how to draw flowing chart in Excel

How do I draw flow chart in Excel?
I am drawing programming flow chart.
Do I have any tools or templates available?
Thank you.

10/16/2004, 8:26:44 PM

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Open the Drawing toolbar (View>Toolbars>Drawing)
On the Drawing toolbar, select AutoShapes>Flowchart
Click on a shape to activate it
Point to the worksheet, and drag diagonally, to draw the shape.

agy wrote:
> How do I draw flow chart in Excel?
> I am drawing programming flow chart.
> Do I have any tools or templates available?
> Thank you.

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

Debra Dalgleish
10/16/2004, 11:31:01 PM
Thank you. How can I learn more what are the shapes of flow charts?

"Debra Dalgleish" <d************> wrote in message
> Open the Drawing toolbar (View>Toolbars>Drawing)
> On the Drawing toolbar, select AutoShapes>Flowchart
> Click on a shape to activate it
> Point to the worksheet, and drag diagonally, to draw the shape.

10/17/2004, 5:23:22 PM
If you choose AutoShapes>Flowchart, and point to one of the shapes on 
the Flowchart palette, its name should appear in a tooltip.

agy wrote:
> Thank you. How can I learn more what are the shapes of flow charts?
> "Debra Dalgleish" <d************> wrote in message
> news:4******************
>>Open the Drawing toolbar (View>Toolbars>Drawing)
>>On the Drawing toolbar, select AutoShapes>Flowchart
>>Click on a shape to activate it
>>Point to the worksheet, and drag diagonally, to draw the shape.

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

Debra Dalgleish
10/17/2004, 5:46:16 PM
Thanks, got it.
Is there any step by step tutorial on how to draw a simple program flow
chart using Excel?

"Debra Dalgleish" <d************> wrote in message
> If you choose AutoShapes>Flowchart, and point to one of the shapes on
> the Flowchart palette, its name should appear in a tooltip.

10/18/2004, 7:01:14 PM

'help' in excel says to click 'toolbars' on the 'view' menu and then click flow shapes. BUT it is not there.

Links not flowing through
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The workbook has around 10 pivot tables. When I changed the source data and hit refresh data in the pivot tables, the data in the pivot tables got updated. But links in other worksheets that are linked to the pivot tables did not get updated. Data in other worksheets could only get updated when I saved it as a new file. How can it be solved without saving it as a new file?

Rita Leung
Text flow
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Is there a way of linking text boxes in Powerpoint? Is there a way of filling a complex shape with text? Hand adjusting spacings and moving words between boxes gets to be a time-consuming pain. What I really want to do is to float an image in the middle of a block of text and get the text to flow past the image (like I can using HTML). Can I do this with Powerpoint or do I need Publisher? -- Chris Game "If you ever find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause, and reflect." -- Mark Twain

Chris Game
flow chart
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does anyone have a template for a flow chart for excel 2003? I'm looking for a flow chart template that ahs one box at the top then the next section has 3 boxes and the 3 boxes continue down the page. Hope this makes sense. x x x x x x x x x x x x x Thanks Jeannette

Flow sequence
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Dear experts, I got an external table showing the flows of parcels. For example, column A is for source locations and colum B is for destination locations. Parcel 123 (for example) From Shop To Shop A1 B7 .. .. .. .. B7 C10 .. .. C10 D9 If there are more than 100 rows of source locations and I want to see the flow of a parcel at one glance, such as: Shop A1 --> Shop B7 --> Shop C10 --> Shop D9. Is there a way to do it? Please kindly advise. Thanks in advance

flow charts
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How do i create a flow chart using links or brief description and then when you hover over the box further information pops up?

Flow text
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I have a form I'm making... i want to flow text from one merged cell to the one below it... is that possible?

Dave Brubeck
Cash Flow
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Does anyone have an excellent template of a Daily Cash Flow chart

flow charts
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When I was in construction, we had a paper flow chart that had horizonal lines for WHO and for HOW LONG. First day of construction (April 1st) was for the earth movers, (7 days) Just underneath that was the survayors. (Started on the 5th day of earth movers and lasted 4 days) Then came the trenchers to put in the underground piping (April 8th, for 3 days), Electricians (April 8th 4 days) If you get the gist of the chart, is there one out there that will simply show this? BTW, the bars were colored and you could see at a glance as to what was supposed to be happening on any given day.

