c0000005 (access violation)

I have one file that crashes my Excel 2000 sp-3.  Dr. 
Watson lists it as "c0000005 (access violation)".  This 
began after I pasted info from my online brokerage account 
to a new worksheet in an existing workbook.  Is there any 
way I can correct this or delete the offending worksheet 
without deleting the remainder of the workbook?

7/1/2003, 4:08:06 AM

Hi Ted,

> Is there any 
> way I can correct this or delete the offending worksheet 
> without deleting the remainder of the workbook?

Options to try and open a corrupt file

- Set calculation to manual
- open the file, but disable macros (assuming you've set macro security 
to medium: Tools, Macro, security)
- As soon as you've clicked the disable macros button, press 
control-pageup or control-pagedown, thus changing sheets.

If that does not work, try creating a link to the file:

='c:\my documents\[MyFileName.xls]Sheet1'!A1

and copy right and down. This at least gets you the worksheets values.

if you don't know the sheet names, enter this:


and press enter

If XL (2000) is able to extract them, it will prompt you for a sheet 

Sometimes the Excel viewer, Word or even Internet explorer (v5) enables 
you to open the file and copy information out of it.

Also, Excel XP can sometimes repair XL files with trouble.


Jan Karel Pieterse
Excel MVP

Jan Karel Pieterse
7/1/2003, 5:38:40 PM

Sharing Violation
3 replies , 2/9/2006, 3:38:26 AM
Why do I get a sharing violation when I try to save an xls doc? I am using Office XP with XL 2002. I've tried to reinstalling. Save to different folders/desktop. Any xl doc has this problem. I dont have this problem with word.

Sharing Violation
2 replies , 4/29/2010, 9:40:04 PM
I have a strange problem that started happening a month or two ago. I posted this problem over on microsoft.connect.windows.server.sbs08 last week and have yet to have any responses, so I thought I would try here. Periodically my Vista and Win7 users are getting a sharing violation in Excel 2003 when attempting to save the file they have been working on. The file cannot be saved when this happens, but Excel creates a copy of the file that is named (seemingly randomly) something like "10D8D000" that can be saved to another filename. Essentially the original file must be deleted and the new file renamed back to what the original file was named. This is obviously very irritating (we use Excel alot), so I was wanting to get this sorted ASAP. After researching this quite a bit a few weeks ago, I thought I had found the answer. I found that quite a few people were reporting this problem, and the main culprit seemed to be real-time scanning of various anti-virus programs. I also found references to Windows Desktop Search and Windows Defender as being possible sources of this problem. Since these workstations have no real-time anti-virus, I knew that that wasn't it, so I disabled the real-time scanning of Windows Defender on these machines. After doing this, the problem seemed to go away, so I thought I had found the answer. The only problem is, I still have one Win7 machine that is still producing these errors (even with Windows Defender real-time scanning disabled). Could the Windows Search built into Win7 be causing this? If so, does anyone have an idea about what to do about it? The strange thing is that I have had Vista machines on this SBS2008 network now for almost a year now and this problem never happen before a couple of months ago. This is an accounting firm that uses Excel constantly, so it seems weird that all of a sudden these errors started popping up. This problem has shown up on at least 5 different workstations (maybe more) and one common denominator between them all is SBS 2008. Could an update of some sort be the root of all this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. -Kevin

Kevin Rains
sharing violation
1 replies , 3/29/2009, 1:35:01 PM
I have posted a question about the above - someone has replied - thanks - but when I click the e-mail link I get a blank page!!

