Runtime 429 on Mac when starting Word from Excel using VBA

I am trying to start up Microsoft Word from a macro in Excel by using the 
following statement:

 Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application.8")

It works fine on my PC with Windows XP, however, when I run it on the Mac 
I get the Runtime 429 error. 

Could somebody give me a hint on how to solve this. 


3/28/2005, 2:26:54 PM

In article <X*********************replycom@>,
 Dave <D********> wrote:

> I am trying to start up Microsoft Word from a macro in Excel by using the 
> following statement:
>  Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application.8")
> It works fine on my PC with Windows XP, however, when I run it on the Mac 
> I get the Runtime 429 error. 
> Could somebody give me a hint on how to solve this. 

The problem you're having is that Mac applications are single instance, 
so if Word is running, you can't create a new object. 

Try something like: 

        Dim oWdApp As Object 
� � � � On Error Resume Next 
 � � � �Set oWdApp = GetObject(, "Word.Application") 
 � � � �On Error GoTo 0 
 � � � �If oWdApp Is Nothing Then _ 
            Set oWdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application ") 

JE McGimpsey
3/29/2005, 3:29:59 AM
G'day Dave <D********>,

Try asking on the Mac Word groups.

Steve Hudson - Word Heretic

steve from (Email replies require payment)
Without prejudice

Dave reckoned:

>I am trying to start up Microsoft Word from a macro in Excel by using the 
>following statement:
> Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application.8")
>It works fine on my PC with Windows XP, however, when I run it on the Mac 
>I get the Runtime 429 error. 
>Could somebody give me a hint on how to solve this. 

Word Heretic
4/4/2005, 1:49:00 PM
In article <>,
 Word Heretic <m**********> wrote:

> Try asking on the Mac Word groups.

he did...
JE McGimpsey
4/4/2005, 2:47:48 PM

This code opens Microsoft Word from Excel

Sub OpenMSWord()
Application.ActivateMicrosoftApp xlMicrosoftWord
End Sub

Jim Gordon

Word Heretic wrote:
> G'day Dave <D********>,
> Try asking on the Mac Word groups.
> Steve Hudson - Word Heretic
> steve from (Email replies require payment)
> Without prejudice
> Dave reckoned:
>>I am trying to start up Microsoft Word from a macro in Excel by using the 
>>following statement:
>>Set appWD = CreateObject("Word.Application.8")
>>It works fine on my PC with Windows XP, however, when I run it on the Mac 
>>I get the Runtime 429 error. 
>>Could somebody give me a hint on how to solve this. 
Jim Gordon MVP
4/5/2005, 2:04:33 AM

Beginner looking where to start
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Hi you all! I just wanted to start using Microsoft Excel for some of my activities in college and bussiness so, I was wonder if someone can recommend me some links with useful information for a beginner (or advanced) to start my road in Excel. Thanks in advance Ed.

Exhange IS Won't Start - Help
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I'm running SBS 4.5 with Exchange 5.5 SP4. Earlier today, Exchange shut down due to low disk space. I cleaned out some space and tried to start the IS back up, but it won't start. Somehow, the edb.chk file for the IS is missing, along with the sequential log files (Res1, etc. is there). Directory Services starts file as well as the System Attendant, etc. I checked the KB and found an article dealing low disk space problems, but it suggests to delete the edb.chk file, which is already missing. Is there a way for me to recreate an edb.chk file from the existing database? Would that help? Any suggestions? Thanks a million in advance. Jeff

Jeff Devore
Problem starting Communicator
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Hi, On some computers at the office, Communicator would not start at all. It'd show the icon in systray but when I move the mouse over it it disappears and Communicator never starts. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still would not work. Cassie

How to start Word without COM addins?
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Hello, We need to automate Word externally, in a somewhat repetitive manner. But we also have a .NET-based COM addin, which slows Word down considerably on startup. Is there a reliable way to suppress addin loading when calling CreateObject("Word.Application")? I know Word supports the /a command-line option, but how to apply it when creating an instance programmatically? As a last resort, we could temporarily unregister the COM addin before starting Word externally, but this is really brutish and might cause a permanent problem if something goes wrong in the controller application. Any better idea will be appreciated. Thanks. // Chango V.

