conditional inclusion of files/references by build configuration?


I am using the NUnit Unit Testing tool (, but the
rest of the members of my team don't want to. I can create a separate
project with the tests in it, but that means that I can only test
public classes and methods.

I would prefer to include the tests and the reference to the NUnit
assembly in my project, but only have them build when under a special
"unit testable" build configuration.

Is this possible? I've checked out the documentation, but it
seems like the build-action property of files is not
configuration-dependent and I don't see something similar for


6/30/2003, 3:18:47 PM

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configuration requirements
1 replies , 12/21/2007, 2:12:03 AM
hi can anyone tell me the recomended configuration for biztalk 2002 & biztalk 2006 i would like to know the hrdware requirements in specific and is there a difference between the two configurations?

Log shipping configuration - HELP
2 replies , 2/4/2005, 4:51:03 PM
I'm having a difficult time making sence of the schedule SQL Server has configured for my copy and restore jobs. I can't tie the monitor information back to any of it. My log shipping configuration does a backup every 120 minutes between 5AM and 2:59AM; I run backups @ 3AM. The copy/load Frequency is set to 120 minutes with a load delay is 15 minutes. Actual results are not what I expected, the log backups occur as expected 5AM, 7AM,9AM ect.., but the copy and restore jobs created on the secondary are behind by 1 hour. Both the copy and restore jobs are executing on a 6AM, 8AM, 10AM schedule. Cany some one explain why this is happening? It is causing an out of sync condition. What effect does the load delay have on the restore job schedule.

Automatic COnfiguration
3 replies , 10/29/2007, 4:17:49 PM
OCS 2007 and Office Communicator 2007 Can someone please explain how tls works if I have automatic configuration turned on? Do I have to install a certificate on the user workstation?

Bad Beagle
Excel configuration
3 replies , 11/7/2006, 3:41:05 PM
I have Office 2003 on two systems, one of them brand new. Is there a way to move my Excel configuration from the old to the new system? Thanks, CMA

How can I add Release Mindependency configuration ?
0 replies , 10/28/2004, 4:55:11 AM
Hello Ther I want to build my ATL component in Relase Mindependency and release minsize. But when I go to configuration manger, I found that there are only debug and release mode. How can I add others ?

SBS Configuration
0 replies , 12/17/2003, 7:51:21 PM
We have a w2k sbs installation which is not DHCP. Can we change back to DHCP? If we can how do we go about this? Thanks

1 replies , 1/30/2007, 12:13:02 AM
How can I preconfigure the Offcie Document Image Writer Printer advanced options for my users. I need to set default file loication and document type.

1 replies , 1/27/2010, 4:57:01 PM
Hello, I just installed Office 7 Home and Student and every time I open Word it says that it has to Configure the program. It doesn't do that with the other programs and it is getting tiresome because it takes a few minutes. Has anyone else had this problem or have some suggestions? Thanks! Jenn

Office 2003 and GPO configuration
2 replies , 7/5/2005, 8:41:02 PM
Does anyone know if the .adm files to configure office 2003 only work on the oem version or is it just the open license version. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Current "Undo" acts on the document being edited; however, considering configuration/look & feel modifications of the tool in the scope of the Undo could be very useful, specially for new users afraid of operating the computer: those changes cannot be undone. For example, changing buttons, menus, appearancies, and general settings may be hard to undone (if done by accident); this improves the learning process of the tool, since an undo command is ready for going back to the previous setting.

Configuration Manager
0 replies , 3/4/2004, 5:57:38 PM
I am unable to uncheck the 'build' box in configuration manager for any of my projects. It is not greyed out, it just simply does not respond to clicking on it. The problem happens on any solution I have, even a brand new solution with brand new projects. I got a new computer with a fresh install of windows XP and VS.Net. I still have the problem. This is not the first time I'm posting this question either. Extremely frustrating...somebody please help me out with this. Greg L.

