copy and paste from Access

I copy rows from an Access database view (60 rows give or take)
When I paste into Excel I get 2 errors:
1. File not found [ok] [help]
2. Microsoft Excel cannot past the data [ok]

However, it does in fact paste the data. It pastes a
heading row plus whatever rows I copied, but it also gives
me two error messages saying it can't.

Strange behaviour? It does this every single time. It is
most annoying.


Wendy Moncur
6/30/2003, 11:15:49 PM

office Access 2003
2 replies , 9/25/2008, 4:54:03 PM
I heard that there was a comparability issue and /or a problem installing Access 2003 on a Terminal Server. any thoughts on that?

Access Denied accessing Win2K gateway share
0 replies , 1/19/2004, 4:36:03 AM
I'm trying to resolve an issue with Win98 users loosing access to network shares. We are in the process of moving from a Novell network to a Microsoft network. nearly all of our resources are still on the Novell network. We access files via gateways. We have multiple gateways on several 2K Domain Controllers as well as standalone servers. The problem is NOT with just one gateway. Typically, users will synchronize files from a gateway share, then connect to a database via TCP/IP. After a period of time, users get an "Access Denied" error message when accessing any other gateway share. after a reboot, users log back onto the network and have access to all their shares once again for a period of time. While this problem is frequently occurring for the same users, we can not reproduce it on a regular basis. There is one share, which is a 2K share, which appears not to be effected and lost. All 98 clients have the dsclient for 2K installed. All 98 clients as well as 2K clients use kixStart to map shares some of which are based on group membership. No 2K clients experience this problem. Thank You to any and all who might have suggestions, information, and insight into this problem.

error installing MS Access
0 replies , 1/27/2006, 2:29:37 AM
I am running Office XP on my machine. I already have Excel and Word installed from long time ago. Today I tried to install Access through Add/Remove option, but half way through the installation I get this error: Error 1328. Error applying patch to file D:\Config.Msi\PT110.tmp. It has probably been updated by other means, and can no longer be modified by this patch. For more information cotnact your patch vendor. Probelm #1 - there is no D:\Config.Msi directory on my D drive. Problem #2 - the "PT110.tmp" file actually keeps changing every time. For example, if I hit "cancel" and then try to install again, a "PT19.TMP" or a different number appears. I am logged on as the user with administrator functions. Interestingly there is a "Config.Msi" directory on C drive.

"cannot be accessed"
1 replies , 10/29/2003, 1:22:22 PM
ran the dos recover command to recover an excel file with a bad crc. i can now copy the file to another location but excel cant open it. it says the file fn.xls cannot be accessed. the file may be read only etc. ive checked the attributes and it's not read only. anyone know how to recover from this ?

bill emery
Shared Add-In for Access 2007
0 replies , 10/17/2007, 12:22:01 PM
Hello, I followed this tutorial : I tried to declare a form variable in c# and hook it up with the form in access. first i declared it as same as the others "private Access.Form Form1 = null;" and then in the hookup function i hooked it up with the form from access... The problem is that i want to use the keypressed event on the form public void HookupControls( Access.Form form, Access.TextBoxClass textBox1, Access.TextBoxClass textBox2, Access.TextBoxClass textBox3 ) { Form1 = form; Form1.KeyPress += new Access._FormEvents_KeyPressEventHandler( SendData2); Form1.OnKeyPress = "[Event Procedure]"; quantityTextBox = textBox2; Bar = textBox3; unitPriceTextBox = textBox1; } private void SendData2() { // Send the user's text straight out the port char Cr; char Lf; Cr = (char)10; Lf = (char)13; comport.WriteLine(Cr + "s" + Lf); } The problem is that i get an error at "Form1.KeyPress += new Access._FormEvents_KeyPressEventHandler(SendData2) : No overload for 'SendData2' matches delegate 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Access._FormEvents_KeyPressEventHandler' SharedAddIn I tried to put the Sendata2 with the object sender and KeyEventArgs e parameters...but nothing.... I found no other tutorials about access shared add please hel me Thank you.

Deny access to RWW and keep access to OWA
1 replies , 4/11/2006, 7:52:02 PM
How can I deny access to users logging in to RWW and only give them access to OWA? They are smart enough to change the URL from https://server-name/exchange to https://server-name/remote. Thanks! -JoeF

Access between Domains
0 replies , 4/12/2004, 6:57:57 PM
I have Office 2003 with frontpage 2003, I added a pivot table but it says that the configuration of the machine doest not allow access a data source in another domain. What Should I do Thanks?

