Register COM-DLL from code

Hi all ...

Does anyone know if it is possible to register a COM-DLL through code using
statements of the .NET framework (VB.NET or C#) without using the
command-line or shell or anything?


Stijn Lambert
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Stijn Lambert
6/30/2003, 3:52:21 PM

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i registered it before with the same product key and now its not working i really need help..

[MS Design Tools] - Class not registered
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Hi all, I have SQL Server 2k installed on Windows 2k and when I try to view a table design or create a database diagram or access an existing one from SQL Server Enterprise Manager I get the follwing error: An unexpected error happened during this operation. [MS Design Tools] - Class not registered I have checked the sqlstp.log file and found the following message : 14:07:54 The file listed below could not be registered. Adding it to RunOnce to try again on the next reboot. 14:07:54 DLL0: D:\WINNT\System32\regsvr32.exe /s "D:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OLE DB\msmdgd80.dll" I tried to unregister and register msdmgd80.dll using the following command: regsvr32.exe /u "D:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OLE DB\msmdgd80.dll" regsvr32.exe "D:\Program Files\Common Files\System\OLE DB\msmdgd80.dll" But I get the message: DllRegisterServer in D:\Program Files\common files\system\ole db\msmdgd80.dll failed. Return code was: 0x8002801c. I have been searching in lots of forums and newsgroups online but until now I didn't find any solution to my problem. Anyone can please help ?!! Thank you in advance!!! Regards Amy

how do i register my new software
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i do not get prompted to register my new verson of microsoft office student and teacher edition 2003..

"no program is registered to open this file" HELP
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that's the mesg I get when I try to access internet or go templates on line when trying to get there using Micro Office Standard Student Teacher Edition 2003. I am also unable to access web links from Microsoft Office Outlook.

Fellow forum members: I'm totally confused why all my Excel hyperlinks don't work and displa the messages below everytime I select one: "Some files can contain viruses and otherwise be harmful to you computer. It is important that the file comes from a trustworth source. Would you like to open the file?" "No program is registered to open this File" The first message is just annoying and I just press OK to make it g away. But the second message is serious and is preventing the hyperlin from working. What does Excel mean by telling me, "No program i registered to open this File"?. My research in this forum hints tha this problem might be caused due to Microsoft Internet Explorer, but i doesn't tell me how to fix it. Can anyone out there help me figure ou how to make my hyperlinks work? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you -- bina ----------------------------------------------------------------------- binar's Profile: View this thread:

Trying to register Office 2008 - Invalid PID!
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I am trying to register Office 2008. The website rejects the PID that appears in all the About menus so I can't register. Can someone at MS kindly fix this?

I just installed the Office Home and Student package. When I launch each program (e.g. Word), as you know, it asks for the Product Key. When I type in the Key as provided on the label, the system replies that the Key is incorrect. Huh??? Should I try to register by phone, and if so, what number should I call? Or is there a way around this? Thanks.

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I cannot find the REGISTER.ID function in my excel XP. What do I need to do to get it?

Anagh Nath Paul
"interface not registered"
2 replies , 12/26/2005, 10:11:01 AM
i keep getting an error message saying "interface not registered" when i try to send an email, put it's an error from word. what can i do to fix this?

I have a multiboot system with Office XP installed on the G drive and Office 2003 installed on the J drive, each in a separate OS. Today, when using VB 6 in the OS on the G drive, I noticed that the Word 11 library was registered. When I went into the registry, I found that BOTH Word 10 and Word 11 type libraries were registered, but only the most recent was listed in Project | References. I deleted the key for the Word 11 type lib and all seems well now. Excel, Access, etc. were all at version 10, What might have caused this erroneous registration? --; See Howard Kaikow's web site.

Howard Kaikow
create page 2 in check register
2 replies , 9/21/2005, 3:53:02 AM
How do I create a second, third and fourth page in the check register? I am very new and am lost

I already registered my one note but I had to get a new hard drive because the old one crashed. I was prompted to register again the first time that I used One Note. Do I ignore it? What to do?

