error X tra

When trying to play a game on line (neopets), i get an 
error saying Xtra (flash movie...) either didnot 
initialize or doesnot exist. Make sure appropriate Xtras 
are in Xtras folder."  
 What am I missing??
sam moustafa
6/30/2003, 4:28:42 AM

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Printi error with Excel in Vista
3 replies , 6/29/2008, 3:25:12 AM
Printer is connected to a router using cable. No printer is directly connected to the Vista system. Vista is hooked up wireless. Both Word and Powerpoint have no trouble using the printer In Excel, I get the message "Current printer is unavailable". Note that I can print with Notepad and IE 7. VB 6 IDE results in "Problem getting printer information from the system. Make sure the printer is set up correctly". One issue is the inconsistency within the Office apps. The other is VB 6. Solutions?

Howard Kaikow
Error after error
2 replies , 8/27/2004, 6:03:10 PM
I'm getting a tremendous number of "Could not synchronize record:" errors. In fact every time I send a meeting invite, cancel a meeting, or move a message to a different folder, an error appears in the error log, even though the invitation goes out, the meeting is removed from my calendar, and the message gets put in the correct folder. But that's not all. These errors repeat every few minutes. A message I dragged to a different folder this morning keeps generating a "Could not synchronize record:" error every five minutes or so. I don't seem to have problems sending and receiving mail. I can see my folders and my public folders. Can anyone tell me what's causing the synchronization errors? If it helps diagnose the problem, I can see other people's free/busy calendar info, but they can't see mine (nor can I see my own when trying to schedule a meeting). (Of course, every time a synchronization error occurs when Entourage is not the frontmost application, the icon bounces until I switch to Entourage. That's really, really, really annoying.) I have searched the Web and message boards but can't seem to find an answer to this one. Thanks for any help. Jeff Edsell

Jeff Edsell
WINS encountered a JET error 4224
1 replies , 3/8/2005, 3:26:17 PM
SBS 4.5 NT4.0 sp6a My system log file is full of the error 4224 - WINS encountered a JET error etc etc The error code in the dword is FE02, the 2s complement of this code is 510. Looking at the microsoft kb 510 states "fail when writing to log file" I have looked at the wins directory to find the following files j50.chk 8KB j50.log 1000KB wins.mdb 2036KB winstmp.mdb 1032KB res1.log 1000KB res2.log 1000KB Have I got a hardware issue or is it that the log files are at their limit in terms of size? If so can they be compressed or simply deleted and new logs begun from new? For info I have been looking after our network for 5 years now and have only recently come across the problem. Thanks in advance Steve Bebbington

Stephen Bebbington
printing error
0 replies , 11/12/2003, 6:28:57 PM
When I print out a worksheet with cell borders, the printout comes out with lines through the text about half way down the page.

'Cannot copy assembly" error
1 replies , 10/25/2005, 10:02:02 AM
Hi All, I have read quite a lot about this but in 2003. I have a solution, which has 24 projects. Each project refer to different other projects within the solution. i was able to compile the solution without any problems. The problem started happening, once I included the solution in visual source safe. Now, when i compile the solution, I get the problem Cannot copy assembly 'Referenced Assembly' to file 'Current Project Output Folder\bin\Debug\Release\Referenced Assembly.dll'. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. I searched in internet and found that this is a bug in wherein in does not release the reference to a DLL file while compiling. I went to the URL where I got some information about HOTFIX from microsoft. As a summary, I am giving pointwise questions which I have with related to this particular problem. 1) Why is it that when i include the solution in VSS, that this problem is coming 2) Is there any other workaround for this problem. I check the properties of all the referenced assemblies. the propery to COPY LOCAL is set to true. 3) In the URL given above, I did not find a downloadable HOTFIX. If anybody has it can you please tell me where i can download it from. 4) According to microsoft, this bug will be fixed in service pack 3. Anybody has any idea when the service pack will be available. I have tried everything in my knowledge to fix this problme but could not find a solution. It would be great to hear from anyone who has faced this problem. Thanks! pradeep_TP I

