Saving to network is slow

I have 225 users that use Excel over a Novell 6 network.  
Can anyone shine some light on it takes 3 minutes to save 
a one page workbook to the network?  Any info. will help
6/30/2003, 8:38:33 PM

3 replies , 12/8/2003, 11:39:00 PM
The steps to install network connections using Windows 95 or Windows NT

Serial problem - Two computers on same network
2 replies , 1/20/2008, 8:46:55 PM
Hello, <br><br>I install my version of Microsofe Office 2008 Home Edition on computer. Later my wife installs on her computer Office using the same number I used myself. Now Office detects two computers with same serial and Office dones not work on one of the computers. <br><br>How can I change, delete o reserialize on of the versions with one of the extra numbers? <br><br>Thanks!. <br><br>Max.

Is there anyone ou there in the "blue yonder" that has a network setup similar to mine. Here's what I have. Equipment: Hughes 2 way satellite system ISP: Earthlink Server PC: Pentium II running Win 98SE Client PC: Pentium I running Win 98SE Other: Belkin Network cards one in each PC Network Software: Wingate 5,2,0 Current Problem: Can't get connected to the web using IE on the client PC Server PC works fine I'd love to talk to someone that has a similar setup Please posr reply on this newsgroup so others can benifit. Loring

Loring Hutchinson
We installed DSL wireless on my Dell laptop off another Dell desktop in the house. We are now getting a msg when we turn on "Your network adapter 3C Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller(3C905C-TX compatible)0001 is not working properly. You may need to set up again. See Network troubleshooting in Windows help." After many days of researching, still have not found a solution as to what this means. Any ideas would be appreciated to help us understand as we have not noticed any problems as of yet. Thanks!

network printer configuration server and client
4 replies , 2/26/2008, 4:44:56 AM

Network Copier/Printer Connection Problem
3 replies , 7/15/2003, 2:52:01 PM
Hello, I have a network copier here that I can easily connect to and install from each PC (Win2K), but for some reason, I cant from the SBS2K box. I have a feeling it has something to do with configuration on one of the two NICs but not sure. When I run the Add Printer Wizard, I choose network printer. I can browse the network and see it, but when I click on it, I get the following message: Could not connect to the printer. You either entered a printer name that is incorrect or the printer is no longer connected to the server. I also tried creating a TCP/IP port in Server Properties and tried to add the printer as a local one from there. No luck with that either.One thing I thought was interesting, is that under Port on the computers that can connect to it the description is LAN Manager Printer Port. When I try to add a new port from my server, the LAN Manager is not an option. Any ideas? Thanks.Chris

Chris Guimbellot
Network Access Win98
0 replies , 6/22/2004, 12:55:08 PM
I have a 4 computer network. 1 machine operates as a server and desktop. When i start the machine and leave it at the first network logon in windows (which does not require a password) all the other machines work fine and access sage through the machine. As soon as i go past the logon screen the computer then locks the other machines out. All computers are on the same workgroup and they were all working fine yesterday. So whats changed overnight??.

On Network, can't send outside of the network
1 replies , 1/12/2004, 3:55:24 PM
Ok, I am at a small college, behind a firewall. I can send and recieve e-mail fine within my college. When I try to send outside of the college, I get an error, 5.7.1 Unable to Relay. It is the first time I have tried to get this set up. Can anyone help?

W98/W2000/WXP networking
1 replies , 10/9/2003, 6:50:38 PM
Hi all... I am helping someone in a small office set up a network, all connected to a central hub. Four comouters, all running 98, 2000, and (2) running XP Is there a general help file out there to set these up so that they see each other on the network. I am using client for Microsoft Networks as the client... someone once told me that TCP/IP addressing is more reliable... This should be pretty straightforward, but who knows?? any input from the experts out there?? Thanks! thanks!

Nick Blenkush
"another user" error message, but not on a network
8 replies , 8/20/2008, 6:31:58 PM
Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel All of a sudden, I cannot open any Word document without error message saying "another user" is using said document. Asks "Do you want to make a copy?" Click "OK". "Word cannot open this document. The document might be in use or might not be a valid Word document." When I try to quit Word, asks "Do you want to replace the existing "Normal"? The solutions I've seen to this problem have to do with being on a network, but I am not on a network. There are no other users that would be using these documents. Any ideas? Thanks.

cannot map network drive
1 replies , 3/3/2004, 11:56:10 PM
I have a problem with a win98 user who can't map a network drive in windows explorer. She gets "permanent connection not available" ..when trying to map the drive letter F. Another user running XP has no problems mapping to same location. But if I substitute the ip address instead of the name it works. I don't think its WINS related as she can ping the servername and ip address. Anyone have any ideas what it might be?

Networking Security
1 replies , 10/13/2005, 6:00:08 PM
If I'm in the wrong group I apologize; I couldn't determine which group I needed to ask this in. I am running Windows XP pro on all my computers; I have networked them altogether and everything is working. When connecting one computer to another one, I would like to require a User Name and Password. Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to do this. Thanks in advance for your help.

