Visio Modeler - .IMD Files

Where do you get the VisioModeler so you can import .IMD 
files? Is that all just part of normal Visio for data 
modeling, or is there is a separate componant? Please also 
reply to my emial at j*********** Thanks!  
Jann Ssegal
6/30/2003, 10:15:01 PM

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Economic Model Charts
1 replies , 1/11/2004, 3:41:17 AM
I need help formatting a supply and demand diagram. I can not get the (x) and (y) axis to correspond the way that I need them to and the information inside the diagram is not going well either.

refresh model for database model diagram
1 replies , 2/14/2009, 9:34:01 PM
I mistakenly CUT a table from my diagram, rather than DELETING it. Now it's gone from the list of tables in the model. I wanted to get it back, so I did a Refresh Model from the Database menu, thinking the table would show up in the list of differences. But the table doesn't show up in the list. So how do I get that table (which really IS in the database), back into the model? I don't want to do a complete Reverse Engineer, because then I'll have to build the diagram all over again.

I have been reading about how to disable the security warning, most suggest using Redemption, but is it possible to disable the warning by changing a registry value, or by changing the way base outlook objects are declared? Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application") Set myNameSpace = myOlApp.GetNamespace("MAPI") Set inbox = myNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(6) Set folder = myNameSpace.Folders("Personal Folders").Folders("Inbox")

Formatting and modelling
2 replies , 2/18/2014, 12:06:45 AM
I am currently undertaking an exercise at varsity. I have 3 columns, with b= ase, target, and actual. these 3 columns can be in percentages, actual numb= ers, dates, or currency. For example, base is 1-Jan-2013; target is 31-Dec-= 2013. The actual date is 20-Dec-2013. I would like the second and third columns to automatically change to the fo= rmat of the first column, for example, if the first column is in percentage= (%), the remaining two columns automatically change to percentage. is there a way of creating an error message on the second and third column = if they do not match the format of the first column? Thank you in advance those who can assist.

2 replies , 6/21/2004, 3:49:04 PM
I have a worksheet that I am using to create a model environment. I have five cells that contain percentages, a calculated cell that tells the output of the model based on the percentages, another cell that has a maximum value that the calculated cell should be and finally a cell that represents the total cost. In other words, I am running five machines and the percentages make up the load on each machine. When I change the percent values it is showing me the output of the machines. The fixed amount is the highest output I need. And the cost is the cost of running the machines at the given loads. What I am trying to figure out is if there is a way to have Excel go through the permutations of possible percent values for the machine to result in the maximum output needed, but result in the lowest cost. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Deuce Sapp
F/A-18 Hornet flown by Blue Angels Model Aircraft
0 replies , 2/1/2008, 4:55:40 AM
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Fishbone Model
0 replies , 10/26/2007, 9:03:00 AM
Hi, I want to build an Ishikawa (fishbone, cause-effect) model based on a data set in an existing spreadsheet. I am aware that I can purchase plug-in solutions, but none of these permit the level of comlpexity that I am after. Is anyone aware of a free tool that produces a fishbone output that I could modify to meet my own needs? TIA Dave

