create a connection from a data source file

how to create a new database connection with visual basic
I would like to create a database connection with the data 
source file dsn.
thank u in advance

6/30/2003, 9:39:28 AM

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0 replies , 1/4/2004, 4:15:12 PM
I installed a PCI network card (mn-730) on a win98se macine. It worked fine and was very pleased. Turned computer off to run an errand. When I turned the machine back on the computer could not find the card and gave no indication that there was a card. tried rebooting several times with no results. Reinstalled the card physically and it was found. How can I get past having to physcially reintall the card for it to work properly.

Problem connecting OWC11 to Web Service
0 replies , 8/20/2003, 4:34:47 PM
I have SPS 2003 Tec. Refresh OCW11 and have created a simple Web Service that will return a dataset. When I hit the invoke button in the test section of the Description page it returns an xml datastream that looks to be correct. I an trying to connect the OWC11 Office Datasheet to this service. When I put the URL for the service in using the Connect to an external data source, (http://server/service/method) it seems to take it with no errors. But does not display a table at that point. When I hit the page in regular view I get the following: Office Datasheet You do not have permission to connect to a data source defined for this Web Part. For assistance, contact your site administrator. I am not sure where else to configure permissions. I have modified the web.config file as follows <authentication mode="None" /> <webServices> <protocols> <add name="HttpSoap"/> <add name="HttpPost"/> <add name="HttpGet"/> <add name="Documentation"/> <add name="HttpPostLocalhost"/> </protocols> </webServices>

Mark Lutz
How do I connect 2 networks???
0 replies , 11/1/2004, 7:44:01 AM
I have two win98se systems linked by NIC's with a crossover cable (PC1 and PC2). PC2 also has a wlan card linked to an access point/wireless router/adsl modem. PC2 can see PC1, access the internet, and see PC3 & PC4 (which are part of the WLAN). But PC1 can only see PC2. How can I link the LAN (NIC) to the WLAN (wireless card) on PC2. thank you for your help in advance, Simon (pc. The reason this has come about PC1 can not use a WLAN card and is to far from the rest of the network (and no a very long cable will not work either :-( )

connecting to SBS 2003
18 replies , 1/9/2009, 8:38:25 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Email Client: imap I am simply trying to connect to my sbs 2003 server on the network to access my email. I have tried continuously to verify the account settings and nothing seems to be incorrect. When creating an account, I have setup the Entourage Mail to use an IMAP account with all the correct incoming and outgoing mail server information. It seems to connect but then continually tells me that I have the wrong username/password. That is false. ALL my information is correct. Yet nothing I do is letting me connect. I have the correct Account ID. I have the correct IMAP server, (have tried all the same settings with POP too) and SMTP server settings. The username and password are correct because when I enter them in Outlook Web Access everything works just fine. It's like Entourage doesn't know how to communicate correctly with anything!! PLEASE HELP

Remote Desktop Connection - exclusive login.
8 replies , 12/13/2004, 6:08:59 PM
This question doesn't relate entirely to sbs2000, but it does relate to domain management on a sbs2k domain. I am setting up a WinXP Pro station with RDC at the office for users to login to to do some work. However, I noticed that if someone tries to login while another session is in progress, the first session is dropped without warning. Is there a way to restrict rdc so that if someone is already logged in, no other connections are allowed? Thanks, Joe Letter.

Joe Letter
Remote backup connection mystery
2 replies , 1/23/2006, 8:49:11 PM
Hello, I wonder if anyone can make sense of this. Our nightly backups have grown too large to fit on a single tape. We're looking to buy a new server sometime soon, so I just need a temporary solution for this. My idea is to use a remote backup service for much of our data, while continuing to do nightly exchange backups to tape. I found two backup companies that I liked. I tried each of their software. Neither company's software could connect to their backup server. I tried them from several computers in my network. I spoke with tech suppt at each company. Everything seems to be configured correctly. We're using Small Business Server 2000. I've got a rule in ISA that allows any request all IP traffic. So I called our ISP. They claim they're not blocking us. They suggested we test that by disconnecting their DSL line from their router, and plugging it directly into a computer. I tried that, for two hours I tried to get online with the DSL line going directly into a laptop's modem. Couldn't even get online. Tried to specify that the laptop have the IP address of our server, then of our router, nothing worked. Then I figured I'd ask the techie at our ISP if he could try downloading and installing the pogram on a computer at his office, to see if it worked there. I went to a computer here that I hadn't tried yet, so I could write down the steps he'd need to know to install and configure. Lo and behold, it worked. It only works from one workstation here. I cannot figure out why. The company I'm trying to use is They have a free trial program, if anyone wants to play. Any ideas why I can only connect from one computer on my network? All 20 of our workstations are configured the same (or so I think!), and Deborah, the person whose computer can connect, doesn't want to share! (She is rather busy.) Many thanks in advance!!!! Matthew

