Rolling out Office - auto setup Outlook 2003 user on exchange server?

Hello - I'm creating an installation module for Office 2003 Professional.
Everything is working the way I want, except Outlook auto-enrollment. The
user still has to manually enter the mail server and their user name. I
would like it to plug in the user domain and username if possible.

If it is any help, I'm using WISE 5.5, and applying a transform to the
original PRO11.MSI - I haven't, and don't intend to, modify the original
MSI. Thanks for any help!

12/15/2004, 4:06:42 PM

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Hi Patrick, 

A more appropriate group for this would be the office.setup one...

> I'm creating an installation module for Office 2003 Professional.
> Everything is working the way I want, except Outlook auto-enrollment. The
> user still has to manually enter the mail server and their user name. I
> would like it to plug in the user domain and username if possible.

Cindy Meister
INTER-Solutions, Switzerland (last update Jun 8 2004)

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Cindy M -WordMVP-
12/16/2004, 1:42:55 PM

Multiple Exchange Accounts
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Is it possible to setup more than one Exchange accounts in Entourage?

Hello, They have just got the exchange server at work working with us Mac users and while it is syncing well with Entourage, when I sync my Palm, it syncs with the calendar called: "Calendar [On My Computer]" rather than: "Calendar [Exchange]" I can see how to choose which identity to sync with but cannot find a way to choose which calendar (or server) it syncs with. Can anyone tell me how I can get the Palm to sync with the exchange calendar Entourage 2004 SP2 Mac OSX 10.3.9 Palm Tungsten T3 Syncing with "The Missing Sync" -- Rocky Road - in Oz

Exchange version
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How do I find out what version and service pack of Exchange and ISA a system is running? I assume when I apply updates, service packs, etc.,to SBS2k it is only updating the operating system and not the other components. Is it recommended that each of the components be updated in addition to the OS? Sorry if this question is nieve to some but don't want to make any mistakes. Thanks, DM

Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003
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Does Entourage perform better with greater reliability with Exchange 2003 rather than Exchange 2000? Does anyone know?

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We have Exchange 2k on our SBS 2k. Someone has sent an email that is over 13 MB in size. It went to all enabled users in AD. Is there any practical way to remove it from our user's email boxes? Our users are nearly all on dialup to the server to make matters worse. I appreciate any help anyone could give. Thanks. Richard

SMTP Settings on exchange
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Hi all How can I stop mail being sent with the full user name i.e.. MikeCod@breeze?????.com to Mike@breeze?????.com. Comments please Regards Simon Hardstaff --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.530 / Virus Database: 325 - Release Date: 22/10/2003

Vanishing Exchange folders?
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Any idea why my exchange inbox, outbox, and sent items have vanished in=20 Entourage 2004?? My data is still online at my host via OWA. I don't = want to=20 accidentally delete it. Fraser

Entourage and Exchange server
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I have not been able to get Entourage to connect to my corporate Exchange server. After setting up an account in Entourage I cannot get it to connect to the server. If I use a IMAP account I can receive emails but not send, the server is not an SMTP server. Any help would be great!

Keeping Exchange mail on the Exchange server
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Our network is moving to the use of an Enterprise-wide archive for email, and we need to prevent our Entourage users from moving mail from the Exchange server to a local mailbox, or else force a synchronization of the local box back to their Exchange mailbox (we have done this for out Outlook users already). I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) that we cannot disable local folders within the Microsoft User database; is there method to ensure that all of the users' mail is not moved off of the Exchange server?

Restoring exchange
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Hello all, I have a SBS 2003 that is failing to start (I get the blue screen of death about 10 seconds into the OS loading). I can slave my HDD to another computer and access the files. I want to pull all the latest exchange files off and move them over to a new HDD. Typically I would just use my Exchange backup, but I just found that the backup file is 2 weeks old. Possibly this has something to do with the HDD failing? Regardless, I'm now forced to manually pull the exchange files over to my new clean configuration. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA Aaron G Philadelphia, PA

