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Office Update SP2
15 replies , 10/23/2005, 8:17:23 AM
The latest Office update (SP2) seems to have caused a lot of problems and queries - It was, seemingly, a repeat of SP2 issued very recently Some have been unable to download it (are they...

Bill Ridgeway
Launching Word 2000 gets MSO9.DLL missing
5 replies , 9/12/2004, 2:18:53 AM
I have Office 2000 installed on Win XP Pro and all worked fine for a few weeks. Now I cannot launch Word/Excell/Powerpoint as I get an error of 'MSO9.DLL is missing'. Interestingly though if I...

Walter Cohen
Nursing Scheduling workbook
6 replies , 4/5/2004, 10:21:09 PM
Hi - not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes. I'm using Excel 2000. I have been asked by my wife, who has responsibility for this, to look at a pre-existing workbook whose...

Dan E
master page?
4 replies , 11/9/2004, 1:07:58 AM
Is it possible to create a master page and have others derive their formatting and some date and header content from that page? The project is to have a sheet for every month of the year, dates on...

Links and NA
0 replies , 10/23/2004, 11:38:11 AM
I use excel (excel 97 on a windows 2000 machine) to manage the patient care schedules of 10 physicians -- and having been doing so for years. 2 years ago, I started having problems with the links...

Printing Hyperlinks stored in fields
0 replies , 4/13/2005, 3:48:11 PM
I have a list of hyperlinks that are stored in fields(Range A1 through A200, for example). I would like to print them(essentially send it to Acrobat Distiller and convert to PDF files). When i click...

3 replies , 3/17/2007, 9:24:38 PM
I am using W XP and Excel 2003. When printing a spreadsheet I am not getting the gridlines printed. I have checked Tools > Options > View > Gridlines. I also checked File > Page Setup > Sheet <...

Poor fit-to-page printouts
7 replies , 10/4/2009, 10:48:25 PM
How come cell contents become non-printable when the printout is fit to the page? We have worksheets that display and print fine at 100%, but print poorly when fit to the page. In fact, the...

Blue Max
24 time format and calculations
3 replies , 1/25/2006, 1:51:52 PM
I have a spreadsheet with start and end times for people's working day, in 24 hour format. So it will be 830, 900, 1030, 715 etc in the start column and 1700, 1715, 1550 etc in the end column. I...

automatic sorting in excel
1 replies , 12/21/2006, 1:27:28 AM
I would like to be able to have a column sorted alphabetically contiuously. In other words, whenever data is entered, the whole column gets arranged alphabetically without having to "click' on the...

2 replies , 5/14/2004, 6:20:16 AM
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Clicking .XLS files opens Excel, but not the file
2 replies , 9/10/2004, 12:52:22 AM
My mother in law has a new pc running xp home & Excel 2003 (11.5612.5606). When she double clicks a .XLS file in WE, it opens the program, but not the file. When in the program if she selects...

Frank Kabel: A Sad Day For The Excel Community
6 replies , 1/18/2005, 8:48:13 PM
Hi Everyone! The heading expresses our distress at a loss to the community of Excel. It is with the greatest of sadness that I must report the news that Frank Kabel has died in a tragic accident...

Norman Harker
REQ: keystroke for window pane freeze?
5 replies , 4/11/2004, 1:39:37 PM
I know there is a keyboard shortcut to move and freeze window panes in Excel 2000 (rather than moving the dividers around with the mouse) because I saw someone do it once. I forgot the keys however...

anyone with good XL skills bored?
2 replies , 4/20/2004, 7:40:45 PM
if anyone would be willing to take a look at my workbook i would be very grateful for any feed back and improvements made, WB is basically set up to record overtime over a week period. would also...

Excel.exe has generated errors
6 replies , 12/11/2004, 2:49:47 PM
Hello, I am receiving the following message: ""Excel.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows.You will need to restart the program An error log is being created."" when trying to...

Excel 2003 - Sort Sheets
2 replies , 12/29/2004, 8:54:31 PM
Good day, I am using Excel 2003 and would like to sort the sheets. Is anyone aware of a way to do this? Thanks in advance. -- Bill Wilson w***********otmail.com

Bill Wilson
Excel toolbars
3 replies , 2/20/2005, 3:12:18 AM
Where are the Excel toolbars stored? I've setup a dual boot and I want to transfer the same toolbars on my primary partition Excel to the alternate boot partition Excel.

cell color index comparison
4 replies , 6/29/2005, 3:02:07 PM
hi Experts I am working on excel sheet to compare the cell color index of 5 cell. say CELL A, CELL B ,CELL C, CELL D, CELL E. I have used cf to format the color of all cells. If CF condition...

Adding on excel
18 replies , 1/3/2006, 9:45:05 AM
Excel 2000 Hiya, I have a question for all you brainboxes out there! Im VERY new to excel so please explain clearly or I'll be completley lost!! In the cell A3 I would like to have a "Grand...

Laura \( '_' \)