Not Connected
4 replies , 9/20/2005, 8:36:11 PM
I am testing out Entourage SP2, and I have a problem where next to the account name in the left pane, it tells me that I'm not connected. Work offline is not checked. I have deleted the Entourage account, deleted the database, and even deleted the OS X Users folder and recreated everything, and still it says that it is not connected. I can access the internet, so that is not the problem, and everything worked before SP2. How can I get Entourage to connect?

Mike Tuller
cannot connect to domain
1 replies , 9/22/2003, 8:38:54 PM
I have a recently upgraded to XP machine that I am trying to connect to our domain (Windows 2003 server). When I try to connect - after it asks for computer name and password - it says "Access Denied". Help?!

VBA Access: too many connections
0 replies , 7/23/2007, 9:36:43 AM
Hi all. I have a problem with my application in VBA. My ADE file is linked by default to a server/database. I don't know if = it cannot be disabled and init the application disconnected (the = connection string will be overwitten with user input). The bigger problem is that, when the application starts, 2 connections = are created (I guess Access manage automatically the connection because = user input is not done yet) and later, when I want to open a linked = form, another connection is generated. Access is not using only the connection I set in the login form, and it = create several ones to the same server/database (weird) Anyone knows how to clear them and left only one connection per session? Thanks in advance. David Rodr=EDguez

Copy Viso to Word and connecting lines are lost.
1 replies , 11/13/2009, 5:37:01 PM
When I copy Ciso Charts in to a Word Document not all the connecting lines appear. I have tried to "Bring Foward" but that doesn't solve the problem. Any one know how to fix this? Note; The lines are still in Viso, just don't translate to Word. And it is not all the lines just some.

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When opening any programme or file the invitation to connect to the internet box appears any suggestions to cure problem please

David Waalstien
Sybase ODBC Connection
0 replies , 6/2/2004, 5:01:31 PM
Does anyone know of a driver I can use to connect to a sybase backend with Excel 2002 without using the INTERSOLV driver?? Thanx DM

Frequent connection failure messages
1 replies , 1/22/2004, 12:55:42 AM
I am unsure if this is at all related to the NOR CAL Earthlink outage last week and/or the changes I made when I went to dial-up and then back to DSL. I am now getting frequent "could not retrieve mail from account A connection failure has occurred. Then I try again and all it works. This seems to happen after sleeping rather than start-up. I have OSx10.2.6. Any ideas, thougths, suggestions are most appreciated. --

QueryTable.Connection sstrin syntax
0 replies , 1/21/2010, 10:43:55 AM
Hi Can someone explain, for what are parameters Network and Address in this connection: Activecell.QueryTable.Connection = "ODBC; DSN=Spektra; Description=Spektra; UID=UserID; ; APP=Microsoft Office 2003; WSID=ServerName; DATABASE=Spektra; Network=SomeString; Address=SomeString, SomeNumber" Thanks in advance! Arvi Laanemets

Arvi Laanemets
connection but no connection
3 replies , 11/30/2003, 2:34:33 PM
Need ideas - System unable to resolve IP from name ++ read on Have win98 system - currently connected to lan (100baseT) can share and trade files between this system and others on my lan. Winipconfig reads correctly, and DHCP setup is all working. Can ping DNSs, gateway, etc BY IP ONLY. Attempts to ping to named address can not resolve to IP. Have removed adapter definitions and re-installed, also reinstalled win98, upgraded IE to IE6, and ran self repair on IE6. So, far nothing seems to fix in-ability to resolve IP address. Finally - within browser, can't see page - even if I provide the IP within the URL. Performed signature check on Windows files. Running out of ideas... also - checked for hosts file - nothing All reasonable suggestion will likely be pursued. All help is greatly appreciated. Thnks

