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Excel file is too large even after it's empty
6 replies , 1/20/2004, 2:38:37 PM
I deleted all sheets from my excel file. There are no VB codes associated with the excel file. I only have one sheet, with no data. However, the size of my file is still 2M. When I open an empty...

Empty Excel file is too large
3 replies , 1/20/2004, 2:50:08 PM
I have deleted all sheets, and contents from my excel file, but it's still 2Meg in size. When I zip it, it's only 90K Bytes. (A blank excel file is usually 90K Bytes) Why is my empty file so...

comparing 2 sheets
1 replies , 1/20/2004, 3:25:48 PM
hi! k, this is wht i have sheet1 (short list of about 400 parts with no descripiton) columns - part # description sheet2(complete list of about 2000 parts with description) same columns - part...

Spell check with protection on
1 replies , 1/20/2004, 8:20:24 PM
I have a worksheet that I have protected and allow users to access on the unlocked cells to enter data. My users want to use the spell check function, but it is not allowing them to spell check. ...

Text Fit
3 replies , 1/20/2004, 9:57:38 PM
Typed text in rows, some are ok but some have only ###### showing up. have text wrapped and have tried autofit. In some cases rows that have ##### have less text than others showin up ok. Please...

mmm <
Counting Occurrences with 2 columns
2 replies , 1/20/2004, 10:31:22 PM
Hello! I am trying to calculate the occurence of one item based on tw criterias: Column A: Name of Magazine(e.g. "Red", "Blue", "Green" ) Column B: Frequnecy read (4,5,8)range from 1-20 Column C:...

excelmedia <
Drop Down List and Check Box
3 replies , 1/21/2004, 12:18:39 AM
Hi...I was search for this topic but don`t found the solve...Anyway I have a drop down list like this [image: http://www.geocities.com/augurtrade/excel_checkbox.txt] and this [image:...

augurmaster <
Re: Counting Occurrences with 2 columns
0 replies , 1/21/2004, 1:38:03 AM
Suppose your data is in Sheet1 in A2:C6 > Red 4 Read > Blue 5 Not Read > Green 6 Read > Yellow 2 Read > Red 3 Not Read Try this set-up in a new...

Re: Re: Counting Occurrences with 2 columns
0 replies , 1/21/2004, 2:01:27 AM
Suppose your data is in Sheet1 in A2:C6 > Red 4 Read > Blue 5 Not Read > Green 6 Read > Yellow 2 Read > Red 3 Not Read Try this set-up in a new...

Conditionally Add Data to another worksheet
0 replies , 1/21/2004, 8:27:32 AM
Dear All, I want to add currently selected row to another Worksheet depends upon the value selected using a cmbobox in that Row. For example, Suppose i have an xls file with 3 Worksheets. The...

Referencing Data in a Pivot Table
1 replies , 1/21/2004, 10:11:03 AM
I have created a pivot table which shows me total money spent in various accounting categories. I want to reference the sums this creates to subtract them from a total budget to give me a remaining...

Combine VLookup and MAX ?
2 replies , 1/21/2004, 10:58:33 AM
Hi @ll, I need a formula (or VBA code) that could help me to extract the MA value for a specific identifer in a range. For example: I have vendors in column A and sales in column B Vendor/Sales a...

Ayato <
Adding data to a list
2 replies , 1/21/2004, 1:11:03 PM
I have a list of data that I want to add to or subtract from and I would like to be able to click on a button which would bring up a text box where I could insert the new data then sort the new...

Hi, Is there a way to flag selected cell ranges to always stay together when they print? In Word they have a "keep lines together" option -- is there anything comparable in Excel to ensure that...

Date formatting
3 replies , 1/21/2004, 1:49:17 PM
I am doing a spreadsheet on products with expiration dates. When I enter 7/08, indicating that the product will expire in July 2008, the data in the cell comes up Jul-04. All I want is the month...

mkingsley <
Strange character on sheet prevents correct formatting
4 replies , 1/21/2004, 3:16:08 PM
I have a spreadsheet in 2000, that has the ` character, right in front of all the text in every cell. I know this is a non-showing character. When I try to change my date format from xx/xx/xx...

Calculating Variables
2 replies , 1/21/2004, 7:32:46 PM
Hi guys, In Excel 2003, my workbook is set up to calculate the last six days on duty as those hours are entered in each cell corresponding with each date of the month and then subtract from 60:00...

K. Grass
Referencing a cell value on a chart
1 replies , 1/21/2004, 8:58:28 PM
I am trying to reference a cell value on a sheet. As this total changes I want that to be reflected on the chart. This cell has a function that totals a column of costs to give me a total cost. I...

only copying the result of a formula
2 replies , 1/21/2004, 10:15:01 PM
im haveing troublr with formulas. when I copy a cell containing formula and not just a value, it copies the formula...so any cell whic i paste this into will change when the result from the...

electric_d <
Long time for spreadsheet to open and close
1 replies , 1/21/2004, 10:55:55 PM
I have a shared spreadsheet that is about 45 meg with some basic formulas but it takes a long time to open and close the spreadsheet. Any ideas on how I can speed this up. thanks in advance Mark

Mark Reyes