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Excel 2003 - How to get the Office Shortcut Bar
0 replies , 1/16/2004, 12:29:34 AM
When I upgraded from Office 2000 to 2003, the Office Shortcut bar disappeared. How do I get it to load at bootup? -- PT

Help With Cell Merging maybe....
0 replies , 1/16/2004, 12:42:41 AM
I'm trying to make a sign-in sheet with a title on top and centered. I merged the cells on that line, and put the title. Then I put info in 6 different columns. I wanted to print the form, but...

Successive Iteration
5 replies , 1/16/2004, 5:01:51 AM
Hello, Here's what I need: In A1, I have the number x that I'm starting with and in B1, I have entered the formula that uses x to get a new number which I need it to be in A2 then B2 uses the A2...

Lory <
A Strange ERROR
2 replies , 1/16/2004, 6:56:59 AM
Hi All, I am using XP OS and MS-Office XP and to my surprise i am receiving the following error, i am opening only one file and there are no files opened r any file with the same name. the error...

Vijaya Bhaskar Utla
Hi, I am quite new to this, so please forgive any infringements of ettiquette. Can anyone help? I have a machine running office2k with Outlook 2k. When I click on the email icon, on the standard...

Thanks for that everyone. Harlan, how could I expand your formula so it will add the top 4 out of numerous cells. eg 4 out of 6, 4 out of 5 or even 4 out of ...............and so on --- Message...

criteria field to auto filter
1 replies , 1/16/2004, 3:16:22 PM
ok that seems to work but the problem now is that the screen is blank, if i select the filter the date in the field is correct with the right criteria but i have to select OK for it to work, how can...

Autosum Addition? Help Please!
2 replies , 1/16/2004, 3:19:31 PM
I'm having trouble using Autosum for addition in Excel 97 on a Mac an would really appreciate some help quickly, as I'm desperately trying t do my tax return... last minute as usual! These are the...

Sean_T <
Adding a letter before existing data in a field
6 replies , 1/16/2004, 3:58:17 PM
I have a simple spreadsheet that consists of a single column of Product Numbers. It looks like this... A Product# 1 132ad 2 853dc 3 865xe 4 y85s4 5 pr8eb etc......

Laptop and desktop?
1 replies , 1/16/2004, 4:02:25 PM
It has been suggested to me that I get Excel to enable others to send me excel files to work with. I have been opening them fine with MSworks and OpenOffice. Howevr, I am not against buying...

Basic Excel Problem
3 replies , 1/16/2004, 4:25:37 PM
Hi, I'm new to Excel macro writing, and there's a task I could use some help with. I have a spreadsheet that has data we need to export into a text file. We don't need to export every row, so ideally...

ppatin <
Entering text in cells
1 replies , 1/16/2004, 6:02:01 PM
Stupid question: how does one force a line break/carriage return when entering text into a cell? The [Enter] key just kicks you out of that sell and Shift-Enter and Control-Enter don't do it...

Grade calculation sheets
2 replies , 1/16/2004, 6:35:21 PM
To calculate quiz averages from ten quiz grades I'd like to drop the two lowest grades and then average the rest. Is there a function, or combination of functions,in Excel that will do...

9 replies , 1/16/2004, 7:43:59 PM
I downloaded a report into excel. One of the columns are numbers but can't calculate them. How do I change it to a number? I don't want to use (example.. A1*1) -- Message posted from...

MileHigh <
3 replies , 1/16/2004, 7:56:53 PM
1st Thanks for reading/helping me with this. Question.. When formatting a cell width, the default is 8.43. 8.43 what? I want to do this formatting in inches, how do I change whatever 8.43 format...

link columns
5 replies , 1/16/2004, 9:36:05 PM
I want to have columns A and B (as what a layperson might call a "set") with C, which has the e-mail addresses. Now, I have my existing example below, but I want to "match" my short roster in...

Adding macro to checkbox
6 replies , 1/16/2004, 10:03:27 PM
Hi, I am trying to add a macro to a check box in such a way that clicking on the box makes the macro run while un-clicking the box makes the macro "un-run" or return things to how they were. Is...

color pallet like powerpoint?
4 replies , 1/16/2004, 11:07:44 PM
does anyone know if excel has the more granular color pallet (where you can pick from the color wheel or pick numbers for RGB) like power point has? thanks!

Automatatic filling o rows
3 replies , 1/17/2004, 9:08:04 AM
hi every one i need help with the code in excel i have a data base (a.xls)in which i have the the name age sex Address City Zip ex Name Age Sex Address City Zip a 13 f xyz Wa 12345 b 22 m...

Formula needed
3 replies , 1/17/2004, 11:49:33 AM
I have no problem getting totals for Columns B, C, and D. =SUM(B3:B261) =SUM(C3:C261) =SUM(D3:D261) =SUM(E3:E261) These formulas total my columns And I can get a total across ONE Row at a...