Flow Chart
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How do you create a flow chart and which program is the best to use?

flow charting
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I have office 2003 pro. I typically only use word, excel, access and outlook. I've never used publisher or power point. I need an ok flow charting tool. I'm pretty sure visio is way more than I need and outside my budget. Can anyone tell me if any of the tools that are part of office 2003 pro are capable of doing moderate flow charting? I have a trial version of and I like it. It's very inexpensive. Any ideas? Thanks, Keith

Keith G Hicks
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel We are trying to make a flow chart. After I have formatted my autoshape boxes is there a way to keep adding another shape that will have the same format? I have to keep getting a new auto shape and then change the color etc. I want what I have formatted to be the default shape, color, line, etc.

flow of tables
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I am not able to get my tables to flow through my document. The rows will not break when it comes to the end of a page. The entire table .... and not just that row ... moves down a page. If the table is longer than a page then the bottom text of the table is lost. I have gone into table >> table properties >> row >> and checked off the box "allow row to break across pages" but it still does not work. I've only had the Mac and program for a day. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

flow charts
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC Hi, I'm new to Office '08, and I am struggling with making a flow chart look right. I want it to be a circular flow chart in essence, but I want to be able to show items that branch out, and remove the flow from the cycle. This seems like something that should be done easily enough, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated! Best, P

Flow Chart
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I am trying to addon more squares in addition to the ones that is already there and I have done that but it is not allowing me to insert information in the square?

Are flow diagrams possible?
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I've hardly ever used PowerPoint before and I'm trying to knock together a presentation on tech support procedures. I need to be able to do a chart in which boxes can branch off to several others and then back to another single box. I've looked through the diagrams in "SmartArt Graphics" but they all seem to either represent linear flows, or those that branch out but don't branch back. Any suggestions?

Cash Flow Set-Up
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Hi, I am trying to set-up a cashflow statement that will allow users to enter data against various categories for each day of use: i.e. 01-Jan-05 02-Jan-05 03-Jan-05 04-Jan-05 etc Revenue: Sales Rental Income etc Expenses: Rent Overheads Miscellaneous etc So in effect users would have a grid to enter their data into. What I want to be able to do is: for each of these expenses / revenues, group them first of all weekly (running Sun-Sat) on a separate sheet, then group them monthly on a separate sheet, which would allow analysis of weekly / monthly trends. What is the best way of doing this? I've managed to do this for the weekly groups by using a combination of the sum and offset functions (as each week is a constant number of days (7), the offset function allows me to "jump" across by 7 columns each time). however, getting something for the monthly groupings is more difficult as each month obviously varies in the number of days within it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, Regards, Gary T.

Cropping a flow chart
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After I build a flow chart and export it to a word document how do I size the chart or crop the bottom of the page? When I try to do this it effects my chart by moving arrows and boxes causing overlaps.

Cash Flow by Week
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I have [column-a] dates and [column-b] corresponding amounts. Column- thru -x are weekly periods represented by the Wednesday date of eac week in [row1]. Can I use the LOOKUP function to find the week [date +- 3days] an place the amount in the proper column? Will an alternative functio work better. Please help. I imagine scheduling amounts by period is a commo useage -- Democa ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Democat's Profile: View this thread:

How to create a flow chart?
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I need a flow chart wizard to help create a flow chart and I have not done this before.

formulae for cash flow
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I am trying to find a formulae for a cash flow. I have in all the information with interest rates etc but need a formulae to calculate the opening balance required. Basically how much capital is required to fund the project with the closing balance being nil.

Flows getting merged.
1 replies , 12/8/2003, 10:11:05 AM
HI, When ever I open a flow, the flow diagram in the first page gets merged and all the figures gets overlapped at the bottom of the page, resulting to a not readable format. Because of this I am unable to view any flows. The paper size is set to 'Letter', I use Standard Version 2000. Please let me know why this happens and give me a solution to rectify it? Because of this I am afraid to open the flow files. Awaiting response. Please mail me to senthilkumarvelu_at_yahoo_dot_com. Thanks & Regards, Senthil Kumarvelu

IRR for 2 cash flows
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I have the monthly closing prices and dividends of a stock in 2 separate column. I want to calculate the IRR for a seven year period, i.e the investor bought the stock and held it for 7 years and received the dividends. I am able to calculate it , but the thing is that I have to do it 156 times. Is there a quick way to replicate it easily using a formula or something else? Thank you very much! Maxime Isabel

Organization chart/flow chart
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re: Running Excel v. 10.0.0 I am wondering if there is a way to create an Organization chart/flow chart in Excel. If you know and can tell me or direct me to a tutorial ..... thanks. Mike

"Nodes" on flow chart shapes
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In Visio 2003 can I add connection "nodes" to flowchart shapes?

