Windows XP and Microsoft Office 97

I know Office 97 works with XP as I've previously installed it on my
computer. However while installing Office 97 on a different new computer
with XP I was presented with a dialogue box half way thru the installation
requesting that I put in my windows XP disc as some important files had been
overwritten and the new ones could not be recognised, or words to that
effect, I forgot in all the excitement. Anyway, I did not have a XP disc
handy, so I ignored the request and completed the installation. Every thing
seems find so far. Any ideas what it was all about, and if any damage has
been done to the system?

6/24/2003, 12:07:08 PM

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2 replies , 9/6/2003, 2:22:18 PM
I just received the above mentioned product. I am supposed to have access to three key numbers. When entering the first key number I got the message that the number is not a valid number. I have checked (and rechecked) many times that it was typed correctly (case sensitive included) all to no avail. The second key number was taken okay and I have the product up and running, however, I've not been able to find a way to call Microsoft to report this problem. The phone number that is supplied in the setup booklet is fielding only the problem of the recent virus. Does anyone know how I can reach Microsoft (and please - I've gone through all the Internet links that I can stand)? Thank you, Shirley

2 replies , 8/11/2008, 1:51:20 AM
what is microsoft exchange server?

Everytime I open a file the End user license agreement pops up and I have to check AGREE to use the file. How can I stop this from happening? It is Microsoft Office 2003 Thanks in advance

Microsoft Publisher
1 replies , 9/27/2003, 8:10:57 PM
I have Office 2000 Professional running on ME. Does Microsoft Publisher included, or do I have to buy the software separately and install it. I'll appreciate some advice. Thank you in advance.

Jule Elder
Hello people, I have a problem, my work has made us all use Microsoft Outlook 2001. Unfortunately, I do not have any idea how I can import all my old Entourage mail to my Outlook folders. Please help me somebody. Sent using the Entourage X Test Drive.

Connelly, Jason
Installing Microsoft Office 2003 Edition
3 replies , 5/24/2004, 6:53:19 PM
1. I have Microsoft Windows ME in my desktop 2. I bought Microsoft Office 2003 Edition 3. Everytime I try to installed the new software I receive an Error Message telling me that I "need a newer version of Windows to be able". 4. I went to and updated all the critical updates and a new driver. Still not able to install the new software. 5. What can I do to be able to install mICROSOFT oFFICE 2003 Edition? Thanks for all you help and assistance.

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Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit
I purchased a new computer with Microsoft works preinstalled. I have since purchased Office 2003 student and teacher edition. The salesman told me to uninstall microsoft works before I install Office 2003. Can you tell me why? If I uninstall Works will I be able to access my documents done in Works?

Microsoft Office 2003
2 replies , 1/21/2007, 6:41:00 PM
I am interested in Offcie 2007 Pro. I presently have Office 2003 Pro. should I unistall the Office 2003. before installing the Office 2007 trial version? I do want Office 2003 upgraded. I would prefer the full version of Office 2007 installed.

Hi everyone, Since I upgraded my computer to Windows Vista and installed Flight Simulator X, there has been no sound of the narrator at all in the missions. Also there is sometimes no sound at different view angles of the aircraft. There was no problems like this when I had it on Windows XP. I would greatly appreeciate it if someone out there could give me a solution to this. Thanks so much, Andrew

Everytime I try to start up MS Outlook (XP), "MS Office XP Pro w/ Frontpage" tries to automatically start (error 1706). How can I correct this? I can't find my MS Office disks at the moment either.

Perry Choy
i'm getting the following message when i try to open any program within office 2007. " microsoft office has not been installed for the current user" windows 7 operating system

Microsoft word
1 replies , 3/17/2008, 11:46:26 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel When I open word, a receipe that i downloaded comes up and I am not able to get rid of it. I can not find the receipe anywhere in my computer, so I can delete nor can I open a new document. Each time I try to open a new document the receipe pops up with document #10, document #11 and so forth. I can not open a blank new document. thank you for your help

I imported my pictures from my camera directly to Microsoft office picture manager. From there I accidently deleted all the pictures on the camera and the program. I had not yet saved the pictures on the computer so they are not in the recycle bin. Are there anyway that the computer / microsoft office picture manager has saved the deleted pictures. Please help. Kind regards Mette

Microsoft Excell to Microsoft Word
1 replies , 10/3/2007, 5:04:01 AM
Did there is any formula to copy a data from Microsoft Excell to Microsoft Word?

what does the word "Microsoft" means or stands for?
4 replies , 11/1/2007, 7:16:00 AM
I want to konw what the word "Microsoft" stands for. Does anyone have a clue about it?

