how to format excel format to text format with separator "|" in s.

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separating text into separate columns
3 replies , 1/19/2004, 9:06:07 PM
I'm new to Excel and working on a document with addresses in it. However, the first name and last name of the people are within the same column. So my question is: how do you separate text into separate columns without having to delete it? For example, my text currently looks like this: "Jones, James" but I want Jones to be in a separate column (titled "LAST") and James (titled "FIRST") to be in a separate column. Help? Thanks!

Separating a comma separated list
3 replies , 9/27/2007, 10:02:46 AM
Not having a great deal of experience with macros, I thought I might see if I could pick the brains of the group. I have to essentially break out a comma separated text string in a single cell into a vertical list, with a reference number thrown in for good measure. Example. Data I have: A B 1 NUMBER RESOURCE 2 101 Smith John,Jones Adam,Brown Philip,Greene Thomas 3 102 Smith John,Jackson Arthur Needs to look like: A B 1 NUMBER RESOURCE 2 101 Smith John 3 101 Jones Adam 4 101 Brown Philip 5 101 Greene Thomas 6 102 Smith John 7 102 Jackson Arthur The resources will be copied into Excel from Project on a weekly basis, so I was after some ideas on how to make a macro that would separate the text out. Any ideas? Chris

separating data into separate columns
1 replies , 4/5/2004, 1:03:25 PM
Hi, I have two colums of data. The second column has the street address, the suburb and the postcode in the one column. The suburb is in capital letters. Is there a way to separate the data in this second column into three columns, that is, one for the street address, the next for the suburb and the third for the postcode, besides the long way around of copying and pasting each into separate columns. Perhaps a macro - I don't know how to write macros though. Any help would be much appreciated. seraya

How to separate 2 words into separate kolumns
2 replies , 1/27/2005, 10:57:30 AM
Hi I have just exported my address book in to Excel file, what I need to do is make from one field where I have: John Brown separate John in to column Name and remove Brown in to column surrname. I cant find any idea how to do such a thing.

How to keep separate email accounts separate
1 replies , 6/5/2006, 4:26:17 PM
OK, maybe I am being an idiot, but is there a way to keep emails from different accounts separate? Do you have to use Identities? I would like to not have the emails all mix together. -Jeff

Separating texts separated by commas in a cell
1 replies , 4/22/2004, 1:21:53 AM
Please I would like to know how to separate text separated by commas in cell. For example; In a cell containing the text v1,v2,T1. i want t write the texts "v1" , "v2" and "T1" in separate cells. Thank you -- Message posted from

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Separate worksheet in separate workbook as macro
5 replies , 5/2/2009, 5:49:51 AM
This is probably going to sound lame, because I'm tired and my brain isn't functioning. I have a "routine" that requires a lot of input and a lot of intermediate calculations. Sounds like a spreadsheet, huh? <smile> What I'd like to do is arrange a UDF which would take the vaules from the "user spreadsheet", stuff them into the "background spreadsheet", wait for the "background spreadsheet" to finish recalculating and then lift the result found at a particular cell in the "background spreadsheet" and return that value as the returnvalue from the UDF. Something like: =mybigfunction(celladdress1, celladdress2, celladdress3, celladdress4, celladdress5, celladdress6, celladdress7, celladdress8) Is this doable? Is it trivial and I just can't seem to focus on how it might work? I have no trouble with hard coding the name of the "background spreadsheet" in the excel UDF (I know it will break if the "background spreadsheet" isn't loaded). Apologize in advance for my being this tired, but, we all soldier on the best way we can. Thanks

Pushing Separate info to separate sheets
3 replies , 12/5/2003, 5:48:39 PM
I have a worksheet that has 4 columns: Day, Date, Time, Yes or No. What I want to do is on 2 other sheets, automatically push all the yes's with corresponding time for all the "yes" rows and the same for the "no" rows. is there anyway to do that?

Dominique Feteau
Printing Separate Worksheets as a Separate Document
1 replies , 9/29/2003, 2:56:17 PM
I have 4 worksheets in my workbook but want to print them as one continuous document. Is this possible without cutting & pasting?

Separate data in one column into 3 separate columns

How to separate accounts
1 replies , 10/7/2007, 6:58:40 PM
Hi, I have two work email addresses. I want emails coming in from each address to automatically move to separate folders. Then I want to be able to reply to a specific email and have the correct corresponding email address respond.....for instance if I get an email addressed to b*******, when I reply I want the recipient to see that the reply came from b******* Right now all my emails from both addresses fall in the same inbox and when I reply, no matter what email address it was sent to the recipient always receives the reply with my main address. Ex. I have 2 email addresses b******* b******** If I get an email addressed to b********, when I reply the recipient receives the reply from b******* I want to fix this so it reads b******* Any help woould be greatly apprecieated

Bill Friley
Automatic separators (?)
0 replies , 2/17/2011, 11:40:19 PM
I'm using Word in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007. When I press the Enter key, the cursor goes down to the next line and a double-line appears (this double-line extends across the page). Then, everytime I press the Enter key, the cursor goes down to the next line and the double-line appears. How do I stop the double-lines from appearing?