Sharing Violation!
0 replies , 2/5/2007, 10:33:00 PM
A user in my team has a problem where when they try to save a file that is in progress that has been saved beforehand gets an error saying they cant save this file due to a sharing violation and it must save it as a temporary filename or dont save the changes at all. Does anyone know what is going on it is an annoyance that we would like to get rid of. Thanks for any help given.

share violation?
0 replies , 10/10/2005, 9:39:28 AM
Good morning, We have a strange problem here with Excel2003, person A opens a document and person B opens the same document without any warning about ''read only'' or something like that. Anothetr example is that person A opens a document and person B opens the same document, person B gets a warning about the document is opened by person A and person A gets a warning about ''sharing violence'' and was forced to save the document under another name. What is going on here? The documents are saved on a Novell (version 6) disc, Excel is version 2003 and up-to-date with all patches. Thanks. John

SBS 4.5 Inetinfo Access Violation
3 replies , 9/27/2005, 12:24:16 PM
Hi In the process of upgrading to SBS 2003 but still need to sort this problem if poss. as need to get the console running. IIS won't start so all proxies except winsock are stopped and will not start. Dr Watson error 'access violation 0xC0000005 at address 0x646027ee". The problem suddenly occurred and seems totally unrelated to any work which may have been carried out on the server (although there may possibly have been a power outage). The ONLY errors in the application log when you try to start an IIS service are:- The description for Event ID ( 1001 ) in Source ( SQLCTR70 ) could not be found. It contains the following insertion string(s): SQL Performance DLL Open function failed.. The Open Procedure for service "MSSQLServer" in DLL "SQLCTR70.DLL" failed. Performance data for this service will not be available. Status code returned is DWORD 0. (are these red herrings?) I have checked the url cache registry entries and permissions as per KB 242285. All OK and caching turned off so cache empty. Anyone got any ideas? Is it a big job to uninstall/re-install IIS and does it impact on Exchange? Is it OK to just re-install Exchange over the top of the existing (SP4) copy? Is there a KB procedure for the process? Currently Total Virus Defence is installed but can be removed as alternative is to be deployed. My client has large mailboxes and large number of Public folders so we can't risk any problems with Exchange. Regards John Chapman (UK)

John Chapman
Sharing violation
0 replies , 1/15/2010, 5:01:01 PM
Whenever i try to save the excel file i will recive the error as "The document was saved successfully, but Excel cannot re-open it because of a sharing violation. Please close the document and try to open it again."

5 replies , 5/4/2009, 2:25:01 AM
I keep getting the following error message using Excel 2007: Your changes could not be saved to 'filename.xlsx' because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file. So, I save to a different file name. Then I open up that file make a change and save it - it works. Okay, so now I'm comfortable that it will work and I continue to make changes to the file. Then I execute save and I get the same stinking error message. Does anyone else have this problem?

Sharing violation error message
0 replies , 6/16/2005, 10:00:02 PM
Hi, I am running windows XP Pro and Office 2003. I get the following error message when I try to save my excel file: "The document was saved successfully but excel cannot reopen it because of a sharing violation. Please close the document and try to open it again." I checked and nobody else has the file open. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Rume

VBA Violation
0 replies , 11/26/2003, 1:33:26 PM
I am working with AddStore and RemoveStore methods and I need to set free the pst file after removestore for the SO replace the pst file with a new one. I can do it! It works only when I quit the Outlook aplication. Is there any other way to resolve something like sharing violation without quiting the aplication? Thanks Doria

Sharing violation
3 replies , 12/23/2009, 3:25:01 AM
I am getting the following error message every time I try to save an existing file in MS Excel 07: "Your changes could not be saved to 'filename.xlsx' because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file." Additional info: - This occurs for every existing file, but I don't have any issues saving new files - If I create a new file and then try to update and save it, I get the same issue - I understand the normal Excel save process sees a temp file being created in the location of the original file, the original file then being deleted and the temp file being renamed to the original filename. It seems as though Excel is creating the temp file in the original location and then falling over on the subsequent steps (as I get a new temp file each time I try to save) - No issues with my other office products - I have file and print sharing turned off (I've tried turning it on) - I don't believe any settings in Excel are curently set to non-standard settings, but I'd appreciate any tips Thanks.

sharing violation
1 replies , 3/29/2009, 11:16:02 AM
When closing a workbook I get a messagethat my changes could not be saved because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file. Excel then creates another file typically using letter & numbers e.g. F1234567. This only happens on one particuler workbook -I don't have problems with any others I use.

