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Re: formula?
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Hi Darius you have to use absolute references (indicated ┬┤with the sign "$"). So in your example try =B27/$B$199 HTH Frank Darius wrote: > I am trying to find the percent of a cell to the total of...

Leading Zeroes
8 replies , 1/23/2004, 8:20:27 PM
Hello all, I know you can use the little ' to turn a numberfield, with leading zero's into a text field, but I have several 1000 lines where I need this added. Is there a simple way to add these...

Printing Multiple Pages
2 replies , 1/23/2004, 8:23:39 PM
How do I keep Excell from printing blank pages that are directly after my written page? Example, lets say had data on the second page but then deleted it, so there is only the first page of date...

Value of non-numeric characters in a formula
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 8:35:05 PM
As pretty much an Excel newbie, why does Excel (97 and 2002) treat a non-numeric character as having a value of 1 in a =PRODUCT formula? It treats the same character as a 0 in a =SUM formula. Make...

Jeff Layman
IF and THEN question
3 replies , 1/23/2004, 10:06:13 PM
Hello, I have a spreadsheet where a certain column display what is to be done with the information. For example: A B C D 123 456 789 DELETE 987 654 321 ADD What I'd...

ThomasN <
Using @SUM only when a cell is greater then zero
4 replies , 1/23/2004, 11:11:05 PM
I have a spreadsheet that has a cell entry for every week in a year (52). Each week I want to put in the value for that week, and have Excel add the column only to the point where there's a value...

LOADING Excel2000
1 replies , 1/24/2004, 12:52:43 AM
I get error 2349 contact product support assistant for help!!! HA,HA . This is why I'aam know asking for help from NEWSGROUPS!!!!!!! There is no real product support online assistance?????????? ...

2 replies , 1/24/2004, 3:51:05 AM
I am trying to make a list of school kids. There are about 300 names and codes that will go in about 6 pages. I need to have the same heading in every page, so I don't have to guess in pages 2 thru 6...

My operating system is XP and I'm not sure of the version of Excel, but it did come installed and my Dell is only about six months old, if that helps. Anyway, I can't seem to create/print mailing...

Damian S.
conditional format
2 replies , 1/24/2004, 5:43:12 AM
I have a sheet with 6 columns of data. Starting from column B to G.I will like when there is data or text in all column cell for the color to change to say Red. And if all cells does not have data...

zip codes in Excel
3 replies , 1/24/2004, 5:55:39 AM
I am keping a database of 500 plus. I want to enter zip codes in Vermont that start in zero or 0, but excel is dropping the zero and I get a value with only 4 numbers. So a zip code of "01234" only...

Doug Tenney
data validation - dependant combo box
3 replies , 1/24/2004, 9:32:42 AM
my excel skills is no more than having a certain cell multiplyin another cell. scenerio: i have 2 cells, with drop down box. box2 is dependant to selections o box1. after i chose the item in box2,...

kusazero <
read what you told help to do on 11/12/03 but still could not figure it out can you put it in idiot proof wording if you can not thanks any way.

Finding the right kind of tmplate
1 replies , 1/24/2004, 4:06:05 PM
I am trying to find a template that will allow me to schedule multiple employees on one schedule, on a biweekly basis that will caculate the hours for me. The only must is that it has to handle at...

Division formula not calculating/Help
1 replies , 1/24/2004, 4:37:33 PM
The efficiency column is not calculating properly. The formula i earned hours divided by paid hours. Efficiency needs to recalculat each time the user inputs a new number in B12 ...

jayensmi <
Should I be using "IF"
3 replies , 1/24/2004, 5:26:05 PM
I have one column that I enter weekly numbers in (i.e. Column "E", Rows 1 thru 52). I have another column (i.e. "H" also using Rows 1 thru 52) that I want to have excel total all the numbers up, to...

Un-install Office Proff / Excel 2003
4 replies , 1/24/2004, 6:11:00 PM
Hello! Does anybody know how I can un-install Office Proff / Excel 2003 completely - WITH ALL ENTRIES IN THE REGISTRY. It seemd Add/Remove programs does not do the full job. I am getting error in...

Rahul Patel
4 replies , 1/24/2004, 6:11:37 PM
Dear Excel users, After years of using Excel successfully my AutoSum function ha ceased to AutoSum well, automatically. I must recalculate everytime wish to update a cell or close the program,...

jtessier <
I have a question about an Excel worksheet...and I want to attach th worksheet to a thread. How can I clear my NAME off of the worksheet s that I can attach it without divulging personal...

HuskerBronco <
Adding a text label to a worksheet
6 replies , 1/24/2004, 10:56:05 PM
Back again! I have a worksheet which that genius, Andy Brown from the UK, helped me create. You're the greatest Andy. Only problem is, it has no space at all or even as a row across the top for me...