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Kevin's song of the week... Broadway meets Redmond....

Well while many of us SBSers were patching our machines for 03-026, a
lot of network people were pulling all-nighters patching CISCO routers ~
CERT Advisory CA-2003-15 Cisco IOS Interface Blocked by IPv4 Packet:

Friday July 25th is System Admin Day

To all those who take care of computers, who deal with users, who report
to managers, pat yourself on the back for keeping everyone online and in



There's a biggie that we all need to apply to ANY computer
CERT Advisory CA-2003-16 Buffer Overflow in Microsoft RPC:
<b>Who should read this bulletin:</b> Users running Microsoft � Windows

The exploit for this is currently not released, but the people who found
the vulnerability are threatening to do so after people "have had a
chance to patch".
 System administrators running Microsoft� Internet Security and
Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000:

Customers using Microsoft� Windows� XP:

- - - - - - - - - -
Microsoft warns on trio of new flaws
Patch available for critical flaw in all current
versions of Windows. Microsoft has released a patch
for a critical flaw in Windows Exchange Server 2003,
Windows XP, 2000 and NT 4. The flaw involves the
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol, which deals
with inter-computer communications. Microsoft warned
that, under certain circumstances, the RPC might not
check messages sent to the PC properly.

Microsoft's patches: Can you trust them?
Twin flaws have security pros worried

Copying a prior post from Wayne Small....


I've been investigating this week how one of my customers was used as a
relay host - even though they are not an open relay host.  It's a
issue and according to a number of other sources is a new method the
spammers are using to "sell their products".  I've written up an article

(rather than post something too long here) and posted it on
if your interested.
I'd be interested to hear feedback on the people who have seen this

Wayne Small  [SBS-MVP]
Technical Director - Correct Solutions Pty Ltd
For all the answers on Small Business Server 2000 - check out

.....watch out guys....they are getting smarter....
SMB-Nation SBS Conference!

Visit the SMB Nation site at www.smbnation.com for details and online
registration. You may also register via telephone at: Domestic USA
1-800-461-1931, International 1-800-688-4890

FREE Advanced SBS Workshops in USA

Here is the current list of cities where SBS author Harry Brelsford will
be presenting a free 2-hour Advanced SBS Workshop.  This is a lecture
format similar to a Microsoft TS2 event but in-depth SBS content.  This
workshop has already been presented in 15 USA cities in 2003!

Lecture topics include SBS-specific security matters, advanced Microsoft
Exchange functionality, and advanced SBS administration.  It is
recommended you bring a copy of "Small Business Server 2000 Best
Practices" to the event for reference (please purchase in advance from
book resellers as book copies will not be sold at event).

Advanced Small Business Server 2000 Workshops
(2-hours, 7pm-9pm, FREE)

Chicago, IL                8-20-03
Cleveland, OH            8-21-03
Columbus, OH           8-22-03
Dayton, OH               8-23-03* (read important note below for this
Indianapolis, IN          8-24-03

* This is part of ComputerFest (www.computerfest.com) and will be
presented at 2pm (Saturday). Note that ComputerFest has a modest two-day
admission charge you will need to pay: $10.00. Details at:

To register, send e-mail to r**********lthmon.com and
put a city name from the above list in the e-mail Subject line.
SBS UserGroup info

San Diego - August 13th:

Boston SBS User Group:
http://www.bostonusergroups.com/sbs/#Next Meeting
SBS hands on lab
Instructor or Online....

Partners Hands on Lab Online
Windows sp4 included in SBS sp1a [if you already have SBS sp1, bypass
this and just load up SP4]
Download details: Small Business Server 2000 Service Pack 1a:


SecurityFocus HOME Infocus: Forensic Log Parsing with Microsoft's


In other news.....
Guilty Plea in Kinko's Keystroke Caper
If you used a computer at a Kinko's in New York City last
year, or the year before, there's a good chance that JuJu
Jiang was watching. The 25-year-old Queens resident pleaded
guilty in federal court in New York last week to two counts
of computer fraud and one charge of unauthorized possession
of access codes for a scheme in which he planted a copy of
the commercial keyboard sniffing program Invisible KeyLogger
Stealth on computers at thirteen Kinko's stores sprinkled
around Manhattan.
- - - - - - - - - -
RIAA nearing 1,000 subpoenas against file-sharing suspects
The music industry has won at least 871 federal subpoenas
against computer users suspected of illegally sharing music
files on the Internet, with roughly 75 new subpoenas being
approved each day, U.S. court officials said Friday.



