Unable to apply MS03-037 to the administrative installation point

Hello All,

We are trying to apply the XP Administrative of patch MS03-037 to XP
Administrative Installation Point, but are unable to. We d/l the patch from
http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/xp/journ/oxp1001a.htm and following the
exact instruction.

The update runs successfully using the :

msiexec /a q:\path\to\xp.msi /p patch.msi SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE

And we also see the new vbe6.dll file on the Administrative Installation

But when we try to install the MSI package using "REINSTALL=ALL
REINSTALLMODE=vomus" msiexec switch, we get the Office XP installation but
NOT the updated vbe6.dll.

Note: The Administrative patch for Visio 2k2 pro/std works just fine. We are
just having issues with XP.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Any ideas on how to fix this

Saqib Ali

Saqib Ali
9/10/2003, 3:50:23 AM

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I am the only owner and sole user of this computer and all the programs. I cannot save a Excel file to a CD because I "must get permission from the Administrator". How can I fix that

Administrator not administrator
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I am currently setting up a new SBS 2000 box remotely before I deploy it on our current SBS 2000 Domain. The new SBS 2000 box is identical in it;s functionality, but it has the all important RAID5 redundancy and has a better spec. I have installed SBS 2000, and I am now patching up the whole machine using Windows Update. I will also run SP1a for SBS 2000. What I want to do now is make the Administrator user not Administrator, but to set up a new user that will be Administrator. This is for security, as I know that a lot of people do this, as Administrator as a Username is 50% of the way of cracking the password anyway. How is this done? Do I make a new user in AD on the new SBS and assign the same "Member Of" components to this user and then disable the user "Administrator"? I can then log the server on as this new Administrator knowing that the Username is not Administrator. Am I going along the right tracks...I need advice!! Thanks.

Office 11.5 Update Require Administrator Privileges
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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Whenever I try to install the latest Office 2004 update, the application says it needs administrator or higher privileges; BEFORE even asking me to put in a password. I have tried all of the following: - Using Microsoft AutoUpdate (this doesn't even present an error dialogue; I click Install Update, and the program does...nothing) - Installing from two different updates downloaded manually (English and Italian). - Installing using two different preexisting administrator users. - Installing using a brand new administrator - Installing using the root user. When a program says that root doesn't have permission to do something, we know there is a problem here. This was a brand new install of Office 2004 also; I'm not certain which version but I doubt it would be much newer than 11.3. Thanks.

Small Business Server 2000 - Administration component
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I have installed SBS 2000 on my machine. The administration console was not installed. I cannot run setup in maintenance mode. Is there any way to install the console without reinstalling the whole server software?

who is an administrator?
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I created a spreadsheet and tried to save it to my D drive. I get a message that tells me I don't have access to the d drive..."to see my administrator". I'm about the only one who uses the computer (at home and not on a network) HELP!

After many days of trial and error I have successfully updated my AIP to SP1 and applied the Outllok Junk Email Filters. I am posting some general guidelines and a copy of my batch file that I created to get the job done. 1) You will need to extract the MSP files from the EXE. To accomplish this open a command prompt and cd to the directory containing the update.exe, then execute this command : office2003-kb873362-fullfile-enu.exe /t:C:\TEMPDIR /c (If your update happens to be different change the name of the exe) You'll be prompted to accept the license agreement. After clicking yes the MSPs will be unpacked to the specified directory, in this case C:\TEMPDIR. From that point you can either use C:\TEMPDIR as your location for the updates or move them elsewhere. Now you can use my batch file as a template to begin the update. Make sure you back up your current AIP (I just copied it to a new directory on the computer we use for the AIP). Start of adminupdate.bat below: : ---- Created By Norman V. Bauer : ---- : ---- This batch file is designed to be as reusable as possible when updating an : ---- Administrative Installation Point. I also add the update of : ---- Outlook Junk email filters to each MSI after it is updated. Of course you will : ---- need to change the variables to your situation, and update the MSI (PRO11, STD11) : ---- to suite your Office version. Feel free to modify and redistribute this file as : ---- you see fit. Good luck and peace! set LOG=/l <location_of_log_File.txt> set AIPDIR=<directory_of_AIP> set MSIEXEC=msiexec /p set UPDATEDIR=<directory_where_MSP_is_located> set OUTLOOK=OUTLFLTRff.msp REM Change this to the correct MSP file set MSOFFSP=MAINSP1ff.msp set OFFVERNUM=<the_version_number_of_the_MSI_> REM Apply Service Patch to OFFICE Pro %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%MSOFFSP% /a %AIPDIR%\Office2003Pro\PRO%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% REM Apply Service Patch to OFFICE Standard %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%MSOFFSP% /a %AIPDIR%\Office2003Standard\STD%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% REM Apply Service Patch to Publisher %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%MSOFFSP% /a %AIPDIR%\Publisher2003\PUB%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% REM Apply Service Patch to Frontpage %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%MSOFFSP% /a %AIPDIR%\FrontPage2003\FP%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% REM Apply Service Patch to Outlook %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%MSOFFSP% /a %AIPDIR%\Outlook2003\OUTLS%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% REM Apply Outlook Filter Updates %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%OUTLOOK% /a %AIPDIR%Outlook2003\OUTLS%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%OUTLOOK% /a %AIPDIR%Office2003Pro\PRO%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG% %MSIEXEC% %UPDATEDIR%\%OUTLOOK% /a %AIPDIR%office2003standard\STD%OFFVERNUM%.MSI /q %LOG%