Sending error -3253
3 replies , 3/23/2009, 6:39:18 PM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Email Client: Exchange Hello, After installing a purchased SSL certificate for my webmail subdomain my Entourage 2004 clients are getting the -3253 sending errors. Emails will fail the first time with the error, sit in the outbox and then send after a few minutes. I am wondering if there is some WebDAV setting that needs to be adjusted because of the SSL certificate. I have tried using the FQDN with SSL turned on. Prior to this there was no SSL and the clients were just connecting to the IP (not the hostname) of the Exchange server. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Errors without error messages with VWD 2005 Express
0 replies , 2/7/2006, 11:39:23 AM
Hi, When using the VWD built-in server to test the web page with the code below, the Panel1 is not set to invisible, when trying with the local IIS the file download does not work but the Panel1 is set to invisible. The e-mail is being sent both times: Protected Sub DownloadNow(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Dim infFile As IO.FileInfo Dim strFilename As String Dim objMM As New Mail.MailMessage() Dim strBody As String ' Send e-mail objMM.To = i******** objMM.From = EmailAddress.Text objMM.BodyFormat = Mail.MailFormat.Text objMM.Priority = Mail.MailPriority.Normal objMM.Subject = "Homepage - Download at " & DateTime.Now strFilename = hfldLink.Value infFile = New IO.FileInfo(strFilename) strBody = strFileName & vbCrLf if cbxNoContact.checked = true then strBody = strBody & "No contact" & vbCrLf end if objMM.Body = strBody Mail.SmtpMail.SmtpServer = "" Mail.SmtpMail.Send(objMM) ' Download file now Response.Clear() Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" & infFile.Name) Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", infFile.Length.ToString()) Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream" Response.WriteFile(strFilename) Response.End() litMessage.Text = "" Panel1.Visible = False End Sub I don't get any error messages. Thanks for helping Walter

Walter Hofmann
error on page
3 replies , 11/7/2004, 3:05:01 PM
Since downloaded SP2 for Window XP I have not been able to download any template from Gallery Live. Whenever I click on download, an error message appeared. It said "error on page". Please help, anyone?

Excel 2007 Out of Memory Errors
8 replies , 8/5/2008, 1:42:01 PM
I've had several users encounter the same errors when having Excel 2007 open for an hour or two. They get errors such as 'not enough system resources to display completely' or 'excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other'. Also, the screen seems to 'hang' up or buttons on the excel bar disappear, etc. All these users are running new computers with 4 GB ram, dual dual-core processors, and XP SP3 with all the latest updates.

Disk is full error
3 replies , 2/18/2004, 5:19:53 PM
We are running Office XP on XP Pro. I have 2 users that continuously open/create/save excel docs on a network share. Some files are pretty large in size, but not all. They are receiving errors: Delayed Write Failed Disk is Full These are the only 2 users in the entire organization that receive these errors. I've replaced their network cables, ran network tests, reinstalled excel, and verified the space on the network. There is 18GB available on the share, so space is not an issue. They are not dropping packets according to the network tests I've what could be the issue? I've thoroughly checked out the KB articles and the only solution that I have found or been told is to save to the local host then copy the file over; but this is a problem as some of the files are automatically generated from reporting software that we have. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP TO GET THESE PEOPLE OFF MY BACK!!! This has gone on for months now. Thanks in advance!

2 replies , 2/18/2005, 5:09:08 PM
SBS 2000 I'm getting errors that show up in the SBS Admin Console/Server Status View. Severity=critical Data Collector=Cache and Memory Threshold=Pages Input/sec >5, Pages Read/sec >5, Pages/sec >80 There is probably close to 100 of these erros there and they have been there after multiple times rebooting. Anyone have any ideas what this means? Seperate Errors: I'm also getting errors in the Event View under the application log showing: Error / source=PerfLib / Event 2002, 1008, 3001 There are so many of these and they are filling up my log daily. The description on the multiple events all have to do with "AppleTalk". I'm assuming that there is a service running that i don't need, but i'm not sure what it is. I don't have any need for AppleTalk and i don't use any MAC's. If anyone has any ideas for this, i appreciate it. Mike