- - - - - - - - - -
Money seen as biggest obstacle to effective IT security
Companies say they generally don't measure the ROI of
security. Inadequate funding remains the single largest
obstacle to implementing effective IT security measures
at most companies, according to the results of a recently
completed global survey by Ernst & Young International.
Even so, a majority of the companies surveyed said they
rarely or never calculate return on investment when
building a case for information security budgets.

- - - - - - - - - -
Small.biz has ***p security
Small firms are at risk of disclosing their financial
statements to unauthorised parties due to a lack of
IT security, KPMG says. A global study carried out
by KPMG found 87 per cent of those firms surveyed
had suffered security breaches in the past year.
According to KPMG, small businesses could be at
risk of disclosing financial information such as
balance sheets and profit and loss accounts to
parties outside their company.
- - - - - - - - - -
Spammers target Wi-Fi security
Unsecured connections could be used to hijack corporate
mail servers. Spammers are preparing to use weaknesses
in corporate wireless local area networks (Lans)
to send out floods of unsolicited email, a security
company chief has claimed.
- - - - - - - - - -
Cisco Offers Patch for Network Software Flaw
Companies that operate key Internet backbones scrambled
to patch a serious software flaw in equipment that relays
much of the global network's traffic. The vulnerability,
in Cisco Systems Inc. routers and other switches, could
be used by hackers to cause outages. The problem has not
been exploited, according to Cisco, which released a free
patch to fix the flaw in its Internetworking Operating

Exploit of Cisco flaw posted; no outages reported

Code to exploit Cisco flaw may pose risk

Internet Security Experts Escalate Warnings


Twin flaws threaten Net

- - - - - - - - - -
The music industry has demanded that Verizon
Communications cough up 150 names in its attempt
to find those who are allegedly trading copyrighted
songs. The phone company is in the process of
complying with the subpoenas - just some of those
sent out by the Recording Industry Association of
America in the last weeks. "[Verizon] views the
current moment as a dangerous situation," said
Sarah Deutsch, vice president and associate general
counsel at Verizon, in an e-mail interview.
"[Verizon's] court battle continues, so even while
complying, we continue to fight."

Loyola releases two student names to RIAA

DirecTV dragnet snares innocent techies
Congressman pocketed $18,000 for RIAA 'lobbying trip'
- - - - - - - - - -
If you are still allowing Bearshare/Kazaa inside your office..... print
out one of
these articles and read it ....very carefully......

Bill Would Put Net Song Swappers in Jail
Peer-to-peer users who swap copyrighted files could
be in danger of becoming federal felons, under a new
proposal backed by Democrats in the U.S. House of
Representatives. Their legislation, introduced
Wednesday, would punish an Internet user who shares
even a single file without permission from a copyright
holder with prison terms of up to five years and fines
of up to $250,000.


until next time....see you on the wires...

"Don't lose sight of security.  Security is a state of being, not a
state of budget.  He with the most firewalls still does not win.
Put down that honeypot and keep up to date on your patches.  Demand
better security from vendors and hold them responsible.  Use what
you have, and make sure you know how to use it properly and
  ~ Rain Forest Puppy


Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz SBS Rocks [MVP]
7/21/2003, 5:37:47 AM

Upgrade Home and Student to Small Business
1 replies , 10/26/2009, 8:04:02 PM
I recently bought a new net book with a trial version of MS office home and student installed on it. I have a licence key for a MS office small business which I have purchased from the net with a confirmatory email from microsoft. I need to install Small Business on my new net book Can anyone guide me on the procedure. I do not have any CDs as I download my software from the net.

Small font size.
0 replies , 1/22/2005, 7:01:56 AM
I have OS 10.3.7 and Entourage 2004-version 11.1.0. I have used all updates that I could find. I am having trouble with font size in some emails that I receive. 1) I use the edit menu and choose --increase font size. Sometimes this works but not consistently. 2) I have set rules to increase font size. This works sometimes. I used the help website (mvps). I would appreciate suggestions. TIA, Francine

Francine Mack

If you are looking for a place to Buy and sell your used stuff and promote your small business..here is the place to go I created a NEW forum where you can buy/sell/trade your used stuff and for small business owners to promote their services to others in their area... Its a simple and easy way to let everyone know about your company and services you offer....and its free to join http://www.yansbb.com/

Small Business
1 replies , 7/11/2004, 3:16:20 PM
I'm planning to open ecommerce business and hopefully grow. What operating systems + servers using .NET technology? thanks

real time (small) data fed to excel??
0 replies , 4/13/2009, 10:39:33 PM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) I would like to show a graph (bar charts or ..) of 10 or 20 data points. But to make the demo more eye catching I'd like to run the application that generates this data in real time and have the bars or whatever, be growing. So I just need to have a way to push/pull new data into the range being graphed. I could put it into a database and have excel strobe it out, but I have read somewhere that the fastest refresh setting for external data is about 15 secs and I want to do this 2-3 times per second. I might be able to just have a script that runs continuously and re-reads a simple data file into the range, does that work? Anyway this seems like something that would have come up long ago on much more complex data, so what are the existing solutions?

