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Spreadsheet not appearing when opening Excel file
0 replies , 7/6/2003, 10:46:38 PM
Hi, the problem does not appear all the time. Usually after opening it 4 or 5 times, the spreadsheet is not visible. I can see my desktop where the data is supposed to be. All the toolbars appear...

Problem Dialog Box
0 replies , 7/6/2003, 11:53:16 PM
While I am editing chart source data I get a dialog box that states No more new fonts may be applied in this workbook. How do I get rid of this problem? It really slows down the work.

Unknown System Error
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 2:10:56 AM
Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has ever received the following error, and have not been able to find any reference to it. System Error &H8000FFF (-2147418113). Catastrophic failure Any...

Brent McIntyre
Annoying Error
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 4:22:44 AM
Hi all, I've developed a largish workbook using excel 97. It makes extensive use of data validation in conjunction with Vlookups. It accessed as either read-only or to write (for those with the...

Run-Time Error 1004 on Excel Startup
4 replies , 7/7/2003, 1:53:04 PM
Hello, all. When I launch Excel 2000 with an Auto_Open macro in my PERSONAL.XLS workbook, I receive a "Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of object '_Global' failed." It's particularly confusing...

I had a problem with my Excel 2000 starting (EXCEL.exe has generated errors...), I read Chip's StartupErrors and found solution #3 corrected my situation....

Anyone out there ... I'm creating a pivot table in XP, and others are trying to view it in Excel 2000. Unfortunately there is a wonderful error that is occuring and have no idea how to figure it...

D Love
unable to open certain workbooks
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 5:34:07 PM
I copied a workbook from the desktop to the Excel folder and now when I try to open this workbook, I get the error messages :"Excel cannot access 'CHECK REGISTER FY 2002- 2003.XLS'. The document...

Bob Lloyd
Unable to open Workbooks Directly
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 9:50:43 PM
Opening an Excel file directly results in the following error message; "Cannot find the file 'C\...' (or one of it's components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required...

Tony Fanelli
excel problems
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 10:50:33 PM
In a shared workbook, weekly I am receiving the following error: excel.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.

M Johnson
Can't Open Excel
1 replies , 7/7/2003, 10:55:17 PM
When I try to open excel, its starts opening hundreds of worksheets and doesn't stop until it runs out of memory. What can I do? I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. Thanks

Excel 2000 stops responding
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 1:32:47 AM
Excel stops responding when trying to close program. Then I get insufficient memory error. I have virus software installed and its updated.

Ace Clark
VB Help problem...
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 8:25:08 AM
Using Excel2000, when I go to Visual Basic Editor and from the menu select Help > Asnwer Wizard or Index, I cannot type into the text box. The cursor seems to be stuck on the icon for widening...

Unable to read file
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 9:33:40 AM
I am getting the captioned error message when trying to open excel file (which contains a pivot table). working w excel 2000 under XP Prof. All other files are O.K. Need your help badly. Hilel...

Hilel Cohen
Insert Function causes Runtime Error
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 2:14:20 PM
In OfficeXP when a number of large spreadsheets with pivots are open at the same time and you try to insert a function (such as vlookup)inot an empty cell, before you even get the option to select...

Brian Heery
read file after program crash
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 2:15:18 PM
I lost my program when computer crashed. Do not have disk. is there a way to read file and copy it for printing??

D Ricereto
Check to see if you have Adobe 5 installed, there appears to be a conflict. We had the same problem, print preview freezes and a hardboot is required. When we removed Adobe 5, Excel started working...

Word and Excel crashes and blue screens PC
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 2:48:50 PM
Hi all, I am running XP with all latest critical updates etc with Office XP running SP2. Recently whenever I open Word or Excel and "save" or "save as", my PC blue screens and restarts!! Also have...

Mike Goodson
Opening Files from Recent Documents or My Documents
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 5:55:27 PM
When I double click on Excel file in "Recent Documents" or in folder "My Documents" with out Excel already running, it partially opens the banner of Excel and stops. However if I open Excel on...

Jack Easterwood
"Chinmay" <c*********tmail.com> wrote in message news:046101c3458c$28cd7f80$a********phx.gbl... > When ever I try to open up a document in excel it gives a > message to start Excel in safe mode and...