Administrative groups in sbs2003
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hi Guys I have been online doing some research and improving my skills. We run sbs2003 and I want to know what are the advantages of using routing and administrative groups I have not yet enable display of the groups, should I do this ? Can anyone point me in the right direction for more information many thanks

System Administrator
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My system administrator (me) has stopped me from doing all sorts of things? Why? This started about a month ago.-- kidsal

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I got a computer from my sister. prior to her giving me the computer, they took off the administrator account and the only account left is the limited account. My question is how to I access the administrator account.

User As Local Administrator on Laptop
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Hello, SBS2K, WinXP. I have a user that I set up with a domain profile on the SBS. He logs into his laptop both in the office and on the road. He is not able to do some things on the laptop, such as defrag, because he does not have the privileges. I wanted to allow him to be part of the Administrators group on his local PC, but when I went into the Local Users and Groups on the laptop, his profile is not there. I assume it is because he has a domain account and logs into it, not the local PC. That said, how can I make him part of the Administrators group only on his PC. I looked in Member Of tab of his domain account via Active Directory, but didn't see anything. Is this something that has to be set via Group Policy? Also, after I make these changes, how can I get his profile to update? He is currently out of the office and will be for a few more days. He does have the VPN connection to the network set up. Can I do something like with GPO where you connect through the VPN and run GPUpdate? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris

Chris Guimbellot
administrative install
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I am going to do a SMS administrative install of Mappoint. I have modified the setup.ini to bypass most everything. But when Mappoint starts there is a request to say yes to EULA and do you want to register. Is there a way to bypass this?

howard oberg
2 replies , 5/11/2004, 7:03:47 PM
In the Server Management I click on the Monitoring and Reporting and it ask me for credentials, I entered the Administrator info, but does not take it. It happens the same if I clik on Backup container. I think the administrator usermight be corrupted.

I have a brand new laptop with Vista Business edition. I am trying to install a corporate edition of Office 2007 and keep getting an error saying that I am not an administrator. I can assure you that my user account IS an administrator account. Anyone have any ideas why this is happening? I tried to restart in safe mode to install it, no luck.

How do I log in as administrator in to word 2007?
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My problem is when I tryed to disable or delete some add ins word does not allow me and telling me that I should log in as administrator. I am already loged in as administrator and there is no other user accounts on my computer. How can I log in as administrator? Operating system win 7 and office 2007. I like to thank you in advance for answers.

i've locked myself out as administrator
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Help someone, I had troubles with outlook so made a new account and user, everything set up. And now I changed the administrator to a new name with no password and shut down the change user welcome screen by mistake! Now I am not allowed to do anything on my own pc!! :) but my email is wokring again! :( now this

Hello, When installing OfficeXP from CD, it seems you have to apply SP1 and then SP2, and than 3 more fixes. It is time consuming. I am trying to create an administrative installation point for Office XP w/ Frontpage with SP1, SP2, and other patches. At following site, MS outlined the procedures of creating an administrative installation point and how to apply SP1 to it. http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/xp/journ/Oxpsp1.htm#Oxp sp1_4 At the second link listed below, is the procedure of applying SP2 to a administrative installaion point. My questions are: Does this SP2 include all the fixes of SP1? If not, can I apply this SP2 to the previous administrative installation point (which is OfficeXP with SP1 applied)? Will this screw up the installation point? How do I apply addtional fixed to the second installation point? http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/xp/journ/Oxpsp2a.htm#Ox psp2a_4 THanks!

Administrator Password
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I just installed the server and I am trying to change the password but I can not since when I go inside the Active Directory to change it inside the account the password never expires is checked and is disabled Can you please profide me with ideas in how can I solve this problem Thank You

Hi all, I installed BTS2002 on a W2K server. BTS worked well. Last week, we promote the W2K server as a domain controller. After that, I can't get into the BTS Administration nor the BT Messaging Manager. BTS Administrator error: Insufficient permissions: The logged on user is not a member of the BizTalk Server Administration Group.... BT Messaging Manager error: You are not authorized to access Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002. Where should I go so I can add the BTS Administrators group back into the domain administrator group? Thanks a lot. Abel

password administration
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I have a homepage with username and password, but when I want to ad a new name I choose page and edit with sharepoint and sharepoint opens, then I choose site and administration and permission. then I get an error answer that I have to use a microsoft explorer web browser, and I cant go any further. :o( And I have a Vista Ultimate 32 bit and explorer 8.0 !! can anyone help me?