What is register a server?
8 replies , 12/18/2004, 11:42:33 PM
New to MS and MS SQL... What does register a server do in the Enterprise Manager?

I have tried this on two different computers, both running Windows 2000 SP3 and I get the same error when attempting to install Publisher 2000: Error 1904/ Module c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\office\PTXT9.DLL failed to register. HRESULT - 2147024703. Any suggestions or ideas on this would be appreciated! Thanks!

I would like to set up a worksheet in Excel for my check registor that will automatically give me the balance.

"interface not registered"
2 replies , 7/18/2004, 7:27:09 AM
I just installed Outlook 2002 and when I went to send an email I got the following message, "interface not registered". Does anyone know how to correct this? Thank you, David

What code can be used to register Office if no CofA??
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I lost my certificate of authenticity for Microsoft Office 2000 Professional and need to reinstall it but when it asks for the 24 character code, I do not have it. What can I do??

Registering Office xp
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The # of times has lapsed that I needed to register my office xp in order for the task panels to be available in my work. What do I need to do in order to get it registered so that I can get this installed?

Eunice Jordan
0 replies , 12/3/2003, 8:01:04 PM
I bought a new pc - loaded a new office basic 2003, had to exchange the computer. Now I try to load office on a new computer and I can't register it. How do I fix this?

document cannot be registered
2 replies , 2/28/2005, 11:47:03 PM
Whenever i open an office document i get Document cannt be registered and i cannot move the files on my computer. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

SQL7 DTS "Class not registered" error
0 replies , 8/6/2004, 12:39:02 AM
I installed NT Option Pack 4 on a NT4.0 SP6a server which already has SQL7.0 SP4. After that, I tried SQL's Data Transformation Services to do a Data Import. The SQL failed with "Class not registered" error. Is it because Option Pack affected any SQL7 files? Does anyone have any idea how to resolve it? Thanks, Gabe

I have been able to successfully reinstall Office 2000 Premium after reformatting my HDD and reinstalling XP/SP2. However, after first start, I get a message that I can use office 50 times (I think) before being required to register. I had some time yesterday so I decided to register. Tried the Internet option and it said "server down - try again later" or something to that effect. After an hour or so with the same message, I decided to try to register by email. I filled out the required info, and then tried to register. The wizard gives me a 17 alphanumeric code and asks for my confirmation, which apparently was supposed to be sent by email (though this isn't actually said). It's been about 36 hours without any email from MSFT (yes, I checked my spam filter) so I decided to try by internet again. To my s**grin the wizard will not allow that option now. It continues to ask me for confirmation that I never received. There also is an option to register by telephone, so I call that number and spoke with India. He said that he can help me only with activation, and gave me customer service number (also in India or that region of the world). CS gave me the number for activation. I told her I already had spoken with that number. She said that she can transfer me to paid support and for $50 I can talk to someone else. I balked and said that I never before have had to pay to reinstall software that I have legally purchased. Long story, but bottom line is that I need to know how to register Office so that I can continue to use it. I have the original CDs and product key.

how to register
2 replies , 1/29/2009, 11:25:01 PM
How do I know if I am properly registered. When I put the product number before it work for a while, then it gave me a messages saying that I had used up all of my tries and the program was blocked. How do I avoid this from happenning again.

