XML Document and Custom "Autoformat as you type"

I want to create a schema-based word template.  As the user types
information in certain sections (xml tags) of the document, I would like
each line of text to be contained within a specified xml tag.  I'm thinking
I need to react to some type of "line-wrap" event.  This way the user
doesn't have to specifiy a new line each time.

This is for a legal document scenario, so the line on which the text appears
is part of the content, it's not just a "display" issue.

What is the best mechanism to do this?  I'm thinking a smart tag, but I'm
not sure what input would initiate the smart tag to wrap the new line in a
specified xml tag.

I was also thinking of utilizing the mechanism word uses for its "Autoformat
as you type" functionality.  This seems like smart tag functionality, but I
wasn't sure if there are other ways to do this.

Robert Phillips
4/28/2004, 10:13:03 PM

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2 replies , 11/14/2007, 2:33:01 PM
I am taking an online class that is using an Office 2003 textbook and I have Office 2007 on my computer at home. So far I have filled in all of the numbers and titles for a table in my current project, and now and the book (office 2003) is telling me to select format on the menu bar and then autoformat and then Accounting 2 from the dialog box. I have explored the tabe and format options on excel 2007 but I cannot find this format or a way to replicate it (accounting 2) . Is there a way to do accomplish this in excel 2007?

Autoformatting in Excel
2 replies , 9/28/2004, 8:44:08 AM
I have set up a large spreadsheet spanning sales figures for several years. In many areas, I have a blank that I would like to auto-populate with a zero instead. Is there an easy way to do this

G Cline
Autoformat issue
2 replies , 5/27/2008, 10:47:01 PM
Hi How can I turn off or disable AutoFormat in Excel 2007? I mean that I write the value in a cell then Excel take it and convert it to date format. It is annoying to me and working these kind of records. Thanks in advanced! jimmy

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Is it possible to create a custom autoformat and email it?

1 replies , 8/19/2003, 8:51:35 AM
Hi, Isn't there a way to create my own AutoFormat styles to format a selected cell range? Thanks, Luc

Luc Benninger
2 replies , 8/1/2003, 8:54:26 AM
Is there a way to automatically turn off autoformatting in excel? Excel automatically converts numbers to scientific notation such as 322e275. Please help. Thanks.

1 replies , 7/17/2005, 9:27:37 AM
How can I check if a range is autoformatted? With the method AutoFormat of a range I can only format the range. Because I'm trying to make interactive excercises for beginning Excelusers, I want to check what they have done and give them some feedback with a macro. Thanks -- michel beuseling

michel beuseling
Custom AutoFormats?
4 replies , 5/3/2004, 12:59:37 PM
Is there any way to customize AutoFormats for tables, so that a table can be assigned an entire range of attributes (cell width and height, borders and shading, etc.) with a single command? -Sam -- Sam Elowitch Entourage v. X (10.1.4)

Sam L Elowitch
Turning off autoformat
5 replies , 1/18/2008, 5:08:40 PM
I've tried all the stuff I've read in help files and online to turn off autoformatting, but it hasn't solved this problem. (Using Word 2004, v. 11.3.8) I have a recipe: 1 3 1�2 to 4 pound boneless chuck roast 1 envelope dry onion soup mix, undiluted 1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted 1�2 cup of water in bottom of cooker Where each of the 1's is followed by a tab. If I try to add another space between lines, I get "2" at the beginning of that blank line. If I replace the tab with spaces, it's ok. What can turn off this part of autoformatting? Ed

Ed Kearns
How do I turn off autoformat for dates?
1 replies , 2/18/2009, 11:06:07 AM
When typing a date in, i.e. 18 February 2009 - automatically an option comes up to add 2009-02-18 at the end. How do I turn this off?

3 replies , 10/28/2006, 8:59:01 PM
How do I activate AutoFormat in a Word document that has already been created? I am using Microsoft 2003 Professional Offfice program.

