help me please

I try to download games for real one player and i get 
this message problems with Q216328 i read the article for 
it. It says it is a driver expansion for windows 2000 I 
have XP. What do i do
Laressa Gibbs
6/29/2003, 1:31:08 PM

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Excel Help Please
2 replies , 12/12/2005, 7:44:01 AM
Could anyone tell me if it is possable to copy names from one book to another book. ie. I have berwick,bastille ,challange ect in one work book in seperate rows and these will keep coming up again in the same workbook and I want to copy information about them into another workbook so that I know the sum total of each one without haveing to copy and paste each time. bastile 200 berwick 200 bastile 150 challange 200 berwick 500 this is simlar to what I will be doing but with dates and wk No's and I want a total for each one in a seperate workbook. any help please

formula help please
6 replies , 8/3/2003, 7:21:36 PM
How can I add a row of codes? Ex: row of cells contains 3 diff codes, pp,vd and sd. i need to add the number of pp codes, the number of vd codes and number of sd codes. separate totals in cells. Thanks for your help

Please recomend a good C++ COM Addin book
2 replies , 7/4/2005, 7:18:05 PM
Hi, so far all the documentation I've seen within the MSDN for COM Addin development has been for VB. Does anyone know of any good book which documents COM Addin development in C++/ATL. I'm particularly interested in writing Addins for Word and Excel, and pretty much don't want to touch VB, or am I fighting a losing battle here?? thanks, P.

please help - sub or function not defined
6 replies , 7/30/2007, 7:26:07 PM
hello, we use a database-app (based on aci 4D), that uses vba to export data to word. it worked without problems for years (with office 98, office 2001 and now office 2004), but since 2 weeks two colleagues always get the following error message (when the database app opens word and tries to fill in data): error while compiling: sub or function not defined it seems to be a problem with their user-accounts, on both computers we have a second user installed with this users the database/word combination works without problems. so I tried to delete several preferences-files (e.g. microsoft-folder in preferences), but this also didn't helped. afterwards I deleted several files of the microsoft user data folder in the documents folder (e.g. die tmp-word-files after crashes, the mail-tmp-folder), this helped for two restarts. so I would like to ask, if there are any specific files in the library-folder, that could interfere the word/ vba-routines? thanks for your help in advance, regards, ferdinand

Help, Please, Please
1 replies , 8/18/2004, 7:27:55 PM
On my work sheet, one column has my customer's last name and first nam (in that order) seperated by a comma. How do I divide this column into 2 with one has the last name and th other with the first name? Hopefully both columns will not have comma in them. This is a huge worksheet with over 800 names. Thanks for all your help -- Message posted from

bellaroxio <
application error! please help
0 replies , 9/3/2003, 2:39:00 PM
Recently I have installed a copy of Windows XP pro on my IBM machine which is a PIII 1GHZ with 256M RAM and updated All critical updates, it was ok for a couple of days and then crashed. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 2000 pro, in a different folder, and then installed office 2000, but when I try to open any application I' will get this error message: the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000006 Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance-Rob

Please help me with "IF" cell formula
0 replies , 9/21/2004, 6:41:03 PM
I have one worksheet that pulls the hours worked from 2 employees that are salary and they must work 50 hrs per week, but are paided at a 40 hour week pay scale. I am pulling their daily time from the first work sheet (every week the time hours worked per day can change) so say if one worked 10 hrs on Monday of week 1, and 5 hours on Monday on week 2) So I need a formula that I can set in all the cells being pulled from that weeks hours worked worksheet that can remain showing the following: if the cell shows Zero make the cell to show Zero if the cell shows a number greater than 8 show 8 if the cell shows less than 8 but not Zero show 8 is it possible to do that formula that will remain there for each week's input of hours in each cell, since they are always working different hours per day and off different days per the week worked? Please can someone help me??? -- Thank You, Bonnie

Indirect function help please
10 replies , 8/1/2007, 10:38:08 AM
Hi I have the following formula that works but I want to be able to change some more of the direct references into indirect, but I'm struggling to work out the format and bracket arrangements. Specifically I want to change every reference to 'fred.xls' to reference a cell that contains a filename as text, and I want to change every instance of the value '15' to refernce a cell that contains the value. I hope that makes sense. =SUMPRODUCT((INDIRECT("'[Fred.xls]P1-P2-P3'!$A$"&Admin!$E$15&":$A$"&Admin!$F$15)=L$2)*(INDIRECT("'[Fred.xls]P1-P2-P3'!$AA$"&Admin!$E$15&":$AA$"&Admin!$F$15)<>"")/COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'[Fred.xls]P1-P2-P3'!$AA$"&Admin!$E$15&":$AA$"&Admin!$F$15),INDIRECT("'[Fred.xls]P1-P2-P3'!$AA$"&Admin!$E$15&":$AA$"&Admin!$F$15)&"")) Also, is what I am trying to do sensible, or should I be going about this in a different way? Thank you. Guy.