System error! Please contact the site administrator
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While searching in: microsoft.public.mac.office I sntered "equation editor" in the "Message body" field. The date range was set to 1 Jan 2002 and today. The search came up with the message: System error! Please contact the site administrator

system administrator
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I am the system administrator. I get the message" the system administrator has set polices to prevent the installation" How do I get my authority back ?

Administrative Updates
1 replies , 2/23/2004, 11:45:53 PM
In Office XP, do I need to install Service Pack 1 to an administrative installation point before I install Service Pack 2 or does Service Pack 2 include all the updates? I know on the regular update you have to install both but I'm not sure about the Administrative update. Service Pack 2 is a bigger file than Service Pack 1 so I am thinking it includes both. In Office 2000, when I try to install Service Pack 3 to an administrative installation, it wants me to enter the product key. This doesn't seem right. Can anyone who has installed this shed any light on it? I have an administrative install of Office SR-1 with no service packs applied and trying to apply Service Pack 3. Here is the command line I used: msiexec /a D:\Off09Std\data1.msi /p D:\Off09-Upd\MAINSP3ff.msp SHORTFILENAMES=1 If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Jim M
Unable to connect with SQL Web Data Administrator
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Win XP Pro SP1 Cassini web server I'm attempting to connect to a web host's db server from my home computer. After putting in the log in credentials and clicking the log in button, sql web admin will attempt to connect, and nothing else happens. No errors, no timeouts or anything, it will just sit there trying to connect. I've verified the user/pass I'm using is correct. I've tried both the server host name and by IP address. I can ping the server and get a reply. I'm also behind a firewall, so I tried to forward a port through the firewall, and that didn't work either. Any thoughts?

Administrative passworda
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I have windows 2000 on my computer and I need to know how to find out what the administrative password is. I have created users for my computer but my son is still able to access the computer even if he is not a user. How can I reset the administrative password so he can not get on> Thanks,

Administrator can't logon locally
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I've made a mess of something in Group Policy Management. I was trying to change policy settings so that a specific set of Users can login via terminal services. Now, whenever I try to logon to the server console as administrator, I get a message 'The local policy of this machine does not allow you to logon interactively' The 'Allow logon locally' setting includes administtors, So I don't understand what is wrong. Fortunately, I have another user account which is in the administators group. This user can log on OK. Anyone any ideas?

Administrative Rights
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My friend's boyfriend gave her a computer with Microsoft Office installed on it. They have since gone splitsville, and come to find out he is the only one with administrative privledges on it. Now she can't defrag, install any program, or basically do anything with it. Is there any way to assign her administrative privledges without his password, or bypass his password? HELP!

administrative update
2 replies , 2/17/2005, 4:31:03 PM
hi! I got an officexp sp3 administrative point, i've just update the administrative point with the latest feb patches. I've successfully deploy it to my clients through gpo, but how do i check whether this patches is deployed to my clients? I can't see the patches installed in the add/remove program. Any idea? Thks!

check administration point
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how to i check if a computer is up to date with our office 2003 administration point? i want this 'check' every time a user logs on into the domain. is there a script available?

system administrator
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I am trying to save a document I created in microsoft word to a cd. When I try to do it, it says something about me not being the system administrator and won't let me save it. What do I do?

Administrative install of office to SBS
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I am considering doing an administrative install of Office Professional to our SBS, to make deployment of Office easier. Am I right in thinking that to do this I should run setup with the /a switch on the SBS? I am assuming I do this for both disks. I know that it is not recommended to install Outlook on SBS. Presumably the administrative installation doesn't actually install the applications on the server, so this is OK? What is the benefit of using the administrative install, rather than simply creating a shared folder on SBS and copying the full contents of the 2 disks into the folder? Thanks for your help. Best regards, Andrew Stevens.

Andrew Stevens
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What is an "administrative prohibition"?
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Sometimes when I send an email, it won't send and I get an error message saying "administrative prohibition", "Mail could not be sent. Account name xxx" and "error -17099". This is very annoying and I can't figure out how to correct the error and send the mail on its way. Any suggestions? phunque

Where is Administration Console?
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I am upgrading SBS 2000 to SBS 2003 and Step 1 is to check to see if I am on SBS 2000 SP1. To verify this, it says to click on Start , then click on Small Business Server Administration Console. That item is not in my start menu. How can I manually run it from the Start / Run prompt? Thanks!

Office Administrative Installation Patching
6 replies , 3/16/2006, 9:44:27 PM
I went to the Windows and Office Update Websites and it showed that there were a couple of patches I needed. So I applied the patches to the Administrative installation point for Office XP and then redeployed Office. Afterwards I went back to the Office Update Website and saw that all of the updated had been successfully applied. However when I went to the Windows update website it still said that I was still missing the same updates for Office XP. Any ideas why the Office Update Website would say that I was current and the Windows Update Website would say that I am still missing those updates? Thank you,