Chango V.
sims 2 freezes at start-up
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Hi, I'm helping my niece install & run her Sims 2 game, at start-up it will show the initial splash screen of ea games, then it freezes. I have to use task manager to shut the game down. OS: Windows XP Pro, and has new video card: geforcefx agp8x. Thanks in advance for your help.

Starting up on start-up help!
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Hello all, <br><br>I'm new here so Hello. I just have a question to see if anyone can help here. I just recently bought a new MacBook Pro, and I got the Microsoft Office for it too. Well, I recently noticed that on start up, entourages My Day keeps opening up. Well when I right click the menu, I check off the box where it says to start on login. <br><br>Well here is the problem. Everytime I uncheck it, it still keeps opening up on start up. <br><br>Anyone know why??

SBS - DHCP service not starting
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Have a server that is not starting DHCP (event 1053) The server is detecting another server on the network with an ip of which I cannot figure out. This came about after a client had a couple of email's with virus that were detected and deleted. The server is reporting clean as are the clients....anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Craig

October 16, 2004 - Afalina Co., Ltd. announces a new version of Add-in Express .NET, a True RAD tool for .NET that allows you to integrate your solutions within the top most popular end-user applications. --- Add-in Express .NET Edition is developed in C# and directly supports Delphi 8 for .NET, Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, and Visual J#. Add-in Express provides for add-in and smart tag developers the True RAD way and allows you to develop your add-ins and smart tags via a couple of clicks. --- Add-in Express supports COM add-ins for 9 well-known MS applications: * Access 2000 and higher * FrontPage 2000 and higher * Word 2000 and higher * MapPoint 2002 and higher * Outlook 2000 and higher * PowerPoint 2000 and higher * Project 2000 and higher * Visio 2002 and higher * Excel 2000 and higher Smart Tags are supported for: * Word 2002 and higher * Excel 2002 and higher * PowerPoint 2003 and higher RTD Servers work on Excel 2002 and higher. --- Need more information? You are welcome to With best wishes, Eugene Starostin --- Add-in Express Team

Eugene E. Starostin
When I start an Office application I initially get a "Windows Installer" window to pop up stating "Preparing to install...". Approximately 30 seconds or so later a window pops up titled "Problem with Shortcut". The statement in this window is "This update package could not be opened. Verify that the update package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows Installer update package." I am running Vista and Office 2007. This has not been a problem in the past. It appears a recent Windows update either didn't install correctly or re-located a file Office is looking for. There are no failed installs in the Windows Update history. Anyone have any ideas?

PERSONAL file automatically opens upon starting Excel
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I am a newbee in writting Macros. I wrote one and now after that whenever I start Excel, a file opens with file name: "PERSONAL". I went to following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\TOSHIBA\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART and deleted the "PERSONAL" file. Now it is OK. But I don't know how this file went to XLSTART folder. Also is this deleting will affect my macros? Is it possible to access this folder from inside Excel? TIA Rasoul Khoshravan Azar

Rasoul Khoshravan Azar
starting excel
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why when I star microsoft excel I get the "Installing Components for microsoft excel" message.

Error during start up
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Whenever I turn on MS Word or any other MS Office application I get a message saying "Installing: Microsoft Office Word feature" and the abr loads up and then asks me to insert my Office CD, which I do, and it then completes the installation, and it runs fine, even if I turn Word off and on again; until I restart my PC, where it asks me for the same thing. My question is, why do I get this whole installation thing? Cant I just install it once and thats it? I reinstalled it but it didnt help. I checked my 'Disk Cleanup' tool, to see whether there are any "Office Setup files" but there arent any, and I suspect thats what I need, for it to automatically check those files for the necessary bits, but it doesnt save any. Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks.

