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links in word not working for multiple graphs
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 9:05:51 PM
I have multiple graphs paste linked to a word document. They show fine but when going to print, the print shows the same graph repeated (ie, the wrong the chart) in a place where a different...

To get day of week names on x-axis, I set number format to 'ddd'. If the machine is set to use French language, it complains if it is set to 'ddd'. This is being done via software, not by hand,...

Zoom for Charts in XP
1 replies , 7/8/2003, 10:36:16 PM
I cannot get the zoom function to work with my charts in XP. Using Windows ME the zoom function works fine. However I have tried everything in EP and I cannot get the zoom function to work with...

Create a XY scatter plot with several series
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 12:35:01 AM
I am looking to be able to easily create an XY scatter plot where the points can be identified in to separate series by a catagorical variable in a third column. Right now I do it by sorting on...

Robert McFarland
Adding an intersecting line on a chart
2 replies , 7/9/2003, 8:15:39 AM
Hi All Sorry if this is simple but so am I ! I have a basic X-Y line chart with about 6 values plotted to form a wiggly line. I've added a trendline to this to smooth it. I now wish to add a...

John Phillips
Hi Stefan, Create a floating bar chart then change the chart type to column. Right click chart and pick Chart Type from menu. Select Stacked column. Stefan Moser wrote: > Excel's floating bar chart...

0 replies , 7/9/2003, 11:30:37 AM
Hi, in order to draw a histogram I want to calculate the frequencies of a data matrix. I got the results in form of a vector on the dialogue window. How do I get this same vector in my excel...

Zoom Function on Charts not Working
2 replies , 7/9/2003, 1:28:10 PM
I have 2 computers. I have been using the zoom function on my older computer. However on my new computer the zoom function on the charts is not functioning. Office 2002 is installed on both...

1 replies , 7/9/2003, 2:14:45 PM
I followed all steps suggested by help, but still, I always get only the first value of the whole vector.

Exporting chart from Excel to Word
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 3:40:31 PM
Hi, I want to copy/paste a graph from Excel to Word. The only problem is that the file is too big, because each graph has 775 kb. How can I export just the graph, without the link to the document...

X / Y axis floating bar chart
2 replies , 7/9/2003, 5:36:54 PM
Excel's standard floating bar chart template allows only for horizontal bars, independent from the source data structure. Is there a way to 'rotate' the chart to show vertical bars?

Cassie - You could construct the desired text in a worksheet range using a syntax like this: =A2 & " " & B2 & " " & C2 where A2 has values, B2 has percentages, and C2 has labels. Then use Rob...

Excel Charts and Data
2 replies , 7/9/2003, 6:12:54 PM
This is my data: Jan 23 Feb 25 March 31 April 22 May 29 June 45 I need to construct a chart that reads from left to right, not from right to left as it does by default. How can...

Custom Chart Types
3 replies , 7/9/2003, 6:20:33 PM
I need to create a graph that does not currently exist in Excel. Is there a depot of custom graph that people have made? The two types of graphs I need are: Chart1: 2x Bar, 1 line Chart2:...

Shawn Pendergast
Re: Gauge Chart
3 replies
Paul, Make a column chart with 1 y-value (2 if you want a stacked column as in the picture) Will send example by private mail. Bernard "PaulR" <p************ntlworld.com> wrote in...

Hey Dave - In cell A1 put your slope (m), and in cell A2 put your intercept (b). In cell C1 put the minimum value of X for your chart, and in C2 put the maximum value of X. In Cell D1 put this...

non-linear scale on Y-axis
1 replies , 7/9/2003, 11:18:15 PM
Is it possible to have a non-linear user-specified scale on a Y-axis? I have a column chart showing deviation from "normal". It has to have a positive and a negative. "zero" should be 100%. The...

Wendy Moncur
file not found ChartIcn
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 5:40:17 AM
What does this mean, every time i start Excel i get a run- time error 53 message, and the choice to end or debug...HELP

Updating a chart Automatically
1 replies , 7/10/2003, 1:42:16 PM
Hi, i update a spreadsheet with new data from Access everyweek. I have a chart that displays the last thrity days, how do i do this automatically, so i dont have to keep updating the chart...

Jay Richardson
0 replies , 7/10/2003, 1:58:14 PM
I managed somehow to change the default colouring on a Pivot Chart, which kept the new colouring even when page changes were made. Unfortunately can't remember and according to HELP this can't be...

Karen Creegan