How to debug, step-into, or use (execute) a .net project when the assembly is registered in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache)? Here's the situation: Visual Studio .NET 2003 1 Solution w/ 2 projects - 1 WinForm .exe and 1 class library .dll. The class libary assembly is strong-named and registered in the GAC. If debugging, the WinForm .exe finds and calls the class library in the GAC instead of the one in the solution. It won't even step into the class library project, hit a breakpoint, pick up changes, etc. I understand that at runtime, the GAC is the 1st/default place to look for assemblies, but in DEBUG mode?!?! We have tried re-referencing the assembly by file (instead of GAC) and that didn't work. We tried re-referencing the assembly by pointing to the project and that didn't work. We tried creating a config file (app.config) for the WinForm project and adding this: ---------- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> <runtime> <assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1"> <dependentAssembly> <assemblyIdentity name="ClassLibraryNameHere" publicKeyToken="e24af57d9eaee4b5" culture="neutral" /> <codeBase version="" href="..\..\DLL\ClassLibraryAssemblyHere.dll"/> </dependentAssembly> </assemblyBinding> </runtime> </configuration> ---------- to override the lookup in the GAC, but that didn't work either. I've searched the newsgroups, but couldn't find anything specific to this. What are we missing (I'm assuming someone's run into this...)? Do we have to unregister the assembly from the GAC? That does not seem very user/developer friendly. Thanks for any/all help. -Ed

registering workbook ?
0 replies , 10/28/2003, 9:35:40 AM
i'm developing a product based on a simple excel workbook and ideally wish to protect it by requiring users to register prior to having acess. i've seen a couple of examples where this has been done (and once you have registered the application also has a restricted life). can anybody help me with info on this subject ?? ------------------------------------------------ ~~ Message posted from ~~ View and post usenet messages directly from

Object library not registered
0 replies , 12/4/2003, 2:26:57 AM
When I open a document in Excel (2002 on Windows XP) I get: Microsoft visual basic Object library not registered What does this mean, and how can I fix it? Thanks Carol

Carol Sitea
Error 1904. Failed to register MSNStockQuote.dll HELP!
0 replies , 2/10/2009, 6:48:02 AM
Setting up my new computer to be like my previous computer. New and old both have XP, XP updated fully, both Office 2003, Office 2003 updated fully from Microsoft website. My previous computer had MSNStockQuote add-in, so for the new computer I have downloaded MSNStockQuote add-in (file=msnsq.exe) and when I run it computer shows error: Installer Information Error 1904. Module C;\Program Files\MSNStockQuote\MSNStockQuote.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147467259. Contact your support personnel. The files that it fails on are both located in the correct folder (MSNStockQuote). When I run regsvr32 it says: DLLRegisterServer in c:\program files\msnstockquote\msnstockquote.dll failed. Return code was: 0x80004005 I have uninstalled and re-installed add-in. No success. I have uninstalled and re-installed Excel 2003, then installed add-in -- no success. I have tried every permutation of cleaning registry using CCleaner, etc, etc. Googling I have seen a few messages that have described same problem, however I have never seen an answer on how to fix it. Help please. :-) Janice

How do I create a checkbook register?
2 replies , 1/1/2005, 5:03:02 PM
I'm new to Excel and could use a helping hand to get started.

Change Registered user name in Office 2003
1 replies , 11/21/2003, 3:09:54 PM
Is is possible to change the registration name or owner name in Office 2003? The installer of the software is not the end user, thus each time the user wants to use tools such as "comment insert" the wrong name is listed. Thanks

I'm having this problem on an upgraded XP Prof PC installing office 97 pro. It works fine if I dont install Outlook but unfortunately this is needed. I've tried installing it while in safe mode but still the same problem. I've seen the same problem on this site but the fix is for Win 95 & the solution doesn't apply to XP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

3 replies , 7/9/2006, 11:24:01 PM
I bought microsoft office for my desk computer for college. I just purchased a notebook and added microsoft office to that computer. Sometime came up that I have 49 times to use mircosoft word. Is that on my notebook or 49 times to download the program? Am I registered and if I am, do I have to reregister from my notebook?

1 replies , 10/28/2003, 7:23:50 AM
Why I cann't use these two function in Excel2002?

refuses to register my Office Pro 2010 MAK key
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I received a message that I have 4 days to register my copy of Office Professional Plus 2010 but when I try to register the MAC key I got from the download, it says is an invalid key.

1 replies , 6/20/2005, 12:21:03 PM
Hi i bought the microsoft office 2003 standard edition just wondering how do i register it? whats the website to register my product. Thanks Simon