Office configures every time I open it
2 replies , 9/22/2009, 9:17:02 AM
Every time I open an Office application, the "please wait while Windows configures MS Office 2007" starts. Would expect this the first time after installation, but not every time. Would be grateful for any suggestions or help. Thanks

Configuring DNS for:
7 replies , 10/29/2003, 4:02:53 PM
I would like instructions on how to configure DNS on my Small Business Server to use the I have registered domain with a company, so now I am ready. I am using the custom dns service with to point to my dynamic IP Address. I have had it working before and it worked great, but now it seems like I just cannot get it.

Chris Jones
Exchange POP mailbox configuration
6 replies , 10/2/2003, 12:41:36 PM
I have an organization with a SBS 2000 network. They have POP3 mailboxes ( setup at the ISP. Rather than setting each computer up with the configuration, can I have the SBS computer download the email, and then have the workstation pull the email from the SBS server? I also want the server to store their mailboxes, that way if a computer crashes, their email and addresses arent lost. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

SQL Server Configuration Manager: Not listed
1 replies , 7/26/2008, 10:24:34 AM
Run Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Express Edition on OS server 2000 Standard. Works fine; can't recall how I set it up. Now newly installed Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on a new server with OS Server 2003 Standard. Need to enable TCP/IP so from the Start menu, choose All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, point to Configuration Tools, when to click SQL Server Configuration Manager, but no listing, nothing more after Configuration Tools. Any idea how to get the 'SQL Server Configuration Manager' to show?

configuration progress
4 replies , 1/17/2008, 11:53:01 PM
I have same problem with office 2007. It's killing me. Please help me.

Word Configuration Problem
2 replies , 3/18/2006, 4:15:49 AM
When I am working with a document in Word 2003 that contains graphics I am unable to see the graphic itself, only a blank square in the spot that it occupies. I also cannot grab a "handle" at its corner to resize it. All of this was no problem with previous versions. I'm sure I have a setting off somewhere but cannot find it. How do I make this visible & have all the options I had in previous Word versions? Thanks in advance... Bob

Bob Newman
we've recently upgraded to Windows Server 2K3 and Visual Studio .NET 2K3 and my developers are having problems creating projects on the root. I am an admin of the box and have no issues what-so-ever. They have read/write/modify on inetpub and below. We even made them popwer users, but they continue to get ther message: "The web was created successfully, but an error occurred when trying to configure the application root for this web. Web projects may not operate correctly without an application root. The returned error was: Active Directory Services cannot find the web server. A possible cause for this is an incompatibility between versions of IIS on the client and the server. The usual cause for this error is creating Web projects on a Windows 2000 or newer server from a Windows NT 4.0 client." We all have the same version of IIS installed on our XP workstations. We've never worked with FP extensions and do not install them on our web servers. I'd appriciate any feedback you could possibly provide. Gratefully, Jeremy A. Marut j********

Jeremy A. Marut
Joystick configuration
1 replies , 12/29/2003, 5:09:12 AM
I have a Suncom F15-E Talon Joystick. How can I configure it in Windows XP? There is no option for configuring a joystick. What is the step by step process?

E Cauthorne
Configuring Efficient 5861 router for VPN
6 replies , 1/20/2004, 10:07:05 PM
I have set up PPTP on my SBS2000 server and have successfully been able to connect from this side of the router into the server, so I know the SBS is configured correctly. My problem lies in trying to connect from the internet. I have added packet filters (input & output) on the router to pass port 1723 and protocol 47 thru to the external NIC ip address on my server. Also used the addserver command at the router per the Efficient website. Still won't work. Does anyone have any experience setting this up? Thanks, Mark

Mark R
Configuration files
0 replies , 1/29/2009, 12:13:00 PM
I work under Windows Vista with Office 2007. Since I have to log on under different users, I have a difficulty with keeping the same configuration for all Office programs (and Windows programs too) under these different users. I'd like to know which files should be kept "synchronized" under all users to have the same status, looks, preferences, etc under all users. For example, how do I keep all items under the "Excel Options" button set the same way under all possible users I might log on to? How do I keep the same items, in the same order, in my Word (or Excel) "Quick Access Toolbar"? I`ve already discovered the existence of PIP files. Are these the ones? Are there others? Where are they located? Thanks for your help.

configuring mail
1 replies , 10/7/2005, 12:09:02 PM
hi i am about to change my settings on the sbs 2000 server. I am going from dialup to ADSL service with a ADSL modem. My server will have two network cards. I want to know how do i configure mail. My mail is from a different ISP than my ISP for my ADSL service. I know i can run the ICW but am not sure of the settings to put in. Is this possible? If not, how do i configure mail to come in from my ADSL ISP service? Also how do i backup my current settings in case i need to back out?