Number-To-Text Autoformat
2 replies , 2/28/2005, 9:31:28 PM
I don't know what you would call this, but what I'd like to do is enter in numbers in a list & have the cell generate text based on pre-determined formulas I enter. For example, if I want to make a list with MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD, assigning them the values 3, 2, and 1, respectively, I'd like to be able to enter in the numerical values (1,2,3) instead of having to type the text over & over (CHILD, WOMAN, MAN). Any ideas how to do this? Jason

Problem with fractions autoformatting
8 replies , 4/5/2005, 3:12:46 PM
Does anyone know how to turn off the fraction autoformat feature in the OS X (I'm on panther) of MS Word? Thanks, Carolyn

Carolyn Malcoun
Thank you for reading this. Is there any way to auto format multiple links in a Word documents to simply say "Link", while of course retaining the underlying and correct URL address? I have thousands of bibliographic citations that currently read like this=85. Higashi, Y., Chayama, K., and Yoshizumi, M.(2005) Angiotensin II type I receptor blocker and endothelial function in humans: role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress. Curr.Med.Chem.Cardiovasc.Hematol.Agents: (3) 133-148. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15853700 Gerritsen, M. E.(2005) Genetic variations in vascular endothelial growth factor and endothelial nitric oxide synthase and their contributions to human disease. Microcirculation.: (12) 129-140. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15825252 But for a Web Page project they need to read like this=85 Higashi, Y., Chayama, K., and Yoshizumi, M.(2005) Angiotensin II type I receptor blocker and endothelial function in humans: role of nitric oxide and oxidative stress. Curr.Med.Chem.Cardiovasc.Hematol.Agents: (3) 133-148. Link Gerritsen, M. E.(2005) Genetic variations in vascular endothelial growth factor and endothelial nitric oxide synthase and their contributions to human disease. Microcirculation.: (12) 129-140. Link =85while retaining the underlying and correct URL address, which is different for each citation Again, I know that I can go "Edit Hyperlink" and change the each display name to "Link", but doing thousands of time seems daunting. I=92ve tried search/replace =93wildcard=94, but have not been successful. Thank you,

Problem with cell autoformat
2 replies , 2/9/2006, 10:37:18 AM
I have an HTML data (ex. 17-2 with "-2" in red-colored uppecase) I want to paste it to MSExcel but it converts "17-2" to calendar dat (ex. 17.feb). THIS IS NOT NEEDED! I can fix the cells manually, but it takes too much time. How to fobid to excel converting (autoformatting) cell types? Thanks, Roman +------------------------------------------------------------------- |Filename: err3.jpg |Download: http://www.excelforum.com/attachment.php?postid=4341 +------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Roman.Plotniko ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Roman.Plotnikov's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=3135 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=51051

0 replies , 8/20/2003, 10:14:36 PM
I need some help with autoformatting (disabling it completely.) I have gone into both the FORMAT--AUTOFORMAT area and the Autotext area and disabled all autoformatting things, yet word still automatically changes my indents (grey triangles at beginning of ruler) and adds audomatic outline letters (ie, I've typed "PDE standard 1.1.11.B ____ (text)" hit return and pasted in "PDE Standard 1.1.11.C_______text) word puts a "C" in front of my 1.1.11.C.) I have unchecked every single box in autoformatting I can find, but it still does it. I have submitted this request before and was told to uncheck the boxes--which I did--and word is still doing it. I'd appreciate any help I can get to STOP word from being helpful--I'd much prefer to format my pieces myself. Thanks!

Autoformat question
0 replies , 2/18/2010, 6:06:54 PM
We have a need to turn off AutoFormat replacement of "straight quotes with smart quotes", "fractions with fraction characters", "ordinals with superscript", and "hyphens with dashes" on a 1,000 of our 13,000 installations of Office 2007. I can use a specially filtered group policy with the Office 2007 group policy templates to disable those options in AutoFormat As You Type/Replace As You Type, but there is not a similar group of settings for AutoFormat/Replace. Does anyone have any idea how I can accomplish this aside from emailing manual instructions to the group? Thanks, Tom

Tom K
Cell Autoformatting
1 replies , 4/13/2004, 12:23:54 PM
I have a csv file that is automatically generated by a program. Apparently, when the file is opened with Excel, the numeric fields that are enclosed in double quotes in the file and look like "123,456.1234" (in the cvs file) are being formatted by Excel to two-decimal-number and displayed with only 2 decimals. The cause of the problem seems to be the comma in the number, which I don't really want to remove. This comma in the number tells the excel that the numbe is a "number" format, so the excel formats the field to "number". Is there any way to suppress automatic cell formatting in Excel, so the contents could be displayed just the way it appears in the source file? I do no want to do anything in the excel. The csv file (using excel) will be opened by customers and I dont want them to use the tools to change format. What I want is, to set the csv file in such a way that when the excel file is opon, the columns will not be formatted to the "number" format, but to "general". May be there is a code in that I can add to the csv file tellling excel to disregard formatting?

