exporting e-mail out of Mac Entourage (OS 9)?

Is there ANY way to do this? I need to migrate a few users from Mac
Entourage for OS 9 over to Outlook/Windows and can't even figure out
how to get their mai out of Entourage, much less into any other program
and then over to Outlook/Win...
Christopher Scott
8/5/2004, 12:00:32 PM

Christopher Scott <c****************Mmindspring.com> wrote:
> Is there ANY way to do this? I need to migrate a few users from Mac
> Entourage for OS 9 over to Outlook/Windows and can't even figure out
> how to get their mai out of Entourage, much less into any other program
> and then over to Outlook/Win...


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8/5/2004, 2:44:32 PM

Unable to Export solution
0 replies , 5/31/2006, 10:21:11 PM
Greetings: When exporting my main identity, I would get the error: "Entourage did not export all of your data. You stopped the export process before it was completed." So exported individual components (mail, calendar, contacts, tasks) Everything worked but the Tasks. So I viewed all my tasks, complete and incomplete and I found one that had no description, date or anything. I deleted it. Everything works so far. Hope that helps. Entourage 11.2.3 OSC 10.4.6

eric b.
exporting summary data for pivot table!
2 replies , 2/1/2006, 6:20:16 PM
hi all! i am having a database of sales turnover for differenct products of different companies for a period as under: COL"A" - MONTH & YR COL"B" - COMPANY NAME COL"C" - PRODUCT NAME COL"D" - UNITS SOLD COL"E" - VALUE SOLD JAN05 - X - XX - 10 - 1000 JAN05 - X - XXX - 5 - 400 FEB05 - Y - YY - 20 - 500 MAR05 - X - XX - 5 - 500 MAR05 - Y - YYY - 10 - 600 MAR05 - X - XXX - 20 - 2000 | v | v what i want is to extract the periodwise, companywise, productwise totals of units sold (COL"D") & value sold (COL"E") and export it to another worksheet under the same column headings so that i can create a pivot table for further analysis! is there any easy way to achive this thru xl formula or by any other method? expecting help! -via135 -- via135 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ via135's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=26725 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=507355

0 replies , 6/14/2008, 5:20:00 AM
Hello, I have tried to find a proper sample code to export my active sheet to text file in all community but I wasn't success. what I need are a VB code to: 1. sort range(b3:b300) 2. export my active sheet to text file in drive d:\temp 3.specify filename "TEMP&systemdate.txt" Thanks in advance

1 replies , 10/24/2007, 5:41:35 AM
I have a 2k line excel doc witht he following A1 Item 339393 no longer in stock - Tuesday, September 11, 2007 I need to separate the data into 2 cells a1 b2 Text Data how can i remove the date infomation from the field and put it in a new cell by itself?

Export to CSV with field headers
3 replies , 4/28/2004, 12:06:03 PM
I need to export multiple tables to a csv file with field headers. BCP will not bring across the field headers and I need to do this on a daily basis Any suggestions John

Export contact cache
1 replies , 2/21/2006, 12:07:44 PM
Is there any way to export the contact list cache? Not the adress book, I mean this addresses collected automatically when sending & receiving mail. I would like to add them all to the address book. (so it can be exported to Apple's Address book, vCards, phones and Windows PCs) A question properly on this list all the time, but I can't find the answer after searching, so...

Exporting mail from Entourage X to Outlook 2003
3 replies , 7/20/2006, 12:49:16 AM
Hi, I have a client who until recently has been using Entourage X and has now have to adapt to a Windows XP Pro machine with Office 2003 installed on it. I tried converting the In folder etc. to mbox files but of course Outlook doesn't like those. We don't run Exchange server here so I can't go that route. Any ideas on how to convert the messages over?

Mark Gibson
Exporting Group?
1 replies , 1/17/2005, 7:47:49 PM
Hi, I have a Group with about a thousand recipients and need to export this in some way that a colleague with Mail (or Entourage, if needed) can use it. Is that doable? If so, how? TIA -- Dan Vendel PROFORMICA MARKETING CONSULTANTS http://www.proformica.com

Best way to export for LaTeX?
4 replies , 2/5/2008, 11:42:36 AM
I'm using Visio 2003 and trying to export a diagram to include in a LaTeX document, which will be compiled with pdflatex. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to faithfully transform my diagram into PDF for inclusion. I tried exporting via CutePDF, but this seems to destroy the alpha transparency in my diagram, replacing it with a very coarse dithering pattern, which looks really bad on the screen. I'm guessing that's because it behaves as a post-script printer, and as I understand it post-script has no support for alpha transparency. Exporting to XPS via the Microsoft XPS Document Writer does preserve transparency, but I can't find any way to transform that into PDF. The best I seem to be able to do right now is to export to PNG, but this pushes up file-size and makes the document slow to render in Adobe Reader. I've got two questions: 1) Is there any way to do this nicely with Visio 2003? 2) I know that Visio 2007 can export to PDF - does it preserve transparency properly?

