anyone with good XL skills bored?

if anyone would be willing to take a look at my workbook i would be very
grateful for any feed back and improvements made, WB is basically set up to
record overtime over a week period.

would also help if you have been following any of my posts, as im sure they
will make more sense once you have viewed the WB.

Many thanks,


4/20/2004, 7:40:45 PM

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If only you could describe your problem in words (plain language,
please) ; then, a solution would be discernible (or getting closer,
manifesting itself).

A solution stems from a well-defined problem statement ; it's the
first principle, remember ?!

Hence, a non-problem does not necessitate a solution ; that's
apprehensible, obviously.

4/22/2004, 3:51:43 AM
Search each row on a page
(excluding some rows)
look at what's in column G
loop through each row looking for each match on G
copy that to sheet  along with column I, K, M, O, for each match
continue down the page until row x, skipping rows already matched.


"TKT-Tang" <t**********> wrote in message
> If only you could describe your problem in words (plain language,
> please) ; then, a solution would be discernible (or getting closer,
> manifesting itself).
> A solution stems from a well-defined problem statement ; it's the
> first principle, remember ?!
> Hence, a non-problem does not necessitate a solution ; that's
> apprehensible, obviously.
> Regards.

4/22/2004, 11:12:55 AM

0 replies , 7/29/2003, 10:33:02 PM
I am making a list of names that I will be ranking and need to be able to move them up and down the list frenquently in a timely mannor. How do I create a list that I can click on a name then drag and drop it into another spot on the list, as aposed to cutting and inserting?

Nick P
Anyone here
2 replies , 6/14/2015, 8:20:36 PM
Where is everyone

2 replies , 9/11/2003, 7:50:41 PM
This is really getting old and frustrating... For now reason that I can determine my copy and paste functionality is gone, as well as bring to front bring to back etc... Only happens in the designer... Sometimes it's there then other times when I go to copy a button it's grayed out... Anyone.. Help please... Thanks, Anthony Nystrom

Anthony Nystrom
Please help if you have had issues with this error message. Anyone have a solution or find a location for this file?

Why won't anyone help???
4 replies , 9/15/2004, 8:06:42 PM
I posted a question on here, because I desperately need help with a vlookup or formula, but my post hasn't been responded to..... Normally, everyone is so good with the answers!! Please see previous post: auto fill based on different workbook THANK YOU!!!

Tutors Anyone?
3 replies , 11/16/2003, 11:32:21 AM
Hi there, I'm looking for someone who can teach me how to write,draw and design computer games on a one to one basis. Is there anydody out there?! Many thanks. Tim Vieweg.

what function anyone?
1 replies , 10/4/2008, 1:46:29 AM
What function in excel 07 should be used to calculate the present value of a loan or investment?

Help anyone???
2 replies , 9/20/2005, 8:23:10 AM
Hi Everyone, I'd like some help with the following (which I think is quite simpl but...) I've created the following spreadsheet: ProductCode PurchaseDate Style Clr InvCd SI/PQ/US 10042S001 01/07/2004 10042S 001 SI 199 10042S001 01/08/2004 10042S 001 SI 250 10042S001 01/09/2004 10042S 001 SI 500 10042S001 01/10/2004 10042S 001 PQ 100 10042S001 01/10/2004 10042S 001 US -449 SI= starting Inventory PQ= Purchased Qty US= Units Sold I would like to add a colomn which states the closing Balance (in qty but using the FIFO method. The additional colomn would have to come back with: ProductCode PurchaseDate Style Clr InvCd ClosingBalance 10042S001 01/07/2004 10042S 001 SI 0 10042S001 01/08/2004 10042S 001 SI 0 10042S001 01/09/2004 10042S 001 SI 500 10042S001 01/09/2004 10042S 001 PQ 100 10042S001 01/09/2004 10042S 001 US 0 Is there a formula for this? Would appreciate any help, Thanks, Ingri -- Ingri ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingrid's Profile: View this thread:

Is anyone familiar with...
0 replies , 10/10/2003, 12:36:58 AM
the textbook visual an object oriented approach? perhaps a site or anything that has the solutions to all the end of chapter exercises or whatnot?

Does Anyone Know How To...
3 replies , 6/2/2004, 6:12:57 PM
I want to take 2 Excel 2002 files. One has 3000 entries, the other has 750. I want to take the one with 750, compare it to the one with 3000 and remove the 750 duplicates from the list with 300 (giving me 2250) Is there an easy way to do it rather than manually deleting 750 duplicate entries? PLEASE HELP!!