"cannot start converter" error in Word v. X
7 replies , 7/11/2005, 11:59:29 PM
Hi! I am running OS 10.3.9 and Word v.X version 10.1.6. Recently I tried using Word to open files created in a previous version of Word, maybe 5 or 6, I don't remember. I had huge trouble doing this but somehow, the files opened. However, since then, I cannot launch Word v.X or open documents it has created without getting a dialog box that says "Word cannot start the converter." When I click "OK", the dialog box keeps popping up, preventing me from using the application. My only way out is to force quit. What converter am I missing? How can I fix this problem? Thanks, Danny

Where to start?
3 replies , 4/23/2007, 1:28:02 PM
I have some basic knowledge of Excel but have never taken advantage of all its operations. Since there are so many, where would anyone begin to learn them all? This week I go to an Excel refresher course but boss has said learning Excel tables and analysis tools will be critical over the next few months to learn due to my job responsibility increases. Any suggestions on where and what to get started on?

Start spreadsheet with WinXP start
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Yo, How do you get a specific spreadsheet to start up when Winxp starts.=20 I have tried to place a link of the spreadsheet into the startup folder, = but Excel only starts up without the actual spreadsheet opening. Thanks for help. Gee

Gordon Gradwell
Home and starting a small business
1 replies , 11/22/2006, 8:25:01 AM
Does any body knows what programs are recomended for home use and a small business?

I print the same sixteen address labels every month. This obviously leaves me with fourteen lables left on the sheet. For the next month's printing, how do I start the sheet at the next available label? I really don't know much about making labels other than typing information into existing field blocks. I don't even knoww how to create field blocks, so....

Word addin will not start in second document
2 replies , 10/24/2005, 11:11:04 AM
Hi, I wrote a word addin that loads at startup of Ms Word. In the document with which Ms Word starts (document 1) everything is OK. I can also run the addin several times within Document 1. When I open another (new or saved) document, document 2, the addin will not run anymore. The commandbarbutton is visible en enabeled in the commandbar, but when I click on it nothing happens. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Hendrik Jan

Office Xp setup just won't start
0 replies , 9/25/2005, 4:01:00 AM
Hi, I am trying to install office xp 2002 in my computer and i've had some trouble. At first i got some dll errors, but then i was able to fix that, now when i click on the setup.exe on the CD all i get is "preparing to install..." and then that window goes away, but nothing new comes up. I have tried clicking on the .MSI files directly and if i click on OWX10.MSI (office web components) i have no trouble, but if i click on PROPLUS.MSI i get the same thing i get if i click Setup.exe? Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks in advance for the help, Dan

Excel start up
2 replies , 7/26/2007, 3:45:42 PM
I am using a computer with Office 2000 and XP. A previous user set up several worksheets and programs to open (from our work network) when excel opens. What do I have to do to keep all these things from opening when I start Excel? Thanks! Tom

Tom M.
I want to create a chart that on one axis will show date ranges that have varying start and finish dates. The other axis is a list of project names. Example: Project #1, starts 5/1/05, ends 10/1/05; Project #2 starts 3/5/05, ends 2/2/06, etc. I want a bar chart that I can sort. Any help is very appreciated. : )

hello, I was erasing a bunch of old preferences from expired demo software I had on my drive tonight. When i restarted, there were a few small problems: Keychain was reset and my Dock was set back to default. But that wasn't the big problem; i could just redo those things. When i try to start Entourage it tells me "Could not change to that identity. Access permission is denied." When i click to continue, it offers me to select an Identity ( i only have one, have had it 20 months now, "Main Identity) but when i choose OK it gives me the same message. When i click "quit" i get the following: "You do not have write access to the Entourage application folder. To run Entourage you must have the administrative user remove the Identities folder from the application folder. For more informatoin, see the Entourage Read Me file." now there are a number of things wrong with this statement: 1) I do have write access to the Entourage folder and the documents folder where my identity is. 2) I AM the administrator, but anyway when i remove the ID folder I still get the same behavior. 3) The readme file doesnt say anything about this problem. help! thanks nn

"WJView Error" box appears on start up, why?
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Since upgrading my XP with service pack 2 I have been receivning "WJView Error" box appears on start up, why?

Today the microsoft products are missing from my start menu and from my program files. I can open documents saved in my documents, but there aren't any menu options to open the programs.

