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Windows XP: Open file in read-only: Word, Excel, Visio
8 replies , 3/25/2009, 1:03:58 PM
I'm often sharing files on a network drive with someone. Often, one of us knows that we don't need to open a file for modification, and we only need read-access. Is there a way to open a file in...

Excel List Separator .Net VB
1 replies , 7/29/2006, 11:32:05 AM
In VB6 you could get the list separator using the code below. application.International(xlListSeparator) How do you do the equivalent in .Net? Thanks in advance

We recently moved to "visual studio 2008" . Our addin workd find on our development machine which has Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. When we create the installation package and install onto a machine...

The same problem happens after I open an Excel file inside a Microsoft Internet Controls either from a VB6 program or ASP. After that when I try to open another Excel file outside the VB6 program or...

How to let Embed Excel WorkSheet support Excel Addins?
1 replies , 10/17/2003, 3:50:34 PM
Hi Gurus I wrote an application which has an embed excel table. I tried to allow user using "Solver" and "Data Analysis" addins when they working on this table. But when I click on "Solver", it...

Robin Wei
We have a software product which does structured data storage and retrieval of application data to and from the database. (Like almost any other application - nothing new here.) To allow customers to...

Joseph Geretz
Excel Events Conflict with VB and C# AddIns
1 replies , 9/6/2004, 11:24:26 AM
Hi, I have two com addins running in Excel. One is written in VB and the other in C#. Both addins are interested in the Workbookopen event. When the event is triggered the c# code captures the event...

Excel Link Question ?
3 replies , 1/25/2005, 2:17:39 PM
Hi, Fellows Please let know why I change my Excel files to another Windows carpets (They have links between ) missing . They not working anymore ..! How can I repair ? Best Ragard Mario

Mario Reiley
How to store hidden binary data?
1 replies , 4/15/2005, 6:53:24 AM
hi! is there any interface (like Variables in MS Word) in Excel and powerpoint. actually i want to store some hidden binary data through VBA in PowerPoint and Excel. in word i have used document...

generating report from excel, trouble with bookmark..
0 replies , 8/25/2005, 4:10:17 PM
Hi all, I am trying to generate couple of word documents from excel sheet. I start with word template file with enclosing bookmarks to insert text and objects from excel. I have to add three...

Control Tip or MouseOver label on Excel shapes
3 replies , 1/23/2010, 2:00:17 AM
I'm using Access VBA to build an Excel Workbook which visually depicts a bunch of project timelines. I am creating lines which depict the duration of the project, along with boxes and several...

Dale Fye
Excel won't close properly
2 replies , 1/23/2010, 8:58:01 PM
I'm using automation to build an Excel workbook and 4spreadsheet from within Access. When I'm done building the workbook and the associated worksheets, I want to leave Excel open for my users, so...

Dale Fye
call dll's from Excel asynchronously ?
1 replies , 8/1/2003, 2:28:54 PM
Hello, I have an Excel Addin, in which I call an DLL which retrieves data from a Iseries application. In Excel the cells contain an formula which is fed to the DLL. This works great except when...

Emile Besseling
Hi Guys, This one should be simple for you guys! In Excel 2000, I have cells that are protected (Locked and Hidden). When I protect the sheet I use the UserInterfaceOnly option of...

Lionel Gomes
ADO in Excel
6 replies , 9/27/2003, 6:16:01 AM
I have a long Excel VBA sub which creates several ADO recordsets from another open workbook in succession. Upon completion, the sub closes the source workbook. Despite that, the VBE still shows the...

Francine Kubaka
Plot data on map
0 replies , 2/4/2004, 12:49:58 PM
How can one use the MS map object to plot data? of any country? say the US, using MS-Excel? Urgent help needed.

codemodule wiped when using VBComponents
3 replies , 7/13/2004, 12:09:58 PM
I'm sorry about the cross-post, I don't know which group is best for this question. I have encountered a problem with an Excel/VBA application I'm developing. One of the things I do is creating...

Amedee Van Gasse
ARE U LONELY? Looking for love?
0 replies , 8/20/2004, 12:10:55 AM
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Problem with displaying characters in excel sheet
3 replies , 10/13/2004, 11:58:59 AM
I an excel sheet, I am displaying a character alpha "?". But when I retrieve this chaarcter though a messagebox function in VB editor, say msgbox mysheet.cells(4,5) then it shows "a" and not...

Please, help me! I can not find where is the the information I need. My problem is: I had Windows 2000 and Office 2000. Now they installed Windows XP and Office 2000 (serv.pack 3). And my forms do...