2 replies , 9/14/2007, 3:04:38 PM
I am often away and do not have the OUT OF OFFICE facility in the tool bar. Please help in assisting me with this helpful item Tks Brian

Please Help
0 replies , 3/29/2006, 12:57:18 PM
I received this suggestion ( in quoted marks) but it does not state where it should be entered. Is it a Macro in a toolbar? "You COULD use Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False but the user can undo that if he knows how. You could also remove the command to turn it back on: Commandbars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Controls("View").Controls("Formula Bar").Enabled = False but then the user can turn it back on from Tools/Options. But you can turn THAT off with Commandbars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Controls("Tools").Controls("Options...").Enabled = False Be sure to turn them all back when done!" If it is a macro can someone send me an idiot guide on how to enter the above suggestion. I tried to contatct the original author but he/she has not responded for two weeks.

Please help. Thanks!
5 replies , 2/2/2009, 6:16:42 AM
I have a worksheet named =93Sheet16=94 and I have several data in column B. I want to create a macro that will enable me to pop up a message that will indicate which of the numbers in column B are not colored in Red. Basically, there is a list of numbers in column B all colored in red, I want to be able to create a macro that will indicate which ones are not colored in red by popping up a message box that tells me, when the macro is clicked. I hope you get what I=92m trying to do. Thanks!

Please help!
3 replies , 4/20/2007, 4:58:01 PM
I am trying to find help for a formula if possible. I have 2 columns (A, B) and several rows beneath. Column A is all names. In column B there will be an "X" next to one name. How can I create a formula to give me the name from column A when there is an X in column B? Hope that made sense! Thanks.

Please Help Urgent!!! Internet Problem
5 replies , 9/16/2003, 2:10:44 PM
We have ADSL Broadband and after about 2 mins of being connected, web page browsing grounds to a halt. Sometimes it will be ok for longer. I have read about ISA slow down problems, but I ave not clue whats happening. Help Please!

1 replies , 11/7/2008, 10:36:01 PM
i open my microsoft office home and student document and it is in compatibility mode. the cursor is there and is blinking yet i cannot type anything. i also cannot click on anything, or copy it or paste the text. PLEASE HELP ME

Print Question Newbie Please help
2 replies , 11/13/2006, 3:30:48 PM
I am creating a spreadsheet that I need to print on 11x17 paper. My printer does not support 11x17 but I can send it to someone that does. How can I format my spreadsheet to use 11x17 so I can see all the cells etc. My guess is I need to install a print driver that supports 11x17 am I on the right track? If so can anyone suggest what I can use? Thanks Tom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am using the free version of SPAMfighter for private users. It has removed 0 spam emails to date. Paying users do not have this message in their emails. Try SPAMfighter for free now!

Thomas R Grassi Jr
Ok here's the problem If they have a 2005 budget of more than $50,000 have the return:"Largest budget for 2005",if they have a 2005 budget between $45,000 and $50,000 have the return: "second Largest budget for 2005", if they have a budget between $25,000 and $45,000 have the return "third largest budget for 2005", if they have a budget between $14,000 and $25,000, have the return:"fourth higest budget"; otherwise, the return is "Good job!" THIS IS HOW THE WORKSHEE LOOK LIKE I NEED TO ADD A FUNCTION IN THE NEXT COLUM PLEASE HELP SOMEBODY AT LEAST WITH ONE PART MY PROBLEM IS I DON'T KNOW HOW TO SET THE FORMULA SO THAT THE FUNCTION CAN BE BETWEEN THE NUMBERS PLEASE E-MAIL ME ANY INFORMATION THAT YOU MAY HAVE AT m********** OR m************** ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT PLEASE THAT WILL GIVE ME AT LEASE A HEAD START. THANX IN ADVANCE Budget for 2005 Expenditures for 2005 Budget for 2006 25000 23000 the budget for 2005 will be the budget for 2006 12000 13000 600 14000 14050 700 45000 43000 the budget for 2005 will be the budget for 2006 60000 57000 the budget for 2005 will be the budget for 2006 -- Melissa Hilaire

Melissa H via
macro please please please help
3 replies , 8/18/2003, 2:46:25 PM
product supp1 supp2 supp3 supp4 price supp coffee 6.25 3.45 9.48 10.65 lamb 12.79 21.45 36.98 22.4 mince 21.12 25.45 22.85 62.45 cheese 45.99 45.89 42.12 43.18 I need a formula that will tell me which price is the cheapist and insert it in the price colum and which supplier is the cheapist. Please please help me. I am on Excel 2002.