Luis E Valencia
3rd party app to access Exchange Calendar?
3 replies , 4/20/2005, 6:02:42 PM
ARRRRGGGGHHH! I am trying my best to completely migrate away from my Windows box and use my PB to do all of my work but I need to view the calendars of my coworkers. I am using Entourage for e-mail but have to have a Windows box at my desk to look at the shared calendars in Office 2003. Does anyone know of any 3rd party apps for OS X that would allow shared calendars from Exchange to be viewed? Why did MS drop this feature? Why not make a version that is the same as Office 2003 but for the Mac with all the same features? Just doesn't make sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drawing a flowchart from Access tree (parentID) data
4 replies , 12/27/2003, 3:32:39 AM
I have Visio and Access 2002. In Access, an evolutionary tree is represented in several tables using NodeNames, NodeIDs and ParentIDs. The link below shows the relationships. 1. Is it possible to have Visio 2002 or 2003 (standard edit.) automatically draw a flowchart type tree structure using these tables or queries? 2. If so, can I ask how? 3. Are there any writeups on how to do this? (optional extra info) Imagine the tree is upright in this description (parents are down). Each node in the tree (except the few at the very bottom - trunk portion) has assigned to it a parent node by the identifier, ParentID. This creates a sequential hierarchy below each childmost terminal (leaf) node in the tree.

Nick Mirro
Access 97
1 replies , 11/2/2003, 8:40:31 PM
I have a copy of office 97 Professional edition. I had to reload it on my computer, but when I tried to get into Access it said I didn't have a licence on this computer. What can I do to get back into Access

Access tabbed interface 2007
1 replies , 8/23/2007, 9:00:03 PM
Is there any way to have more that one "Tabbed Document" open at startup. I know that you can specify which "Form" to open at startup. But I would like to have at least 2 or 3 "Tabbed Forms" open when the program is opened. sandrao

Accessing access
0 replies , 11/27/2003, 7:15:00 PM
I set up a hyperlink to access. It works fine in Frontpage, but when I open the the program in explorer, it won't access the program if the switchboard is the primary access to the system. When I isolate the switchboard, it works OK. Any ideas?

Jim Hendry
Hi, How I can have access to my contact(email address, etc!) on my Exchange server with Entourage ? Thanks! David Sent using the Microsoft Entourage 2004 for Mac Test Drive.

I cannot access Webmail using Internet Explorer
3 replies , 1/15/2009, 5:37:03 PM
I am unable to access webamil using Internet Explorer. I can access it using Mozzila. Any suggestions?

Remote Access
8 replies , 10/17/2003, 1:58:04 PM
I have successfully setup my server to allow remote connections via VPN. What I would now like to do is allow remote access via Dial-up. I cannot seem to find any documentation on how to accomplish this. Is it possible to allow both connection scenarios simultaneously on a server? If someone could direct me to some documentation I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Don

Can't access any Newgroups
4 replies , 5/7/2010, 4:31:01 PM
I'm running Win 7 OS, on a new Acer laptop with 3 GB RAM, MBAM, SAS, Spyware Doctor with AV. I'm currently in another state and just was able to finally get my WLM mail working for the 2 accounts I have. Now when I try to sign up to newsgroups WLM attempts to generate a list of newsgroups but keeps failing saying `Cannot connect to newgroups and that there's something wrong with my WL mail account. But I can sign into Live just fine. Perhaps I'm not connected to the right server port (I had this problem when I tried to read and send mail). Any suggestions for how to view any newsgroup? Paul C.

Hi, I am trying to transfer to Excel from an Access data project an OWC chart I have created. I am using the XMLData property to save the chart. I assumed I could just open the XML data in Excel and the chart would be created from the XML. Excel insists on opening the XML data as an XML list of all the chart properties. Any help would be appreciated. I am using Windows XP professional, Office 2003, SQL Server 2000. All systems are fully patched Thanks Justin

Access Database for MAC
2 replies , 6/23/2008, 9:59:15 PM
Version: v.X Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC When will Access be added to the Microsoft Office Package? I would like to be able to not only bring home my MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint but the Access Databases so I can work at home when trying to catch up on things. Would love, want and NEED Access too Thank you

Lost MRU in Word/Access XP
1 replies , 5/31/2005, 1:01:03 PM
Hello, Word and MS Access (office XP) are not retaining the MRU anymore. Is there a registry setting that I can modify to reactivate the list? I have already looked under Tools|Options and the "MRU list" setting is disabled. Thanks Joe

Data Access pages in Access
0 replies , 1/8/2004, 4:42:37 PM
I'm working with Data Access Pages in Access and can't seem to get the Save, Delete, Undo, and New buttons to be enabled on the Navigation control. does anyone know about the Page functionality in MSAccess? Or know of somewhere else I can consult for Help? any help would be appreciated. Gordon

