"Updating Office By Using Client Updates" advice + Office 2003

Updating Office By Using Client Updates

I've just read this article, and I'm rather surprised by the advice it
contains that "organizations should distribute client (binary) updates to
users' computers and run the updates separately on each local computer."
(i.e. rather than updating an administrative installation point and
redeploying the application).  What happened to Intellimirror?  What if the
local users don't have administrative privileges?  It rather looks like a
leap backwards...

Is this recommendation going to apply to Office 2003 too, or have the
deployment issues with updating administrative installation points been
fixed in the new version?


James Reather
9/14/2003, 7:35:47 AM

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Hi James,

The Office 2003 Resource Kit is available at

In the Office XP article you mentioned the use
of updating an Admin Point and recaching the clients
is still the recommended approach.

 'To date, Microsoft has proposed two solutions to help keep administrative and client images in sync. The first is to manage the
computing environment so that client computers are recached and reinstalled promptly after each update to the administrative share.
This is still the recommended option..."

Issues arise, as the article mentions, when folks may have
access to more than one source of the original .MSI package.

Office 2003 includes an option to basically cache the
CD on the computer and there are other changes available as well

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Updating Office By Using Client Updates

I've just read this article, and I'm rather surprised by the advice it
contains that "organizations should distribute client (binary) updates to
users' computers and run the updates separately on each local computer."
(i.e. rather than updating an administrative installation point and
redeploying the application).  What happened to Intellimirror?  What if the
local users don't have administrative privileges?  It rather looks like a
leap backwards...

Is this recommendation going to apply to Office 2003 too, or have the
deployment issues with updating administrative installation points been
fixed in the new version?

James >>
I hope this helps you,

Bob  Buckland  ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

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The Office 2003 System parts explained

Bob Buckland ?:-\)
9/15/2003, 12:09:09 AM

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I have Office 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Professional, SP4. When I run Office Update from IE, I get the following message. I am not much of an expert with these things... I do have administrative privileges and Windows Installer 3. I have always been able to run Office Update. This problem has just started. Is anybody able to help? Thanks. ---- tb The Office Update site is unable to check for updates on this computer. This may be happening because of one of the following reasons: a.. You do not have administrative privileges for this computer. b.. There is a network problem and the detection catalog used by the Office Update site failed to download. Go back to the Downloads home page and try running detection again. c.. Windows Installer patch files (.MSP files) from previously applied Office updates are missing from the \Windows\Installer hidden directory on your computer. MSP files are stored on your computer after update installation completes because they need to be referenced for future update operations. If the files are missing you will not be able to apply Office updates. You may also be unable to uninstall Office products as a result of the same problem. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for assistance. d.. You installed Office updates in the past and then upgraded from Windows Installer version 1.0 to Windows Installer version 1.1. For more information see the KB article Windows Installer May Prompt for Install Source if Unavailable.

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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange I have 12.2.1 at home and 13.0 at work, and they are doing the same thing. Between scheduled times Entourage is trying to update the inbox, calendar, but there is nothing to update. I have emptied the cache but that did not seem to help.

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I had no problem

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It is really frustrating when downloads from Windows or Office Update sites have a problem installing themselves, and I have nowhere to report the problems. This isn't the first time this has happened, but it NEVER happened before 2004 and I'm wondering why developers are getting so sloppy with updates. Plus, why should I pay $35 to tell Microsoft that something in the update package can't identify my product id for Office Professional 2003 programs (Publisher to be specific) which have been on my computer for 2 years. Pulease! Also, those silly messages saying that the update was unsuccessful don't help anybody. I had to download the hotfix and run it manually to see exactly what the problem was. Outlook 2003 Junk-Email Filter update has the same problem, and from my own software development experience, I can tell that whatever you call your update packages are probably looking in the wrong place for the product id for both products. I bet $100,000 that if I manually run what I downloaded for Outlook 2003, I get directed to the same error message in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\1033\Setup.chm. I can't tell you how many times those 2 updates have downloaded and installed; it was obnoxious and interrupting other things I was doing. I finally told Automatic Updates to stop telling me to download/install those products since someone at Microsoft has made a programming error for both Office 2003 products. Geesh! ---------------- This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then click "I Agree" in the message pane. http://www.microsoft.com/office/community/en-us/default.mspx?mid=66d78412-198b-45c6-8f58-5fc13c863b25&dg=microsoft.public.officeupdate

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The upgrade keeps asking for the Microsoft Office 2000 Small Buisness disk that I did not receive with my MS 2000 office Pro. What to do? Looking for data.msi? Where do I find this file? Why this complication when all I wanted to do was update?