Sharing Violations
0 replies , 11/26/2007, 6:19:03 PM
When trying to save an open file normally, I sometimes get error message 'Unable to save file due to sharing violation. The file automatically gets renamed with a number and I have to save this, then save it as the original file name, then delete the temporary file. Anyone got any idea what's wrong?? Cheers Bga

sharing violation
1 replies , 3/24/2006, 4:46:03 PM
I am having problems saving an excel workbook. I keep getting the following error message, "Your changes could not be saved to 'workbook'.xls because of a sharing violation. Excel has created a temporary file with your changes preserved, called 'xxx', You can save the temporary file as a new name or lose your changes and all futures changes." The only options available are save temporary file or lose all changes. Any suggestions?

I've trying to program using dispatch interface to automate Excel Application. But when I try to get the Workbooks property, it raises that error. Why ? Here my code to get Workbooks : LPDISPATCH res = NULL; InvokeHelper(GetIDsOfNames(OLESTR("Workbooks")), DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET, VT_DISPATCH, (void*)&res, NULL);

Share Violation Excel 2007
4 replies , 5/18/2009, 3:47:26 PM
Been googling for hours and just cannot get an answer or resolution Whilst opening an excel file i can save it with no problem a couple of times then I get 'sharing violation' ---------- it creates a new files name (usually numbers and letters). Complete Message 'Your changes could not be saved to somesheet[1].xls because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different File. ' Has anybody found a cure for this please.

BJ Lesley
license violations
2 replies , 3/3/2006, 2:49:09 PM
Does anyone know what happens if software is accidently installed mor than the license warrants -- Gretmaria Posted from - http://www.officehelp.i

What causes a workbook sharing violation?
0 replies , 11/15/2005, 7:19:08 PM
We use an excel 2002 workbook for our time sheets. All of the formula cells are locked. The sheets are protected and the workbook is protected. The workbook worked fine from Friday to Tuesday morning. On Tuesday morning no one could save a change in their timesheet and we all got a message saying this is because of a workbook sharing violation. We cannot figure this out. We have not set up the workbook as a shared workbook. Please advise as this is our company time sheet record.

sharing violation
0 replies , 1/11/2006, 10:28:02 PM
I am getting an error message when trying to save an Excel file. When If I save it a message appears: "Your change could not be save to 'My file.xls' because of a sharing violation. Excel has created a temporary file width your chages preserved , call 'B6FD9100' .You can save the temporary file as a new name or lose your changes and all future changes". I am not working on a network and did not set up the worksheet to be shared. How do I fix this issue so I don't have to save this under a different name each time?

Excel 2000 with SP3. User will be working on the file all day long clicking save but not closing Excel. This is a large file with 37,000+ cells and some very complicated formulas. Takes a lot of time to do so the user clicks Save frequently. After about 7 hours of working on this file she receives a new email notification from Outlook 2k. She clicks Yes to read it, it opens the email, she clicks the reply button and BOOM! Application Error has occured and a Dr. Watson is created. She then, without rebooting, opens the file to continue working and all 7 hours of work are gone. None of the saves actually took. Our Win2k server undelete program shows nothing deleted and the file modification time stamp has the same time as the Dr. Watson time stamp. I searched all over to make sure she wasn't truely saving somewhere else. This did not come from an email attachment. It was saved on our server the day prior and opened up from there. The Dr. Watson is showing: Application exception occurred: App: (pid=1500) When: 6/8/2004 @ 15:10:59.260 Exception number: c0000005 (access violation) *----> System Information <----* Computer Name: compname User Name: sgonzale Number of Processors: 1 Processor Type: x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 Windows 2000 Version: 5.0 Current Build: 2195 Service Pack: 3 Current Type: Uniprocessor Free Registered Organization: Lockton Companies Registered Owner: Susan Gonzales *----> Task List <----* 0 Idle.exe 8 System.exe 152 SMSS.exe 176 CSRSS.exe 196 WINLOGON.exe 224 SERVICES.exe 236 LSASS.exe 424 svchost.exe 448 spoolsv.exe 528 svchost.exe 592 ntrtscan.exe 620 regsvc.exe 656 mstask.exe 676 tmlisten.exe 760 WinMgmt.exe 776 WinVNC.exe 800 MsPMSPSv.exe 816 svchost.exe 220 OfcDog.exe 1104 explorer.exe 1212 PccNTMon.exe 1272 hkcmd.exe 1016 ExCnvt.exe 1324 astray.exe 1084 igfxtray.exe 1340 acrotray.exe 1360 hpnsjtr.exe 1296 OUTLOOK.exe 1392 MAPISP32.exe 1416 svchost.exe 1500 EXCEL.exe 1256 wmplayer.exe 1728 DRWTSN32.exe 0 _Total.exe