Golf Anyone
5 replies , 6/5/2008, 4:48:00 PM
I have come to realize that I know less about Excel than I thought. Please help. I am constructing a growing database of golf scores from which I am performing simple calculations (sum, average, standard deviation) for each player represented. I add about 150 rows of information (one per player) per week, then sort it by player name. The problem I am running into is when I do this is changes the locations of my calculations into my summary table. This requires me to manually adjust them, taking way to much time. In the end I will have about 250 players who have played 1 to 20 tournaments. The length of my raw data will be around 4000 lines.

Does anyone know...
5 replies , 2/19/2007, 3:24:49 PM
Hey does anyone know how to use RANK and LOOKUP functions?? please help many thanks! Aly -- aly

Does anyone know.....
6 replies , 1/22/2007, 2:58:25 PM
how many rows does excel have? please let me no if u no...thx a bunch! x -- aly

Anyone know what a
1 replies , 2/5/2004, 5:49:45 AM
stick graph is? Is it similar to a candlestick graph? Kids have to do one for homework and nobody seems to know what it is! Rob Graham

Rob Graham
Can anyone...
2 replies , 2/26/2009, 5:29:10 PM
Can anyone tell me why my messages are not appearing in the listings?

Does anyone know?
4 replies , 5/8/2005, 1:10:34 PM
Hi We have just switched to Excel 2002. Does anyone know how I can get the "=" sign to remain in the toolbar instead of having to click the "Fx" every time to bring it up when I want to input a formula? The older excel was able to do this. Thanks Lyle

Is anyone on here with DVS Reporter???
0 replies , 2/27/2006, 9:25:53 AM
Hi, I work at this german firm now and they use the DVS Reporter as a add-in in Excel. I have never used this before in the US. Do you kno whether there is some kind of support forum for it? Thanks, Mari -- marias ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mariasa's Profile: View this thread:

Does anyone use this feature?
0 replies , 11/24/2004, 6:30:06 PM
Microsoft Office Picture Manager promises to compress pictures for smaller size and faster loading, but... -- Vadim Zima Certified Russian translator and court interpreter

Does Anyone Read These Posts???
2 replies , 8/28/2007, 9:12:02 PM
Visual Web Developer 2005 Express. I have posted a few times in this forum and it appears that there is not much action here. Is this forum not visited by the MVPs or am I just posting in the wrong place. I am finding this product to be VERY difficult to use. I find no definitions for controls (what they are used for). I am trying to duplicate some of the functionality in the "Time Tracker" sample web site and am finding so many black holes I cannot proceed. Is there anywhere that I can get a tutorial on this product, a tutorial that goes into detail regarding how to build a MasterPage with header, sitemapdatasource, and all the other stuff? I am a FrontPage user (hence not a great web developer) who needs to create a database interfacing web site. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. -- Dr. Doug Pruiett Good News Jail & Prison Ministry

Can anyone here guide me for this
1 replies , 8/3/2007, 7:14:50 PM
I make a file daily in xls format which i would be sending it to my clients. How can i make it possible that that file cant be seen on any other computer than the whom i have intended to Is there any PGP sort of facilty for this then Please guide me to the right direction Thanks in advance -sanjayt

Can anyone help please?
10 replies , 6/16/2006, 5:05:59 PM
Hi All, I have a very basic knowledge of excel so please forgive me if this is actually ridiculously easy to do. What i'm trying to do is this: I have a basic addition formula in A1. What i am trying to do is have another cell read A1 and if there is any amounts of 2000 or more in the addition sum i want it to say "amount of 2000" or what ever the amount is. So if the sum was say: 100+200+300+400. It wouldn't do anything but if the sum was 100+200+2564. It would say "Amount of 2564". All i have been able to do so far is have this message come up if the result of the actual sum is 2000 or over but i can't get it to just read the individual amounts in the sum.The formula i have been using is: =IF((A1>=2000),"Amount of " &A1,"") I hope this makes sense, if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. -- vertigo ------------------------------------------------------------------------ vertigo's Profile: View this thread:

Anyone aware of a template for genograms?
0 replies , 1/17/2005, 9:15:04 PM
Genograms are forms that help people like a their family history from prior generations. It's a different format then the "Famly Tree" template in Excel.