VB in Access
2 replies , 12/2/2005, 9:30:02 PM
I have a VB Module that creates an array of numbers and I would like to know how to dump them into (populate) a table in Access. And also create a new table from the VB Module, hopefully in the background. Any one who has any examples of code I would appreciate suggestions.

unable to access a access database
0 replies , 12/5/2003, 2:23:25 PM
Hi all Could someone tell me if it is possible to get back into a database after being locked out of it? What happened is that I tried setting up the security > user and group accounts of access on a pc, logged on to the network as the Administrator. I messed about abit and then closed it. The next day, I tried to load up the database and it asks for a password for the administrator user (it used to do this before I messed around as I'd set a general password for it previously). However, if I try and access it on a different PC, its fine - it asks for the database password and I can go in as usual, so it would seem that I've messed up the access on the PC in question. Is there any way of getting rid of the access user and group accounts info properly and then trying to load the database again? Look forward to any help you all can give. Best Regards, Nathan ------------ Nathan Harmsworth Network Admin / IT Dept - Ysgol Bro Ddyfi (Edu) guitarist & webmaster -------------

Nathan H
cannot access other users contacts with permissions
2 replies , 10/21/2004, 11:03:01 PM
I have a users setup to access another users contacts. This person has Outlook 2003 and I clicked on "Share My Contacts...", then clicked on "Add..." added the users and gave them permission level: Owner. O.K., here is the strange part. The user can open most of the contacts, but a few give the error "cannot open contacts, insufficient priviliges" or something like that. Is there a way to reset the permissions? Any ideas?

Can't access shared printers
1 replies , 7/19/2004, 2:39:12 PM
Hi, I'm being really dumb I think. I have 4 PC's and 1 server running SBS2003. 2 of the PC's have printers attached via parallel and USB respectively. I have shared the printers to enable the other 2 PC's to print. When I connect a network printer on the other 2 PC's I can see the PC's that have shared printers in the browse list, but not the printers themselves. If I try and use \\servername\printer I get an error saying I don't have permissions to use this resource, or words to that effect. It did work for about a week, then just gave up the ghost. Any ideas please before I bang my head against a wall. Thanks.

We unfortunately still require the use of Access 97 - so we have it installed alongside Office 2003. However, we want our users to be non-admins on their computers. Unfortunately, if they are in the Users group, Access will not run properly after opening Access 2003. The error when opening Access 97 is: "was unable to initialize the windows registry" "rerun Microsoft Access or Microsoft office setup to reinstall". Once I log on as an administrator and open Access 97, it runs fine until the next time this pops up. What do I need to do in order to make Access 97 work with a "User" account in this environment? Are there some registry permissions I need to change or something? TIA

Access query to excel and back to access updated??
0 replies , 3/20/2006, 12:47:55 AM
I have been reading the posts regarding converting/linking access to excel, and it all seems so simple. However, I am completely lost! I have a query in access that I need to export or just email in .xls format to end users. (The query is based upon 2 tables.)They in turn should fill in the data requested (2-3 columns) and email back to me. 1. How do I get the info from Outlook to excel? a. Do I just "save as" in a file folder in excel? 2. Once I have the info emailed back to me, how do I update the access query.? I am using Access 2003 and Excel 2002. Thank you I have searched through access help and excel help, and for some reason, I cannot seem to understand that to do. This is my first attempt (actually the same attempt numerous numerous times) to no avail.

Chaser Error: Invalid Access to Memory Location
1 replies , 12/26/2004, 5:49:01 AM
When trying to install Chaser I get the following error message: Could no load the DLL library C:\Program Files\Jowood\Chaser\math64.dll. Invalid access to memory location. I have loaded a number of games...this is the first time I have seen this.

"Date Picker" for Excel, Word templates, & Access.
1 replies , 5/18/2005, 4:41:13 PM
A "Date Picker" as in InfoPath should be added to Excel, Access and Word. ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane.