sharing violation error
6 replies , 2/28/2007, 5:33:44 AM
Hi all, I keep getting a really annoying error message when working with macro-enabled files in excel 2007. If my files contain macros or custom functions, saving the file often fails and I get "your changes could not be saved to (filename) because of a sharing violation". Excel then offers to save to a temporary file, but when I try to open the temporary file, excel complains it is corrupt and cannot be opened. I would be SO glad for any fixes to this annoying problem. Thanks in advance!

sharing violation
2 replies , 11/21/2005, 2:41:02 AM
I open and modify one Excel file , when If I save it then appear a message : "Your change could not be save to 'My file.xls' because of a sharing violation.Excel has created a temporary file width your chages preserved , call 'B6FD9100' .You can save the temporary file as a new name or lose your changes and all future changes" May be hepl me hurry ?

Sharing Violation
0 replies , 4/13/2004, 10:17:15 AM
The problem occurs with the following sequence of events, but only intermitently: 1. The first user opens an excel workbook. 2. The second user opens the same workbook, without getting any messages saying that the file is open and should be opened read-only. 3. The first user goes to save the file and gets the following error message: "The document was saved successfully, but Excel cannot re- open it because of a sharing violation. Please close the document and try to open it again." The workbook is set to open exclusively and is not set as shareable. I would appreciate any help you can offer.

Sharing Violation
1 replies , 1/16/2004, 8:09:35 AM
I take the following error messsage when I try to save an excel file on a server at the network. Please help. " Your changes could not be saved to ' xxxx.XLS' because of a sharing violation. Excel has created a temporary file with your changes preserved, called ' xyz00000' you can save or....." There is no other user who opened this file before me, so what can I do for this. Thanks. Ugur

Ugur Duman
Function wizard access violation
0 replies , 2/4/2004, 1:35:51 PM
Hi, I am writing an Excel addin in delphi/pascal as a .xll file. Works absolutely great! However, if a function gets more than 12 arguments, entering the function through the function wizard crashes Excel. Entering the function by typing in the edit window works fine. All arguments and the result are of type xlOper (R). This limitation does not seem to exist for functions programmed in a VBA module of the workbook. Is there some parameter that can be adjusted to increase the number of allowed arguments or is there a work around? Thanks for any help, Janwillem

Janwillem van Dijk
sharing violation
0 replies , 11/25/2003, 9:31:02 PM
When I open a excel file, I dont get a message that its in use. After working in the file, I'll try to save the change, by using the save button in the toolbar. Upon saving, I recieve a message that my changes could not be saved because of a sharing violation. I never get a message that the file is in use. Can anyone shed any light on the subject. Thanks J

error message 'sharing violation'
0 replies , 8/28/2007, 10:24:01 PM
When I try to save my work in office 2007- excel (compatibility mode) I keep getting e message saying that my changes could not be saved "because of a sharing violation" It then saves it in a temporary file that I cannot open. I'm not very good on my computer knowledge any help would be very much appreciated.