Explain these please
1 replies , 3/24/2005, 7:35:02 PM
Hello you techies out there. I have been asked to explain the following - can anybody make clear to me so I acn in turn explain to others. Thank you. =IF('TL Table'!A6="","",IF('TL Table'!A6="(blank)","",'TL Table'!A6)) =IF(B3="",IF(D3="","",J2),RIGHT(B3,10)) =IF(A4="","Z",VLOOKUP(LEFT(A4,4),TEAMS!A:D,3,FALSE)) =COUNTIF(P$4:P$19,$A24) =ROUND(L20*$C20*7*(1-$C$27),0) ROUND(H45*$C45*7*(1-($C68+$C69)),0)+(H54*$C54*7*(1-$C69)) I would be grateful for any help. Kind regards. Sal

Help me please
1 replies , 9/1/2006, 1:16:02 AM
I'm not sure if this is the right place for my problem, so I'm sorry if its not. I just bought a game at the mall and when I went to start playing, the computer acts as if there is nothing there. How can I get the computer to start the game?


Table of Contents won't insert - please help!
5 replies , 11/27/2009, 10:24:15 PM
Version: 2008 I keep getting: <br><br>&quot;Word did not find any entries for your table of contents&quot; <br><br>I've already used styles to identify the contents list text, but following the instructions out of the &quot;Help&quot; section of my Word program is not working. <br><br>Please help! <br><br>Leslie

ReDirect - Please Help
1 replies , 10/5/2004, 4:19:14 PM
Working with XP-Pro and VS.Net I have set my Start Page to "Home.aspx" but the application always starts the "Login" page - - - How can I change the start page to the Home.aspx??? On the login page that displays I have private void LinkButton1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { bool MyVar = true; Msg.Text = "ReDirecting to Home.aspx"; Response.Redirect("Home.aspx",MyVar); } AND..... private void LinkButton2_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Msg.Text = "ReDirecting to Home.aspx"; Response.Redirect("Home.aspx",MyVar); } Using debug I see that both buttons just re-load the Login page and re-execute the Login page Page_Load event??? WHY / HOW can I get the ReDirects to work? I am so frustrated - please help me understand WHY these don't work. Thanks in advance, Paul

Help Please
5 replies , 9/26/2004, 4:29:58 PM
Is there a simple function to separate text at a certain character? What I want to do is take my 500+ email list, and sort it out by the server ... such as j******** from one cell to johndoe or johndoe@ in two separate cells Thanks in advance, --Jim

explanation for formula Please.
5 replies , 8/17/2004, 12:54:16 AM
Hello from Steved I would like a brief explanation to the below formula on what it is suppose to do. I was given this by this forum. My understanding is that it will read a row based on criteria from the Master Sheet, what I would like is how does this do this as at the moment I am having difficulty to get it to work, Just outline for me how it works and I will workout the rest. {=IF(ISNUMBER(SMALL(IF($B$1:$B$6="","",ROW($B$1:$B$6)),ROW (1:1))),INDIRECT("Master!"&CHAR(COLUMN()+64)&SMALL(IF ($B$1:$B$6="","",ROW($B$1:$B$6)),ROW(1:1))),"")} Thankyou.

please help
2 replies , 9/2/2005, 3:50:58 AM
wonder if someone can help me out? Please look at this information below: Each individual has a some kind of a skill set. Each individual is scheduled certain day (light brown table) I would like to build a formula which would allow me to find out how many particular skillsets I have in each day. This is what would be for one single cell. =IF(AND(IF(Z15=1,1,0),IF(W15=1,1,0)),1,"") This is a logical value(TRUE equals 1). for each person I would need a cell to have this formula and sum it up for all of them. This task using this method would require if there was 15 people , 15 cells times 6 days, times 10 skills, just to sum it up to one number. Imagine 157 people!!! As you see I need some serious help from you guys. thank you very much. Robert

robert dydo
help find missing paranthesis ---- please
3 replies , 3/1/2007, 12:40:03 AM
=IF(AND(D2>=0,D2<=17),"Child"(AND(D2>=18,D2<=20),"Transition",IF(AND(D2>=21,D2<=59),"adult",IF(AND(D2>=60)"Older_Adult") I am just beginning nested if's... I'm trying to look at the Age in D2 (will fill down) and if it is between a range then I want to give it a description (in E2)... thanks