Outlook Web Access
5 replies , 11/15/2004, 4:38:50 PM
I want to allow remote users to access Outlook Web Access. We have a SonicWall DMZ for a firewall. We also have a web server in the DMZ zone and our SBS 2003 Exchange server is on our internal LAN. How can I allow remote users to access OWA on the internal SBS system? Thanks, Jeremy Olmstead

Jeremy Olmstead
Programming data access page to run an Access report
0 replies , 11/9/2004, 9:10:15 PM
I'm using a DB in Access 2000 file format with data access pages. I have a button on the page to produce a purchase order. Currently, the data access page and the report run off the same query. This is the code I've used to produce the PO, please especially make note of my comments in CAPS: Public Sub PrintPurchaseOrder() Dim acApp Dim strReportName Dim strReportPath Dim PrintPONum 'Sets variable value of the purchase order number the DAP is currently on, and that will be produced. PrintPONum = Cstr(PONum1.value) 'Locates the Access DB Const SAMPLE_DB_PATH = "\\m1srv04\contractmanagement$\Contract_Management.mdb" 'Report name to open and print strReportName = "rptPurchaseOrder" 'Path to save final purchase order report strReportPath = "\\m1srv04\contractmanagement$\" ' Start Access and open contract management database. Set acApp = GetObject(SAMPLE_DB_PATH, "Access.Application") 'I WANT THIS TO ALL OCCUR IN THE BACKGROUND, BUT CURRENTLY IT OPENS ACCESS VISIBLY AND 'HAS A DIALOG BOX THAT SAYS 'Security Warning 'Opening \\m1srv04\contractmanagement$\Contract_Management.mdb 'This file may not be safe if it contains code that was 'intended to harm your computer. 'Do you want to open this file or cancel the operation? 'Buttons are: Cancel Open More Info acApp.Visible = False 'Opens the report in Access and filters to the DAP variable set at the beginning of the procedure acApp.DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName, 2,, "PONum = " & "'" & PrintPONum & "'" & "" 'Outputs the report to a snapshot and saves it 'MY PURPOSE HERE IS TO VIEW AND PRINT THE REPORT ONLY. 'IS THERE A WAY OF DOING THIS FROM THE DAP AND WITHOUT OPENING ACCESS? '(FOR CASES WHERE SOMEONE DOESN'T HAVE ACCESS ON THEIR MACHINE?) 'ALSO, EVEN THOUGH I TELL IT THE FORMAT TO OUTPUT TO BELOW (acFormatSNP), 'A DIALOG BOX OPENS THAT STILL ASKS ME THE OUTPUT FORMAT, AND I HAVE TO SELECT SNAPSHOT 'FROM A LIST OF OTHER OPTIONS LIKE RTF, DAP, XLS 97-2003, TXT, XLS 5-7, HTML, XML. 'MY USERS WON'T KNOW WHAT TO PICK! I NEED IT TO AUTOMATICALLY GO TO A SNAPSHOT! acApp.DoCmd.OutputTo 3, strReportName, acFormatSNP, strReportPath & "PrintPO.snp", True ' Close Access acApp.Quit 'Clear object variable Set acApp = Nothing End Sub If there's a better way to handle this, please advise! :) -- Thanks! Mona-ABE

2 replies , 8/19/2003, 6:34:15 AM
I recently reformatted my hard drive. I'm using XP and I reinstalled Office 97 Professional Edition. Everything works except Access. I keep getting the message Microsoft Access can't start because there is no license for it on this machine. What happened and what can I do about it. Thanks for your help. Pat

Access with different users
2 replies , 11/19/2004, 7:33:01 PM
If I have a worksheet and the first seven rows of information I only want 4 people to access and make changes and then row 8-30, anyone can make changes. Is there a way to do this? I know I can lock cells, protect the sheet and save as read only, but if someone opens this and makes changes in the top part of the worksheet that shouldn't and print, and even though they can't save it without renaming,there are wrong copies going around.So I do not want these 4 people to change the top at all but everyone can change the bottom part of the sheet. Thanks,

Cannot access Access database
5 replies , 4/26/2005, 3:30:06 PM
I am a new user developing a Web form in vsnet. I have setup an ole connection, a data adapter and a data set. When I test my connection it says its OK. When I ask to preview the data from the data adapter properties box I get a complete set of data. However when I try to fill the dataset from the onload event of my form I get an error; The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file 'C:\Test Databases\AMS Contacts BE\AMSContacts_be.mdb'. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view its data. From the investigation I've done I find that this is most likely due to permissions on the c:\Test Databases folder. I don't have an ASPNET account and despite running various versions of the asp aspreg_iis.exe command I don't seem to be able to create one. As a last resort I added the account 'everyone' and gave it full control permissions to the folder. Still no joy. Does anyone have any ideas?

Access or Excel?
1 replies , 1/8/2006, 6:26:02 PM
Hi there, This -- Mifty

OE file attachment access
1 replies , 4/5/2004, 4:13:20 PM
I recently updated from Office 2000 to Office 2003 Pro. When I attempt to view a Word or Excel attached file directly in an Outlook Express 6.0 message, I get an error message that the file cannot be found. If I save it to my hard disk, I can then read the file. Can someone help with a configuration fix perhaps?