Bill Cook
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When I open a workbook it prompts me for:- "Update" or "dont update" "Workbook linked to other sources" type of message. The workbook concerned is a copy of my original in another folder (I always work off copies) I have never experienced this before (the prompt) which is annoying. I have tried both `update` and `dont update` but still get the prompt every time I open it. How can I stop this. thanks


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Hi What is the easiest way to keep my server updated with the latest microsoft updates? How do i know that these updates will not screw up my Server? I have got a dial up modem connection to the internet from the Server. Please, please, please keep it simple for me. thanks again

Whole package or Update
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I just recently purchased my first computer. I do not have Excel, which i need. Someone told me that if I have Windows XP (which I do) or Microsoft Works (which I do) then all I need to buy is the Upgrade. If you look at the Microsoft website, it list about 5 things that you have to have at least one of and these are both included. So, if I just buy an Upgrade, say Office Professional Edition 2003, can I install it on my computere and have Excel when it's done. Thanks, Js

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I saw that I needed to update Office with SP1, so I downloaded the update, but it asks for the cd, which I can't find (my office is a mess). So I saw that you could do a full download which takes longer, but doesn't need the cd. But when I try that, it insists that I need SKU111.CAB from the CD. I get the impression that this might be due to Frontpage, which I have installed but I also don't have the cd for. So I decided to forget about the update. But now, whenever I try to run Excel, it tries to run the installation, and asks for the cd. So now I can't run Excel, which is extremely important for my business. Can anyone help? I'd just like it to stop trying to run the update installation so I can use Excel again. It'd be nice to have the update, I suppose, but I wasn't having any trouble before and really really really need to use Excel and I'm facing a deadline. I've been using Microsoft Works for the past week, but it is just no substitute for Excel. I might not check this frequently, but I need help quick, so if you could email me an answer to my email, I will be your eternal friend. Thank you.

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On the Excel forum I'm sent to the Access Forum, and on the Access Forum to the Excel forum... Maybe it is a basic Office question as to how things are arranged. I use a softare that was written in Access. I don't have direct access to the real database, but it has a funcion with a query that creates an accesable database for the time period or tables that you request. I copied that database to my notebook and imported three sheets into Excel, where a 4th sheet extracts, summarizes, etc. the information from those tables. I see that Excel (or windows or access) created copies of those tables in a folder called "my Data Sources". Three questions: 1. How can I transfer this (and it's sources) to my accountant's computer in the office so he can update it monthly? 2. When you click "refresh data" in Excel, does it just refresh from "My Data Sources" or does it cause those tables to be updated from the original? 3. If it only refreshes from the tables in "my data sources", how do I refresh those tables?

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I did manage to update my OFFICE 2008 more or less satisfactorily. As per the initial MVP warning, I DID have to retype in my passwords for the various accounts. More noticeably for was the change in the layout of the Incoming Mail. Until now I was able to see the sender's name - as they had formatted it in their addressbook/messages - together with the applicable email address. However NOW, these senders' email address happen to be part of my addressbook, then the Sender's name that I see in an incoming message is what I have listed, and NOT what the sender has in his original message. Question: Is there anyway I can revert to the old system of being able to see the Sender's Name as he/she used it - rather than what I have used in my addressbook for that person?

Mayfield Intl
I was forced to wait for a 56.3 MB "Important" Update to be downloaded from Windows Update before I could use my own computer. If I set Windows Update to allow me to review "high-priority updates" before downloading, then Windows Live OneCare shows my computer to be "At Risk," turns the Windows Live OneCare icon to bright red, and prompts me that my computer "May be at risk from Internet threats." And if I do set Windows Update to automatically download and install "important" updates, I am forced to wait until a 56.3 MB "Important" update such as KB955020 (which adds the following five words to the English dictionary for Microsoft Office, which I do not and will not use) before I am able to simply start and use my own computer. Can anyone explain to me why this 56.3 MB download from Windows Update is considered important enough to deny me the use of my own computer until it completes? Thanks. In Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008, when you check the spelling of English language text in an application that uses the English dictionary, all the following words cannot be recognized and are flagged as being misspelled: ..Friendster ..Klum ..Nazr ..Obama ..Racicot One example of an application that uses the English dictionary is Windows Mail. Restart requirement You have to restart the computer after you apply this update.

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Hi, I have been running Office 10.0.0 for quite some time. So I decided I needed to update the software. I first updated it to 10.1.2. Everything went okay. Then I updated it to 10.1.3. It had me re-enter all my info ex:name, Phone #, and registration #. When I entered the reg#, it said the # is invalid. How can this be? Any tips or suggestions? thanks Lulu

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Hi, I have a function, myfunction( ) which searchs for a string in a specific worksheet W and returns a cell's value v The problem is, when v is changed the cell that uses myfunction( ) is not updated automatically. I know this is the way functions work and maybe I'll need a different approach. Hoping I'm clear enough, what to do? (I may try forcing the worksheet to recalculate (how to do that btw?) but looking for a better way.) Thanks.

