Count the times a number appears in a column
4 replies , 10/29/2003, 7:22:27 PM
I would to find out how I can lookup a column and count the number of times a preticular number appears innthat column. Thanks Paul

Paul R
best way to add worksheets together
7 replies , 11/21/2003, 12:33:35 AM
I have several worksheets and I would like to add them together. I do not want to copy or create duplicats, and I want the one with the latest date (LASTUPDATED is a date) How would I do...

Unable to Sort Multiple Columns
1 replies , 12/8/2003, 12:37:33 AM
Good day all! I've seen this posted in a million other places, but I wasn't able to get my question fully answered. I'm creating a simple sheet to list common TCP/IP service names and their...

Formula for Active In Current Month?
2 replies , 12/17/2003, 10:22:20 AM
hello all i have a spreadsheet with contractors on. I have a start date and an end date. I want to be able to pull out the data from all those current in each month (using the start date and the...

using cell contents in pathname
7 replies , 12/31/2003, 2:23:19 PM
Hi, I'm trying to build a formula that will retrieve the value of a cell in another workbook using the contents of a cell on the current sheet as the filename of the other workbook. as an...

Button Error - Save at location
2 replies , 2/5/2004, 8:22:54 PM
I have copied the code for this button. The purpose of the button is to save the excel sheet at a specific location, and to save it. I want a prompt box to appear, which asks what name the...

Ravi Sandhu
Save in location button
2 replies , 2/6/2004, 9:37:04 PM
Hello all This is how my button is...

Ravi Sandhu
Save Location - Date Format
2 replies , 2/10/2004, 7:39:01 PM
Hello all This is how my button is programmed... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ ...

Ravi Sandhu
Hi, I would like to enter values into a Chart from a Named Array(Range). The Array should not be an actual Range, but a virtual array based on logic applied to a Range. In my case picking values in...

Bob Lidgard
I'm hoping this is an easy one. I have a table with a list to lookup from which is like as follows. <�137.00 �2.30 �137.00-�234.99 �4.60 �235.00 - �292.99 ...

Creating Names Problem
16 replies , 2/24/2004, 11:40:50 AM
To create a name to represent cells or ranges, I usually just go to the NAME BOX (upper left corner where the row and column number is found) and simply type the name. Lately however, when I do that...

Gio Bacareza
A while back, I requested some info and somebody was nice enough to provide that for me. What I want to do is to set a filter, and then fill a column, ensuring that it ONLY fills the records that...

linking Worksheets
2 replies , 4/19/2004, 4:54:15 PM
could someone tell me if this is possible, if so how to go about it. worksheet (named 'master' ) in a workbook, (named 'blank weekly overtime') everyweek this workbook will be copied and renamed to...

this formula works : =SUMIF(M!$C$13:$C$228,$D8,M!$O$13:$O$228) i tried replacing with : =SUMIF(m_cause_cells,$D8,m_total_time) m_cause_cells...

Help please, what Function?
1 replies , 4/21/2004, 11:18:32 AM
if i have sheets with data listed like this:- C E G I K M O Pressure Names of Officers Pay Signature of Hours (see note 1) Total listed for overtime number Officer ...

Cell extraction from Multiple worksheets
8 replies , 4/25/2004, 11:34:39 AM
Hi group, I am new to this newsgroup and am hoping that you can help me out. I took a software/hardware inventory of all the computers in my work's network and imported them all into excel, in their...

I have a form that I need to create that will take information from the previous months form and paste it into this months form in the correct colum.... automatically.. or run a little routine........

Help in macro in excel.
7 replies , 4/29/2004, 1:34:13 PM
Hi all. I want to write a macro in an excel sheet wherein I want to copy a few cells from my source worksheet and paste their hyperlink to another worksheet. Also, the destination worksheet's cell...

Excel macro !!
1 replies , 4/30/2004, 1:30:06 PM
Hi all. I want to write a macro in an excel sheet wherein I want to copy a few cells from my source worksheet and paste their link ...not teh another worksheet. Also, the...

� (c-cedile)
3 replies , 5/1/2004, 10:33:39 AM
Hello, when using the porutguese language settings (on a US 101 international keyboard) I cannot use CTRL+C in Excel to add a � (C-cedile). I made a macro for it and a menu item : Sub cced() ...

Marco J.L.