I kept getting the configuration wizard every time I wanted to run office in XP. I just spent three hours on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support. They finally figured out that my Norton Antivirus was interfering with the process. They had me type in "msconfig" at the start>run box, and chose "selective startup" to disable third party drivers. After authenticating the Office Program, I went back to the "normal startup" and everything was fine. -Erik

1 replies , 11/7/2006, 3:43:27 PM
I have Office 2003 on two systems, one of them brand new. Is there a way to move my Word configuration from the old to the new system? Thanks, CMA

Error when configuring Entorage X (10.1.5) for Exchange
2 replies , 10/15/2003, 9:23:00 PM
I just installed a clean version of Office X and updated it to 10.1.5. I = verified with the tech department that the exchange server meets all=20 the requirements listed on the support site. I launched Entourage X,=20 and setup a new Exchange account... using all the same information I=20 used to use in OS9 to configure MS Outlook. Unfortunately once I save the account information I get an error: "Error occured on the IMAP server, -3260" and I can't get into my account. We tried alternate exchange server IP=20 addresses, by name and by IP. I pinged the server from my machine=20 and it shows up fine. I can still access my email through our web=20 interface (which I'm getting tired of)... but can't get Entourage to = work. Any suggestions?? Thanks. Steve

Stephen Barrante
How do I configure XP home to run Office 2003?
2 replies , 9/27/2007, 12:07:04 PM
I have had a bigger harddrive installed on my laptop and XP has been reinstalled on the new drive. I have copied Office across from the old drive to new but when I attempt to open any spreadsheet or other office application I get a message saying the operating system is not presently configured to run the application. I cannot find my Office discs so I hope the answer is in the setup of XP. Can anyone provide a walk-through to configure XP?

Tricky pivot configuration
1 replies , 3/17/2005, 4:37:50 PM
I have a workbook that I am convert into a pivot table. The problem is that the data is formatted as follows: Audio Geer Store #117 San Bernardino 9125 East Hospitality Lane San Bernardino, CA 92408 Store Mgr: Carl Callek Phone: 909-383-5700 Fax: 909-889-0770 I want to be able to have the store number and address info "stick together" when selecting the "Audio Geer" from the pivot table [it is in the "page location"] Merging the cells does not work, and when there are 150 entries for addresses [data on the right, above], the data gets jumbled. If you cant point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. Thanks Alan

Initial configuration of entourage from outlook express
1 replies , 12/30/2003, 4:59:05 PM
The entourage help says in part regarding POP accounts "When you=20 receive e-mail from a POP account, messages are moved from the mail=20 server to your Entourage Inbox, which appears in the folders list under=20 'on my computer'. By default, messages are stored on the mail server=20 only until you receive them; after that they are stored on your computer = until you delete them.". I believe this is true of Outlook Express as = well=20 (although the Outlook Express help file has somehow disappeared from=20 my hard disk, so I cannot confirm it). If this is so, what are the file = names in which this data is stored? What about the file names of the=20 Outlook Express files? How can I find the hidden Outlook files? Even if = messages are stored on my computer rather than the server, doesn't=20 the server have to have the address book and any mail received=20 between the last time I checked and when I checked using Entoruage? =20 How do I get to the "old" e-mail address on the POP server?