1 replies , 11/28/2003, 9:01:08 AM
what is the best format to export a visio diagram to import it and be able to edit it in word

Export Format
0 replies , 7/13/2006, 8:36:02 PM
Has anyone encountered the error, "Failed to export the report. Error in MS Excel Export Format DLL." I'm trying to export 37,500 records to an Excel spreadsheet from Crystal Reports 8.5, using the Excel 8.0 format.

Certificate Export
1 replies , 10/25/2007, 9:48:03 PM
How can I export the default certificate “sbscert.cer” to install it on my mobile device? I also install Certificate Authority but this certificate is not showing up in the list. TIA

I have someone trying to export the data in their excel spreadsheet to charts in a word letter via a mail merge. I have been unable to do it and I cannot find anything in any KB that says it can be done. Is this something that needs a special macro or programming?

archive export incomplete, but verifications OK
0 replies , 1/9/2006, 10:54:28 PM
Strange error pops up when I try to archive my main identity (File=Export...) "Import Incomplete There was a problem saving one of your message. Your Office database may be damaged. Start the Database Utility to verify your database." I thought I was doing an "Export" but this says I'm doing an "Import." Anyway, I've checked and re-checked database integrity. It reads "Your database is working correctly." Now, here's the strange part: When I first did an integrity check, it said i had errors and to save the log for Microsoft. So I complied and then did a rebuild. Everything seemed fine. I then launched Entourage and messages from over a day ago--that were deleted--showed up in my In Box. So now, I'm trying to archive my identity and projects. It gives me the error above about "Import Incomplete." I am also unable to Backup 3 out of 6 projects throught the Overview Pane in Project Center. It's almost over... Then I rebuild again. The File=Export works flawlessly. Finally! (But those deleted messages re-appear) Now I can archive my main identity. But those three projects' Backup fail. Error reads "Export Incomplete. Entourage did not export all of your data. You stopped the export process before it was completed."--and I did no such thing. None of those projects are being shared either. Does anyone know what could be going on here? I'm using: Entourage 2004 11.2.1 Mac OS 10.4.3

eric b.
This is a very general question and I am only seeking guidance in how to combine everything into one application. I am not too sure the best way to ask my questions so please persevere. I have many Word 2002 / 2003 Documents of inter-related information. Excel 2002 /2003 spreadsheets, and a Access 2002 database which use common data. At the moment I am entering the information into each application manually. Questions 1. What is the best way to approach Automating inserting the common data into both Word and Excel from the database. 2. If the Access database is converted to a SQL client server database for use on the internet as a source of obtaining the data, what is the correct approach to online entered data being co-ordinated with the Word and Excel spreadsheets. 3. Can eveything, Excel, Access and Word all be combined into one complete application. 4. Can Data be imported into word documents? i.e from excel or visa versa....which is the correct way to appraoch this task? Any help in the form of links to reading material, sample tutorial applications, words of development wisdom / guidance, would be appreciated.

Exporting as a web page
5 replies , 3/30/2007, 2:01:19 PM
I have a newsletter to put out to PC and Mac users in HTML. I edit the newsletter in word and save as a wepage. If I load it into a browser at the point it looks good. However when I email it in Entourage using the "Send Complex HTML with Inline Files 2004" script I find that the bullets come out as =E1 and apostophe's show up as =D5 any suggestions to correct this? Monte

I would like to synchronize my MSN contacts list with my microsoft outlook contacts folder -- how do I do this?

Chart Export
3 replies , 7/28/2009, 7:19:01 PM
Hello Worriors, i have a question about the Chart.Export method. I used it like this in C#: myChart.Export(@"c:\Chart1.bmp", "BMP", System.Reflection.Missing.Value); But i always get an Exception like this: Ausnahme von HRESULT: 0x800A03EC Thx for helping

Hi All, I am trying to create a button on access form that would export certain information from access form to word template and save it as a word file. The issue I am having is: I have certain fields marked as hyper link in access database and when trying to export those fields from accses form to word template I am able to export the data but, I get something like this: "124 South West St#http://124 South West St#" I dont want the #http://124 South West St# part from the address.. is there a way to just display 124 South West St? Also, I get "Error! No document variable supplied." displayed on word file for the field that has no value present in Access. Is there a way to get rid of this error message and display a blank if there is no value persent for that field in access? Hope I made it clear. Thanks in advance