Return error #VALUE!
1 replies , 4/25/2008, 3:07:13 PM
Why do I get this error with this formula? =IF(D3=0,"",E3/2000)*(G3/D3)

Uninstall Error
1 replies , 10/10/2003, 10:09:47 AM
I installed Office X without uninstalling Test Drive Explorer and OfficeX doesn't work. I can't even uninstall. Do I have to erase my drive to reinstall?

mspview error
0 replies , 5/4/2004, 8:05:20 PM
I am running win xp sp1 and office xp pro. I have a command line which opens a tif file in mspview and sends it to a printer. The command line is: mspview.exe /pt file.tif. This was working before but now it generates an error and the program stops working. Has anyone encountered this problem. Ben Cox

Ben Cox
log graph zero or negative values error
1 replies , 7/17/2003, 10:50:32 PM
Hi, Excel gives an error message when you try to plot a zero or negative number on a graph. I am using a template, so I don't want to go through and manually remove the zero data every time. Is there any way to turn off the error message, it is getting VERY irritating. Cheers, Joyce

Exporting data to Pivot I get error
1 replies , 11/18/2004, 4:06:40 PM
Hi, I am using Excel along with my company portal (which uses OLAP reports) to export data and I get the following error. THE OLAP PROVIDER RETURNED AN UNEXPECTED NUMBER OF DIMENSIONS. I use WINDOWS XP Professional and OFFICE XP. Kindly suggest. Regards Jalpran

Why error when installing Sp3?
1 replies , 8/2/2006, 3:24:01 PM
Have tried uninstalling and troubleshouting with MS has led me here. I'm getting error message 0x8024002D. Any Ideas? Thanks

0 replies , 7/3/2003, 3:12:25 PM
what do i do if in the instalation of microsoft office 2000 there is a error like this : Error 1305.Error reading from file:D:\PFiles\MSOffice\BLNMGR.Dll.Verify that the file exits and that you can access it.

excel autorecovers files then says they have no error?
0 replies , 10/29/2007, 6:39:00 PM
For no apparent reason excel will do an autoreceover then show the spreadsheets and state they have no errors?

Remove errors
2 replies , 6/14/2007, 5:08:56 PM
I am using a vlookup finction, and when it doesn't find a record it returns an N/A error. Is there any way to remove the N/A error in the formula so I can sum the returned data? Thanks.

installation error
1 replies , 6/28/2004, 6:16:02 PM
Does anyone have an answer to error 0x8002802B.I've tried to install Magic Battlegrounds for my son and this is what I get. It's seems to have something to do with the installwizard but I don't know how to fix it. Please help.

Just passing on this info from a MacOSXHints Forum: <> The application "Excel" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "<Microsoft Excel><CarbonLib><CFMPriv_FindByContent><>" User reports: I called Apple up and they had me reinstall macOSX with the archive function so I didn't loose any files. Fixed both issues. -- Diane Ross, Microsoft Mac MVP Entourage Help Page <> One of the top five MS Entourage resources listed on the Entourage Blog. <>

Diane Ross
NDIS.VXD error on Win98 1st edition
1 replies , 5/10/2004, 9:32:19 PM
I purchased a Netgear wireless adapter and tried to install it on a Win98 machine, the software loaded fine and the card loaded fine. The issue is in the device manager, it has the yellow ! mark and it says NDIS.vxd and NTKern.vxd (code 2). I tried to re-install driver, hardware etc but had to call tech support anyway :( Once I had a human on the phone, I told them my issue and they said their product was not compatible with Win98 first addition and to go buy XP or ME. It would have been nice if the box said Win98 Second edition or greater, but it doesn't so..... When I look on other sites, some folks have gone to a ME or XP disc and copied the two files (NDIS.vxd and NTKern.vxd)and then pasted them back into the Win/system folder on their old 98 machine and all seems to work fine. I am concerned I will do more damage than good if I copy this new file but this is because I am not a pc expert. Does anyone have any useful advice on how to overcome my issue without having to buy a new operating system? Will I damage any important files or hardware if I copy these two files from a new disc? Thanks -Tim