Exc_Bad_Access - Office doesn't start...
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel Any of my Office 2008 Applications on my MacBookPro don't start anymore. (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) A few days before I've installed the SP1 12.1 Update (worked fine) and one day later I've updated my "Vodafone Mobile Connect" software. Shortly thereafter my Office was corrupted. Quote: Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0 Error Signature: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS Date/Time: 2008-08-13 22:50:41 +0200 Application Name: Microsoft Entourage Application Bundle ID: Application Signature: OPIM Application Version: Crashed Module Name: CoreFoundation Crashed Module Version: unknown Crashed Module Offset: 0x00006082 Blame Module Name: CoreFoundation Blame Module Version: unknown Blame Module Offset: 0x00006082 Application LCID: 1031 Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0407 (...)

Office wants disk when system starts
0 replies , 2/4/2006, 12:41:48 PM
When I boot my system and it starts Windows Installer appears and wants to install Office. It wants to find Office CAB11 files and will browse for these. The problem being that I have misplaced the disks and therefore cannot insert the disk when it wants it. Is there some way around this as the system wants the disk every time it starts and it takes forever to get rid of the installer window. Thanks Brian

Sorting Starts then Restarts
2 replies , 11/17/2003, 11:28:58 PM
I have been given an Excel 2000 worksheet to troubleshoot. It was created for one of our departments by an outside vendor. When they try to sort the worksheet using the first column as the sort criteria, it sorts the first 69 records correctly, then begins a new sort on the 70th record (e.g., correctly sorts values 1014-1489, then restarts at 1000-6000). I have: Removed the header row, copied the column into a new worksheet, searched for macros/VBA code (found none), searched for formulas (again found nothing), conditional formatting (ditto), importing into Access 2000 (get a Type Conversion Failure for some of the values in that first column), and exporting into Notepad (no special characters show up), and finally, exporting into Word 2000 where I was finally able to convert the text to a table and successfully sort it there, but was then unable to successfully get it back into Excel. Another interesting behavior: it's impossible to apply different formatting to the data in the second part of this column. I've been able to create and apply a custom format for the first records, (five character number rather than four, and get a leading zero on all numbers until I hit the fateful row), but can change font formatting (bold, italics, etc.), but there's no special protection set on the worksheet, workbook, or cells. I've highlighted the whole thing and erased formulas (there don't appear to have been any), and saved it as a different document name. I'm out of ideas. If anyone has seen this type of behavior before and has any information on how to address this, I'd appreciate the benefit of your knowledge. Many thanks in advance, Trisha

does anyone can help me in this issues? I just read the MS Training but i didn't get it. Will be better if you can help me with examples and more simple explanations

I have run Norton's Live Update, and all Microsoft XP and Office updates, but my computer locks up when trying to open an existing Office file (Word or Excel). I tried restoring to an earlier point when things were OK, and then ran updates, but it still locks up.

Can't start certain programs from Start Menu
8 replies , 5/12/2007, 4:19:42 AM
Hi, I do not know what happened but I can't start certain programs from the Start Menu. The same thing happen if I use the search feature on the Start Menu. So far, that include all the Microsoft Office applications and CorelDraw Graphics Suite X3. Anyway, I am able to start those programs if I click on Start->All Programs and go to their appropriate folder. Opening the documents directly also will start the appropriate programs. I tried reinstalling those programs but it doesn't help. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Simple Automatic Cursor Starting Point in Word
1 replies , 9/27/2004, 9:59:04 PM
I would like the cursor to start a few lines down in my Word Template when opened. I haven't time to deal with a VBA course, but would love some pointers. Thanks -- Today is the day!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!
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Office Apps Stuck During Start-up
3 replies , 12/19/2004, 3:58:28 PM
I recently upgraded to Office 2004 on my iMac and iBook. No problems at all on the iBook, but the iMac is another story. When I try to start any of the Office applications the app's splash box appears on the screen as normal. It displays my license name, Product ID and below that "Configuring Office Components..." and never gets any further than that. The application icon shows up in the dock, but holding on the icon displays an "application not responding" message. Any ideas about what's up? Thanks