Windows Update Ox80072F78 error
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After installing the new windows update installer and some security fixes, I'm now no longer able to connect the W2K server to the Windows Update site. Error 0x80072F78. KB836985 is no help. TIA, Fred

Fred Blum
Office update Security updates KB917151 & KB914455
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Getting Installation unsuccessfull. Followed all the MS help for Install unsuccessfull. Re-installed office 2003 after HD rebuild all has gone well on the updates but these two will not install. Cleared Internet history & files, Deleted the Office11update folder, removed the temp files. Reinstalled office 2003 all updates upto these two install fine. Anybody any ideas what there is left to try. I went through the MS help links for the installation unsccessfull and followed the guide to the letter and still no help. Thanks

Still crashing after fresh install & update
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Here I sit heart broken and frustrated. <br> Entourage is still crashing (� unexpectedly quit�) <br> I'd had a problem with this for months and months, even after trying all the other Troubleshooting Tips I could find, I decided that I had to resolve it with a fresh start, and the latest software. <br><br>I bought brand new external hard disk drive. <br> Using the Apple Snow leopard Installation disk, I ran Disk Utilities to initialize the disk (write zeros in a single pass,) Partition the drive, install Snow Leopard; and update to the most recent version (10.6.3) <br> I then installed Microsoft Office from the original DVD and updated Office to the current level (12.2.4). <br> Restarting on my internal drive I turned off my internet connection, deleted all the emails (hundreds in the Inbox, and thousands in Folders) from my Exchange (2003) account and then deleted the Exchange Account for my Entourage Accounts. (My intent is that these emails, contacts, calendar, etc. are deleted from the Main Identity database on my MacBook, but are still saved on the Exchange server.) <br> That left my 9 POP accounts (5 Comcast.net, 3 mac.com, and 1 yahoo.com.) in my Main Identity. <br> I then used the Microsoft Database Utility, to Rebuild the Main Identity (database size went from 3.1 GB to 360 MB.) <br> Restart-ing [Startup Disk] on the fresh Snow Leopard drive, I opened the freshly loaded Entourage and imported the just rebuilt Main Identity from the internal drive. <br><br>After setting Preferences, checking on all the Account options and entering the Passwords, I did a Send &amp; Receive All, which gave me about 60 unread emails in my Inbox. (Between the POPs and my Exchange Account, I get 300-500 emails a week, not including what goes into the Junk folder.) <br> Excited to get back to work, with freshly loaded and updated software, I started to work through the Inbox; I would open the email, read it, and then Delete it or Arrow Key down to the next one; and then ENTOURAGE CRASHED AGAIN � just like before. <br><br>I have been unable to identify a convincing pattern to the crashes. <br> It always happens when opening a message. <br> It doesn�t seem to matter whether the message is Unread or previously [successfully] Read or whether it�s because of Deleting a [logically] preceding message or of Arrow Keying Up or Down. <br> It successfully reads the message that it crashed on, after Restarting Entourage. <br> I don�t remember this ever happening on the first couple of messages after a fresh start of Entourage; it usually takes a dozen or more messages and may make it through several dozen. There isn't a consistent number. <br> I have previously run Preferential Treatment and found no problems � but this is a fresh load and update of both the operating system and Office. Nothing else had been loaded onto this drive. <br><br>$!#&amp;*$!?, Grumble, Groan, <br> I really thought this would fix it. <br> I�ve invested days and days trying to make this work. <br><br>I am mystified as to what to try next. <br> Does anyone have any suggestions? <br> Thank you for your service.

Updating within a transaction
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I want to do my data souirce updates within a transaction, so I build the update command, start the transaction, then GetChanges and update: Dim cbUpdate As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(oAdapter) oAdapter.UpdateCommand = cbUpdate.GetUpdateCommand tranConfirm = gconWis.BeginTransaction Dim dsNew As DataSet dsNew = oDs.GetChanges(DataRowState.Modified) oAdapter.Update(dsNew, "table1") Within a try ... catch; I get error message "Execute requires a transaction object when the connection is in a pending local transaction." I assume I need to add the transaction id somewhere, but where ? thanks Mike Gooding ------------

Office updates
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Currently have Windows XP and after downloading offices updates my computer is freezing when I send email from the file or when I email the file and then try to move it. Usually have to end task that application. Has this happened to any one else?

Constant Updates
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I have a reformatted partition with xp pro. I installed Office. I had the old folders on E and they were overwritten, I assume most but not all, as expected. The program (2003) works, but everytime I load it, there is an update dialog running for a few seconds. The way I fixed outlook was to delete the outlook folder on E and then reinstall Outlook.

Automatic Updates between worksheets
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I am in urgent need of some advice. I have a worksheet that contains information in priority order, one part contains numeric info (money!), I want to add a related sheet that keeps some fields as per sheet 1 (name, subject, etc) but then has descriptions (text). My problem is ensuring that if a priority changes, how can you make sure both sheets are updated automatically? For example: Lines 1 - 5 are in priority order. If Line 4 then becomes higher priority than line 2 how can I switch their places ON BOTH SHEETS? HELP! This is costing me hair!!