Unable to open Excel suddenly

Program Error
EXCEL.exe has generated errors and will be closed by 
Windows. You will need to restart the program. An error 
log is being created. OK

Have not been able to start excel. All other office 
programs start with no issue.

Please help. Thank you
Frank Cseri
6/30/2003, 7:41:22 PM

Suddenly it won't update!
0 replies , 1/7/2006, 11:02:35 PM
I'm using Office 2000. Suddenly, just today, my worksheets stopped updating. I get the message "do you want to update." I click yes. But it won't update! The references are correct -- ??? Please help! <*((((><{ F*******ean.Net

Date suddenly changed
4 replies , 6/11/2008, 2:53:04 AM
Hi all. This one is driving me insane. I have a spreadsheet (MS Excel 2003) with a range of dates in column A. While I was working on another area of the spreadsheet, the date in the cells in column A suddenly changed to 5-digit numericals. No matter how I try, I can't get the numerical back to date. Anybody out there have any ideas? Bjoern

Sudden disconnect
2 replies , 7/15/2003, 5:07:42 AM
New intallation of Small Business server. Cable modem hookup to the internet - NOT routed through server but through switch only. Works fine for several hours, then all communication halts. Server is still running, but server cannot connect to internet, server CAN ping other workstations, but workstations cannot connect to server or the internet. Disable and reenable of server network card makes no difference. Reboot of server fixes the problem. Nothing out of ordinary in Event log. Any ideas?

Macros suddenly in file... virus?
1 replies , 1/29/2005, 1:13:26 AM
I have an Excel workbook that I created in 1998 - I have used it continuously in the 7 years since then. Today for the first time ever I received this pop-up window: "The workbook you are opening contains macros. Some Macros may contain viruses that could be harmful to your computer. If you are sure this workbook is from a trusted source, click 'Enable Macros'. If you are not sure and want to prevent any macros from running, click 'Disable Macros'." So I clicked "Disable Macros" and opened the file. Then I went to Tools -> Macro -> Macros to view all macros in this file and there are NONE! It is absolutely empty. Anyone have any ideas on the following: A) Could a macro be introduced into an Excel file without my doing it? B) If there are no macros in the edit list then how exactly can I find out why I am getting the macro warning and what can I do to make sure that there are no viruses in there? C) Finally, is there any way to scan for viruses in Mac (not NORTON!!!!!) I appreciate any help or insight anyone can provide. Thanks guys!

1 replies , 8/4/2003, 1:02:29 AM
I install a game on my computer and when i first play the game it dosent freeze at anytime or anything but after i awhile when i open games again and i click on like player name it will freeze automatically and when i play the game it will freeze. I updated all my graphics drivers and i hav the newest direct x 9.0a and it still freezes. And whenever i click on like find player and in the name feild if i click in ther it also freezes imedeatly. If someone cud help me fix this problem i would realy appreciate it. Its weird because i never use to have this problem then suddenly one day it just started freezing when i hit player name or 1 min after gameplay. I hav tried most of the things jimmy s. has said but still i freeze. Jedi Knight 2 Jedi outcast use to work when i reinstalled it but now it doesnt work at all even if i reformat and reinstall. And i kno i dont hav a virus cuz i formatted yesterday. Cud my video card be the problem or my mother board. Wud updating my bios help PLZ HELP ME. I hav a AMD atholon Xp 2100 512 RDRAM 64 G-Force 4 Mx 440 Direct x 9.0a. This problem started happening like out of nowher and all games that i install on my comp dont work. Like any good new game out. I really need help sum1 helppppppppppppppp me. Its summer and i cant play games. They work wen i first install but if i dont play the game and after i awhile start up the game again and play for 2 min i freeze . HELLLLLLLLLLLP THNX

Suddenly There is a Macro
1 replies , 12/5/2003, 4:55:50 PM
I've got a .doc that upon opening suddenly appears to have a macro in it. How do I find/remove it? -- Jeff

Jeff Bishop
entourage sudden quit
1 replies , 11/13/2007, 9:02:39 AM
hi all I experienced frequent sudden quit in entourage when I try to refresh my mail box. This requires I relaunch the application agin and it work fine. ANyone have the similar experience ? How can we fix it ?

Entourage suddenly shuts down
1 replies , 12/16/2007, 5:03:11 AM
I am having problems with Entourage unexpectedly shutting down. I have one of the new iMacs with an intel processor. After purchasing it, I installed Leopard, updated it, then installed Office. I don't notice any pattern as to what function I am using in Entourage, just that it suddenly shuts down no matter what I am doing. Has anyone encountered this and have any suggestions. I notice on the microsoft: mac page there is no support for Entourage 2004, but instead for Excel 2004. Some links I have clicked on that read Entourage take me to an Excel support page. Thanks!

Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: intel Email Client: pop Dear Forum Members, I've had Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac since April and everything has been greaat. All of a sudden this message that looks like it's being generated by Entourage started popping up about a week ago, about every 30 seconds asking me" Microsoft Entourage wants to use your confidential information stored in "mail.comcast.net" in your Keychain. Do you want to allow this?". Then it asks me to either "Always Allow, Deny or Allow". Even if I hit Allow, it pops up again and I have to hit it again, then the whole thing starts over again real soon. My fear I I'm being Hacked or phished or something is trying to get my private information. It's just because the whole time I have used Entourage up until this problem, I never saw this or any other thing asking for acces to my orivate information. Am I paranoid or does anyone know if this is normal? Does anyone know of an excellent Spyware, Malware, Firewall, Phishing Program for the Mac side of an intel iMac running the most recent Leopard version? Thanks to all of you and I really hope some of you have answers to my questions. I'd like to safely stop these Pop-Ups and just for piece of mind get the best security software I can for the Mac side of my Computer. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from something from anyone (desperate). Bogey13

Suddenly expanding database
5 replies , 6/21/2005, 2:30:54 AM
This morning I had a problem with Entourage, the database daemon started using all available CPU resources. I had to force quit Entourage to get control back. I then did a verify on the database to see if there was a problem. There was so I did a rebuild. The resulting database was about 550MB. I continued to have problems during the day and I had to rebuild one more time at the end of the day. This time the database had increased to 698MB in size! I did not receive any significant emails today so it was not emails. So I went and looked at my calendar events. Suddenly there are 91,600 calendar events! These are all in the one category which I synchronize with the Exchange server at one of my clients. Some past events have over 50 entries for the one event and many of the events are not even in the particular category which is supposed to be sync'd! I have been using Entourage 2004 for synchronization with this server for months. This problem appears to have started today. What happened? Does this sound like an Entourage problem or some weird problem with the exchange server? Bruce

Bruce Truax
"not genuine" all of a sudden?
4 replies , 9/27/2009, 6:21:02 AM
I have a Toshiba Satellite A305 I bought from Best Buy in 2008 with Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 with Microsoft Word 2002 (10.6854.6845) SP3. It has the Windows sticker on the bottom (though it's getting hard to read). About a month ago it started giving the warning message that this copy of Microsoft Word is "not genuine" when I open Word, and now it is saying that it's going to mark all the files as "not genuine". I do run an antivirus (McAfee), and several spyware and adware programs. I'm not sure why I'm suddenly having a problem with this. 1. Can I fix it? (I don't have the CDs and can't afford to re-buy the programs) 2. Is my system or data at risk if I don't fix it? I'd be happy to try whatever is suggested, or provide more info if needed. I did search for this issue, but found it only in different versions of windows, and I can't find the tool to fix in this version of Word, so I am posting a separate thread. Thanks very much for any info! trisha

All of a sudden my text is in capitals.
2 replies , 7/21/2005, 4:19:02 AM
I AM USING WORD 2003, I MUST HAVE HIT THE WRONG KEY AS all of a sudden my text is in capitals. How do i get regular back( holding down shift for a capital). I can't hold down shift key much longer! i AM LOOKING THROUGH THE KNOWLEDGE BASE, BUT I AM NOT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION. CJSM p*********nter.net.

can't print suddenly!
0 replies , 1/9/2006, 5:11:12 AM
After rebuilding my database to try to fix rules (don't know if it worked since the person in question hasn't emailed me since) suddenly I can't print from entourage. Every time I try to print anything I get an error message telling me Entourage has to close. I also recently updated my printer driver. However, I AM able to print from word, so it's not an office problem, or not a problem of my printer not being connected. Help! Help!

Weird and sudden change in Entourage behavior
4 replies , 4/26/2005, 3:28:44 AM
Hello. I'm re-posting this from my post of April 10, which got not response other than one from someone who said they had the same problem. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm using Entourage 2004. I have 3 accounts set up. A POP account, an IMAP account (.mac) and a hotmail account. Until a few days ago, when receiving mail, the new messages would all appear in the right places, the POP mail in the inbox under "Folders on My Computer" and the .mac and hotmail messages in the inboxes under the hotmail and mac accounts. Now, the hotmail and .mac messages download into the proper accounts, and are then instantly moved to the inbox under Folders on My Computer, and moved to the deleted items under the hotmail and .mac accounts. I have not changed any settings recently; it just started doing this on its own. Anyone know what is going on, and how to restore the old behavior? Thanks.

sudden trouble
1 replies , 7/11/2004, 12:13:13 AM
Suddenly Word X has slowed to a crawl and the Spelling Grammar tool causes it to freeze, forcing a force quit as the only way out. Anything to be done?