"File error: data may have been lost"
0 replies , 11/16/2006, 5:55:01 AM
Environment: Windows XP/ 2000, Office 2000 SP 3, Patch: kb923274 Excel workbook containing several sheets, which has macros, controls, hyperlinks etc., We are able to open the file for the first time. got to save it and close the application. Reopening pops up the error "File error: data may have been lost" clicking OK several times gets to the application but without the controls. This happens only after installing the patch. Also tried after removing all the macros, but the problem persists.

Rounding & Totalling Error
5 replies , 6/24/2006, 9:48:03 AM
I am using Windows XP/Office 2003 and have the following problem Tools-Option-Calculation = Precision as displayed (ticked) A B C WT RATE AMOUNT 1 24.975 2125 53,071.88 (=A1*B1) 2 24.979 2125 53,080.38 (=A2*B2) 3 49.954 2125 106,152.25 (=Round(A3*B3,2)) 106,152.25 (=Sum(C1:C2) As can be seen the total should be 106,125.26 and not .25 as displayed. I have tried using the ROUND formula with 2 decimal places and normal SUM Formula but did not achieve the desired result Can anybody point me in the right direction to achieve this? TIA Rashid Khan

Error when refreshing Taskpad view
5 replies , 4/20/2004, 7:32:49 AM
When the view of a database in Enterprise Manager has been set to "Taskpad", and this database is selected, there is a script error reported the first time. After the error is issued, you have to change the view to somethinh else before you can succesfully access the Taskpad view. Does anybody know how to correct this error?

error while loading protocal 1-4 error 38:
1 replies , 7/4/2003, 7:42:36 PM
I am running windows 98 se with a ethernet card and a wireless usb ( One for a office, one for home). When I installed the wireless network I began getting a error saying that the name listed is already in use. I am wondering how to set up so that I am ready to go in both environments. Thanks. djp

D. Perry
Formula Error
10 replies , 1/4/2008, 7:14:01 PM
I have a spreadsheet with two columns that I want to check the values in both to see if totals agree.. I have place this in as a forumla but comes back with an error. the two columns are K and Q =IF(K1>=2,IF(Q1>=2,"agree","Not")) can anyone advise me what is wrong... Regards - Paul

office error
0 replies , 12/1/2005, 7:56:03 AM
Everytime I open any app in office I get this error or prompt: C:\documentsandsettings\name\applicationdata\microsoft\addins\c:\programfiles\commonfiles\micorosoftshared\geography\mpoai9.dll is not a valid plug in. I can not find any instance of this file please help??

"Read-Only" Error Message
3 replies , 11/4/2004, 6:14:02 PM
We have the problem as shown in KB article 824424 - "When you try to save an Office 2003 file to a Novell Netware network location, you may receive an error message that indicates that the file (or the folder that contains it) is marked as read-only." So there is a hotfix, but you have to contact MICROSOFT to get it?!?! Why can't we download it from that KB article page? Does anyone have the hotfix? I don't understand why they don't offer it online. Can someone email it to me k******** Would love the help! :)

0 replies , 6/10/2004, 8:58:34 PM
When I try to download an excel file from a web page I get a Dr. Watson error if Excel is not open. If the application is open it works fine. This also happened when I linked to an excel file from PowerPoint. Again, the link only works if Excel is already open. I am running excel 97 on Windows NT 4.0 Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi, I am getting this error while importing data from Access to Excel. Please let me know how to resolve this problem.

VB Error 5834 - what is it?
0 replies , 12/3/2003, 3:11:08 PM
Can anyone tell me what the V error 5834 signifies? I have a user in a different country and so I can't get to them and this is really stumping me. Thanks, Ed.

Ed Wallace