Win XP Professional Reboots


I am having problems with my Win XP Professional.  I've 
installed several games(MS Fligth Sim 2002, MS Combat 
Fligth Sim 3) and I also bougth a new Sidewinder 
Precision 2 joystick.
The problem is that while on the game, the computer 
reboots itself after a few minutes of game time.  I tried 
to see if the games where too much for my PC and 
installed an old Falcon 4.0, and still get the same error.

I have a Pentium IV 2.4 Gb 533mhz
a D865PERL Intel motherboard
512 Mb of DDR 333mhz
80 Gb on HDD
a Gforce 2 MX 200 (with the 44.03 driver)

Is it because of the joystick? 
I tried Windows update and it suggest to download a 11 Mb 
nvidia update pack, should I?

Thank you for you time.

6/29/2003, 11:15:48 AM

Hi Stigma,

The Windows Update suggests an older driver than the
one you're using now.  However, since newer is not always
better (it depends many times on how the game was written)
you can certainly try the suggested driver pack, but use a
system restore point before installing them so you can reverse
the change simply and easily.

The computer is rebooting because of a setting which can be
changed so that it stops at a blue screen which will describe
what the problem is that caused the application to fail.  We
can look in Event Viewer (under Administrative tools) to see
what the error was, or use this method to see the error when
it happens..

In Control Panel / System / Advanced Tab / Startup and Recovery
Settings button / uncheck the box to "Automatically Restart" and
then click OK twice to exit and save those changes.

Try that, and then post back with the error message so we can see
if it's pointing to a driver issue, a RAM issue, or a power / heat issue.

Jimmy S.

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"Stigma" <s***********> wrote in message
| Hello,
| I am having problems with my Win XP Professional.  I've
| installed several games(MS Fligth Sim 2002, MS Combat
| Fligth Sim 3) and I also bougth a new Sidewinder
| Precision 2 joystick.
| The problem is that while on the game, the computer
| reboots itself after a few minutes of game time.  I tried
| to see if the games where too much for my PC and
| installed an old Falcon 4.0, and still get the same error.
| I have a Pentium IV 2.4 Gb 533mhz
| a D865PERL Intel motherboard
| 512 Mb of DDR 333mhz
| 80 Gb on HDD
| a Gforce 2 MX 200 (with the 44.03 driver)
| Is it because of the joystick?
| I tried Windows update and it suggest to download a 11 Mb
| nvidia update pack, should I?
| Thank you for you time.
| Stigma

Jimmy S.
6/29/2003, 8:20:58 PM

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When I enter the Product Key number it does not accept it. I unfortunatly had 3 gateway computers die on my because of other reasons. So have I used up the amount of times I can use the CD? This is unfair since I didn't get to use those downloads. Help