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Aymen Saleem
New version of powerful modeling and code generation tool with advanced Model-First support and Update Model from Database functionality. New model designer supports ADO.NET Entity Framework 1 and 4, and LINQ to SQL models and seamlessly integrates with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Devart announced the release of Entity Developer for SQL Server 3.00, the new version of powerful visual ORM model designer and code generation tool, that supports ADO.NET Entity Framework 1 and 4, and LINQ to SQL models. Entity Developer allows you to create and edit models visually, without typing a line of XML code, and supports creating all kinds of mapping. T4-based code generation in Entity Developer is very flexible allowing virtually anything you may want for code generation. Entity Developer for SQL Server 3.00 allows executing LINQ or ESQL queries against the model, and view/edit data, so you can easily test the mapping. Now you can use advanced Model-First and Database-First approaches to design ADO.NET Entity Framework 1 and 4, and LINQ to SQL models: Model-First Model First approach implementation in Entity Developer offers automatic synchronization of mapping and storage part with the conceptual part of the model and easy to use wizards for synchronizing database with the model. Synchronizing Database with the Model Entity Developer offers you two options for creating database based on your model. You may either generate a create script, that creates a new database, or use Update to Database Wizard that synchronizes an existing database with the model. This wizard makes only necessary changes to the database and retain the data if possible. Even changes inside entity are detected and resulted in ALTER statements, the table doesn't need to be dropped and created again. The wizard displays the tree of the changed objects and their changes, allowing you to choose which database objects need to be synchronized with the model, specify the renamed objects, etc. Mapping Synchronization When automatic mapping synchronization is enabled, changes to the conceptual model are automatically applied to its mapping and storage part. For example, when you add a class to the conceptual part, a corresponding table is created in the storage part, and the class is automatically mapped to this table. Even the most complex conceptual part changes are supported - complex types, many-to-many associations, complex hierarchies. All these changes can be automatically reflected in the storage part. However you may make manual changes to the storage part, and they will be preserved when editing conceptual part. Updating Model from Database Update From Database Wizard allows synchronizing your model with the database for Entity Framework, and LINQ to SQL in a fast and convenient way. Unlike standard Visual Studio Update Wizard, Entity Developer Update From Database Wizard tries to preserve manual changes to the model where possible. The wizard detects all the database changes that can affect the model, e.g. created and deleted tables and views, their columns and foreign keys, column datatype changes, created and deleted stored procedures and functions, changes to their parameters etc. Pricing and Availability In spite of new advanced functionality the price of Entity Developer for SQL Server is the same -$99.95. Please, feel free to download and try Entity Developer for SQL Server 3.00 from Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about Entity Developer 3.00 on its support page =97 r/support.html Entity Developer 3.00 is also available as a part of LinqConnect and Professional editions of dotConnect for Oracle, dotConnect for MySQL, dotConnect for PostgreSQL, and dotConnect for SQLite. As a part of these solutions Entity Developer supports corresponding databases. About Devart Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software market and over 20 thousands of devoted users. We specialize in providing comprehensive development and management tools as well as native connectivity solutions for the most popular databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite. For additional information about Devart, visit

document model
0 replies , 11/3/2004, 10:04:09 PM
How can I change the model type of a visio document from a plain type to a Database model with out loosing any of my existing data?

Hi, I am trying to convert a MS Visio 2003 EER Model to MS Access 2003 or to ODBC so I can create the tables in SQL?

VISIO Modeling
2 replies , 3/15/2005, 5:11:06 PM
Hi, I want to use VISIO 2003 as an SQL Server modeling tool but can find no way to export the design to SQL Server. Can someone help me with this or point me in the correct direction? Thanks -- don

Excel modelling
2 replies , 4/8/2006, 10:07:53 AM
Hello everyone I need to get up to speed very quickly on Excel modelling, especially financial modelling. Would someone pls recommend some good free online resource to learn up on excel functions that are useful for financial modelling. Thanks -- musafir ------------------------------------------------------------------------ musafir's Profile: View this thread:

Hi Just curious to know the really different between VEA for VSEA 2003 and Whitehorse in VS.NET 2005 in case of UML and Data Modeling. Does someone know the detail? The reason is investment in resource now or just wait until the end of the year.

Lottery Model
7 replies , 8/6/2007, 10:20:01 AM
Hello everyone, Please help. I want to build a model in Excel to help me determine possible winning number combinations as my optimum solution, using previous draw numbers as historical input data. Is Excel's Solver suitable for this or would I have to look at a different Optimization Engine. Where do I start? Thanx -- KCG

Decision Modeling Add-Ins for Excel
0 replies , 9/23/2004, 11:23:26 AM
I was wondering if Microsoft has a Decision Modeling Add- In for Excel like the one advertised by TreePlan ( The add in helps you build a decision tree diagram in an Excel worksheet using dialog boxes. The add-in is used for analyzing sequential decision problems for determining optimal strategy.

Fishbone Model
0 replies , 4/15/2008, 12:27:02 PM
Hi, My next project is to try and build an Ishikawa (also known as a fishbone or cause and effect) model in Excel. There's plenty of good packages available to buy, but I would like to build my own a) because it's a challenge and b) they don't seem to be XL plug-ins. The end model should look something like: I have managed to fnd one XL through Google, but it is very limited in its capabilities and depends on manual data entry. What I would like to build is a tool that will interrogate my source data (another XL spreadhsheet being used as a database) and build the model automatically. I have no way of knowing how many records are in the source data, though I do know how the data is structured. I'm happy enough putting something together that ill pull in the needed data and lay it out in any way I want to, but what I can't figure out is how to generate the output, specifically the relationships between the various levels of "bones". Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA Dave

Model takes over ...
2 replies , 9/6/2003, 4:27:55 AM
I signed up with a broadband cable connection about a month ago. Since then I've encountered a number of intermittent problems with email. Here's one. When I click "Send & Receive," Entourage usually uses the broadband connection. But once in a while it starts dialing via the modem. Anyone know what causes that, and how to eliminate the problem. Thanks! John