separating names
2 replies , 7/20/2006, 2:51:33 PM
I have a spreadsheet of thousands of names. The names are typed in on cell: last name, first name. Does anyone know how to split the name into two different cells? Thanks for your hel -- mikeyV ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mikeyVo's Profile: View this thread:

Quantity separation
2 replies , 9/9/2013, 1:38:35 PM
how i can separate a quantity which is showing in font of two peoples?? how i can separate the quantity?

zahid bhatti
Execute separately
11 replies , 4/16/2013, 2:24:33 PM
Hi There, On the desktop there is a shortcut for an excel program. When i click on it, the excel opens but connects to an running excel. How can change it so it becomes a separate program? Bye Peter Maljers

Separating by Commas
1 replies , 1/22/2004, 10:41:48 PM
I have a list of 100 email adresses who I am inviting to a non-profit event here in Boston. They are all in one column (one email address per row). I need separated by a comma then a space. Is there a way in excel (excel is preferrable) to export using comma as a separator? Thanks!!! Geddy

Separating a list
1 replies , 7/5/2004, 9:22:44 PM
I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but I thought it best to ask... I have a set of import files that contains sales data for multiple stores. These are imported into a spreadsheet that has multiple analysis sheets based on the data. This is done automatically via a VB app nightly, and the results are emailed out to a list of recipients. Standard stuff, daily revenue, MTD, YTD, LY/CY, labor costs,etc. Now the problem. For some of the newly requested reports, some of the detail from the import files needs to be pulled into individual sheets for each store. They don't want to talk about another format, they just want to use the spreadsheet to replace some printed reports, and keep everything in one file. This would be simple enough with a VBA macro by running through the data and moving it to separate sheets based on the criteria cell contents, but the customer for this has all of their desktops locked down in a restricted environment where they cannot run macros. Is there a way, with forumulas only, to pull specific rows from a list based on some defined criteria? Or am I going to have to ask for individual files for data that must be separated? For a basic example: [import data] Store ID, Employee Number, Check Number,ItemNumber, Item Name, Amount,Return Reason 1, 123, 100, 12345,'Golf Balls',14.99,'Balls go into water' 2, 927, 200, 56789,'Expensive Titanium Driver',799.00,'Wife Said No' 1, 124, 110, 12365,'Golf Shirt',44.99,'Received as gift/not his style' And from this data show a report showing return transactions, seperated by Store ID

Mark Tutt
.csv to comma separated
4 replies , 4/15/2009, 4:11:26 PM
I exported my mailing list in .csv format. When opened in Excel it is a list. I need to add it to a listmanager and the list needs to be comma separated ... m*******,y*********,t**********,onandonandon, I can't figure out how to convert ... is it possible? Thanks

Separating information in cell
5 replies , 11/7/2007, 9:40:01 PM
I am using Excel 2003 SP2. I receive reports with first and last names together in one cell: Jones,Edward Smith, David Longview,Samantha Is there a way to move the first name to the same row in the next column, then remove the comma following the last name? -- Cynthia

separate name and address
4 replies , 11/17/2005, 5:12:05 PM
Hi Everyone, I have thousands of cells with names and addresses, and each cell combines both. I'd like to separate "Jane Doe 123 Street Road" into "Jane Doe" in one column then the rest of the address in another. I've tried text to columns and the formulas =LEFT, =MID, etc None of these have worked because everyone's name is a different number of characters. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Aaron

separate in hundreds, thousands, etc
5 replies , 9/23/2005, 9:21:16 AM
How to separate - let say - 278.950 (in cell A1) become : (B1) 2 pcs of 100.000 (C1) 1 pc of 50.000 (D1) 1 pc of 20.000 (E1) 1 pc of 5.000 (F1) 3 pcs of 1.000 (G1) 1 pc of 500 (H1) 4 pcs of 100 (I1) 1 pc of 50 I have hundreds more in colomn A (down) Finally when I sum colomn down I have .... pcs of 100.000, 50.000, 20.000,,,, etc I hope someone will understand to what I mean thx

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Stacked Charts with Vertical Separation
3 replies , 11/11/2004, 3:06:22 PM
I have created the stacked charts with the separation and am now trying to put in the chart labels as described in Jon Peltier's instructions and Paste Special is not an option. I have 5 series of data with 29 observations per series. This has worked for other graphs, just not this one. I can add the data another way, but want to know why Paste Special isn't working. Any suggestions?

Barb Reinhardt
Separate numbers from text in column
3 replies , 10/16/2008, 1:53:23 PM
I've got a column of data in which most cells contain numbers and text, like the samples shown below. I need to use the numerical portion for some math. A few cells contain just a number, but most are a mix. Pretty sloppy data input, but there's nothing I can do about that. I have to work with what I've been given. Anyone know a way to extract just the numbers to a separate column? I don't see anything obvious in the list of Excel functions. I'm using Excel 2000. Sample data: 24 RL 80 USE 9.25Z 19.76 14 OZ 17.4OZ 15.6Z

How do I separate overlapping Gantt Chart connectors
0 replies , 5/22/2006, 5:02:01 AM
I have Visio file version 10.0.5006 When using the Gantt chart template I'm unable to achieve connector separation even after manipulating the settings in the "Layout and Routing" tab of the Page Setup menu. In particular, when I enter "All lines" and "No Lines" in the 'Separate' and 'Overlap' boxes respectively, there is no visible effect on overlapping connectors. Can anyone please help?

