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Highlighting of text causes freeze
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 8:46:45 PM
When I try to highlight text the entire screen begins to be highlighted. Computer freezes up and ctrl-alt-delete will not work. Have to power off the computer. Any ideas to correct?

Bob Barton
XP and opening spreadsheets
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 11:03:27 PM
I get this message when trying to open an Excel file.. A document with the name '<file name.xls>' is already open. You cannot open two documents with the same name, even if the documents are in...

Re: excel
1 replies
Sean, From the Windows Start menu, choose Run. There, enter "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /regserver with the quotes and spaces as shown. You may need to change the full...

0 replies , 7/9/2003, 1:40:50 AM
Microsoft Excel 2002 (10.2614.2625). If you close down windows within excel and then close the excel app an error comes up advising that "MS excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We...

Frank Pollio
problem closing workbooks
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 2:13:03 AM
When I try to close a workbook .. Instead of closing the spreadsheet file immediately, the mouse converts to an hourglass and the taskbar opens up another excel icon. Excel then hangs until the...

Laurence Douglas
excel file won't open
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 4:24:02 AM
Whenever i try to open a certain file from my computer I get a page fault error that reads in the "details": EXCEL caused an invalid page fault in module EXCEL.EXE at 017f:301761ad. All other...

Lonnie Drouhard
Cannot open some excel file
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 8:01:05 AM
i get this message "MICROSFT EXCEL FOR WINDOWS HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO CLOSE. WE ARE SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE." everytime i open up a shared file in our server. I don't have...

unable to open xcell 2000 as new user
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 10:11:56 AM
Set up new user acct on XP but when try to open excel, get reply "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available". The option is to click "Ok" to use the...

Mike M.
compatibility issues with foreign versions
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 2:20:07 PM
Anyone here know of any reason why there could be a compatibility issue between us versions of excel and german/french. For some reason my client is getting a error stating compatibility issues. ...

Access/Excel query error
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 2:23:37 PM
I have an application where a macro pulls data into an Excel spreadsheet from an Access database. The macro works fine, but when I add a new record to the database, and a corresponding set of...

Excel stops responding
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 2:39:31 PM
I have installed Excel 97 on Windows 2000 Pro and everytime I try to print Excel stops responding. I've already tried to reboot the system: no effects .

Thank you very! I can't believe I didn't think of that. I truly appreciate it! MJ >----Original Message----- >Hi Michelle, > > Once you get Excel open, choose Tools/Options/General from the...

Unable to open Excel 2002 file
0 replies , 7/9/2003, 7:21:33 PM
I have two excel files Sched.xls & Load.xls 1) I run a macro in Sched.xls file that opens Load.xls and calls a LoadTextfile macro in Load.xls file. The functionality of LoadTextfile macro is to...

I have an .xls file that was sent to me from a customer who uses Double-Byte character sets. I have since taken this file and added information into - such as Vlookups to other spreadsheets and...

Stuart Lutzenhiser
When opening a excel file over the network I am prompted to enable macros which I do. Then I updated the links in teh file. After making some changes to the file and clicking save excel crashed. I...

Alex T.
Excel not using Memory
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 12:03:02 AM
Hi, I have an Access db that stores all the data ( 1 table , 400,000 rows, 12 columns) There is a Excel pivot table based on this Access table. While refreshing, it reads till 390,000 rows and...

Excel Crashes / Computer Freezes Up
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 12:07:06 AM
Excel crashes and knocks me out of everything. Any suggestion on what it could be? Thanks

Robin Hoffman
Frank, What exactly is failing? I can run your three lines of code in Excel XP without error. Have you tried placing a break point in your code so you can see exactly what line of code is causing...

"File could not be found" error from email
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 6:16:40 AM
Since updating to Windows XP and Outlook XP (whilst keeping office 97), my entire company have trouble when trying to open any Excel file sent via email. It basically puts up several errors sayig...

Smart Tags
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 8:47:14 AM
Hi, I have a user who does not want any Smart tags to appear. Even though I follow what is said in Help, they still appear. How do I stop Smart tags to appear? / Ulf

Ulf Nilsson