John B.
Financial Models
1 replies , 7/23/2009, 12:43:54 AM
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) I'm currently a full-time PC user and I'm heavily considering switching over to the new Mac Book Pro. My major hesitation is that I am in finance and i'm constatly creating very complex financial models in Excel, I'm familiar with most of the quick key strokes, and I'm afraid I wont have the same functionality or efficiency with Mac's version of Excel as I do with my PC. Any thoughts, suggestions, or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ben

I am heavily programing Office Web Components from VBA, in particular the Pivot Chart and Pivot Table components, I cannot find a way to programatically show or hide the drop areas? I was expecting a DisplayDropAreas property similar to the DisplayToolbar Property? Please help.

Modeling Tool
3 replies , 9/1/2005, 2:47:26 PM
Experience Posters, I am wanting to do more advanced designs of APIs before I write the fist line of code. I have seen UML as well as the class designer for VS 2005. What I would really like is something like the VS 2005 class designer, but for VS 2003. I would settle for a free to economically priced UML app that can generate C#/VB.NET code. What have you all been using? Thanks for any direction. Chris

Chris Smith
Adding Packages to Models in the UML Navigator
0 replies , 6/29/2003, 11:07:57 AM
I'm having some trouble adapting to the organization scheme that the UML Navigator imposes. Specifically how does one add a package to a UML Model in Visio? It seems like the system always creates a "Top Package" in the Model and wants you to put diagrams under it. I can't seem to get Visio to add more packages to the model. If it's true that a Model must have one and only one "Top" Package, then why show it in the Navigator at all? I don't recall reading anything in any of my UML books about a model only allowing a single package. On the other hand, I can add as many packages as I want to a UML project - and I can add a package to a package, or to a diagram. Can someone provide some guidance on how this was meant to be used? I'm using Visio 2000 Professional. Thanks. Steve

Steve W.
Solver saving models problem
0 replies , 2/12/2004, 8:06:09 PM
Hello I save a Solver model and then create a new model that uses the same target cell, but varies one or more of it's constraints. When I try to save the new model to a new cell range, Excel insists on overwriting the original saved model with the new cell range data in addition to saving the new model to the specified cell range Does anyone know what's happening z_cassano

WBS Modeller
2 replies , 5/7/2009, 1:59:01 PM
Is the WBS Modeller (modeler in US English) still available for Visio 2007? When trying to download, the page cannot be found. Cheers Chris

Using OutLook Object Model using C#
0 replies , 6/21/2004, 7:00:34 AM
Hello All, I am a visual C++ developer,I shifted to Visual Studio 2003 and found out the wizard of Office Add-ins, using C# or VB.NET it is quite simple to create the Add-in instead of C++, I want to know that if there is some thing that we can not do in Add-in regarding acccessing the Object Model of outlook using C# or VB.NET, that we can do using C++, I am confused about chosing the language that I should use for development of OutLook Add-in. Moreover I used VS2003 to create an Add-in using C++ and found out that the things that we have to do(i.e Importing TLB etc) it does it self and rename the name space to OFFICE as well but I am unable to using the OutLook::Application, the compiler says that this is not a name space ? do I have to manually Import the TLB and make a namespace of OutLook.?? best regards Muhammad Aftab Alam

Muhammad Aftab Alam
Database models
0 replies , 6/3/2004, 3:11:06 PM
Has anyone found a good way to list data source information by field using Visio? I'm looking for an alternative to putting it in the 'notes' field. I'd like to capture source data detail. For example, my source might be ps_addresses.emailid1 but it's going to be address.emailid in the destination. I want to be able to search for the former if I need to Thanks.

Question: Visio and Mutiple Users (UML Modeling)
1 replies , 5/10/2004, 5:55:34 PM
Hello, I have a question regarding multiple developers collaborating on a UML model using Visio. First some background. My team has been using Rational Rose for years and we are in the midst of evaluating alternatives. We believe that we would be better served by a simpler tool than Rose, as our UML modeling requirements are more or less concentrated on the ability to create sequence diagrams and class diagrams (NOT the whole litany of additional functionality provided by Rose). We basically want to simplify things and make designing our objects a less cumbersome process. Now to the problem. Rose provided a feature that supported multi-user development that we can not seem to find/duplicate in Visio. The feature Rose gave us was the ability to break up a UML model into physical files (.cat files). This provided us with two benefits that came in handy while doing team development. 1) The ability to break up a model so that multiple developers could work on different pieces of it at the same time 2) The ability have "common files" that you could reference elsewhere in the model, enabling one to do things like reuse existing class definitions Does Visio (any version) provide functionally that would support this type of model development? If not, is there any way that we could achieve our multi-user requirements (model compartmentalization, reuse) using Visio? Any light that anyone can shed on this issue will be most appreciated. Thanks, Eric

