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Fonts Too Small or Eyes Too Big?
1 replies , 1/12/2006, 6:16:39 AM
Can someone tell me how I can get the fonts on the bottom tabs on worksheets, the defining tabs I can change the colors and names and everything but enlarge. Also is there a way to keep what you...

subtotal function
2 replies , 3/20/2006, 9:30:22 PM
To all experts, Please could you help me i have a list of people( more than 1 entry for the same person) in column a and and a number in column b i can get excel to do the subtotal function i...

Debby Bunce
Excel and launching userforms
6 replies , 8/20/2006, 1:07:02 AM
Greetings, I want to do something that I hope is not too unusual. i want to test a value in a cell, and if it one thing or another... launch a user form. Here is the scenario... test cell a1, if...

Stopping spreadsheet save
2 replies , 9/14/2006, 2:47:43 PM
Hi We have a spreadsheet that we share among users by keeping it on a shared location on server. The problem is that we want everyone to be able to modify the sheet but we want to stop users...

3 replies , 10/27/2006, 3:50:14 PM
Hello! When I download data into excel some of the dates in the data comes as: 2Sep'06=20 I edit the cell by taking out the apostrophe and the value becomes a = date. What formula /...

3 replies , 10/27/2006, 4:43:10 PM
Hello! I am able to use SUMPRODUCT to sum amounts based on dates as shown = below: =3DSUMPRODUCT((sheet2!$C$2:$C$1000=3DC1)*(sheet2!$E$2:$E$1000)) Column C have the dates and Column E have the...

Rename name so formulas show name change
3 replies , 11/3/2006, 6:52:38 PM
Excel 2003 Cell A1 is named MyCell. Cell A2 has formula "=MyCell". I rename cell A1 in the toolbar to NewCell. Cell A2 still has the formula "=MyCell". How do I rename cell A1 to NewCell and...

3 replies , 11/8/2006, 4:42:48 PM
Hello! Sheet 1 contains the raw data. Sales and cost of sales for customers.=20 Sheet 2 contains the pivot table that summarizes the data in sheet 1.=20 In Sheet 3(a further summary of the Pivot...

Date format
3 replies , 1/25/2007, 6:14:11 AM
i have a date format like this - 13.02.2007(dd.mm.yyyy) i like to convert it to date so that i can sort it by date. i already used the format cells to change the category type to date but nothings...

counts of dates
4 replies , 2/1/2007, 12:53:19 AM
I have a list of dates from 1/1/2000 to 1/1/2007 and i want to get the sum of it monthly.i want to get the sum of 2/1/2006 to 2/28/2006. can you give me some tips? thanks!

opening excel file
3 replies , 3/12/2007, 6:45:19 AM
im using office 2000 sp3. when i try to open an excel file by double click the file or right click the file then Open suddenly the excel open but no workbook open.but when i open the file through...

3 replies , 3/21/2007, 2:44:29 PM
Hello to all! I want to start an inventory cycle count program in my company. How can = Excel be used to do random selection? The only data I currently have is = a listing with the following...

Empty full sheet charts
4 replies , 5/8/2007, 11:43:17 PM
I've just upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2007 on a Vista (32 bit) machine, however, I quickly discovered that in Excel when I use the "Move Chart" option to place a chart within a new sheet of...

Combo box
5 replies , 10/4/2007, 10:39:10 AM
Hello All I am using excel 2000. I am creating a simple data-input sheet, where the user will be entering name, addresses, etc etc. - with each field in its own column. I would like a column for...

Jack Isaacs
Validating times
17 replies , 10/4/2007, 3:13:21 PM
Hello All This really follows on from my previous post. I have a worksheet that will be used for simple data entry of name, address, etc etc. - 1 column per field. One of the columns will be...

Jack Isaacs
Hi All, I have workbook#1 which contains rows of information which I need to copy into workbook#2. This is simple the 1st time but the data in workbook#1 does change and therefore periodically I...

Steve Bentley
2. Why this happening in Excel everytime?
2 replies , 7/4/2009, 2:25:22 PM
Hi friends, For the past few months, everyday I have to download 3-4 files from my banking site and I save those files in *.xls file format. But when I open any of these *.xls files, I get this...

searching for free data on internet
1 replies , 3/13/2012, 9:50:15 AM
good day everyone. please, how can i find free data on the internet to use for practice? xml, access, .xlsx etc. I know there are data sources out there one can use to practice for data analysis,...

stats analysis; website dedicated to
0 replies , 3/13/2012, 9:50:20 AM
i have googled to it and do not like the results i have. can anyone recommend a website dedicated to spreadsheet stats analysis, even if not specific to excel but provided excel can be ported to...

Try Edit, Replace. Select the option "Match entire cell contains" so other YES's, etc., aren't replace. To limit to a range, select it first, else the entire sheet is searched. -- Jim Rech Excel...