7 replies , 6/7/2006, 2:37:01 AM
I've been told the reason that Photodraw was disconyinued was because it was too 'big'. BUT can't it be redigned to address this and make it work? I teach design in a secondary school and did find that students were able to work with Photodraw extrememly well. It is much better than Photoshop or Coreldraw for general public use. Easier and can do great things. I am finding it extremely frustrating not to have it anymore. We had to get rid of it from our school network. Please Microsoft, you don't have a graphics / design / creative software program and this was so good. It was great as part of the Office suite. I know a lot of people who still need it and use it if they still can. I've bought Coreldraw but it's just not user friendly and is much more limited than Photodraw was.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back! ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

Please help
0 replies , 7/26/2007, 3:38:01 PM
Hello, I created Shared Add-in using C# through VS2005 wizard. I selected that the Add-In will load only when the user specifically loads it. So what should I do to load it? I can't find it. Through VBA script? If LoadBehaviour is "load on demand", how I can load my Add-in on demand in Excel 2003?

Help me sort this out, please.
1 replies , 4/19/2005, 7:08:03 PM
There are two word proccessing programs from MS. One of them comes with MS-Office. It is called Microsoft Word. It came as a demo disk with my new computer (Windows XP), and was supposed to be available for 3 months. (I say supposed to because I did not really take the time during those 90 days to explore it.) After that, I can get the full version by purchasing a product key (on the MS website, that is US$149.00; though it is available at varying prices from other retail venues). From what I've seen on the i-net, it is the regular version of MS-Word that I can buy in any retail store (online or brick-&-mortar) at similar prices. Even if I qualify for the student-teacher version (which I do), there is no real "upgrade" version or price. I do understand, from web-surfing, that US$149 is a fairly good value for all the other programs that comes with it as part of MS-Office, such as Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, et. al. This upgrade (as well as the other programs just mentioned) offers all the best word-processing features that I drool over and covet. Then there is the Word that came on the computer, which is basically the same word-processing program that was on the old computer (Windows 98), and offers no other features or programs. If I want the coveted features, I have to spend approximately US$125 to US$150 for the MS-Office software. Is there any difference in the software if I purchase it over the internet or phone from the MS website as compared to another website or store? Thanks.

PLEASE add median in pivot tables PLEASE. PLEASE.
0 replies , 8/24/2006, 5:56:01 PM
The average (aka mean) of a data set is misleading when there are one or more unusually high or low values in that data set. Median is a much better metric for central tendency in those cases, but it's not one of the Field Properties options. Pls add Median to the list of Field Options in pivot tables. I am using Office Excel 2003 SP2 ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

Please Please Help!!!!
4 replies , 2/11/2006, 2:01:42 PM
This time calculation is driving me crazy, I have several suggestions, thank you but they don't work. Try it for your self, Open a blank sheet, Format all cells as [hh]:mm, in A1 put 06:00, in A2 put 05:00, in A3 put 07:00, in A4 put 08:00, now B1 put in the formula =A1+A2 & in B2 put in formula =A3+A4. now put in B3 =B1+B2. It just won't work which ever way you format the cells, I have worked on this problem for 3 days now trying every possible combination, I would give my right arm for the solution. I know this is a 24 hour time calculation but if the cells you are adding together are results of calculations from other cells the formula won't work. Try it for your self. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! -- Chris Watson ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chris Watson's Profile: View this thread:

Chris Watson
please help!! anti virus
1 replies , 4/26/2004, 8:50:16 AM
How can I disable Antivirus check in my office programs.They just don't open any document as Mcafee does not follow some API standard(doesn't have a clue).

Please Please Help Me New To Excel
2 replies , 10/25/2005, 3:31:20 PM
okay i'll do my best to ask this question. I have this spread sheet I've beentrying to figure out It has the number 5 in I6, then in J6 the formula =I6/10*21 This spread sheet is to show us the current number of sales we have now and based on todays date what we are on pace to hit by the end of the month(Octobers projected sales finish) So, what I want to know is why does it say 10*21. I know that the "21" stands for the number of business days in the month (21 days in October), but what does the 10 represent??? I looked at another spread sheet from last month, but it shows =I6/14*21 why would the number before the * be different?? Im lost someon please emailme so I can forward it to you to explain. unless you can explain it now???? -- watcher422 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ watcher422's Profile: View this thread:

4 replies , 3/23/2005, 3:50:23 PM
I'm looking for a formula that can give me the yes or no result in cell (I8) .. Basically if Training Due is past the current date, the cell (I8) would say "yes" or not necessarly say yes but maybe rather have it color coated for complete, whichevers easier. last complete training due complete 07-Mar-04(G8) 7-Mar-05(H8) "yes" or "no" (I8) -- Message posted via

Justina Call via