Is their an affidavit of forgery template. I need one for hot checks. Thank you for your help. Selene

Anyone using MaxBulk with Entourage 2004?
0 replies , 7/4/2006, 1:42:02 PM
I was just introduced to the newsletter-sending app called MaxBulk Pro by a friend who's used it and Entourage for years. Has anyone here tried it? It looks pretty good. It's not plug and play, and I'm still working my way through the manual, but for sending out regular newsletters to a thousand subscribers, I think it's going to be a good solution. Just curious to hear from other users.

Will ANYONE HELP!!!! this is my 4th posting
1 replies , 10/29/2003, 3:11:13 PM
What I did: I Saved my workdbook as a HTM file and added interactivity with pivot table funstionality. 1. The colors I choose in the spread sheet do not keep when I save as HTM and add pivot table funstionality, and I want them to. It makes it easier for others in my group to read the pivot table. 2. The other users cannot use the pivot table options such as filtering etc. I want them to be able to use this option to effectively get the information. Currently when they browse to the link the pivot table options are grayed out but if I browse to the link I can use the pivot table options. Where do I allow anyone to use the piovot table functionality 3. I need to set the column headers to represent the 1st row, when I save as HTM and add pivot table functionalty, for some reason my fisrt row does not become the column headers, but another one I did does. Why???

Anyone using Microsoft Exchange 2007?
1 replies , 7/9/2008, 12:06:11 PM
Hi Is anyone using Entourage 2004/2008 with Exchange 2007, or perhaps you've developed a method to connect using the Web Services? I am interested in whether Calendar woes are resolved, are the additional features with Ent. 2008 worthwhile and do they work or are there problems still? Kind regards Craig.

Craig Roberts
Has anyone tried the Powerquest V2i protector?
3 replies , 9/17/2003, 1:56:01 AM
I was wondering if there was anyone whose tried this software and could give a no BS opinion of it and how it works. Cheers Aart

Aart Jansen
anyone used data access pages over the web?
0 replies , 10/29/2003, 12:08:43 AM
I am getting the following two errors from my browser (IE 6) when I go to the page I created using a data access page in access 2000. "Disk or network error", followed immediately by "Data provider cannot be initilaized" After these two errors the page displays and shows the fields and navigation bar but the database linked fields show #Name? in each field. The web server is running IIS and MDAC versions as required and the client pc has OWC installed via Office 2000 Pro as needed. Any ideas on what could be causing the problem? The data access page operates perfectly on a local basis on my development machine, but once I publish it and the database to the web server I get these errors. I'm happy my connection string is linking to the correct location and file name for the database as I have checked that with the people who run the web server. As my page is using the OWC for its database interface which is a "strange" control which the web server owners know nothing about, they are unable to help me any further and have said I am on my own.

I would like a training manual template in either word 2007 or publisher 2007 and I cannot find one at all. I have four more company training manuals and I have to make my own out of 6 different templates to form into one. Any suggestions????

Anyone developed an Excel sheet for Cost of Quality?
1 replies , 5/11/2006, 5:25:02 PM

Thanks Carey, for the reply. Even though my computer has had Norton in place since the day I brought it home (except, of course, when I'm trying to work with microsoft updates), I had already run several malware scans and found no joy (the site you sent me to found nothing as well) -- even an idiot like me knows that running a malware scan is a good first step when things aren't working! I really think I just got a bad version of the software to begin with -- I have tried EVERYTHING I can to get this thing to work (didn't find the web-based troubleshooting all that helpful, BTW). I find the missing file on the reinstall disk (not to mention the repair function not doing so) particularly suggestive. BTW Paul, Dell doesn't support their OEM software because "they get it from you." I would appreciate any other suggestions you may have . . . here's what I've tried Norton System Scan Window's Beta Scan Dell System Scan Removing and reinstalling hard drive and battery (Dell's Suggestion) Cleaning Pcfetch and Disk Cleanup Verifying each background process with task list programs Turning off start up programs in msconfig (also Dell's suggestion) (Turning most of them back on because my computer woudn't even function poorly) Repairing Outlook (no joy) Reinstalling Outlook (the reinstall worked, outlook still doesn't) Repairing Office (no joy) Reinstalling Office (missing .cab file) Thanks, --RJ Oringinal Message Believe it or not, until recently I was using a Windows 95 platform that worked beautifully. I needed something that would support market software, so I finallly upgraded to Win XP, Office 2003 professional (and a laptop). I'm sorry I can't ask a nice, narrow questions, but absolutely nothing works right. If you breath hard, the office programs stop responding. The repair disk that came with the computer is missing .cab files (that are not available on the website), and won't fix anything. The suggested patches from sending error reports won't fix anything. The seller (Dell) says its a software issue and won't fix anything. I have a real problem with having to pay additional service charges to get brand new software to function. Is this normal? If so, how is it that microsoft is still in business????? From Carey Frisch [MVP] Apparently, your system has been compromised and is infected with malware! Perform the following maintenance: New! Windows Live Safety Center! (beta) Unexplained computer behavior may be caused by deceptive software­id=827315 Download Ad-aware SE and scan your PC for the presence of sp­yware: Symantec Security Check Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Here's what you can do to enhance the security on your PC Antivirus software: Frequently asked questions

