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Charts generated by Data Analysis/Regression Add-in
7 replies , 2/13/2007, 6:32:46 PM
I've tried this on three different Excel 2007 installations in both 2003 and 2007 file formats: When I run a regression model on a set of data, the charts generated by the Add-in cannot be moved,...

Chart will not update!
1 replies , 5/11/2007, 10:27:32 AM
Hi all I've had a look through the various newsgroups and not found anything like this to refer to, so if anyone can shed any light I'd be grateful... I have a file with about 15 sheets, each with...

Hide data series in chart - toggle on and off
2 replies , 10/3/2007, 7:32:35 PM
Excel 2002 SP3 Win XP HE *Follow-up to: microsoft.public.excel.charting* Hi, I have a chart with 3 series. 2 are on right axis (secondary) and 1 on left (primary). Is it possible for me to toggle...

average/trendline in chart
3 replies , 1/3/2008, 12:06:55 AM
Hello group, I'd like some help drawing a trendline in Excel. We have price datasets going back five years that we want to chart using a line, with an accompanying trendline. The trendline...

DC Gringo
Using Excel 2003. Create a chart and have saved it as a web page and published to a remote share. When I save it locally, it works fine and is interactive,etc.. When I save it remotely and open...

Stacked charting
3 replies , 4/14/2008, 8:54:37 AM
Hi I have three series; Income Target, Confirmed Income and Provisional Income. I would like to stack Confirmed Income and Provisional Income on top of each other to make combined income and then...

Problem adding chart (Office 2007)
14 replies , 5/14/2008, 1:20:46 PM
Hi, I'm having problem adding chart/graph in any Office 2007 applications. I can't seem to add any chart/graph. The following is the problems that I'm encountering (with a new...

Nicholas Poh
Pivot chart
1 replies , 12/29/2008, 8:38:56 PM
I am working with Excel 2007 trying to create a chart. When creating the line chart within a pivot table, the pivot chart is putting the data that needs to be in the horizontal axis in the legend...

Will Fleenor
create pivot table from external csv file
5 replies , 2/11/2009, 8:06:26 PM
I am dumping huge data to csv file, Now what I want to do is, create pivot table/chart from csv file without importing data into it. Reason behind doing this is, end user view updated report...

Move offset in scatterplot
2 replies , 10/26/2009, 2:44:55 PM
Hello, I have a series of values of which I want to create a scatterplot as given below. (16, 20) (20, 25) (24, 29) (28, 33) (32, 36) (36, 39) (40, 40) For the labelling on my X-axis, I only want...

Yves Dhondt
Hello, I am trying to create a stacked area Pivot Chart from a Pivot Table. I have negative values but am having trouble getting them to be displayed properly in the pivot chart. Currently, the...

Charting question - different units on same chart?
0 replies , 1/17/2011, 5:44:59 PM
(Repost, cross-posted to mpe.charting hoping for a wider audience) xl2010 Charts and graphs are not my strong point. I'd like to create a chart presenting various data associated with...

Clif McIrvin
Locking chart size
1 replies , 5/6/2012, 10:18:40 AM
I have a number of column charts in a worksheet which is updated each day with the charts copied into Photoshop Elements before being loaded onto my website. Unfortunately, the chart sizes 'drift'...

Creating a linear trend line in Excel
0 replies , 6/15/2012, 3:01:22 AM
There has been some debate in COLA as to the correct way to create a linear trendline in Excel. Someone in the forum kindly made a video to show what he thought was the correct...

Onion Knight
On his web site, Tushar Mehta has instructions for creating a step chart: http://tushar-mehta.com/ Jannar Molden wrote: > Hello. > > I need to create line chart from data like this: > > A B >...

You should also check the responses in .powerpoint. -- Regards, Tushar Mehta (www.tushar-mehta.com) MS MVP -- Excel In article <011601c33bf5$b59716b0$a********phx.gbl>, l*******ate.com says... >...

Anyone recommend a good book for excel?
2 replies , 6/28/2003, 6:10:01 PM
I can do basic stuff with excel but would like to get a great book. Any recommendations?

Dynamic Chart
1 replies , 6/28/2003, 8:22:29 PM
Is it possible to create chart whose source-data changes as a change the value of cell. My specific problem is this: I need a quick way to update the horizon of many graphs. For example ,say you...

Mariano Kulish
Re-send ... original does not appear to have arrived on the server. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jean, Thanks for that Article....

I've dealt with something similar. construct the chart without the indicator copy the range of the indicator data and paste it into the chart. select the range for the new indicator format the...