I need a stencil for two objects, an Okidata impact printer and a 3Com 4 port 
powered switch...any ideas where I can find them; for free of course
10/26/2005, 4:12:17 PM

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Creating mechanical engineering stencil options
0 replies , 7/8/2003, 9:32:24 PM
In the Mechanical Engineering Templates, there are menus for existing stencils such as pumps, actuators, cylinders, etc. You just right click on the object and choose an option. When creating your own new stencil on a template, how do you create a new right click menu for different stencil options for that particular stencil?

Visio Mouse Stencil
0 replies , 1/19/2006, 3:19:02 AM
I am trying to find a mouse shape stencil in Visio. Strangely, the program comes with keyboard, printer, monitor. Just don't have mouse stencil. Found in the net but must pay. Can someone just provide me with 1? Thanks.

Visio Stencils
3 replies , 8/13/2009, 3:02:03 PM
Hi I am currently looking for some Visio Stencils, I have found some very useful MOSS stencils but I would really like to also find some standard MS stencils. I am drawing a diagram of our server infrastructure and to same having to write what OS is on it it would be great if each Shape had Windows server 2003, SQL Server 200/2005/2008 or Exchange 2003/2007 etc... I have looked everywhere to find these but cannot any suggestions? Thanks

moving shapes stencil to stencil
0 replies , 5/27/2005, 9:01:19 PM
I would like to move shapes from one stencil to another. Currently I place the shape on the drawing, delete the shape from the first stencil, and then move the shape to the second stencil. It there a better way? -- JD

1 replies , 5/4/2006, 9:43:01 PM
I have my own stencil with shapes from the built-in stencils. I take a Process box from one of the built-in stencils into my diagram and add text 'Process' into it. I then insert it into my stencil. Visio automatically names it like 'Master.....' I rename it to Process (which is the same as the text within the shape). The shape name gets saved. When I place this shape into a diagram the 'Process' text inside it doesn't display even though it shows in the stencil. If I name the shape to anything other than 'Process' it works fine ie.when dragged into a diag. the text within the shape is displayed. It seems asthough the text within a shape and the name of the shape cannot be the same. Is this a bug? Sanjay

stencil question
1 replies , 8/15/2003, 5:06:18 PM
Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with the following question: I have created some custom stencil items that I have placed in the stencil - let's say for example a box. Then I drag and drop these pieces into my visio doc into multiple pages. The question that I have is how do I change this master stencil (for example I now make the box a triangle) and then update all the elements that I have placed already? Any help would really be appreciated. Regards

Jonathan Bixby
Where are the stencils?
4 replies , 1/24/2005, 10:42:33 PM
I just upgraded from Visio 10 to Visio 11 Professional. In previous versions, if I open the Stencils dialog, the stencils are categorized into folders. When I try to open a stencil in Visio 11, it first takes me to My Shapes (in which there are no stencils). When I navigate to \Program Files ... \Visio 11\1033, I get a list of all stencils in a single directory and all file names are in 8.3 format. Surely I must have something misconfigured. In the help, it says that certain software stencils are in the Software directory. Where is that? TIA for any help! -Nick

Nick Pomponio
Databse Stencil
1 replies , 9/14/2007, 4:56:00 PM
I need to create an ERD Diagram for school, however the version i installed does not contain the stencil set for Databases..... Where would I down load the stenccil set? Thanks for the help Greg

Visio stencils license
2 replies , 12/14/2009, 7:14:01 PM
I have written a book, and in the book I have several network diagrams, which I drew using Visio. I am not sure I am allowed to use the Visio stencils in publishing, though. I am unable to find any licensing information in the Visio help. How are the Visio's graphic elements licensed? Are there any limitations to how diagrams can be used? Thanks.

6 replies , 2/23/2007, 3:05:14 PM
Anyone know where I might find some stencils? I'm looking for vehicles and items such as wood stoves, fireplaces, and hot tubs. Thanx.

On Visio 2007, I like to set the text that appears on the right side of each of a stencils, below the respective stencil, like it is on Visio 2002, 2000, perhaps on Visio 5 or 4 too, cannot recall now. Where from can this be changed ? Thank you, Cristi

Objects or Stencils...
3 replies , 2/20/2007, 12:32:04 AM
Does anyone know where I might locate an object or stencil (not sure on the lingo yet) that contains fireplaces? It surprises me that Visio comes with building plan objects...a whole lot of them, but no fireplaces. Thanx.

0 replies , 11/16/2005, 8:30:09 PM
How can I change the lines around a square taken from the Basic Shapes templates. I created an organization chart, using basic shapes and added text. Now I need to change the lines on those boxes from single to double.

In Vision 2003 I am looking to use the "Form Shapes" stencil that is in "Forms and Chart Shapes" as referenced in the MS documentation for Visio 2002 but it seems to be among the missing? Is this so and if yes is it available as a download elsewhere?

