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QueryDef query hanging
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 2:54:11 PM
I am in the process of converting all my hard-coded query strings to use bound variables. We other users try to use the Excel sheets with the bound variable routines, Excel seems to freeze. Here...

Lon Parisi
File will not open
1 replies , 7/16/2003, 5:34:34 PM
I am unable to open an Excel file. When double clicking the icon or trying to use the File Open command Excel opens but the page is blank, no worksheet displayed, and there is no associated file...

Excel 97
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 5:54:48 PM
All programs will start, (i.e. Word, Outlook,etc.) except Excel 97. After re-installing Office 97 the same result happens. Any suggestions?

printing Excel
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 6:29:42 PM
I have a customer that receives email with an attachment of a Excel spreadsheet that will not print. He gets an error stating that your file could not be printed due to an error on HP LaserJet. It...

" cannot be accessed. The file may be read-only...
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 7:05:10 PM
We are experiencing a locking problem, but don't get any pointers to where or how the xls file got locked. the files are shared on win2k pro sp3 and the clients are also win2k pro sp3 both have...

Excel sheet printing light
0 replies , 7/16/2003, 9:30:15 PM
Some worksheets come out faded but everything else prints fine.

Excel.exe has generated errors
4 replies , 7/17/2003, 1:11:03 AM
I have a user that is getting this error when working with Excel 2000. Operating system Windows 2000 / Office 2000 "EXCEL.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to...

J. Robinson
Circular reference that cannot be displayed??!?!?!
0 replies , 7/17/2003, 8:38:28 AM
I have tried to save my spreadsheet Before saving the file, Excel calculates first and then produces an error telling me that there is circular reference in one of the formulas... Once saved -...

Excel.exe has generated an error
1 replies , 7/17/2003, 12:00:31 PM
Every time i try to start Excel it gives an error, i've try to re-intall and the problem was not solved, I'm using W2K and if i log in with a different user everything is working, this is the...

Microsoft Forms Error
0 replies , 7/17/2003, 1:44:56 PM
Latley when I try to open Excel I receive a message stating Microsoft Forms - could not load an object because it is not available on this machine. What does this mean? Thanks, Scott

Excel 2K crashes on refresh of Pivot Table
0 replies , 7/17/2003, 4:24:14 PM
In a spreadsheet containing Pivot Tables, one of the Tables in the Spreadsheet crashes and makes you shut down Excel and then locks you out of Excel until you reboot your system whenever you...

Dan H.
Hi Dylan, > I have a corrupt Excel 2000 workbook which will not open > in Excel. Options to try and open a corrupt file - Set calculation to manual - open the file, but disable macros (assuming...

Hi C, > I have been using a spreadsheet for the last 6months with > no trouble. recently only, it has been crashing every time > I try a recalculate... I have tried to pin point the cause > of...

Error When Opening Spreadsheet in Excel XP
0 replies , 7/17/2003, 10:24:49 PM
I have a user on my network who gets this error message when trying to open a spreadsheet: Error 1926 Could not set file security for file 'C:\Config.MSI\'. Error: 5 I've sniffed around, and the...

Brian Craig
Re: killing excel
2 replies
Hello Sofia, perhaps the order of destroying the objects is false instead of wb.save WB.Close XL.Quit Set WB = Nothing Set XL = Nothing try to use wb.save WB.Close Set WB = Nothing XL.Quit Set XL...

Inserting a checkbox makes Excel "Hang"
1 replies , 7/18/2003, 8:00:51 AM
I am having a problem with inserting a checkbox into a spreadsheet. Using the controls toolbox I can insert a checkbox into a blank worksheet and then link that checkbox to another cell in the...

Steve Mitchell
I was working with excel file - ~650KB size, containing macros (which extracts data from another file in same directory) and pivot tables, main worksheet is ~1000rows x 30 columns big, environment:...

Hudec, Martin [CHOD:4759:EXCH]
Excel will not run
1 replies
>-----Original Message----- >I have excel 2000 on my pc that run on Windows ME 2000. I >have received errors like "EXPLORER caused a general >protection fault in module USER.EXE at...

Hello everyone, A worksheet has a column in which the data has the following Time format HH:MM:SS.S. Selecting multiple cells of this data or the entire column generates an error. Referencing...

Lawrence Jeung
OLE Difficulties
0 replies , 7/18/2003, 6:26:17 PM
My colleague and I purchased the same laptop computer at the same time and installed Office together. On my computer, I can edit an Excel spreadsheets that is linked to Word in the Word...

Karen Jolly