Hello Ive had a problem over the last week or so when all of a sudden (after another sql database was installed on the server) I was unable to access the eLearning reports 'http' page. The page error i have recieved is: Could not connect to a MELL database Microsoft® eLearning Library - Reports Viewer cannot query a MELL database. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is due to the following: The DSN pointing to the SQL server is missing from the web server. The DSN on the web server contains incorrect logon credentials. The SQL server being referenced does not contain a MELL database. The SQL services on the SQL server being referenced are not started. The SQL server being referenced is not available due to network outage or other condition. -------------- The actual eLearning site is still working fine, its just the reports section that isnt. Could anyone help me through working out what has changed and how to find out what to put right again. Thanks Scrappo

Sudden quitting...for anything
5 replies , 7/19/2006, 2:51:32 AM
Hello, This afternoon Word (for Mac) started quitting every time I tried to open it, whether I clicked okay or cancel on project gallery, or tried to open a file from a folder or my desktop. It just won't stay open longer than a second. I have a Mac 10.2.8, and Word for Mac 10.1.4. As far as I can tell, it's not connected to a specific template or file. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! Kelly

Word suddenly hanging on save
4 replies , 4/5/2008, 7:39:57 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Here's a strange one. Beginning yesterday, any new document I create hangs on the save: I get the spinning ball for a second or two and then it saves. This happens even on a document containing only one or two words. The strange thing is that it is not happening on older documents created before yesterday. The only thing I did yesterday was to use a different font and save a Letter template in My Templates. But, again, when I open Word, save a new doc, it hangs. When I open an older file (even one that's over 200 pages) the save is nice and smooth. Agh! FYI, I have already tried removing the Normal.docx, as well as both .plist files. No change.

Sudden appearance
1 replies , 3/3/2009, 5:44:54 PM
On this screen shot the rectangular line, The words COLUMN 1, and the up & down arrows in each column suddenly appeared. I may have done something without realizing it, that made it appear. I want to remove it but don't know how, please help. /Users/GrandpaDon/Desktop/Picture 1.png

Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel I have a table of which one column contains dates, in the format 4/19/09... except that some of the entries are blank, and some have a word or two in front of the date. I wanted to see only the ones that didn't have a word in front of the date, so I did a "custom filter" on that column: "begins with 4 or begins with 5" (since all the dates were in April or May). The last row showing in the remaining table looked like it had the right row number, but rows 2-30 were invisible: it just jumped from row 1 to row 31. I couldn't see the missing rows by "Go To... A24", nor by moving around with arrow keys, nor by scrolling. Eventually, I discovered that row 30 was zero-height, and I could expand it to normal height with the mouse... and then expand row 29 from zero height to normal height... and then row 28... and so on. I tried selecting the entire table and "Format->Row->Height->0.20", but that didn't affect the zero-height rows, and the only way I was able to see them was to expand them manually, one by one. Or I could "Show All", of course, but then I also got the rows I wasn't interested in. The next time I tried the same filter, it zero-heighted even more rows -- around 40.

New Game Suddenly Has Problems with Microsoft
2 replies , 1/19/2005, 6:07:02 AM
A new Barbie Fashion game (xmas pres) worked fine until a few days ago when the very first time my daughter put it in to play after the last Microsoft automatic update, it only gets as far as where you click on your name to start the game and then it stops and an error box says it has to close coz it has some problem with Microsoft. Why? I tried the troubleshooter with XP but it still doesn't work. I turned off my new firewall program and even that didn't help. Ideas why something should work one minute and suddenly decide not to?

Sudden loss in calculating speed
2 replies , 12/8/2006, 11:57:44 PM
I collect data from a DDE link and my spreadsheet normally, and through most of today, calculated at its normal fast speed. I made a minor change here and there to some spreadsheets and suddenly noticed that my worksheets are laboring in recalculations that go on continuously (stock price real time feed). Well, at first I thought it might have to do with the data source itself, but now after market hours, I notice that a scroll bar I use to move a vertical dotted line back and forth across the charts is lagging behind my clicks. Normally, the scroll bar actions would move the cursor instantaneously. I have checked all of the usual suspects... am I overlooking something rather obvious? I'd appreciate any suggestions on things to try to pull the calculation performance back up to its old standard... of just a couple of hours ago!!! My thanks in advance! Brad

Sudden Missing Line/Bar in Main Screen
1 replies , 9/24/2009, 6:15:56 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop Sudden Missing Line/Bar in Main Screen I hope I can describe this anomaly well: I have always used the "To" and "Contains" drop down search boxes to find emails more quickly than the "Search" box found in the upper right corner of Entourage. A fabulous feature, ladies and gentlemen! However, after just upgrading to Snow Leopard 10.6.1, that entire line (bar) is MISSING on my iMac . . . while, oddly enough, it still shows on my MacBook 17"! (Also 10.6.1, by the way.) Have I done something to delete/remove this line completely on my iMac? Can I get it back somehow? I LOVE IT AND NEED IT! Thanks for any help you can provide. Sincerely, Jay A. Klein President Jay Klein Productions, Inc. 118 North Tejon Street, Suite 304 Colorado Springs, CO 80903 719-599-8786 (Voice) 719-380-9997 (Fax) Website: www.gradebusters.com

Button suddenly does not work
2 replies , 10/20/2005, 1:30:21 AM
I got a button worked before, but it did not work recently. I opened the workbook, click the button, the button did not fire any event but only get foucsed (ie, have handles around the button).