Excel crash on access violation
0 replies , 11/28/2005, 3:03:38 PM
Win2K sp4 Excel 2000 sp1 I have a user who, when working with files off of a network share, has problems with Excel crashing. Here are some of the 'faults"' listed by the good Dr. Watson: Note that there are all access violation errors. FAULT ->300b6a35 0fbf4816 movsx ecx,word ptr [eax+0x16] ds:00a7a756=???? FAULT ->3017b392 0fb64618 movzx eax,byte ptr [esi+0x18] ds:00a7a756=?? FAULT ->772bbcc0 8b06 mov eax,[esi] ds:0000086f=???????? FAULT ->77f8aa19 8b7f04 mov edi,[edi+0x4] ds:00a7a9d0=???????? I confess to not being very proficient or knowledgeable about Excel. I have updated it will all the update patches from MS. I am thinking about reinstalling Excel but I'd hate to waste the time just to have the problems reappear. I searched support at MS.com for "movsx" but couldn't find any references to Excel.

Sharing Violation
0 replies , 9/15/2003, 4:05:42 PM
Hi all, I'm running Office XP professional on Windows XP professional, and the server is running Windows 2000 SBS... Basically, one person seems to be getting a lot of sharing violations. ie. they can open a file, work on it - and only when they go to save it they get the message 'This file may have been updated... etc' - so the server shouldn't have allowed them to open it in the first place. I;ve checked their user stats etc on the server, and this person is set up exactly the same as everyone else. This happens mostly on Word and Excel files... Any ideas? I've searched the knowledge base etc but can seem to find nothing... Thanks

Hello all, Thanks to an official patch I have finally managed to get the Windows 95 game 'Rocket Jockey' running on XP. The game includes a number of race tracks, and I have completed several of them already. However, when I enter a particular track, I receive an error mesasge, saying that the program has committed an access violation, and must be shut down. Any suggestions? I can't go back to the company who created the game, as they no longer exist! Please let me know if more info is needed, such as my system information. I like playing the games, but I'm not very techy minded! Thank you. PS. I am running the game in Windows 95 compatibility mode.

sharing violation in Excel
3 replies , 2/22/2007, 7:11:34 AM
My platform is Win2003 file server/win XP workstation. I am able to access my files located in a win2003 server using a winXP workstation. However after making changes I am unable to save the changes. I receive the following error:- Your changes could not be saved to 'cpag2002August.xls' because of a sharing violation.Excel has created a temporary file with your changes preserved, called '68ADE000'. You can save the temporary file as a new name or lose your changes and all future changes. I can however access the same file from another workstation and save changes. Kindly help me, G-Funk

Sharing Violation
1 replies , 5/13/2004, 11:39:59 AM
We get an error message, followed by a shut-down of the programme=20 when both our Mac OSX desktop and Mac laptop have their airport on,=20 and are in any Office product at the same time. Is this a licensing = issue,=20 and if so, what is the remedy? Any help gratefully received. Thanks

Sharing Violation
4 replies , 1/30/2004, 5:59:34 AM
I am trying to backup my win98se machine to a Win2000 machine by copying the 98se c: disk from the WinXP computer over wifi but I get a Sharing Violation when trying to copy c:\windows\win386.swp. I've tried this with the 98se machine logged out and sitting at the logon prompt and also with it logged on to an alternate account. But the result is always the same. What can I do?

Jim Slager
Excel Sharing Violation Error
3 replies , 1/28/2009, 5:28:07 PM
Hi to all I have a single user in my organization who continues to get the following error: “Your changes could not be saved to ‘document name.xls’ because of a sharing violation. Try saving to a different file.” The issue appears to be intermittent. These files are files used only by this particular user so no multi user sharing violations are the issue. We've tried uninstalling the Anti Virus software based on information found on the internet and this discussion group to no avail. We're using Office Pro - Excel 2003 Any suggestions?

File sharing Violation
0 replies , 6/29/2004, 6:07:10 PM
Helpme Please! I have a SBS2000 recently updated with SP4. Even that i still have the next error. Whe i try to Open, Rename, Move, or Delete some file. The systems show a popup window: "There is a Sharing Violation. The file may be in use for another user" I checked that file with the SBS Administrador, but does not report who or what is using that file. Aparently the problems is solved until i reboot the Server, but that is not a solution. What could be the problem.??? Is there a tool to verify used files by users or proceses? Other PROBLEM is: Why sometimes some files lost ther ownership? I cant access them until i assign them an owner. Thanks in Advance.