Excel links on network: sharing file off network
1 replies , 12/4/2003, 3:17:40 PM
I am sharing with an outside company an excel file that has links to other excel files on our network. I need to send this file back and forth and keep the links in tact with the full directory listing. When I have copied this file and worked on at home, it changes all my link directories to "C:" from "O:". Is there any way to freeze these links, so that when we send the file, the other company will be able to calculate but not modify the links? The update remote references seems to only apply to other applications. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

One of my attached network drives is giving me errors when I try to launch a program on it. There are two of the four directories displayed in blue. What is that?

word unexpectedly quits on Network user
0 replies , 7/1/2004, 5:48:21 AM
I am using eMac with mac OS X 10.3.4, and using Microsoft word X release 1. If i open a new blank document, it opens fine. But when I open the existing doc where I copied from my backup hard drive to my document folder. It will unexpectedly quits or sometimes it pop up a small windows saying " enable macro or disable macro" which I never use macro before. if i choose enable macro, then the word will quit unexpectedly. Since then, i won't be able to open the file which it will quit unexpectedly. Then I have to choose 'disable macro" to open the files and it opens "read only" permission. AND I have to do is open a new blank document and drag the file into the blank document and save it. It also happen to all attachement documents. If i just double click the file from the attachment, it will quit unexpectedly. Then I drag the files to the desktop and open it with "disable macro" and open a new blank document, then drag the files into blank document and save it. It only happen when I am in network user, It didn't happen when login my account from the local hard drive. any helps will be appreciated. Thanks

I am trying to network a Win98 computer to a WinXP network. The XP computers can see each other and share drives and printers. I started by trying the XP network wizard on the Win98 computer from the XP CD with no success. I have followed several tutorials and everything is set for TCP/IP protocol. I have removed the Zonealarm firewall. I am at a point where I can ping from both computers by IP address and name, I can search and find the computers from each other When I browse from Neighborhood Network I see nothing from either computer. I have shared drives on both computers and can search and access them with the "find computer" menu. Everything seems to be working except this. Any ideas as to how to get Neighborhood Networks working?

Can win xp and win 2000 be networked?
1 replies , 2/27/2005, 8:39:02 AM
I am wanting to network win xp to win 2000. I can't seem to get it. So would I have to change them both to xp or both to win 2000, and which would you suggest. Please help been trying this for 2 months

Network Card not connecting to network
2 replies , 7/28/2003, 6:59:11 AM
I installed a network card in my son's computer and I can not get it to connect to the network. His computer is a 486, 500 mhz, 128 megs RAM, with Windows 98 Second Edition. The card is a BOCALANcard 2000 Plus from Boca Research. It shows up without any problems in Device Manager with IRQ currently set to IRQ9 not showing any conflicts. In Control Panel Network it is showing Clients for Microsoft Networks and shows the proper card and IP Protocol. I did the "winipcfg" and it does show the Subnet Mask and his network card's IP address as I would expect. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. R*************

Robert Bodling
AutoRecover Problem over network
0 replies , 4/28/2005, 8:32:07 PM
Having problems with Word's builtin AutoRecover feature. I use roaming profiles and folder redirection to a server resource. The default AutoReceovery save location is in my profile's application data folder on the server. When AutoRecover kisk in my files are converted to an odd .tmp file name and upon a regular save get moved to an obscure temp folder in my profiles application data folder. I understood Office service pack 2 was set to fix this problem but it recurred after a few weeks of use and reapplying the service pack has no effect. it could be helpful if someone could explain how AutoRecover interfaces from word to the file system and if Offline synchronization woudl have any effect on this process.

3 replies , 12/8/2003, 11:35:12 PM
How do I install Novell client in a workstation using Windows 98 for a file server with Netware 4.11

Hello, Opening and saving files on a network location is very slow using either Word or Excel 2007 on a Vista Business 32bit system. There are no network drives mapped whatsoever. The files are opened from routes like \\server\documents\folder1. Other computers work fine, but my specific one takes forever to open the files. In the status bar of the app (Word or Excel) there is a progress bar saying Downloading xxxxx.doc at 100% (all green). Also while the file is opening (which takes 30secs up to 2 min) The explorer hangs when trying to access any folder (as if I try to do something else while it opens). If I hover over the Recent Files list, a tooltip comes up with the route of the file Documents\folder1\xxxx.doc instead of \\server\documents\folder1\xxxx.doc If beforehand I do Windows Key + R and run \\server\documents\ and find the file and double click it and open it, it opens instantly and all opening and saving throught and within office works fine (instantly) until next restart. Any suggestions ? Juan

Setting up a network.
8 replies , 5/15/2006, 9:49:57 PM
I use the wizard to set up a network but then it want to create a disk to set up the other computers on the network, however it says I have no removeable media. I don't have a floppy but I do have a DVDRW however it says I don't have anything so it won't do it. I don't have an XP installation disk either as it was preinstalled. (I have made a recovery DVD though, but the other machines don't have DVD only CD. So how do I set up the other machine w98se? I tired to set up up but I don't have much idea. At some point it asks for a winNT domain name or something like that, I have no idea what to put there. TIA any help appreciated.

