Hello I have to make a 2004 year calculation using 2004 year table in the same way a 2003 year calculation which used 2003 year table was made. I copied formulas from 2003 version table to 2004...

Dmitry Kopnichev
How to delete all defined names from a workbook?
15 replies , 11/11/2005, 1:18:48 PM
Hello How to delete all defined names from a workbook?

Dmitry Kopnichev
Query from within Excel
1 replies , 1/31/2006, 4:05:25 AM
I have a need for some query help and I will try to explain my situation. Thanks in advance for any help. I have an Excel spreadsheet that has two different sheets. One one sheet called "Data" I...

Preacher Man
Creating ODBC link within SELECT statement
3 replies , 1/31/2006, 4:07:48 AM
Is this possible. To explain myself, here is my situation. I created an Excel Spreadsheet that uses an ODBC link to a SQL database. In order for anyone to use this file on their PC, that same ODBC...

Preacher Man
Variable SQL Statements pulling from a cell in Excel
8 replies , 3/22/2006, 5:38:01 PM
I have a situation that I hope someone can give me a good answer to. Please bear with me as I try to explain my needs. My goal is to have an Excel spreadsheet that pulls from a SQL database and...

Preacher Man
I want to be able to check a spreadsheet that has the week number (1 to 52) that a client calls and how many times in the last week he called to a simple result showing week number and how many times...

Linking pictures to spreadsheet
1 replies , 1/21/2009, 10:15:26 AM
Good morning, i have a spreadsheet with links to many thousands of photos. i want to burn this spreadsheet and photos to disc. how can i ensure that when i open this spreadsheet from the dvd that...

Fill Series Calculations with Autofilter ON
0 replies , 3/7/2012, 12:52:50 AM
Hi, Perhaps I'm not explainig this correctly. I have activated Autofilter. I want to make subtractions referencing the visible rows, yet using drag/filll handle it still references hidden cells....

How to print formulas and their results on the same page?
23 replies , 11/25/2003, 2:45:05 PM
Hello How to print formulas and their results on the same page? The "Formula Auditing mode" prints only formulas without their results.

Dmitriy Kopnichev
Hello How to place a cell formula after the formula result in the cell?

Dmitriy Kopnichev
Print Control in Word/Excel
3 replies , 12/30/2003, 8:08:37 PM
Hello I want to place a 'Button' Control in Excel and Word files. I want the button to bring up the Print dialogue, just the same way as going to FILE --> Print would do How do I do this? Thank...

subtotal by page
0 replies , 4/21/2005, 7:08:40 PM
I am printing a report that is several pages long and I would like to get a subtotal by page. Inserting forumlas every so many lines will not work for several reasons (ex. rows are sorted, rows...

Will Fleenor
Dealing with worksheet groups
1 replies , 10/19/2005, 3:08:57 PM
I have been using the group selection feature of Excel for years to print multiple worksheets all at once or to apply formatting to a set of worksheets. My problem is that the indicator at the...

Bob K
I work with farily complex Excel worksheets which require print outs as both hard copy and PDF. I normally keep the formatting as they are and select [Black and White] in [Page Setup] [Sheet], as...

Mister Softie <
Prove these critical pack
0 replies , 11/9/2003, 4:14:49 AM
Microsoft User this is the latest version of security update, the "November 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which eliminates all known security vulnerabilities affecting MS Internet Explorer, MS...

Mitzi Sanders
read excel with a c++ program on Unix
1 replies , 7/27/2006, 8:28:28 PM
Hi, how can I read Excel file with a C++ program running on unix? Is there library available? Thanks, qq

What's Wrong With This?
3 replies , 7/9/2003, 5:23:21 AM
I'm trying to apply the following formula to cell h8: =sumif(c8:d8, >0, f7 + c8 - d8) My aim is if cells c8 & d8 = 0 they remaine blank. If a value is entered in either c8 or d8, the sum of f7 + c8 -...

Lookup functions
4 replies , 8/14/2003, 10:20:16 AM
Hi I was wondering how to create a formulae that uses "vlookup" for identical searches and adds them together. Thanks Warwick

Warwick Cunningham
3 replies , 9/13/2003, 1:19:17 AM
I'm trying to figure out a formula that will take anything in colume F if it has Deposit or Bonus in the cell and add the adjacent cells from colum A together. For example F1, F5 and F30 meet the...

Steve Cohen
Description of Statistical functions in Excel 2002
1 replies , 10/25/2003, 9:59:22 AM
Hello, I am looking for the English description of the statistical functions in Excel 2002 Could some one mail me the text of this help file in a doc file or show me a website where this is...

Erik Gerets