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1 replies , 1/22/2004, 2:06:08 AM
College text asks students how to save a file with a preview? I assume a print preview? Any suggestions?

using 2 font colors in one cell?
1 replies , 1/22/2004, 4:10:23 AM
Can you use 2 font colors in one cell? How? Like we use % to show low and high production so if the % gets under 80% i want it to show red and above 80%\ i want it to be blue and this is within...

Problems with invoice..VBA
3 replies , 1/22/2004, 7:53:43 AM
I have an invoice template in which I have added a code that increases the invoice number by 1 every time it is opened.. however the invoice has to be overwritten for this to work (or the template) I...

TheHealer <
please help
4 replies , 1/22/2004, 2:59:32 PM
I have a sheet that recaps hours of service. But the rules have changed and I cant figure how to do this now B10 thru 41 = day of month 1 - 31 C10 thru 41 = hours worked that day entered...

Using averages wont calculate
1 replies , 1/22/2004, 3:35:29 PM
I have a spreedsheet that caculates averages improperly and I dont know what to do to correct it? I have a bar graph that compares last year with this year but since the bottom row of this insert...

big jim
Pasting Word table into Excel 2000
2 replies , 1/22/2004, 3:38:43 PM
When I copy a table from Word 2002 and paste it into Excel 2000 for some reason each row in the table ends up occupying two rows i Excel. How can I get the table to paste properly -- Message posted...

Michael22 <
Hi Try here: www.cpearson.com/excel/sortws.htm Andy "ConfusedNewbe" <t*********tmail.com> wrote in message news:5*************************953BD9851F@microsoft.com... > How do I rearrange my...

new excel 2003
7 replies , 1/22/2004, 7:20:43 PM
I work in a small office and wonder if we should buy the new Excel 2003 to upgrade from Excel 2000 that we are currently using. I cannot find anywhere that tells me what the upgrades are. I also...

Dear God - someone HELP!!!
6 replies , 1/22/2004, 8:15:40 PM
I'm nearly going out of my mind trying to format a Mileage Log in Excel 2002. My needs are specific and don't seem to fit any of the ready-made templates out there. I need the day-numbers in a...

using IF - THEN values on seperate sheets
2 replies , 1/22/2004, 8:56:13 PM
Ok here is one for you. I posted this on another group, with no success. If you can help PLEASE respond. I sell items on ebay. I have learned how to create a few spreadsheets, and am using my...

Data Editing Shortcut?!
14 replies , 1/22/2004, 10:37:22 PM
Any assistance with the following question will be sincerely appreciated: I am editing a large database that already has information in each cell. I need to enter (insert) new information at the...

Ramona Goutiere
HELP! can't print mail labels from excel doc.
2 replies , 1/23/2004, 1:06:13 AM
I know nothing about excel or mail merge wizard. I get names and addresses e-mailed to me each day for my business. I do know you can manipulate cells somehow but I have no idea how. I followed...

blue heron
printing labels in mailmerge wizard from excel doc.
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 3:24:18 AM
Sorry. I was vague in my last e-mail. These are the steps I followed and where I go wrong: 1) open Word. 2) tools>Letters and mailings>mail merge wizard. 3)'Labels' radio button; scroll down to the...

blue heron
Sorry, don't hate me...OS: XP; I think excel 2003
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 3:43:49 AM
This is a follow-up to my other post re: how to print mailing labels using mail merge wizard from an excel document. I explain what I did and where I have problems in the other post. (Sorry.)

blue heron
Office assistant.
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 6:47:00 AM
How do I change my office assistant if I do not have my disk?

Excel VBA-UserForm control problem
3 replies , 1/23/2004, 11:55:06 AM
I'm a slow learner. I have been trying to get a UserForm to enter a range of dates and times via four textboxes and six buttons. Start Date End Date Start time End time plus six buttons...

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decimal point
2 replies , 1/23/2004, 12:11:07 PM
My question is how can i show integer value and value after decimal value into two different cell Exm. Like Number is 25.588 Show Like into Cell A1=25 Cell B1.588

Works Spreadsheet to Excel
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 3:12:59 PM
Can I upgrade from the Works XP spreadsheet to Excel or do I have to buy the full Excel?

excel training
1 replies , 1/23/2004, 3:56:55 PM
Looking for suggestions on the best Excel training software.

Cascading ComboBoxes or Listboxes
2 replies , 1/23/2004, 5:34:50 PM
I want to have a comboBox that displays a list of items when an item in the box is selected. ex Select Country ex USA Returns list of States Select State Returns list of cities Select City Returns...