Small Business Server - printer set up query
5 replies , 9/24/2003, 11:00:54 AM
I'm hoping someone can help me. It would appear that the printers set up on our server (SBS) have not been set up with the settings defined, ie paper source, etc, and this has been done individually on the workstations. When I have reinstalled a printer on one of the computers, it won't allow me to select paper source and I don't have access to the settings. Can anyone tell me how to set this up manually on the workstations or, preferably I suppose, how to set up the printers on the network with the settings defined. When I have set this up before, it has just happened so I can't figure out how to do this after the fact. Thanks very much in advance!!

2 replies , 11/26/2003, 2:36:13 PM
I will see if I can explain the situation clearly. I have a range of values in b1:e1. There is also a value in a1. I want to evaluate the range of numbers in b1:e1 and for the smallest value place the value in a1 in the row below it. For the rest of the values in the range as they get larger I want to calculate a PROPORTIONALLY lower value than the value that is in a1 I use the formula below to pick the largest value in a range and assign the value in a to the row below it. The b1 is relative and changes as you move from column to colum in the range. Howver, things do not work if you simply replace LARGE with SMALL =IF(LARGE($b$1:$e$1,1)=TRUE,$a$1,ROUND($a$1*(b1/(LARGE($b$1:$e$1,1))),1))

Open file window too small to work with
1 replies , 2/2/2007, 8:20:00 PM
I was fooling with appearance and themes category in control panel and i changed the size of icons, menus, bars, and now when i go to file open, the window is so small i can't even see the choices i have. Can someone tell me how to change it back to how it was before. thanks a lot

small font in reply message
0 replies , 6/20/2005, 5:32:03 PM
I just started using Office 2003. When I try to reply to an email using Outlook 2003 it uses Word to compose my email, so far so good. Now the problem. My reply message in the Word document is so small I cannot read it. Is there some way to change this default?

Toolbar in Project View Gets Small
1 replies , 11/7/2005, 2:26:58 PM
Hello very frustrating, after i updated to 11.2.1, the toolbar in Project View keeps getting small when i clickon the right side of the screen. It is like the project view on right will go all the way to the bottom and i cannot see what project i am working on. hard to explain, if you have the same problem, you will know exactly what i mean please help Brian

Office Small Business 2003 program
2 replies , 10/28/2003, 2:06:58 PM
The description of the program says that it has 20 preformatted reports. I need to know what type of reports for my small business. P & L, schedules for tax reporting, balance sheet, etc. Also, I would assume you can customize your reports so you can input specific types of expenses that any particular type of business would run into, or is that not possible since the reports are preformatted? Thanks

Small Business Accounting
2 replies , 6/7/2006, 6:34:33 PM
I get the error message 'OLE received a packet with an invalid extension' when trying to export my invoices to Word (which is the only thing I export to Word) from SBA2006. I tried to use the KB article info about removing and reinstalling .net but that didn't resolve my problem. Any other ideas?

This gives you accounting services. If ther is anyone who worked vith these software, please tell me your thoughts.

print layout page size appears small
2 replies , 12/7/2005, 10:50:58 PM
why , when my page is A4, do I only see the 'writable' area (like an almost square page) instead of the whole page with its header + footer? Word 2003

Small Name Box
1 replies , 7/31/2004, 6:57:43 AM
Hi, The name box in MS Excel is rather small and narrow. Is there a way to expand it ? -- Regards, Adrian

I have a Dell Diminsion 4500S with an upgraded CPU. In addition, I am planning on purchasing 512MB of RAM. Do I need an older version of office small business to upgrade? or do I need to purchase a more expensive full version?

sample budgets for a small business
5 replies , 5/6/2006, 9:51:01 PM
This is my first time starting a business. I'm opening a runaway shelter for youths. I plan on hiring 8 people. I need a sample budget for my proposal. any help out there?

