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Footer Help!
0 replies , 1/14/2004, 4:56:02 PM
I have a spreadsheet that is used for law enforcement. In th spreadsheet, I need to have a disclaimer on every page. I though doing it as a footer would work perfectly, however, the disclaimer...

dstybttle <
Solver Questions
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 5:29:19 PM
I am not new to Excel, but I am very new to functionality outside o functions such as SUM and VLOOKUP. One of the areas I support has an Excel Spreadsheet, which was built b someone else, that uses...

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Circular Reference
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 7:08:26 PM
Hello, Can someone explain to me how "Circular Reference" work? I have say th value 0.01 in the A1 cell...then I clicked on B1 cell and went to Tool --> Toolbar ---> Circular Reference and the...

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Decimals and Rounding
4 replies , 1/14/2004, 7:26:05 PM
I can not get my column totals to appear correctly due to the decimal Example 7.5 7.1 6.25 (Actual Value is 6.245 6.25 (Actual Value is 6.245 27.09 Total reflected on workshee How do I get this...

Preserve leading zeros
4 replies , 1/14/2004, 9:23:16 PM
Is there a way to preserve leading zeros in a number without treating it as text? For example when I enter the census track 0811.01 it comes out as 811.01 -- George A. Meagher, Compliance...

George Meagher
opening 2 copies of same file
4 replies , 1/14/2004, 9:25:09 PM
Somehow all of a sudden one particular file started opening up 2 copies anytime any of us open the file (it is on a shared drive). I have searched through help to try and find a reason why and a...

Creating checkboxes that change data
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 9:33:36 PM
Hello everyone, Can anyone help / make suggestions in achieving the following: I am trying to create an invoice that summarises the total of the products at the bottom of the spreadsheet. What I...

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Re: Price Formula
2 replies
Hi Jamie! Price=Cost/(1-Margin) -- Regards Norman Harker MVP (Excel) Sydney, Australia n************snet.com.au Excel and Word Function Lists (Classifications, Syntax and Arguments) available free...

Help with RANK
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 10:35:51 PM
Hi I need to rank 100+ numbers but I can't get the formula right. All th numbers are in one column, but not all the rows e.g. I need to Ran G1:G11 and G13:G25 and G32:G40 etc. How can you put...

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Criteria field for autofilter
2 replies , 1/14/2004, 10:46:24 PM
Hi I am trying to write a macro that will use the autofilter function in Excel. I have a list of customers transactions and I have a table with 5 columns, account no, account name etc and the 4th...

Exract Data And Error Msg
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 11:16:13 PM
ERROR MSG: Microsoft Excel cannot determine which row in your list or selection contains column labels which are required for this operation I can’t figure out why: The names of my Columns are as...

Difference between Win98 and XP
1 replies , 1/15/2004, 12:06:14 AM
Hi The following macro takes files that are in one directory, and puts them in a newly created directory. This works in Excel 2000 running on 98, but does not work in Excel 2000 running on XP (I...

how to construct Match with IF
1 replies , 1/15/2004, 8:41:13 AM
I would like to match 1 value in column 1 and 1 value in column 2 from Worksheet 1 to return the Description in Worksheet 2. What kind of functions should I use and how to construct the function....

2 replies , 1/15/2004, 11:57:49 AM
Everytime I open an Excel file..Personal locked for editing,how do I correct this? Any help appreciated.Thanks.

I have a similar problem. I am trying to do a "gradebook" of sorts. I enter in a letter and I want that letter to stand for a value. In the row there are various letters and I want those various...

0 replies , 1/15/2004, 2:41:21 PM
Is it possible to password a hyperlink? The main form hyperlinks to another form, but we need to have a password so that only selected users can hyperlink to this 2nd form. Thanks in advance for...

New to functions
4 replies , 1/15/2004, 6:39:17 PM
How can I find a list of the functions in Excel XP? I would like to read up on them, and I can't find anything in my manual.

Create a timestamp when a cell is updated
4 replies , 1/15/2004, 10:14:58 PM
Hello all, I need help creating a timestamp that only updates when a record in another cell is updated and does not recalculate when you close or open the worksheet or hit F9 etc.. Example: The...

Victoria Chin
Assigning a shortcut key to commands
4 replies , 1/15/2004, 10:31:11 PM
I'm pretty new at Excel, but am finding it very helpful in everyday tasks. I am stumped with one major problem, though. I am trying to assign shortcut keys to some of the items I use most often. I...

1 replies , 1/15/2004, 10:58:22 PM
Hi, I am a complete newbie to Excel. I have a report from quickbooks pos exported to excel that i would like to filter. Among the multiple columns are an on hand quantity in one and another...