diver Dan
New to Excel, have to do a grade sheet!
5 replies , 11/13/2004, 1:13:01 AM
Hello folks-- I have only very limited experience with Excel (just opening documents I've gotten by e-mail, and have never made an Excel document before myself), and I have a course assignment for a...

Jean S. Barto
Hi all. I have some data that I need to plot (Excel v.X running on Mac OS Panther). I've currently got two charts: one is a bar graph with two groups, and each bar has two colors (one for each of the...

Levin, Michael
Print entire workbook
4 replies , 4/23/2006, 6:56:33 PM
Seems like this should be easy, but is there a way to choose to print the entire workbook without printing each worksheet individually?

dr. carol
For Excel Mac
2 replies , 10/26/2007, 5:49:35 AM
Hi there, I know that I should use microsoft.public.excel.mac but looking at their recent postings and replies, I would find more activity at the local grave yard. There is an urgent issue and I...

Captain Apollo
large worksheet runs very slow on Excel for Mac
9 replies , 6/26/2008, 2:02:45 PM
Hey we have a very large document (10 worksheets of 1024 rows x 26 columns, with graphs, roughly 11 MB) which opens very slowly on Excel on the Mac. Using the same document on Excel for Windows...

Circular Calculation with TREND Function?
7 replies , 8/10/2012, 5:27:10 AM
I'm trying to use the TREND function to predict sales. I'm getting an error saying the formula has a circular reference. I'm completely stumped as to why this is. The formula is in cell B7, and as...