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Launching Excel
4 replies , 7/1/2003, 4:09:39 AM
Excel will not launch at all. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. When I do try to launch it a get an error you resources are dangerously low. Or It just freezes my computer completely....

Ray A. Waldren
Hi Alan > I've got the same problem. Where's XLSTART? Can you > give step by step? I'm feeling challenged over this > issue. Press Start, Find, Files or folders. Have it search for...

strainge problem
1 replies , 7/1/2003, 1:06:55 PM
I have an excel xp application in my network it works fine on many new stations but some of the Pentium II stations there is a strainge thing occure when the user click at any cell in the...

0 replies , 7/1/2003, 5:15:32 PM
A domain user, logged into a Windows NT PC, gets the following message trying to open a specific Excel 97 file with Excel 97. "excel.exe application error instruction memory can not be...

Hi Chris, > When trying to save, we got the message 'An error occurred > and this feature is no longer functioning properly. > I've seen this error surface with files of older Excel format,...

USER.EXE fault command -
0 replies , 7/1/2003, 5:59:21 PM
Excel 2000 OS windows ME, cannot open excel at all since this command has been popping up. Already uninstalled and reinstalled. HELP!! this is a small business, all other computers w/ excel have...

Excel 2000 and Excel97 compatibility error???
0 replies , 7/1/2003, 8:05:11 PM
Execl 2000 and Excel 97 are installed on different workstations in my office. Sometimes files created on Excel 2000 don't open from Excel 2000 and shut with the error message below. "EXCEL.exe...

Microsoft Office Error messages
2 replies , 7/2/2003, 1:58:40 AM
Hi. I am having a lot of trouble getting help. I have Windows 95 on my computer (yes, I know that I need an upgrade and I'm ready to order one). Until about a week or two ago, I had no problems...

Karen Jones
Calculation rate slows to a trickle
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 2:51:48 AM
I run a series of macros simultaneously. The macros do a lot of copying of both formulas and values. When the macro sequence gets to a certain point the calculation rate begins to slow down...

IF calculation
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 3:34:33 AM
I am writing a sheet for my tax return. I am writing the distance in one cell. In the second I need to deduct 12 KM for each day, per direction. Third cell needs to return the value above 100 KM...

MB Group
Shared worksheet won't open Excel 2000
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 9:47:01 AM
One of our user's can't open a couple of worksheets that are located on a network drive. No error message is displayed, just a plain old grey excel background with all the toolbars, etc present...

faulting application excel.exe
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 3:22:50 PM
Hy, I got the following message error on one of my TSE server (while looking in the errors seeker): 'faulting application excel.exe, version 10.0.4302.0, faulting module excel.exe, version...

excel will not open
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 5:33:21 PM
every time i try and open excel a message comes up stating it is trying to install ms frontpage which i do not have. because i do not have this it will not let me open excel. this just started...

excel 97 file grows for no reason
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 5:52:06 PM
Well ...... I should say for almost no reason; We have a few excel files shared amongst @12 users. Seems as if the file size grows for no reason. I say this cuz when the worksheets are coppied into...

Excel size limit
1 replies , 7/2/2003, 7:52:24 PM
Is there a size limit to Excel workbooks? My accounting department is using Excel as an Accounting system and the main workbook is 100MB. It is linked to several other workbooks and some of...

I'm having the same problem, only with Win2000 systems running Office97. Did you ever find a solution? >-----Original Message----- >Please help. I cannot find a fix or q atricle for this on...

Excel 97 File opening problems
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 8:10:38 PM
I receive the below error when attempting to open an existing spreadsheet. If I open Excel alone, it opens fine. A document with the name '<file name.xls>' is already open. You cannot open two...

Joe Erickson
Font error
0 replies , 7/2/2003, 9:32:21 PM
I have several spreadsheets linked together (8 of them), which also include charts. I keep getting a new error in them, which says "No more new fonts may be applied in this workbook". I did not...

Dan Sheppard
Opening 97 files - Lost VB error
0 replies , 7/3/2003, 7:27:59 AM
Hi all, Using Excel 2002, when I open an Excel 97 file containing VB code I get the following error: "Errors were detected in file 'filename' The following is a list of repairs: Lost visual...

Hi, In your summing formula use something like this: =SUM(IF(ISNA(A1:A100),0,A1:A100)) Confirm with control-shift-enter, since this is an array formula. Regards, Jan Karel Pieterse Excel...