Disconnected Individual
Internet connection Problem - need Help
3 replies , 12/20/2003, 1:18:18 PM
Using W2K SBS, I have set up a DSL line/modem with a router (static IP) and disabled DHCP on the router. I have forward ports 80, 25,443. I have setup using ICW. I am able to ping all IP - internal and external. Here is what happens. I can go from one work station to another - logon and get access to the internet. However, when I go back to the same one that I accessed the internet on, I cannot get access. Another problem seems to be popping up - sometimes I can logon at the work station and sometimes I can not?? The router, modem,switch, and NIC cards (all) are displaying activity. The LAT table does not have the external IP in it. I do have IP 127 (that SBS set up) in my settings. Should that be there?? We did have a power loss the other day. Anyone, your thoughts please.

John Leonard - Sage
PC's connecting via USB
5 replies , 7/30/2003, 9:12:36 AM
Is it possible to link 2 pc's together using USB to exchange data?

Companyweb cannot connect to database
2 replies , 4/29/2009, 12:46:06 PM
Cannot connect to the configuration database. For tips on troubleshooting this error, search for article 823287 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base at Unable to resolve with above KB article. Appears to have started after MS updates.

Ollin Landers
MSN Messenger connection to inet problem
3 replies , 11/5/2003, 9:50:23 AM
Hi all, I found problem connecting MSN Messenger to the internet via ISA (I think) after reinstalling the client computer in SBS network. Before reinstallation I used W2k and messenger works fine. After the change to WXP the Messenger cannot connect to internet. During the change I didnt changed anything on tne SBS.

no connectivity
0 replies , 7/11/2005, 5:55:01 PM
I recently reinstalled Win98 on my computer. Set up networking and internet, but can't connect to internet or other computers. (computer's icon does show up in network neighborhood) Checked - drivers are loaded, eternet card is working (pinged). Sytem check doesn't show any conflicts. Network is set up through a router from a cable modem. All other computers on network are working. Cables to computer are working, because I can connect through a USB adapter. When I use winipcfg it shows no gateway address at all, and the release and renew don't do anything.

Word cannot re-establish a DDE connection
1 replies , 12/18/2005, 2:24:01 PM
I have an excel spread that I pass between work and home. I use it for a datasource in mailmerge. At home I have MSOFFICE2003 PRO. At work I have MSOFFICE2000 PRO. I took the spread and the Word mail merge document home on my stick last night and made changes to both. I had no problems. This morning at work, when I try to open the Excel spread from word mailmerge WORD 2000 PRO says "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the current task." I have tried saving the excel spread and the word mail merge files in a different folder and then reattempting to open the word mailmerge file -- with no luck.

connecting to SBS
1 replies , 11/17/2005, 5:05:10 PM
I have a staff member whos computer is a menber of the domain server and can access all folder that rights have been assigned to. But they cannot access the Companyweb or any other sharepoint service. I have checked all the settings against a known 'good' machine and there do not seem to be any differences. any thoughts. Michael

Document Connection - Other Domain, HTTPS Connection
0 replies , 9/4/2009, 2:17:41 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel I have to connect with a client's externally published Sharepoint site for document managment and sharing. That client's domain is not the same as mine and the connection to the site is over an HTTPS protocol. Every time I try to add that site to my Document Connection tool it thinks about is for about 30 seconds and then crashes. I've tried <domain>/<userid <domain>\<userid>, just plain <userid>. Simply crashes with no information at all about why. I also cannot find anything resembling documentation on connection procedures, requirements or troubleshooting. I can connect via Safari, Firefox and even IE on Windows. Any ideas? Thanks!

Connections question
3 replies , 12/7/2006, 10:51:27 PM
Is there some way to merge overlapping connections on a schematic? -- JoAnn Paules MVP Microsoft [Publisher] ~~~~~ How to ask a question

JoAnn Paules [MVP]
In the VS2005 beta 1 documentation, there's incomplete discussion of Visual Studio Team System: Team Build, Team Test, and so forth. Under the source control topic, it discusses briefly the need to connect to a Team Foundation Server to use the SCM functionality. I can't tell from what's in the doc whether the developers and the Team Foundation Server al need to lie within an intranet or whether it can be connected to in a highly distributed environment using, for example, SSL or Web Services. It's important to me because my development team is distributed pretty much all over the West Coast, and while we have VPN capabilities for access to development servers we ordinarily work disconnected and don't keep a VPN connection open full time. Currently we're using SourceGear Vault and connecting via SSL. Any information out there? Thanks, Tom Dacon Dacon Software Consulting

Tom Dacon
Microsoft Office Small Business Connectivity Components Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components Microsoft Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies can i uninstall these safely if i am using Microsoft office 2007? I am only using ms ppt, excel and word Please if possible elaborate on the use or connection of each of tthe above BTW i cannot find Microsoft Office Small Business Connectivity Components download on the web? Is it a part of another program which also installs it.