Man Utd
Please help! Can't use Entourage suddenly.
2 replies , 11/7/2008, 10:23:38 PM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Power PC Email Client: pop My database has gone bonkers. Besides not being able to access subfolders (the little tick mark to expand is gone), the 5 of the 6 interface icons art (mail, address book, etc) in the upper left are not showing properly. Only Project Center icon is okay. I took a screen shot of it but I guess no attachments are allowed here so will try and describe. Instead of the icons, I see a squished bitmap graphic that says QuickTime PICT. When I click on one of the 5 bad icons the screen changes as usual, but the icon doesn't change. Nothing about any of this is showing up in the error log. The icon problem is annoying, but the subfolder problem is what's killing me. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do? Thank you kindly, Blue

Suddenly cannot save to network drive
0 replies , 5/9/2008, 5:05:03 PM
Installed Office 2007 Pro approx. 2 months on some machines, now suddenly this week some of them cannot save Excel or Word documents to the network. Default paths were set to the network at the time of installation. Any help is always appreciated. The products have been activated. here are the errors: \\server\folder\folder\folder\document.xlsx' cannot be found. Check your spelling, or try a different path. Excel cannot save the file to this location. To save the changes and avoid losing data in your file, click the Microsoft Office button, point to Save As and click Excel Workbook, and then specify a location on your computer. But, if they save it to their desktop and the drag and drop on to their network folders. Browing the network or having access to the network is not the issue. And this just started happening this week. Thank you.

3 replies , 8/28/2006, 3:53:07 PM
I am beside myself. I have Entourage 2004 on OS 10.4.7 and suddenly my Rules have stopped functioning. I have gone through the procedure of holding the OPTION key down and rebuilding and doing all the radio buttons in that dialog box and yet my Rules will not kick in. What on earth can be the problem? I've never had this happen before!!! Suggestions, please! Pete C

Pete C
Formulas suddenly won't work
2 replies , 4/23/2007, 4:58:06 PM
I'm having a strange problem with my Excel spreadsheet. Up until a couple of weeks ago, all the formulas in my spreadsheet worked fine, could be cut and pasted, and automatically refigured when I would input new data. Within the past couple of weeks, the spreadsheet has stopped doing all of the above. If I input new data, I have to retell it to sum and it will not copy and paste formulas. Does anyone have any idea why it would suddenly stop working? Thanks for the help!

Filter suddenly limited
1 replies , 10/30/2004, 4:48:43 AM
I have an excell file that is about 2000 rows. I use the filter t locate rows with same names, The filter now only works thru row 1256. Any suggestions what is causing this -- Neil Hanawal ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Neil Hanawalt's Profile: http://www.excelforum.com/member.php?action=getinfo&userid=1589 View this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/showthread.php?threadid=27380

Neil Hanawalt
7 replies , 11/29/2008, 4:12:53 AM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: pop When I try to add a new calendar event entourage closes??? Any ideas????

Excel suddenly close
1 replies , 10/27/2003, 1:21:05 AM
Dear Sir, Excel file will automatically close with an error message 'EXCEL.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will nedd to restart the program. An error log is being created.' I'm using excel 2000 and os is windows 2000. This error is always prompt up recently and I don't know why. Please advise it. Thanks. Eva

all of a sudden the formulas don't work!
2 replies , 4/15/2004, 2:37:56 AM
I'm not sure how this happened, but within one of my spreadsheets everything is dead... I was thinking some kind of arbitrary protection got invoked, but I can't find it. Basically I have two formulae, one that takes the first name from "Last, First" and puts it in the next column. The formula is there, but it just all of a sudden doesn't work. Any help would b appreciated, I'm sure this one has cropped up before, just not to me. ...this is Excel 97. Thanks - Hugh -

Hugh Stanley
suddenly can't add row
2 replies , 7/29/2009, 5:40:01 PM
Inserting a row in the middle of a chart used to be easy. all of a sudden I get a message "To prevent possible loss of data Microsfot Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet. Try to locate the last nonblank cell by pressing Ctrl End and delete or clear all in cells between last cell and end of data. then select A1 and save your workbook to reset the last cell used." Huh? I don't have a clue what this means, or why I'm suddenly getting this message. TIA