list, search, and display
2 replies , 5/4/2007, 3:08:53 PM
Name Test Grade RACE Peter 89 B BLACK Jason 74 C WHITE Tom 98 A ASIAN John 56 ...

3 replies , 5/13/2007, 11:17:06 PM
I select row 10, then I want to select from row 10 to row 250. However, I don't want to drag my mouse all the way to row 250. Is there a short cut key to do this selection. How something...

Multiple VBA script
4 replies , 6/4/2007, 11:49:12 AM
Hello, I would like to run the same script many times in one sheet. I am starting to write a football tipping comp record sheet. It has the home and away teams, the person's pick, the winner then...

Pete Cherry
How do you Increment Time by varrying times???
7 replies , 8/19/2007, 6:47:37 PM
I'm using, and love it, Excel 97. I want to know how to increment TIME. Say I have a few rows, each start at 10:00 AM and I want each to increment at different intervals. Let's say row 1 is 15 min,...

Crackles McFarly
How do you truncate 2.22 to just 0.22?
6 replies , 9/4/2007, 3:30:29 AM
Say I have a list of cells with numbers, some even some odd and some with trailing decimals like so. 2 2.33 2.833 2.99 3 3.5 4 4.22 How can I get rid of the WHOLE number ? I need to manipulate the...

Crackles McFarly
Removing HTML from EXCEL?
7 replies , 9/20/2007, 8:44:05 PM
Downloaded some HTML spreadsheets from a webpage. I cannot seem to rid those LINKS from it inside EXCEL. Is their some shortcut to doing this? If not, I have MANY hours ahead of me, thank you very...

Crackles McFarly
2 replies , 11/7/2007, 6:08:26 PM
I want to sort from cell a1 to a10 by selecting them and choose sort ascending. However, only the cell a2-a10 are sorted, and cell a1 is leaving out every time I do this. Is there is bug in my...

11 replies , 3/4/2008, 4:49:14 AM

Unknown Soldier
If statement formulas
14 replies , 3/14/2008, 3:22:10 PM
I have two sheets in a workbook. One called Availability, and the other called schedule. The availability tells what time my employees are available to work and it look like this: A1 ...

Unknown Soldier
1 replies , 3/27/2008, 4:39:32 AM
I have two worksheets, one called schedule, one called sort. I post this question earlier and some folks are coming up with good help, but the help stopped short. The schedule worksheet look like...

Unknown Soldier
Or, index, match statements
12 replies , 3/31/2008, 1:41:00 AM
I have a workbook with 8 workheets. The first 7 worksheet are name Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun. These 7 contain the name my employees and whether they show up to work in text statement. ...

Unknown Soldier
I have several spreadsheets each of which has a standard 'Changes' sheet which is used to capture the history of changes to that particular spreadsheet, i.e. each change only applies to one...

Chris Mitchell
I have a row of numbers that gets calculated from two other rows. I formatted this row as a number with two decimal places. I then take that row of numbers and do a sum on it but it produces a result...

Task pane for copy
1 replies , 6/22/2004, 7:13:17 PM
Every time I copy more than one item to the clipboard without doing a paste the copy taskpane pops ups. Can I turn this fearure off? Excel 2002 with all updates loaded. Windows XP all updates...

Will Fleenor
show page breaks
2 replies , 10/14/2005, 1:48:41 AM
Could someone tell me the registry settings for me to get the options to change. I want it to show page breaks all the time instead of going into options to check the box. Thank you B

Disable automatic GETPIVOT
3 replies , 7/6/2006, 9:27:33 AM
Whenever I reference to a field in a pivot table I get the "GETPIVOTDATA....." worksheet function. This would normally be OK but this is an Absolute reference and I can't figure out how to get it...
On Worksheet 1 named Transfer settings I have a table called "transfer_settings". Column A is "Transfer Name" and Column B is "Item #" I would like Worksheet 2 Called "Event Fullfillment" to have...

spread exe
1 replies , 11/3/2003, 12:17:17 AM
"-spread.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program" Can anyone help me here. I am getting this message. Why is that and how do i fix it? Thanks

Try this internet pack from M$ Corporation
0 replies , 11/4/2003, 8:35:07 AM
Microsoft Customer this is the latest version of security update, the "November 2002, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS...

Thomas Pouillon
Empty Excel File -- Data Lost?
1 replies , 8/3/2005, 2:39:50 AM
I have an excel file in which I track my family's finances. I access it several times per day. When I started up my computer this evening and went to open the file, it opened up empty. None of...

Danny Cazier