OT: Anyone running Lacerte Tax Prep program
2 replies , 9/6/2003, 4:23:01 PM
----Original Message----- From: Lacerte Information [mailto:l*********] Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 10:16 PM To: Susan Bradley Dear Lacerte Customer, The Lacerte Internet Update and Web Download utilities are currently unavailable to all customers due to technical difficulties experienced by some customers operating in a Windows 2000 Server environment. Customers in a Windows 2000 Server environment who have installed Microsoft's Service Pack 4 on one or more of their workstations, who then downloaded Lacerte product updates to their Windows 2000 server, have encountered a condition that makes the Lacerte Program temporarily inoperable. We have identified the cause of this problem and a solution for these customers. We expect to have a patch available for download by Monday evening September 8th. When the patch is available, we will send you an email with detailed instructions for downloading and installing the patch from our web site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Lacerte Software

Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz SBS Rocks [MVP]
ditto i knew it's some kind of office Document Summary field. but what does "Links Dirty" record? what's meaning of its true value or false? thanks for your answers in advance.

Help Help After loading Office 2007 Beta, MS Word 7.0 could no longer be accessed. I tried reloading Works 7.0, but it will not reload.

Dearest Best & Brightest, Microsoft Server-Software Gurus Out there!, I've got some purely conjectural, 100% theoretical questions for setting up a simple (or whatever the most basic type of server there is known to humankind)... And I don't even know how to ask the question, since all I have is a theory of what I'm trying to aim for... This may seem like a bizarre question, but I'm trying to do some research on Win2k Server (actually, Windows 2000 Small Business Server, for the completist) and for purely hypothetical reasons (extra credit homework, not a test mind you!), I was wondering if it was possible to install Win2K Server into a pre-existing Peer-2-Peer LAN which is server-less (about 10 client users). My main question is, can I deploy such a basic workgroup or application server without promoting it to the role of Primary Domain Controller (PDC) yet still setup naming conventions and user profiles for low-to-moderate-security user logins? HYPOTHETICAL LAN BACKGROUND: And let's assume this will be the only application/file server on the 10-user P2P LAN, and it's not a member of any Domain nor Backup Domain nor Department, etc, since there are no PDC's and no BDC's and no Departments, just a few P2P users in a small room that needs the simplest form of a server available (more like a dumb-network attached storage unit, but with the brains of Win2K server installed for current rights & permission management, basic profile creation, (and possible future role promotion... ONLY POSSIBLY...). So it's kinda like a dumb server (with the brains of Win2k Server), no DHCP, no Active Directory (since it's not a DC), just the core components of Win2k Server (which I'm told is at the heart of Win2K Small Business Server 2000 anyway). The remaining systems are fully-functional and fully self-sufficient stand-alone Win XP Pro workstations (2.4 GHz Athlons, 512 DDR Ram, etc) situated in a peer-2-peer configuration and laid out in a star-topology connected to a 24-port switch, which connects to a 1-port firewall/router w/ DHCP services turned on, and that to a DSL modem and so on outside to the world wide web beyond. The workstations mentioned above rely on this "hypothetical" non-domain server only for photo asset management and long-term digital photo storage through use of a fictitious server-side application which requires that users will need to log into the server (don't worry, they would have all necessary CAL PAKS at their disposal and be properly licensed per-seat to log into the NOS) from each client workstation, then upload the digital photos stored in temp dir's on their own harddrives every so often per day, and every no and again, one will opt to run a server-side-only application such as a single copy of Microsoft Word XP (which these users would also be made licensed in a per-seat way [kudos to the piracy watchdogs out there guarding Mr. Gates wallet for him! I'm sure he appreciates it!] ;) Anyway, since I'm in the total newbie beginner Win 2003 class (but we're still using Win2k Server until Winter term!) and all I hear from other "know it all's" is chatter about PDC this, BDC that, Active Directory this and that... I wanted to come up with a possible argument against deploying Windows 2000 Server in a domain-less, controller-less environment, a simple whatever server (as explained above) WITHOUT using all of that Domain-based hierarchy stuff since we're talking 