14 replies , 1/9/2004, 9:28:47 PM
Ok, I've created a worksheet with some alternating shaded rows using conditional formatting and formula is: =MOD(ROW(),2). and I've customized some cells (the same cells on every row) with formulas to do some needed calculations when I paste data onto the worksheet from notepad or Word, no biggie. Now here's where the problem comes in, Everyday, there's a different amount of data, some days it's only 10 lines, some days it's 105 lines of data. Therefore i've had to make an excess of these alternating shaded rows, and after I paste in the data, delete the unused rows, or select everything i want printed and set that as the print area. Is there anyway I make it so that when I paste in the data, my alternating shaded rows(complete with my cells that i have formulas in) will continue in there pattern to accomadate for the number of lines of data pasted in? A bonus would be if i could make it so that the very last row (the row after the last line of data pasted in) is a different type of row that will sum up the vaules in the rows pasted. Thanks in advance --- Message posted from http://www.ExcelForum.com/

abxy <
Trouble autoformatting tables
8 replies , 11/16/2008, 11:51:39 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Power PC I'll detail my attempts here - perhaps someone has had more luck than me. 1. I've seen articles on creating new autoformat table styles. The method is to go into Table Autoformat and then click "New". The problem is, there's no "New". 2. I've tried creating a Table Style that only applies to the header, but that applies itself to the whole table. 3. I've looked in Word and on the net for an answer on how to create a table header. Fell down there too. 4. Am I right - there is no way to create a table style that formats the header row and the body row within one style?

Autoformatting in Office
0 replies , 7/16/2007, 5:26:05 PM
I'm wondering how I can check settings for when Office auto-formats, for instance, a fraction.. making it smaller. Also with "th" and "nd" like 16th and 2nd. I have noticed that it does this with some new text or cells and not with others, and I can't figure out how it is making the differentiation. It is bothersome for consistency. For instance, I can type '1/2" length' as text in one cell, and Excel reformats the 1/2, but then typing '3/4" length' in the cell below it does not reformat. I tried the AutoCorrect options on the Options/Spelling tab, but numbers are not part of that library. Anyone?

AutoFormatting columns
1 replies , 12/31/2003, 2:53:39 PM
Hi I am trying to format columns based on the content in row 1 which consists of a series of dates. If the date in row 1 is a Saturday or Sunday, I want to shade the whole column grey. If it is a bank holiday, I want to shade it blue, for instance. Anyone got any thoughts? All help appreciated. Happy new year Bilbo

Autoformatting woes
17 replies , 1/9/2012, 9:37:31 PM
Hello, I am trying to open a CSV file in Excel 2010, and it clobbers the data. I am using Germany for my Windows Language/Region Settings. As an example, a snippet of the original CSV data might look like: "25";"";"64.79";"";"2.80" but it will open as: 25 64.79 Feb 80 And when I attempt to format cells as "text," I get 25 64.79 29252 How it turns "2.80" into "29252" is a mystery to me. Is there anything I can do about this, preferably a default setting for Excel? Thanks

Kevin N
Autoformat Options crash
1 replies , 2/13/2004, 4:48:00 PM
For some reason Word Vx (Service Releae 1) stopped using smart or curly quotes ... But when I go to Auto Format/Option to see why, Word crashes. Every time I click the options in AutoFormat it crashes. Any wisdom for me, short of re-installing Word?

How do you turn off autoformatting?
1 replies , 9/27/2005, 7:38:08 PM
I am making a spreadsheet that is essentially a record. In one of the cells, I am entering the old/new values for something as 4/80, which Excel instantly turns into April-80. I can format the the cell back to General, but the number that results is not 4/80. And if I go in and reset it to 4/80 again, the autoformatting kicks in again and the whole process starts over. While there are plenty of ways I could work around this, from changing the way I enter the data on up, it has become a sort of matter of honor now. How the heck do I stop Excel from overriding everything I enter? -- nickt ------------------------------------------------------------------------ nickt's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=27598 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=471187

Word 2007 AutoFormat
0 replies , 8/10/2006, 7:29:06 AM
One of the automation tasks that I need to perform in an app of ours is to import RTF texts (taken from rich tect controls) and auto-detect hyperlinks therein. Up until Word 2003 I accomplished this by using a Word doc's IDataObject interface to get the formatted RTF text in, and then to run the text through a Range object's AutoFormat method. Prior to calling AutoFormat, I set the AutoFormatPreserveStyles and AutoFormatReplaceHyperlinks properties to TRUE, and all other auto-formatting properties to FALSE. This worked fine and had the desired result. Now, with Word 2007 I find the AutoFormat method actually removes *all* formatting from the text (but it does still auto-detect hyperlinks properly). How can I fix this? All help will be much appreciated. -- Regards, Steve.