Multiple Exchange Account Question
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange I have 2 exchange accounts set up in Entourage. When I receive mail in one account I want it to default to the account that received the mail - it seems to default to the account that is the default account. Is there anyway I can change this behaviour other than manually checking I am sending from the right account every time I reply to an e-mail. <br><br>In addition, I only have one of these accounts set up on my iPhone (the default one) but when I send e-mails from my iPhone when Entourage then syncs to the mail server these sent mails seem to randomly appear in either of the accounts even though they are all sent from the default mail account. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour? <br><br>Brendna

Exchange Connection - Does not connect
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Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange Have read everything I can find but have not found a solution. Recently moved from one branch of Company to another branch in another country - the new country IT has never dealt with Mac's before. IT has set up a new exchange email identity for the new country which works fine in MS Outlook running under VM Fusion. Understand that Entourage and Outlook access the Exchange Server differently, but Exchange Server, Domain, Email Address and password don't change between Outlook and Entourage do they. My conclusion is that it is an issue with the Exchange Server setup - where do I start looking?

Help- Exchange out of space!
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Using Exchange 2000 server on SBS 2000 on a single server. Clients cannot open Outlook because cannot connect to Exchnage server. Checked the partition where Exchange is located and it is oout of space. Have corresponding Event errors: 9175;1005;482;428;9411;8250, etc all related to Exchange errors. Outlook last updated with emails about 5 hours ago 1. We have another partition with a lot more space, how can we safely move Exchange there --is there a wizard? 2. Our last backup of Exchange was 2 days ago because of 2 days of bad tapes. What precautions should we take before moving Exchange; ie what can/should we manually backup before doing anything? 3. How can we immediately stop Exchange from running --should we do this? That way we can retrieve email from web-based service temporarily before email is pulled in--or maybe Exchange cannot do that at this point??? 4. There is not enough space to run a online defragmentation, etc --only 500kb left. Thanks..on way to site now.

Entourage Errors with Exchange
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Entourage won't login to Exchange yielding error messages: Eail could not be received at this time. The server for account "John's Email Account" returned the error "Logon failure: unknown username or bad password. Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password?" (OS 10.4 and OS 9.1 manual setup login error -- clicking the Yes button and re-entering the password yields the same message.) <OR> "Logon failure: unknown username or bad password -17900" (Verify button in Entourage on OS 10.2.8/Entourage 2004) Here's what has been done so far: 1. Windows 2003 Server SBS has been fully patched 2. Exchange configured & successfully tested using OWA (Mac & PC) AND Outlook 2003 on a PC 3. IMAP service was changed from disabled to enabled and set to auto start 4. IMAP virtual server was started 5. verified SMTP service running 6. verified SMTP Virtual Server running 7. Server was cold booted. 8. On Entourage Account Settings tab tried: a. Account ID -- tried AD usernames (john and j*********ain.local), Exchange usernames (jsmith and j**********, also tried a user account where the AD and Exchange usernames were the same (steve, s*********main.local, s********* and all yielded the first error, above. b. Exchange server -- tried ip address (used both AND, fqdn (used SERVER.addomain.local and SERVER.addomain.local/EXCHANGE), and URL ( AND It finds the server via either ip address and fqdn methods but reports "The server can't be found" when using the URL method.) This does not appear to be a DNS issue (see details #4, below). 9. On Directory tab tried: a. Tried LDAP Server names ldap.server.addomain.local and and also tried leaving this blank b. Tried Search Base cn=users,dc=addomain,dc=com and also tried leaving this blank c. Tried Advanced Settings The Server Requires Me to Log On (checked and unchecked) and Override default LDAP port 3268 (checked and unchecked at port 389), all 4 permutations 10. Tried Entourage 2004 11.1.0 on Mac OS 10.2.8 and OS 10.4.1 and Entourage 2001 SR1 9.0.1 on Mac OS 9.1. Resulted in same error message at top. 11. Tried deleting and recreating the Entourage Exchange account 12. Tried restarting Entourage after each change (e.g., 8 & 9, above) Details: 1. Customer has SBS2003 (fully patched) running Exchange 2003 with PC and Mac clients running Outlook 2003 (PC running XP) and Entourage 2004 & 2001 (Mac running OS X 10.2.8 and 10.4.1) 2. OWA works fine with Macs (OS X 10.2.8 & 10.4.1) & PC (XP) by entering and entering the AD username & password. 3. Outlook 2003 works fine with PC (XP). 4. ping and ping server.addomain.local both show success! 5. we do not have SSL and it is NOT an option 6. we do not have root certificates installed on the Macs, as suggested by a previous error message, but multiple articles indicate this is not a problem and that you should be able to login with your username and password credentials. Please help!