database model
1 replies , 4/9/2008, 7:19:02 PM
I have MS Office visio Pro 2003 SP2 (11.8207.8202) SP3 I am trying to open an existing diagram of a database. When it opens I get the following error: "ERROR - Failed to initialize the Modeling Engine." Once the diagram opens, if I double-click on a table shape I get the following error: "The action you executed requires a Database Model document". Am I missing an add on? Do I need a different version (architect?) of Visio?

Team System Object Model
0 replies , 7/28/2006, 6:29:40 PM
I found out that the Assemblies that allows us to access Team Foundation Server are located at the following location. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies However, I can't seem to find a documentation on those assemblies although I can find some samples out there on the web. Does anyone know if Microsoft has documentation for it?

Hayato Iriumi
Model Diagram
0 replies , 3/3/2006, 6:35:28 PM
I created a data model in Visio. When I try to generate a database in SQL from the datamodel, the table and column descriptions do not tranfer. Can some one help? Also there is not identity data type when I create a new column in Visio data model diagram. Is there something that is similar to identity data type? It is kind of pain to go change all data types for ID fields once the database is in SQL.

logic model
1 replies , 8/12/2005, 3:59:12 AM
Can you use Visio to create a logic model?

Hello. I have around 10 data tables (all containing between 4 and 45 column= s of data, and as from 50,000 to 100,000 rows) that I need to update daily.= The only column that I need to update daily is the Price, which I obtain i= n a txt file (i.e., root price file) on a daily basis through a manual down= load process.=20 Once I have updated all of the 8 data tables with the revised Prices, I hav= e to upload them as either a CSV file or Txt file to several sites.=20 I am hoping to be able to use the Data Model (i.e., linked tables) feature = in Excel 2013 in order to automate this process. Primarily, I just want to = perform a single step that will update the prices in all tables. (I will co= ntinue to upload the resulting files manually, though I am open to suggesti= ons for how to automate that step as well.) And I am of course open to other options, such as using Microsoft Access, o= r Power Pivot.=20 My initial question is whether it will even be possible to update the price= s in all files daily, by merely replacing the root price file daily via Exc= el 2013 (after first creating relationships across the files? Or is Excel n= ot really capable of performing such an update? If not, would it be more pr= actical to resort to Power Pivot to accomplish the same task? Thanks for any suggestions!

Model # lookup spreadsheet
4 replies , 1/28/2004, 3:05:09 AM
How would I create a spreadsheet that would indicate what type Product is when a model # is put in multiple cells? Here is my situation, I'm in the HVAC business and would like to be able to put individual letters, (or numbers) in cells A1 through A20 or so, and return an answer in maybe B2 stating that the product is a Brand X, Air Handler, with gas heat and 3 tons of cooling etc.? In some products the combined cells, (the first three letters/numbers for instance), indicate a particular type etc. In this instance how would I avoid repeating Brand X three times? =IF(A1>="XOX","Brand X",IF(A1=XYX,Brand X,IF(A1>5,4,IF(A1>3,3,IF(A1>=1,2,IF(A1<1,0)))))) Thanks in advance for any help... Doctor Hurt --- Message posted from

Doctor Hurt <
How to Export Data Dictonary for Database Model Diagram
1 replies , 9/30/2004, 11:47:02 PM
I am trying to Export my Data Dictonary from an Entity Relationship Diagram into Excel. I can't seem to find any resources in Visio to allow me to perform this fuction except for an Organization Chart, which I do not need.

UML - Association Class not in Model Explorer
0 replies , 3/10/2009, 9:20:01 PM
Hello, I'm creating a class diagram using the UML add-on. The behavior I am depicting is seen in both Visio 2003 and 2007. Basically I have two classes linked by an association class. My two classes appear in my package but not my association class. Is there a reason for this? Because this means i cannot use this association class, its attributes and operations anywhere else (sequence, activity diagram etc.) rendering it completely useless... Anyways I'm a bit puzzled by this so if anybody has any help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated, I don't really feel like changing my associations to regular classes to go around this issue if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance, Greg