Customize autoformat?
1 replies , 9/10/2005, 12:22:12 PM
Is it possible to customize autoformat? I frequently used "LIST1" but want to change the default color.

Stuck in autoformat hell with MSWord
2 replies , 4/6/2005, 10:29:06 PM
When I change the formatting of a particular bit of text in Word 2003 or Word XP, the whole document is reformatted. I can undo it by pressing Ctrl-Z, and only the reformatting of the original selected text remains. It's a real problem since everytime I reformat, it seems to autosave the document (which is huge due to embedded bitmaps) to the server. For example, if I change a few words of text to Bold, it reformats the whole document to bold, which i have to undo by pressing Ctrl - Z, to leave just the original bit I wanted changed bolded.

How To Define my own AutoFormat?
1 replies , 10/8/2004, 7:17:53 AM
Is ther a way to define my own Autoformat style? Thanks. G.

Graham Epps
Word 2003 and AutoFormat
0 replies , 12/22/2004, 3:39:24 PM
Using Word 2003 on Windows XP SP1. Have a document that displays fine on a 17" monitor in native resolution (1280X1024, 32bit) but on a 15" monitor in native resolution (1024X768, 32bit) the AutoFormating dispaly " (quotes) and - (dashes) as black boxes. Have not found anything in the MS knowledge base regarding this problem. Have applied the Office 2003 SP1 but it did not help. Besides turning off AutoFormat does anyone know if there is a fix for this? - R. Grant Getz IT / Desktop Systems Technology Arizona State University Tempe, AZ 85287-0101

Weird autoformat
1 replies , 7/25/2003, 8:02:24 PM
We were just upgraded at work to Office 2002. I did not have this problem with earlier versions. I often enter text such as "A02-12" or "A01-03" into spreadsheets (this stands for Annealer 2, run 12 or Annealer 1, Run 3). However, now when I type it, for some reason Excel interprets that as a date with a very strange custom format. For example, A01-03, comes out look like a bunch of arabic with the number 3 after it. The format is B2d-mmm . If I change it to general format its the number 37686, which is the date March 6, 2003. Typing something like "B01-03" comes out as that text. If I put a single pop (') in front of A01-03 when I type, it comes out like the text I want. I believe the problem is Excel is interpreting the A as meaning I want things in the Hijri date format (I found something about this in help). But how do I turn that feature off?

AutoFormat - help!!!
3 replies , 4/14/2004, 9:51:27 AM
OK We often export mailing data from our database into a CSV file which we then open in Excel to send to our bulk mailing contractor. A problem has recently come to light however. US Zip codes starting with a zero - Excel automatically chops the leading 0 off - leading to returned magazines for us. Is there any way to stop Excel automatically guessing the format of the cell and chopping the leading zero off? I don't want to have to change our data by adding a - or something to kick the cell into text format - Just want to stop excel ruining our data automatically. I prefer to do that myself! Any ideas? Using Excel 97 on windows 2000 Thanks

In Powerpoint how do I turn off autoformat
0 replies , 4/18/2005, 4:16:06 PM
The para keeps resizing every time I save

Suppressing autoformat in excel
0 replies , 4/13/2004, 2:03:02 AM
I have a .CSV file that is automatically generated by a program. Apparently, when the file is opened with Excel, the numeric fields that are enclosed in double quotes in the file and look like "123,456.1234" are being formatted by Excel and displayed with only 2 decimals. The cause of the problem seems to be the comma in the number, which I don't really want to remove. Is there any way to suppress automatic cell formatting in Excel, so the contents could be displayed just the way it appears in the source file?

Autoformatting Question
2 replies , 11/22/2007, 9:44:00 PM
It seems like everytime I start working with Word it works well for awhile before it starts s****ing with me. I will be typing a document, putting in bulleted lists without any issue and then I will attempt to go and a new item and my ENTIRE document gets bulleted. If I click undo once, it creates the new bullet item and the rest of the document goes back to normal. It happened today when attempting to turn a small amount of text to bold. I selected the text, clicked the B on the top of the page and the entire document turned bold. Is there an option in Word that I can turn off so that this doesnt happen. I would rather not have to turn off all the AutoFormatting if that is possible. -- Confused P.S. I have worked on other machines (I am a contractor) and have encountered this on mutliple machines now.