Exchange sbs2K Queues clean up
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Hi all Hope some one can help me out here One member of staff sent out a price list to all our consultants some 300 as a BCC & to him self sized @ 985kb The thing is he should have sent this to our ISP mail server not to our exchange as it is setup as a DNS SMTP & we have problems with Rev DNS lookup i.e. AOL & some other ISP. The problem I now have is the mail that has not been sent i.e. AOL & some others are still queuing. I have tried to delete the mail in the SMTP queue and it shows that they have been deleted. All users Outlook have been closed as I am doing this. On refresh the mail comes back as queuing I have followed the instructions on Microsoft's SBS Support page listed below. HOW TO: Block Open SMTP Relaying and Clean Up Exchange Server SMTP Queues on SBS Can any one let me know how I can clean up the queues as all other users can't get on line as the server is taking up all the bandwidth. -- Regards Simon Hardstaff --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.550 / Virus Database: 342 - Release Date: 09/12/2003

Exchange and Entourage: How Many macs on Exchange?
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So I have an Exchange environment, however, almost all my users are macs. I was wondering how many other firms are in a similar situation. How many users do you have? How big is the mailstore on Exchange? How many problems are you encountering with Entourage (i.e., Calendaring not working properly)? Any input is valuable Thanks much Robert Liebsch IT Manager Stone Yamas**ta Partners

Exchange Server
3 replies , 9/29/2003, 3:42:09 PM
I am trying to email out to persons who have the same isp as myself. My exchange server is kicking the mail back at me saying these addresses are undeliverable. I have smtp connectors and pop3 connectors set up using earthlink as my domain. E-mail addresses with earthlink as the domain are coming back as undeliverable. All other mail is working both coming and going. Do I need to set up a special connector for my isp domain email clients? Thanks in advance for any and all help. Norman

Interesting problem with entourage and exchange
4 replies , 7/14/2008, 5:12:49 PM
Hello I have interesting problem with Entourage 2008 on Intel MacBook synchronizing with Microsoft exchange server on Windows 2k Server OS. I set up the synchronization in entourage in a similar way we do it on our windows computers and everything looks like it working fine - it got the list of contacts from the server BUT it doesn't want to get calendars from the server (we have 8-10 of them). I wonder if entourage even supports getting multiple calendars and if it does if there is anything special that I have to do to get them. As for settings I just filled the info on new exchange account page for entourage using "my account" for authentication and ip address for exchange server location. All other tabs are at their defaults. Thanks For help

Thomas Koys
I just finished installing an Exchange 2003 server for a client who just happends to have 3 mac in house. I can't connect to the exchange server using the tools, account, exchange wizard. The mac are G5 running office and Entourage 2004. I've checked the server, I have pop3, imap4, smtp, ldap all working. What else do I need?

Elsworth Pascoe
Entourage email setup for exchange server
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I have gone thru the setup for getting my email from our exchange server 2003, everything look OK but I do not get my mail. Has anyone set this up, and has addition direction, or suggestion on how to fix

exchanging rows
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hi, i want to know if there is a way that enables me to exchange two rows in a worksheet including there functions and formats.

exchange of writing
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Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) Processor: Intel When I insert in the middle of expressions other letters, the letters I wrote before disappearing with any new written letter disappears the old one on the right side.

