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lourdes in E1 enter =A1&B1&C1&D1 If you want spaces between =A1&" "&B1&" " etc. Gord Dibben Excel MVP On Mon, 12 Jan 2004 10:26:38 -0800, "lourdes" <l***********5@yahoo.com> wrote: >I want to...

Excel Help
7 replies , 1/12/2004, 7:34:41 PM
Hi there, I have a column of 2500 numbers in Excel 2000. Starting from the bottom of the list I have to check each number and see if it is higher or lower than the number immediately below it in...

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Darrel I couldn't duplicate your problem. What is your data validation criteria? I assumed it was Allow: Lis Source: =A1:A7 also tried Source: =$A:$ Both worked fine Regards Mark...

Hi George I had a similar problem with a user a while back and it was caused by a windows time setting that had a comma instead of a full colon. However I only found this problem because the...

Is it possible to have a right indent in a cell?
5 replies , 1/12/2004, 10:08:40 PM
The data within the cells need to be right justified, but I don't wan the numbers to be right against the border. I know it is possible t have a left indent, but why not a right indent -- Message...

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Booking record
4 replies , 1/12/2004, 11:45:06 PM
Hello, I'm trying to work out a method a showing graphically the bookings for several meetings rooms. I have the booking dates and room numbers and what I'd like is to show a 'year planner' style...

Circular References
2 replies , 1/13/2004, 1:38:41 AM
Having problems with circular references in complex financial spreedsheets. Can anyone suggest a good way of dealing with them and techniques to eliminate them. I have read the microsoft help, but...

move files in XP
0 replies , 1/13/2004, 4:01:11 AM
Hi The following macro takes files that are in one directory, and puts them in a newly created directory. This works in Excel 2000 running on 98, but does not work in Excel 2000 running on XP (I...

Add a 9 to phone number
7 replies , 1/13/2004, 10:36:05 AM
I have a column full of phone numbers, and I need to add a "9" to the front of every number in each cell. Can anyone help please?

Text Effects
0 replies , 1/13/2004, 4:34:02 PM
Dear, How can I get a text effects-animation(flashing) on some of the cells in Excel. (Like MSword used to have text effects-animation) pls help Regards APK

How many formats????
8 replies , 1/13/2004, 8:11:05 PM
How can i tell how many formats i have used in my spreadsheet? I understand the spreadsheet can only handle 4000 formats. I need to know how many i have used . Gord

Using Outlook contact information in Excel 2002
2 replies , 1/13/2004, 9:29:47 PM
Our office uses Excel 2002 to prepare invoices. We presently enter the customer name and address information by hand rather than use our Outlook Contacts database. Although we process a small...

Many thanks for all your help, will try the solution soon. One more question, I try tp mail merge the comments into word but some of the longer statements were truncated. Any ideas? Tera "Ken...

2 replies , 1/13/2004, 11:46:10 PM
looking for driving game called easter egg i'm told that software designers include one thats a secret message,and need to find the one for microsoft excel 2000

Excel 2003 - Curious New Features
3 replies , 1/14/2004, 12:40:28 AM
I've noticed several things which I'd like to be able to understand, control and/or eliminate: 1. On come cells, there's a dark triangle in the upper LH corner of the cell accompanied by a yellow...

convert text to predefined number in single column
2 replies , 1/14/2004, 2:16:43 AM
Hi all, Greeting to all of you out there! I am a newbie to this forum and now I have a question here. I have a worksheet which contains thousands of records. Within a particular column (column...

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Excel 2003 - Error Checking Feature - Error?
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 2:50:25 AM
I have a spreadsheet with a single column of numbers, including a few formulas creating sums of figures in the column. The spreadsheet was created in Excel 2000, and has no errors. However in Excel...

lotus to excel conversion
1 replies , 1/14/2004, 8:59:16 AM
I am trying to convert a very large lotus smartsuite 97 database file t excel, preferably using freeware. How to go about it? r*********tmail.co -- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com

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Excel Order Form
3 replies , 1/14/2004, 2:37:59 PM
I've created an order form that's 131 lines. I saved it as a webpage, but only part of the form shows with a vertical scroll bar. I want users to be able to print out the sheet for mailing; but,...

Linking to other workbooks
2 replies , 1/14/2004, 4:25:23 PM
I would appreciate any help concerning links to Workbooks that don't exist yet. I have workbook that compiles the results of other workbooks that are sent in from elsewhere. I can predict the...