10 users on the only server for miles (if anything, it's primary role is to store files!). Is it even possible to run a single-server without always being forced to promote that server to a Domain Controller? If so, what kind of server-model would that be? And would it still be able to function as a server, or would it crash and burn without Active Directory management? Here's an argument in my favor for instance -- an odd one I suppose too, but here goes! Because this server is the ONLY SERVER in the room, would I still be forced to promote is as a DC or PDC because that's inherent to the operating system, or could I do otherwise and never have to promote it, and just run it as a basic, stand-alone server with only a few server-side Office applications, perhaps a LaserJet printer attached, but mostly a whole bunch of SCSI storage for photo asset management, and constant upload/download to and from various workstations. I suppose this might be called a hybrid-Peer2Peer-Domainless-Client/Server-memberless-workgroup type Network. Didja get all that? And I said this "might work" as an argument because there aren't any SUBORDINATE servers (BDC's, Member Servers, etc) of which this otherwise forced-Domain-Controller server would have to 'CONTROL' so why bother promoting it to PDC, always PDC!!! when a role such as PRIMARY-DC isn't even (or never will be) needed since this hypothetical server is simply a DUMB-SERVER that "happens" to have a powerful Network Operating System installed on it, so my imaginary users figure to themselves... "Hey, let's throw on some of this software laying around onto the dumb-server in the corner! We could turn it into some sort of an application server and force it to not only "serve" us photos all day, but make it do other nasty things like serve us Word documents all day, and without ever installing Word on our own local client workstations!" 2 cents anyone? Is something like this at all possible? If not, how did single-task servers run before Domain Controllers were invented? What was that network model? Any URL's or advice would be much appreciated for further EDU-tainment. Seriously, my teacher would probly know if this were possible, but I won't see her until Monday and she's the biggest proponent for us (students) to ask around, and try to find the most unusual ways to install Network Operating Systems we can. Since everyone seems so bent on PDC, PDC, PDC, there's gotta be a more simplistic way to run a server-base operating system, in a more non-conventional way. I suppose if you were to assume all of the above, and assuming that Win2k COULD NOT be installed into, no as a part of, nor as a Domain Controller-Domain-Anything itself -- Hypothetically-speaking, let's assume for a moment that part of the OS was ripped out of the code, or never existed and the OS forces instead users to run it in a very basic way, like a Win2K Professional OS, with simplistic server-like application extensions so as to give it basic server connectivity and functionality, but nothing more. What then would a server like this, if any, be called (hypothetically-speaking)? PRE-PS: Rather then messing around with some strange threaded forum or newsgroup out there (TechIMO,, TechRepublic, etc), I thought I'd come right to the source and see what the good 'ol folks here at the Microsoft User Forums had to say since I've read some great posts here in the past few months, sometimes even more fun than reading the Sunday morning funnies! But I don't think anyone else out there in the public would take any of my hypothesizing seriously anyhow. It's not that I'm NOT serious, I just don't know how to best ask a series of questions like this because my server knowledge is still very, very limited, to the point of being in its infancy and I don't yet have any teeth in which to bite into a really well-written question. I'm at the stage of ignorance still, where I have to INVENT a PROBLEM, then INVENT a HYPOTHETICAL technology SOLUTION before I can ask whether or not such an item exists, (and usually it does) at which time I can then figure out a better way to ask questions about it's functionality, since moments before that, I never even knew it was really a networking method, server device, or a thingabobble? Make any sense? I know in time my knowledge will change, but for now, I'll play the fool and ask the stupid questions while I can still be new enough to always be stupid anyway! Nice outlook, eh? At least I get my moneys worth in class... In any event, please reply if you find in in your heart to help me learn! I really do wanna know if any of this alternate -non-DC-server-stuff is even possible with Win2k Server, or if I've lost my mind completely (tell me that too!) Kudos to those who've managed to read this entire post! That alone has gotta be worth some praise! ;) You people rock!! Regards, 2k|RunningHoove! Clackamas Community Collage Student