Re: Entourage not connecting with Exchange Server
2 replies , 8/26/2005, 11:28:00 PM
On 8/25/05 10:47:55 AM, "Nathan Herring [MSFT]" <n**************> wrote: > After some inspection, this seems to be an overly generic error string > representing of one of the following problems: > * SSL Handshake failed (though we should have reported why rather than this > generic error) > * Server doesn't support a compatible version of SSL > * Received an incorrectly formatted SSL record > * Received an SSL record with a bad MAC > * Some decrypted data does not appear reasonable > * Server refused renegotiation > * a close_notify alert has been received > * the SSL server requires a client certificate and we were unable to provide > one > * The server's certificate could not be verified. > > Obviously, the error message is not relevant to many of these cases, nor is it > sufficiently specific in the last case, where it might be relevant. I will > bring this up with our User Assistance folks to see if we can get it addressed > in a later release. I erred in this previous posting. Only the last error message is connected to the error string "Unable to establish a secure connection to the server because the correct root certificate is not installed." That error message is still not quite correct (there are many reasons beyond not having the correct root certificate that a certificate is not valid), but I thought I should clear up the mistake. -nh -- Nathan Herring MacBU SDE/Development This posting is provided �AS IS� with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Nathan Herring [MSFT]
Exchange public folders
3 replies , 6/3/2004, 7:20:52 PM
I just connected Entourage to my exchange server. In addition to the inbox, sent mail, etc. I have a folder called "public folders" but the public folders on my exchange server are not within. Can I set up Entourage to see the public folders on my exchange server? Thanks

We have had three Macs just stop downloading new e-mail from the exchange server. You can check with web mail and see there are new messages. Entourage acts like is is synchronizing with the server but dose not download the new mail. We are running Office 2004 with SP1 Installed. I have tried rebuilding the databases with no luck.

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Using Office 2000 in a small office (10 computers) with a server-based system. Do I need to install Exchange on the office server to be able to set up meetings on other users' Outlook calendar? Is there a way to do it without using Exchange?

Can't connect to Exchange 2007 server
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Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel Email Client: Exchange We are just starting to migrate to using Exchange 2007 server. I am trying to connect Entourage to the server but am having all sorts of issues. I've read all the instructions and put in all the details as per the instructions. I have tried all different servernames including the /exchange/userid@domain...... (although I'm not 100% if what I put in was correct). I'm not getting any errors in Entourage. I have noticed though that when I look in keychain access the password is listed as u**********erver.domain instead of userid@domain. Is this a problem and could it be why I can't connect? Thanks

Entourage Exchange Calendar Data Loss
3 replies , 2/21/2005, 5:46:30 PM
I am using Entourage 2004 on a Powerbook G4. It is being used with Exchange 2003. For the second time, my calendar data, on both the Mac and exchange have been wiped out with the curious exception of certain recurring events. This also happened using Entourage X. I have found others who have experienced this: but no one seems to have a solution. Anyone fixed this?

I have seen several posts on this but no fixes. Setup here, PowerBook G4 10.4.9 (from combi), Entourage 11.3.3 (just done the 11.3.6 update. Server is Windows2003 and Exchange 2003. When sending and receiving sync just goes on and on....., I seemed to notice this after U/G to 10.4.9. This happens on 2 different powerbooks, I mail database is about 400Mb the other about 300Mb. I have stopped using Ent 2004 and use Apple Mail instead. Any ideas on what I could try next? All users (approx 20) of Office X at this site don't have this problem. All connected on a 100Mb LAN I look after, desktops servers LAN, in fact just about everything with electrical current in it! Thanks Mike Allisette

Connecting to exchange - viewing exchange folders
1 replies , 10/15/2003, 4:53:44 AM
We have recently implemented an exchange server in our office. I have tried to connect several Entourage (v10.1.4) to the exchange server. I get the error "Could not connect to free/busy server". I am unable to access the free/busy information when scheduling an appointment from an Entourage client. Also, Entourage interprets the Exchange calendar, task, note, and public folders as email folders, instead of showing the correct views for each. Has anyone else had problems connecting Entourage to Exchange?

WebDAV/Exchange Web Services
1 replies , 1/9/2009, 2:51:01 PM
I see the upcoming release of Entourage 2008 will forego WebDAV in favor of Exchange Web Services. How will this affect client using Exchange 2003 server? From what I understand, 2003 does not have EWS so I assume Entourage will still have WebDAV capabilities for those still on Exchange Server 2003?

Christopher Boerger
Entourage (w/Exchange Support) and Exchange 2003
1 replies , 11/5/2003, 8:28:15 PM
we are going to upgrade our Exchange server from 5.5 -> 2003 1. will this allow the OS X version of Entourage with Exchange Support to connect as did outlook 2001? 2. what needs to be enabled/running on the Exchange server for optimal usage of Entourage? thanks in advance...