Entourage Contacts export to Outlook?
13 replies , 1/31/2006, 5:23:06 PM
I am trying to import my Contacts from Entourage on my Mac desktop machine to Outlook 2003 on my new laptop and cannot seem to figure out how to accomplish the mapping when importing into Outlook. I have exported a tab-delimited text file from Entourage on the Mac and imported the file into Outlook. When I get to the step that allows me to map the fields, I only seem to have one field per contact (in most of the contacts, not all?) with all the Entourage fields on that one line. There are boxes between each Entourage field on that one line. Can anyone help? Thank you... Paul Le Veque

Paul Le Veque
My ultimate goal is to import a 90 page Visio file into a Word document where one schematic shows up per page. I've found .wmf files to render the best, so how do I save this 90 page Visio file into multiple .wmf files without going to each page to "save as" a ..wmf file?

export data to an existing excel workbook
1 replies , 6/25/2007, 5:03:01 PM
Hi, I'm trying to export data into an existing excel workbook without the filename of the target workbook. I'm able to export data to a new workbook but not to a new workbook. I need some kind of static reference to all of the open excel workbooks, is this possible? Please help.

0 replies , 6/15/2004, 7:19:01 AM
Hi, it's possible export diagrams report from Access to Excel (XP version)? I try but the sheet it's empty. Thank's Andrea

Andrea Racca
0 replies , 7/7/2003, 4:07:54 PM
Trying to export a distribution list in contacts. Need to save as a .csv, to be opened in Excel. When I attempt to open in Excel, the only data that shows are my field descriptions. What am I missing to get the actual data exported? Thanks!

Exporting contacts as CSV
6 replies , 1/2/2005, 2:51:45 PM
Is there a way to either export my contact list as CSV, or to convert it to CSV from the .txt file?

Account export
3 replies , 8/30/2004, 8:15:51 PM
Hi All. With Outlook 97/2000 it was possible to export Outlook accounts on a file to reuse on an other computer. This utility is not present in Office XP. Is it possible to find a 3rd part utility to do yhis. Tnks -- Alberto if you want to contact me remove NOSPAM. from email address

Export Images
0 replies , 3/2/2009, 3:10:24 PM
I have a file that has a a few hundred images in column C and the names of the images in column A. I need the images to be saved on my computer with their names. How can I do this? Thank you.

Exporting Gantt Charts
0 replies , 7/31/2004, 3:13:01 PM
I want to export a Gantt chart into a timeline, but when I click on Export, I'm not given the option of export to Visio Timeline and am only offered Xcel,Text or MS Project. Any ideas? Thanks

I am using AutoCAD and Visio to create a flow chart using imported CAD data from AutoCAD. I was able to import the CAD data and now I want to SAVE AS DWG and use the flow chart with all imported clipart, CAD files, etc. in AutoCAD. When I try the SAVE AS DWG it only saves the flow chart shapes, text, lines, etc. It does not save all the CAD data that was imported. It saved one imported CAD item and when I open the file in AutoCAD the CAD opject is scaled way off compared to the rest of the flow chart. What are the tricks to this?

Export Calendar Items
1 replies , 8/3/2004, 5:53:56 PM
Why is it that I can export contacts but not calendar items to a tab = delimited=20 text file? Why can't I print the list view only showing days within a certain = category?

John Fain
exporting charts
3 replies , 1/15/2007, 11:50:09 AM
How to export a chart and use it in other applications like MS Word and others? Thanks

Export to a format
2 replies , 11/18/2004, 7:49:15 PM
I have a spreadsheet with row 1 as my header allof the other rows i need exported to a file in the format below. This is critical and any help is greatly appreciated This is my spreadsheet layout. But there could be up to 8000 rows: c_last_name c_first_name c_middle_name c_userid Ables Donna F donna.ables Lovelace Eric eric.lovelace I need to export this to a file in this format. Each row needs to be enclosed in ( ) and each field in that row needs to be in " " with a comma seperating each field. ( "ables" ,"donna" , "f" ,"donna.ables" ) ( "lovelace" ,"eric" , "" ,"eric.lovelace" ) Thanks a million

Can I export to publisher
3 replies , 3/20/2009, 4:27:06 PM
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel Afternoon A client would like me to set up some templates for him to use in Publisher. He is on a pc and I a mac. I have the full office suite but don't know what program/export setting I have to use. Any help?? Thanks in advance!!

0 replies , 1/25/2004, 3:03:03 AM
For all you developers and advanced users Is there a means to track and record incoming Email in Outlook by, Date Rec'd: From: Subject: No message body, just the above information, and have it automatically recorded and updated daily in an Excel xls. wooksheet.

John Smith