Problem with small()....I think
5 replies , 5/16/2005, 3:28:01 AM
Ok, A few weeks ago I asked for help in finding the smallest two numbers in a group of numbers that were added together in order to reduce the total by the smallest numbers. the form that was suggested was(using my cell locations): =sum(I9,L9,R9,V9,Y9-small((I9,L9,R9,V9,Y9),{1,2})) This is not working correctly, assume that the the values in the designated cells are the following values:0, 11, 9, 9, 15; the value that is computed is 50. The only thing that seems to be consistent is that the last value is added in again then the two smallest values are subtracted. I tried on several sets of values and it was always coming up the same way, if I add the last value in then subtract the two lowest values it matches what Excel computes. Obviously I am doing something wrong but what? All comments, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Small Capitalisation Problem
4 replies , 2/9/2007, 11:46:40 PM
I want to make up a table of vowel sounds (for teaching my kids), and have a column with a, e, i, o, u entered. All go in as lower case except i, which insists as capitalising automatically to I. I've tried formating the cell as text, but it makes no difference. As a workaround (just to get the spreadsheet working), I enter "i" as =LOWER("I"), but I'm sure I shouldn't have to do it this way. I can't find anything appropriate in the help files. Any solutions oh wise folk ? Thanks very much, Rob Lepper

I openned my Excel worksheets and all my columns were compressed down to like 2 char. I used auto fit to fix but why would this happen. I have 100's of worksheets to fix. Can this have anything to do with loading compatability pack for office 2007.

Office Small Business 2007
1 replies , 1/26/2009, 5:53:02 AM
I have Office Small Business 2007 which comes with Accounting Express 2008. Can I get the free upgrade to Accounting Pro 2009. I was sent an email saying I could but my product key doesn't work.

How can I put a small picture on invoices can any one suggest how to do that I know it can be done. I have two email address can you send to this one k**********pt.net.au

Options for using SMALL()
1 replies , 2/23/2007, 9:13:17 PM
Hello all, I would like to use the SMALL() function to look through a range (A2:A243) to pick out a certain value. The problem is that the values in that range are from 1 to 10 with each value repeating multiple times (1, 2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5, 6.1, 6.2, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 8, 9, & 10). So SMALL() would need to be used in conjunction with a function that would return an array of unique values. Is there such a function? If not, is there any websites out there with good tutorials for writing UDF's? I've written UDF's before, but I don't know how I would go about writing a UDF that would return an *array* of values. Thanks for any help anyone can provide, Conan Kelly

Conan Kelly
office xp small business - small business manager
0 replies , 7/31/2003, 3:02:19 PM
this program came pre-loaded on a dell computer. when i start it it loads the first screen and stops responding.

p kell
Office XP Small Business
1 replies , 8/29/2003, 6:23:58 PM
I have two installs of this program (SP-2). One is on a WIN98 2nd edition O/S the other on Windows 2000 O/S. On the Windows 2000 system Word opens Wordperfect files immediately. On the Windows 98 installation it will not - reporting that the converter is older than what is required. Since the installs are from identical Small office CDs and the setup procedure was indentical, I am not able to determine the problem. Please help if you can. Thanks! Fred

Name box too small
7 replies , 12/9/2009, 11:01:49 AM
Using Excel 2000, is it possible to change the size of the name box? I have a spreadsheet with a number of named ranges, some of which are too long to display fully in the existing name box. I can't distinguish between some of them as the first part of the names are the same. -- Ian --

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Small Business Server 2003 - what's included?
3 replies , 1/14/2004, 7:53:47 PM
I am currently running Microsoft Back Office Small Business Server 4.5 and am thinking of upgrading to Small Business Server 2003. Can anyone tell me what is included in SBS 2003??? i.e. does it include Exchange Server???? I know SBS 4.5 includes Exchange Server 5.5 and was wondering if 2003 is the same. I've been checking out Microsoft's website and watching demonstrations on 2003 and they keep mentioning Exchange Server 2003 but it's vague as to whether or not it is included. Thanks, David

SMALL function
7 replies , 5/20/2008, 4:10:01 AM
Hi, I am trying to display the minimum temperature for the year by using the following formula: =SMALL(E51,H51,K51,N51,Q51,T51,W51,Z51,AC51,AF51,AI51,AL51,COUNTIF($E51,$H$51,$K$51,$N$51,$Q$51,$T$51,$W$51,$Z$51,$AC$51,$AF$51,$AI$51,$AL$51,0)+1) Can anyone tell me why this formula won't work? The cells are each months minimum temperature which is calculated using the MIN function Cheers, -- Wal

This question refers to MS Article ID # 842548 Problem: Office XP small business version 2002 prompts me for a product key each time I try to open MS Word or Excel. When product key is entered it just quits. Question: The article details a 4 step procedure for fixing this problem that involves going into the registry. Before I try messing around in the registry what I want to know is do any of the Office service packs or updates for Office XP address and fix this problem? If so I can try applying these updates first and then if they don't work I can try the procedure involving the registry fix. Thank you. -- perpetual motion