Bazzer Smith
Network fine, but no icons
1 replies , 4/5/2004, 11:10:49 PM
How do i turn on the network connected icon's in windows 98se? It's relatively simple in windows xp but the check box doesn't seem to be in the same place.

Network Connection Configure
0 replies , 10/17/2005, 5:36:05 PM
I am trying to connect my server through a wireless router, I am using a DSLmodem to get to the internet ? I can not configure the wireless clients using the server software. I can ping the name and IP of server, but can't set up client pc from server. I am using small business server 2003 and I get to connect to network now screen, but no farther. Is there something I am missing or forgetting to do? Thank You !!

can't open network files
3 replies , 7/8/2005, 12:32:25 PM
Hi all. When in any office 2000 program and I try to open a file on the network, the open dialog box freezes and does the not responding thing. Adobe, wordperfect and a few other programs have no problem opening a network file, just office. I can open local files, emailed files, everything except networked files. If I copy network files to local, no problem????? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance ----== Posted via Newsfeeds.Com - Unlimited-Uncensored-Secure Usenet News==---- The #1 Newsgroup Service in the World! 120,000+ Newsgroups ----= East and West-Coast Server Farms - Total Privacy via Encryption =----

0 replies , 6/22/2004, 12:38:01 PM
I have networked my comp one has xp home the other has 98 Se i need to install 98 again but i didnt format it just over the top of it self. I still have my network but I can not access the internet on comp that has 98 the xp comp has access to the internet both comp have access to each but just no internet gateway on the 98 comp

Sharing Office X on the same wireless network?
1 replies , 9/25/2006, 10:34:16 PM
Here's my problem, looking for a solution: My girlfriend and I are 'sharing' a copy of Office X registered to me. One version on her laptop and one version on mine. However when we can not use it at the same time on the same wireless network. Can I purchase an additional License or are there any tips/tricks to solve this 'problem'? Thank you, Dominic.

Incomplete Network Browser in Network Neighborhood
0 replies , 10/8/2003, 6:49:40 AM
Help!! Those genuis kindly help me to solve this problem. Acctually I've connected a few OS Windows98 & 95 computers thru a hub (connected to Novell Server also), most of the computers can list out all the computers' names in the Network Neighborhood, even Novell Server. But, 2 computers are NOT, it just showed 2 to 3 computers' names, seems they want to show what it prefer, very funny!! Kindly assist my Genuis.

Koo Weng Yew
Windows XP and Windows 98 Network
1 replies , 12/17/2003, 4:23:57 AM
I found out how to do it. You need to install WLAN. I found that on my CD to install the wireless card for my laptop. When I installed that they begin to talk.

1 replies , 2/24/2004, 12:55:37 PM
I have two machines networked together in my home. I want to make one machine to be the webserver and I want both machines to point to the same place for code development so that I do not have the same code in 2 different places. Can I point one machine to the Inetpub of the other? I would guess that 2 people working on the same project (or same solution?) at the same time would cause problems. How are these type of issues normally handled? Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!!!!

Jim Heavey
network question
1 replies , 1/29/2004, 4:11:22 PM
Do workgroups names by default in 98 always Workgroup?

We need to create simple (not even necessarily UML compliant) block model diagrams of our .NET C# projects (class hierarchies, illustrate inter-network communication between models, and timing diagrams). Our previous developer used a MAC utility called GRAFFLE. Which produced awesome color and 3D diagrams. Unfortunately, that is a Macintosh only tool. We are now considering Visio. But which version? Looking at the version charts we see we DON't care about the database features, but what specific tools are included in this two PRO only features: * Software diagramming with reverse engineering [i.e. what specific tool is there here?] * Logical network diagrams Can anyone fill me in more clearly what these tools are (I have access to the demo version). -- ================================== Yechezkal Gutfreund Chief Scientist Kesser Technical Group, Inc. ==================================

Yechezkal Gutfreund
Wireless Networking - 3Com
6 replies , 8/2/2006, 6:33:38 PM
hi I couldnt find a 3Com Newsgroup so i am hoping someone here knows about things. At work they have a wireless BT Broadband, router is a 3Com Office Connect. Theres no networking between computers they just wireless connect to the router to get on the internet, emails etc. I wanted to connect this Win 98 pc there is there by using a USB Adapter So i bought a 3Com (3CRUSB10075) USB Office Connect Wireless 54Mbps 11g Compact USB Adapter ( ) Plugged it in loaded up the software and all seemed well But i cant get it to connect to the router to go on the internet or do emails? Is anyone familiar with this product, and know what im doing wrong? I wanted it to wireless connect to the internet like the laptops do at work but a temporary connection when needed. thanks shirl