Opening Word Documents in Separate WIndows
2 replies , 5/12/2004, 2:35:36 PM
I have Office 2003, and I used to be able to open multiple Word documents in separate windows. Yesterday, for some unexplained reason, I suddenly could not do this anymore. Any suggestions as to how I can get this feature back? It's driving me crazy! Thanks for your help.

separate a Capital starting word from a sentence
3 replies , 10/19/2006, 10:38:59 AM
I have a sentence in cells of column A. Sentence starts with a capital word and the next word starts with capital but the rest is small. I want to separate the first total capital word from the rest. How can I do this.

Rasoul Khoshravan
Compare data on 2 separate worksheets.
3 replies , 7/6/2005, 8:10:03 PM
I am trying to figure out how I can compare data on 2 different worksheets. Here is what I am trying to do... I have Worksheet 1 (WS1) and Worksheet 2 (WS2). Each worksheet has over 5000 rows. I need to compare the data in WS1-column B and WS2-column B. If there are any entries that match, I need the data that is in WS2-column A to be copied and pasted into WS1-column A. Is there an easy way to do this? Your help is appreciated. -Wayne

Line Drawing Between Separated Data Points ?
2 replies , 4/27/2005, 3:35:52 PM
Hello: Have a chart made from a table that has bolood pressure readings as a function of dates. Some dates are skipped. The chart generated now connects a line between all the dates points that are there, sequentially, irrespective of whether there are points for all the (daily) dates. Is it possible for the generated chart to have the line missing for dates for which there is no data, and then to resume connecting the dots between actual data ponts ? Graph looks funny for data points connected for each day, which is what I want of course, and then a line connecting two points perhaps a week apart (for when on vacation with no data). Thanks, Bob

Add/Revise data in separate spreadsheets all at once
5 replies , 6/14/2008, 2:04:00 AM
I would like to be able to revise the data in several spreadsheets at once. I have a list of books in three different spreadsheets, each sorted differently. I would like to add, delete or edit data in all three without sorting them all alike first. I know that I can enter new data by holding down CTRL and clicking each spreadsheet, but it doesn't work for editing the data. Thanks for the help.

Export to text file by use " ; " as separator
4 replies , 2/12/2004, 2:46:56 AM
Dear Sir, I need to export data as text file to users but they need to use semi-colon " ;" to separate each column. I check the file type which hasn't got this type. How can I solve it ? Thanks. Eva

Extract Part of Sentence for Separate Cell's Value
9 replies , 12/21/2006, 2:54:54 PM
Hello Gents/Ladies...another question.... I have a cell, C13, that says: Bonus: $4,000 (DEC06). My question: How can I copy just 4,000 from this cell and make K18 say $4,000. FYI, C13 does not always contain this data, just sometimes. I need something that would look for the dollar amount and copy only the dollar amount to K18. Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate your time. :o) Bull

Add up Plus & Minus Figures separately by Location
2 replies , 1/21/2005, 8:55:41 AM
I have 3 columns of Data, Location, Date and Stock Variances. I wish to Add up The total PLUS Stock Variances per Location in one cell and the MINUS Stock Variances per Location in another cell. My data is variable in length, thus I will assign Range Names to the 3 columns. I am not sure how I can add up and distinguish both Location and whether the Stock variance is either Positive or negative. Thanks

Excel 2007 - Importing Text Decimal Separator Issue
2 replies , 12/20/2007, 2:05:02 PM
Hi, I am using Excel 2007 on Vista Ultimate. Importing a text file (txt and/or CSV) using "Data\Get external data\From text" and changing decimal separator to point (from comma) in advanced settings gives me an issue, namely that the applications keeps changing the separator back to comma (being my system setting). This is only an issue that I have experienced with Excel 2007. I have tried making makro using (VBA) DecimalSeparator and that only solves the issue for txt files NOT for CSV files. Apparently Excel handles the files differently depending on extension, even though the code remains exactly the same. Please help me! Thanks!

I have two web services both hosted on my BizTalk server, both generated using the BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard. On my development server, the two web services are each hosted in a virtual application under the server's default web site. On my production server, I have a separate IP address and web site dedicated to each web service. I haven't been able to find any way to generate an msi file for my application that will deploy the web services anywhere other than under the default web site. So I end up deploying them under the default web site on the production server and then moving them to where I really want them to be. Is there an easier, better way? Thanks, Zoe

Zoe Hart
Open Entourage E-mail Links in a (Separate) Safari Tab
3 replies , 3/5/2004, 11:58:59 PM
I wonder if there is a way (possibly via AppleScript) to open a link in an Entourage e-mail message in its own tab within a Safari browser window. Would be useful to me because I often receive e-mails containing multiple links. -- Sam Elowitch Entourage v. X (10.1.4)

Sam L Elowitch