Microsoft SQL Profiler knowledge
2 replies , 9/23/2003, 7:07:56 PM
Hi I am interested in purchasing a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 software. I had a couple of questions in relation to SQL Profiler. 1. I will be running a number of queries to anonymize a database. (Selects, Updates, Select intos, Drops, etc) I was wondering if the software is capable of printing out a report containing a list of all the queries that were executed in the anonymisation process. Solely the name and code within the query, the time and that the procedure was performed without errors? 2. The process needs to be totally irreversible. The process ends by dropping all of the tables that were being worked on. Will there be any information stored in the SQL Server 2000 software that might enable someone to have any insight into the data that was recorded/deleted/updated or dropped in those tables? Thank you for your time, Sean McClory

Sean McClory
Microsoft pushes S+S vision
0 replies , 10/30/2008, 2:26:42 PM
Microsoft recently did its best to promote its Software Plus Services strategy at its S+S: The software giant=92s chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer, addressed executives, Gold partners and IT managers and professionals at its London partner summit about how Microsoft is responding to changes in the IT market. At Microsoft=92s World Partner Conference (WPC) in July, Microsoft signalled a shift in its Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy, announcing that partners can net six per cent annual recurring revenue.

Hello! I installed the English/Multilingual version of Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 on my notebook (that is running Windows XP SP1). Now I've been trying to install the German User Interface Pack. Unfortunately, it allways stopps the installation process with the following alert: "Please install Microsoft Office 2003 and then run Microsoft Office 2003 User Interface Pack setup again." Does anyone know how to solve or workaround this problem? Thanks in advance! Bye, Daniel

I am running Microsoft XP Professional on the XP Home operating system. For some reason for the last two weeks we have been unable to use any of our microsoft products - we can go into the application (e.g. word, ie, etc..) but will eventually get a Microsoft Visual C++ Error saying the application has requested that it be terminated in an abnormal way. Does anyone have a clue as to why this error keeps coming up and how to solve it - I've even tried to set the computer back to an earlier date which worked for a while but then the problem came back the next day. HELP!

Microsoft Excel --> Microsoft Works Spreadsheet
0 replies , 4/3/2005, 9:37:02 PM
I hope this makes sense - I have one workbook with many spreadsheets in that workbook with Microsoft Excel. I want to be able to use this same workbook with Microsoft Works - Spreadsheet but when I copy and paste, the formulas I have to a Works spreadsheet the formulas aren't recognized. Is there a way to fix that or is it impossible?!?!?! P.S. I realize that with Works I can't have one workbook with many spreadsheets. Will it work if I want to connect many different spreadsheets? The formula is: =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(B4,'Avon Products'!$A$2:$B$2439,2,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(B4,'Avon Products'!$A$2:$B$2439,2,FALSE))

microsoft language register doesn't work
1 replies , 4/21/2010, 12:06:26 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel There seems to be something wrong with the copy of Office that I have. <br><br>When I double-click on Microsoft Language Register, nothing happens. Dragging MS Word on top of the icon doesn't do anything either; it just moves Word to that folder. <br><br>Based on another post, I tried typing this into Terminal: <br><br>cd '/Applications/Microsoft Office 2008' <br> (cd './Additional Tools/Microsoft Language Register/Microsoft Language'; ln -s Merp.framework merp.framework) <br><br>I'm hoping there's a solution other that removing and reinstalling the entire package. <br><br>One caveat is that the version I have is an educational license. (I'm a student.), so maybe it isn't enabled. However, that would be frustrating because there is no indication, either from the Help system or the fact that the file exists (but doesn't open), that I have less than a full version. <br><br>I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Microsoft office and Microsoft Works
2 replies , 10/25/2004, 4:35:05 PM
Does anybody know what the difference between microsoft office and works are? They both have office programs like database and spread sheet applications and they are both made by microsoft. What makes these two seperate programs different? does microsoft need to make two programs that do virtually the same thing? I am confused, because my school has microst office and my home computer has microsoft works. It is very difficult for me to do the same work on two seperate systems. Thank you for your time.