Bill Tyrrell
configure and associations
0 replies , 4/2/2007, 7:58:03 PM
I installed vista as a clean install on my machine. Then installed office Ultimate 2007 also a clean install, no previous version of office. I am having problems now because every office program I open it spends aproximately 3 to 5 minutes "please wait while microsoft ultimate 2007 configures your program". This includes outlook. And each time I receive an email that message appears. It is crazy having to wait for it to configure constantly. Also, since I installed ulimate, I have noticed that none of the previous office files that I have *.doc or *.xml files are associated with any of the programs in office. I can't imagine that I have to manually associate them. That doesn't make sense. Finally, the office Groove program, when I attempt to open it, I wait the usual 3-5 minutes and then a message appears that says the program stopped responding and is closing. Then I click ok, and the program never opens. Any assistance would be helpful. This is my first experience with office 2007 and so far, its not a great one. I would really like to get this fixed. Thanks, ladyzylo

Office constantly "configuring"
0 replies , 12/9/2005, 6:41:02 PM
I have Office 2003 and recently I am being interrupted by a window opening asking me to be patient while Office configures itself even though I have made no changes to my configuration. Some times I am prompted to reboot my machine after the configuration ends (normally < a minute). But after rebooting I will get the windows 4-6 times per day. Normally I have Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook open. Any suggestions?

Cannot configure Office XP under Vista
2 replies , 1/6/2008, 10:40:00 PM
Had problems with Outlook, ran detect and repair (big mistake). Windows Installer goofed up everything. Can still use Office, but constantly getting message taht Outlook, or Word, or .... is not the default program and to run the program to fix. I get that while I am IN the program. Not showing up in installed programs under Program Features so how do I go about fixing this issue? Can I just run Office XP install again (and not delete the existing files) and it will fix the problems?

Configuring a Smart Tag Solution
0 replies , 2/16/2005, 6:57:03 PM
This must be simple since I can't seem to find any information on it. Does anyone know how to provide configuration information (such as connection strings, etc.) to a smart tag solution? All the examples I see have the connection information embeded in the code, and I would rather not use this. Also, I would like to use the Enterprise Library with my solution, but it reuqires configuration information.

OCT - Configure shortcuts
1 replies , 3/15/2007, 2:17:00 AM
When we rolled out Office 2003 using a transform file created with the Custom Installation Wizard we were able to add shortcuts for users to the Quick Launch toolbar, so all users have a Word and Excel shortcut there as well as the one that gets put there on the first run of Outlook without being asked on the first time run. We are setting up the rollout of Office 2007 and have used OCT to configure to our liking. The "Setup" and "Features" sections work very nicely. We had a lot of trouble with the "Outlook" section and in the end went with the default settings for Outlook as it definitely doesn't work as it's meant to. The "Configure shortcuts" under "Additional content" doesn't work properly. You can add shortcuts for Excel and Word like this Microsoft Office Excel 2007 - [AppDataFolder]\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch - Yes but they don't install for the user, it quite happily takes out the ones that were there before but doesn't put in new ones. Any ideas on how we fix this issue? The users will not be happy to loose their shortcuts! Cheers, Garth

SBS Configuration
7 replies , 7/17/2003, 3:40:56 PM
Hi, Wonder if anyone can settle an arguement I'm having. I've got a client running SBS 2000 on a clone server, spec: P4 2.4 Ghz (single) 1Gb Memory 2x 36Gb Ultra-160 SCSI II mirrored (software, not RAID). running about 12 users, possibly expanding to 25 in the next few years. Currently only Exchange and Win2k are installed. Does anyone see any issues installing SQL Server on here for an approx 100Mb database? Currently memory usage is high, Pervasive SQL is installed to run another application although CPU usage is quite low (less that 5% typically). Is there anything I can use other than task mgr or perfmon to show just how little the server is being used and that this upgrade shouldn't be a problem? (as an aside there is also another server 'specified' to run a seperate Pervasive SQL DB which is running dual Xeon's, 2Gb of memory, a RAID-5 array and is spending more time virus scanning the SQL directory than it is actually doing any database work - opinions on this also appreciated...) Any help appreciated, Russell. ----== Posted via Newsfeed.Com - Unlimited-Uncensored-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! >100,000 Newsgroups ---= 19 East/West-Coast Specialized Servers - Total Privacy via Encryption =---

Russell Henley