how to hide #N/A ?
14 replies , 5/11/2004, 2:09:41 PM
i have change some formulars along the lines of this: =LOOKUP(G13,MLS!B$2:B$112,MLS!C$2:C$112) change to: =LOOKUP(G13,paynumber,staffnames) only problem now is i end up with rows...

conditional printing? macro?
15 replies , 5/13/2004, 2:30:22 PM
here's my situation, i have a workbook with many sheets in it, each sheet if the default print shortcut button was used would print to 4 pages of A4 paper. the data on these sheets varies everyday,...

Most likely Lookup -formula problem
6 replies , 5/18/2004, 11:51:40 AM
Hello there, sorry for quite uninformal subject... anyways, the problem as follows: I want to make excel sheet , which has information about distances between (for example) cities; (I hope you can...

John Doe
3 Formula Questions
7 replies , 6/26/2004, 8:14:04 AM
Hi, I have three Excel 97 formula questions: 1) Suppose I have a formula which yields a dollar value with a theoretically infinite amount of decimal places, but I use column formatting to limit...

Julie P.
Is this a legal formula?
2 replies , 6/26/2004, 8:20:44 AM
Hi, I have the following formula: =IF(Q3<=25,Q3*0.0525,1.3125+(Q3-25)*0.0275) Now, what I want to do, is take the result of the above formula, and times it by an integer I have in cell R3. But I...

Julie P.
How to split column?
2 replies , 7/8/2004, 2:20:23 PM
Help please, I've one long column (~65000 rows) of data in one sheet. The question is how to split it to several columns with 400 (for example) rows of the data in each? Is there any known...

Y. Belenky
Auto insertion of date and time
3 replies , 7/16/2004, 8:26:43 AM
I'm trying to build a spreadsheet to log support calls, all i need is a way of inserting the time & date in a column as soon as data is entered in another column. I have done this using the Now()...

Excel Sort() Algorithm
15 replies , 7/29/2004, 9:20:42 PM
Someone raised a question in my computer class. Does anyone know what type of sort algorithm Excel uses when you highlight a range and hit the sort button? I suspect it's not a Bubble sort, because...

Michael C
how to multiply hour to currency/hour
6 replies , 8/16/2004, 7:28:20 PM
I want to multiply 45: 15 hours to 600 Dollors/hour to obtain 27,150 $ First cell has 45:15 hours in time format and second cell has 600$ with currency format but multiplication cell shows 1,131.25$...

Rasoul Khoshravan Azar
rounding in multiples of 5
7 replies , 8/23/2004, 3:52:14 PM
Hi, How do I ensure the cell content is always a multiple of 5 without running a macro? I currently have the following formula in the cell, which only works to modify if the contents are below...

Count with multiple condition
6 replies , 9/21/2004, 2:41:19 AM
Hi all I want to get the count of rows from A1:A20 where the value is greater than 10 and smaller than 20. I know I could do it by =countif(A1:A20, "<20") - countif(A1:A20, "<=10") ...

Please help with date insertion
2 replies , 9/23/2004, 10:01:14 PM
Not very good with excel so hope you can help I want to have a table with the date in column A a figure in column B wihich calculates a figure in colomn C Have worked out the formula for column B &...

Random Sorting
4 replies , 9/29/2004, 7:51:18 AM
Can anyone help? I have a sheet with the following data: Item, Price1, Price2, Price3, Price4, I want to sort the prices for each item randomly but not sorting the whole col together but...

I have a 90 page financial report from MS word that I get each month. I would like to find a software package or scripting tool that will allow me to automate the process of grabbing #s from the ms...

RE: conditional Sum
1 replies , 10/9/2004, 12:03:18 PM
Hello i have tried this and it has worked, thank you. Now i would like to pick the table informaiton up from another sheet (in the same workbook). i have tried just replacing the formula but it...

accessing worksheets
2 replies , 11/1/2004, 10:00:06 PM
Hello, I have a question about referencing a specific sheet. I see you can do this: ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("MySpecialSheet").Select Or ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(2).Select However, if the user...

HELP: Access table linked to Excel - calculated fields?
3 replies , 11/11/2004, 2:02:42 AM
The problem is as follows: I linked an Access table to a complex Excel spreadsheet (.xls). I also built a custom Access form to browse and modify the data in that table. Works fine, however the...

K Zox
finding common numbers in large lists
1 replies , 11/11/2004, 7:11:41 PM
Hello, I have two large lists of numbers (on two seperate worksheets). By large, I mean that one list is 1000+ numbers, and the second list is 3000+ numbers (each number is in its own cell). The...

Listing of Sheet names
1 replies , 11/17/2004, 5:13:54 PM
I need a list of all the sheet names in my Excel 2003 files. The file has lots of sheets and I want the listing in order to build a table of contents (in the first sheet in the file) that contains...

Will Fleenor
Forulma Needed
22 replies , 11/26/2004, 6:46:13 PM
I am looking for a way to create a chart over a year period by each week, to let me now how many people where in my organisation over a year period, The problem I have is that I only have a start...