Microsoft Error Reporting
1 replies , 9/15/2005, 6:41:08 PM
I am having issues with Office 2004:Mac . When I attempt to open any of the apps (Word, Excel etc), the program starts and then almost immediately notifies that "Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to close". Any ideas? Thanks!

Can't start Microsoft Project Add-In
0 replies , 5/22/2006, 5:21:01 PM
I'm working in an Add-in for Microsoft Project, using, that creates a toolbar (created with the Visual Studio Add-in Wizard 2003). When I run the application, it opens the Microsoft Project but it doesn't loads the toolbar, and no error is throwned. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advance, Ana Silva

Microsoft Word has not been installed for current user.
0 replies , 5/13/2006, 10:28:02 PM
Within the last couple of weeks, my entire Office XP Suite stopped functioning. I get a pop-up with the message "Microsoft Word has not been installed for current user. Please run setup to install the application." I've had the Suite installed on my home computer (I'm the admin and only user) for the last several years. Nothing in the MS support section seems to work (there's something about an opa file--i don't HAVE an opa file in the folder specified). Office repair does not work. Uninstalling/reinstalling does not work. I can't use other support options, because I can't OPEN the software to find the product ID #. Solutions, anyone?

Hi, I have a couple of teaching labs with highly restricted student use profiles. They can basically do nothing except use the shortcuts that are displayed on the desktop. Group policy deletes the cached copy of the roaming profile on logoff and prevents the profile changes from propogating back to the server. These machines have office 2003 professional edition on them and whenever a user logs in and opens any office application, word or excel for example, the setup box comes up saying "please wait while windows configures microsoft office professional edition 2003" and after thats done it asks for name and initials and then works. If the user logs off and logs back on it does the same thing again. The users are local administrators on the computers in order for a couple specialized applications to work so that should not be an issue. Any ideas on how I can stop this from coming up? It aparently confuses the students. Thanks!

Microsoft Office Trial
1 replies , 5/23/2007, 2:58:01 AM
How do I get the free trials started?

New Microsoft Office 12 Preview
1 replies , 10/14/2005, 5:50:03 AM
There are some interesting screenshots of the upcoming ´┐ŻOffice 12´┐Ż Microsoft's successor to Office 2003. I will admit they do look quit pretty, but the similarities between these and Aqua is uncanny. -- CatherinePosted from - http://www.officehelp.i

Microsoft Office for Teachers and Students
3 replies , 2/26/2004, 3:21:07 AM
Is it compatible with Windows Me? I notice on the site that describes it, it says it interfaces Windows 97, Windows 2000 and something else (can't remember), but did n't mention Windows Me. What am I to think? I want to get it, but how do I foind out Karen

How to open Microsoft Office 2004 on Mac with Microsoft Office 2004 and not with Microsoft Office 2008 on Mac? If both Microsoft Office 2004 and Microsoft Office 2008 are installed on the Mac, the latter opens all Microsoft Office 2004 files (.doc, ..ppt and .xls) by default. I know that it was intended as a feature, but it is a real pain, nightmare and tremendous waste of time if you have both Microsoft Office 2004 and Microsoft Office 2008 installed on the same Mac. And must have both. Amazingly, if the File - Get Info - Open with is changed to the corresponding Office 2004 application (Word, Excel or PowerPoint), it works as expected and fixes the problem for such single file, but if the "Change All" button is clicked, then such file and the rest are open with Microsoft Office 2008 applications. What??!! I mean, if the "Change All" button is NOT clicked, then the Open with works as expected, so, it must do something to the file (yet, Console says nothing!). Anyone can figure it out and make a macro or application or whatever to change all such Office 2004 files with a single click for all (I have thousands of such Office 2004 files and I cannot afford to change them on a one-by-one basis; I would need months or years!), so that they are always open with Office 2004 applications (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) and not Office 2008 applications. Thanks.

Microsoft Photo Editor
0 replies , 9/22/2004, 6:03:20 PM
Hello All, I'm having a problem with microsoft photo editor i install the program from an admin account and the program run just fine but when i run the program from the user profile i get an error message: no file format information can be found in the registry. your help will be great kelly ..

Microsoft Works 2002
1 replies , 6/19/2004, 9:07:08 AM
Can anyone help me! I can not find the Product Key Nuumber for mirosoft works 2002. I was told I can get it from the Cert. Of Auth. But were do I find that? Ihave lost the evnelope the disc came in with the number on the back. Is ther any hope? Please Help.