Connection Points - Automatically connecting
0 replies , 3/13/2007, 11:11:03 PM
I have created connection points within the shape sheets. I am using a C++ add on. The purpose of the C++ add-on is to automatically draw custom diagrams based on custom stencils. Using the add-on, I have the shapes dropping on the page. However, what methods need to be called in order to connect the shapes together using the connection points? I need to use one connection point defined in one shape to connect to another connection point in a different shape? -- ck

Cannot connect to Microsoft Office Online
1 replies , 11/5/2004, 6:35:04 PM
Tries connecting to: Error message: Cannot locate the internet server or proxy server.

network connection icon
1 replies , 7/20/2003, 3:42:24 AM
How do I get the network connection icon to appear in the system tray?

Exchange Connection - Does not connect
5 replies , 3/15/2009, 9:14:18 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Have read everything I can find but have not found a solution. Recently moved from one branch of Company to another branch in another country - the new country IT has never dealt with Mac's before. IT has set up a new exchange email identity for the new country which works fine in MS Outlook running under VM Fusion. Understand that Entourage and Outlook access the Exchange Server differently, but Exchange Server, Domain, Email Address and password don't change between Outlook and Entourage do they. My conclusion is that it is an issue with the Exchange Server setup - where do I start looking?

How to connect two users on network to MS Gaming Zone?
5 replies , 10/23/2004, 7:27:01 AM
How do I set up my two computers so both my son and I can play the same game (like MechWarriors) on the MS Game Zone using the same connection to the internet? I have two computers set up on a simple home network. I'm using a DSL modem and D-Link Router. Two seperate games are set up on each computer and I can play On-Line, individually with each computer but cannot play both at the same time. I'm trying to set it up so we can both play in the same gameroom as teammates. Thanks for the help. Mack P4 2.4 gig, 1 gig ram, Windows XP Home SP2. -- Mack

Cannot send email/cannot connect to server
2 replies , 10/11/2009, 4:30:08 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Hi, I have been using Entourage 08 and just switched to the Web Services Edition. I use Entourage to access my Windows Live mail account and recently I have been unable to send any email from my account using Entourage. Whenever I attempt to send an email I recieve the following error message: Error: Entourage cannot connect to the server. Verify that your computer is connected to the network. Explanation: Mail could not be sent. Account name: "Windows Live" Error: -3260 I have checked and rechecked my account settings and everything is in order. Incoming Server: (w/ SSL) Outgoing Server: (w/ SSL and authentication) Does anyone know of a workaround or solution to this issue? Thanks for your help.

2 replies , 1/24/2006, 10:00:03 AM
Hi when i design a report using SQL 2005 and try to run it in production mode with setting the servertarget rul property of the project to http://localhost i get an error that it cant connect to the local host, but when i click the preview tab i find the report with correct data so whats the problem ? the OS is win 2003 enterprise -- Ammar S. Mitoori IT Head QIMCO Co. Tel : +9744831199 Mobile : +9745378400 Fax : +9744831643

Connect to Excel 2004 with ODBC
4 replies , 2/26/2007, 5:34:31 PM
Does anyone know if a driver exists that will allow me to connect to Excel via ODBC on a Mac? I am looking for something that is equivalent to the "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)" driver found on Windows machines. This driver allows you to pull data from a spreadsheet using ODBC. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Mark Leich

Hi, I've encounter intermittent problems when I want to connect to the exchange server via client machines running on win98se. Sometimes it connects and I can see the mailbox, sometimes it doesn't. And on Apple macintosh running OS9, I can only connect if I set it to use Appletalk as the protocol and not TCP/IP. OWA works perfectly fine. Has anyone encounter this problem before? Also, I didn't enable the DNS server on the sbs2k server because I have another machine which runs the DNS. Thanks Regards, Tan

Tan Chin Wee