How to update document stencil master from stencil
0 replies , 7/3/2006, 1:50:02 PM
I am developing a stencil with shapes for our PI diagrams and of course I am getting wishes from my colleagues. Is there a way to update the diagrams my colleagues created with the modified shapes I created in the stencil? I would hate to have to modify the masters of the document stencil in several diagrams. We are using Visio 2003 Pro.

I'm new to Visio 2003. I use the Search for Shapes box to locate a shape. Now, how can I find out which stencil contains the shape? The shape I find has a weird name Database.33. Thanks.

Stencils Disappearing
0 replies , 5/7/2004, 3:27:55 PM
Very basic question, but very annoying. I'm using 2002. I created a new drawing and am using multiple stencils. When I save the drawing and then open it back up my stencils have disappeared. I have to load them again. I'm sure its a setting somewhere, because I received other drawings from others and their stencils do not disappear??? Help

Maria M
Can't rename master shape in favorites stencil?
0 replies , 9/10/2009, 11:16:09 PM
The options to rename, delete, etc are grayed out...I can't seem to figure out how to change the shape (or the folder?) from read-only. Thanks

1 replies , 10/16/2006, 9:47:02 PM
I am looking for a stencil to document a server rack. It should contain servers, switches, arrays etc. Do you know a source for this type of stencil? Thank you.

Sale of stencils
1 replies , 5/14/2006, 7:32:13 PM
Is it legal to sell VISIO stencils? If so, are there any copyright concerns or things I should know before putting on the market.

shane mcwhirk
When working on a drawing and I close it, upon reopening none of the stencils open on the left hand side of the screen. How do I keep the stencils open?

2 replies , 6/6/2005, 10:45:16 PM
I have visio 2002 and I would like a printout of all the stencils without having to pull and drag them all -- please help. If VB script, please say how to execute it?

A-dec Employee
Editing Visio Stencils
0 replies , 1/12/2005, 11:51:01 PM
How do I assign the fill of an object to a specific layer? It only allows the fill to show when the actual filling is not assigned to a layer, but when I want it to be assigned to a layer and specific color, I cannot get it to work. ANy suggestions? -- Michelle Jacob Summit Electric and HomeTech AV Solutions AutoCAD Department m********* 707-542-4773 x44

6 replies , 5/18/2009, 3:28:17 PM
Where can I find a more comprehensive list of shapes/stencils? I've checked out several sites (thanks, Google!), but cannot locate any shapes for NSM DVD Jukeboxes. Any ideas out there in never-never land? Thanx.

1 replies , 11/26/2003, 2:56:30 PM
Hi everybody, Someone knows where I can find new stencils for Visio 2002? Thanks a lot Jorge Diaz

Jorge Diaz
1 replies , 8/2/2003, 11:55:01 AM
Is it possible to download additional stencils for Visio? I have the standard version, but would like stencils for household organization and remodeling (e.g., washing maching, electrical components, plumbing, etc). Any chance of getting stencils for this sort of stuff? Thanks, Todd

T. Jenkins
Stencils in workspace
0 replies , 6/11/2005, 5:37:02 PM
I am running Visio 5 Pro on a W2000 pro network server. All stations have a local copy. When one user is in the program, the next user can open the visio folder, but when the workspace opens, it will not all allow the stencils that are a part of the workspace, to open . I get a msg telling me that there is a sharing violation in relation to the stencils that belong in that workspace. I need to be able to work on 2-3 stations simutaneously, but have the workspace the same on all. Thanks in advance. MP

visio stencils for tools and hardware
1 replies , 1/30/2004, 6:56:00 PM
hello, Does anyone know where I might find hardware templates such as screws, nails, and tools? thanks in advance. Albert

Letter stencil
2 replies , 9/20/2005, 1:43:04 PM
Is there such a thing as a letter stencil font???

Can't Find My Favorites Stencil
1 replies , 2/25/2010, 10:35:01 PM
When I click File > Shapes > My Shapes, I don't see the option for My Favorites. Does anyone know why it might not appear as an option? I'm thinking the Favorites.vss file was accidentally deleted. Is there a way to load a Favorites stencil again if it's no longer on my computer. Thanks!

Stencil Question
1 replies , 7/9/2015, 8:39:21 PM
I am using Visio 2007 and I an looking for a set of Logic Stencils, AND gates, OR gates, the kind of things you would use in creating Boolean Logic Diagrams. Any idea where one could find set of them that I could add to the "Shapes" folder /// Thanks, Sam Hagen

Where to find Allen Bradley PLC Stencils
4 replies , 4/7/2009, 3:58:11 PM
Looking for Allen Bradley stencils for PLC5, Contrologix etc. Found a link to a danish Rockwell site but it didnt work