Flow Chart Numbering with subsets
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Hi, A relative is using MS Viso 2002 for a project. She has hit a snag when it comes to one particular flow chart. She has numbered the first few steps, but when it comes to a branch in the process can find no way to add a subset. eg. Branch 1 would flow 8.1, 8.1.2 etc and branch 2 would flow 8.2, 8.2.1 Is there anyway to do this? Thanks for any help! Regards Marc Liron Microsoft MVP

How to "flow" a excel spreadsheet while printing
6 replies , 1/19/2010, 9:34:15 PM
I have a long vertical excel spreadsheet. When I print it, it occupies the left portion of the paper. I manipulate the printer settings so that it occupies 2 columns. However, I'm not able to port the settings across printers and I have to set it again when I distribute the spreadsheet. Is there a setting in Excel which allows me to flow the vertical columns into multiple columns ? eg left, centre, right on 1 page ? Thanks very much in advance for your advice.

Importing excel flow diagram
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Hi, Someone at work has used excel to create flow diagrams! Is it possible in anyway to import them into visio? Regards

Shapes For Computer Programming Flow Charts?
3 replies , 4/13/2008, 6:59:11 PM
Above and beyond the obvious that are in the "FlowChart" shape collections. For the here-and-now, I'm thinking something to represent a Case statement, and something to represent an array in the same way that one represents disc or tape storage. Beyond that, maybe various screen types - like modal/non-modal dialogs... -- PeteCresswell

I need separate columns that flow downward only
2 replies , 4/9/2006, 7:50:02 AM
I want to do "side-by-side" research where the information in the first column never moves over to the second column. I need to be able to enter text in either column without affecting the other column at all. Each column should flow downward only. Appreciating any help I can get. ht

Zoom level when saving flow as html
0 replies , 8/4/2007, 9:00:01 PM
hello ! how can i increase the zoom level when saving a flow chart as html ??

How to show waiting or holding state in flow chart?
2 replies , 4/30/2007, 6:54:03 PM
How can one show a holding state or waiting state in a flow chart? I am trying to illustrate that the polling of a decision point may have to be made several times before you achieve conditions to proceed? I prefer to avoid simple looping through the symbol because I want to emphasize that a holding state is generated prior to trying the decision again. Thanks

How to keep bands in cross functional flow from moving
3 replies , 8/24/2006, 4:52:02 PM
Sometimes, when I open my cross functional flow diagram, the bands (swimlanes) have unaccountably moved to a different sequence. This is a fairly complex diagram, so moving the bands around makes it hard to read and understand. This problem seems to occur when I open the diagram first thing in the morning. It doesn't seem to happen when I simply close and re-open Visio during the day. I've been storing the diagram on a network. Is that the problem? Should I be storing it locally? Or, are there some security settings I need to tweak? Any suggestion on how to keep this from happening are very welcome!

Six Week Cash Flow Forecast Template
4 replies , 9/27/2004, 2:37:03 PM
I need a six week cash flow template which includes the following: Beginning checking account balance Accounts Receivable: 30 day 60 day 90 day over 90 Payroll is biweekly Payroll taxes (due on the 15th of each month) ABC Vendor total amount due) (amount is current, terms 2/10 net 30) CBS Vendor total due (currently on COD) Monthly truck lease Payment on building Accountant Telephone, (average) due on the 20th of the month Utilities, (average) due on the 4th of each month All sales are posted to Accounts Receivable, averages sales of $6000 per week. Cost of goods sold is evenly split between the two vendors. Thanks j**********

Hi I have generated a visio flow diagram on two work sheets and am trying to paste the flow diagram into a word document. The first page will paste into the doc but my second page is missing sections of the flow diagram. When I open the Visio doc through Word the diagrams are show but on returning to the Word worksheet some of the data is missing. Can anyone provide me with an answer to fix my problem? Thanks MarkBilly