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Jason -- I'm trying to deal with the exact same problem -- . And it's
happened to a document that I've been working on for about 3 weeks,
too. It's driving me insane.

It's almost as if the text for the sheet tabs are now white text on a
white background. Urgh!!

Is there a way to copy the worksheet into a new document without
losing all the formatting, column sizes, etc.
6/25/2003, 6:28:34 AM
in article f***********************, Tobi Morrison at
b********* wrote on 6/25/2003 2:28 AM:

> Jason -- I'm trying to deal with the exact same problem -- . And it's
> happened to a document that I've been working on for about 3 weeks,
> too. It's driving me insane.
> It's almost as if the text for the sheet tabs are now white text on a
> white background. Urgh!!
> Is there a way to copy the worksheet into a new document without
> losing all the formatting, column sizes, etc.
You should be able to copy the sheets 1 by 1. Right click on the Tab, check
copy and select new workbook. This will copy sheet to a new workbook
conserving all formatting on the sheet.

Bob Greenblatt [Excel MVP]

Bob Greenblatt
6/25/2003, 12:12:30 PM

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I have written a program which has automated some boring/ repetitive/ time consuming business processes.This program worked. I am now preparing documentation for this program with a co-worker. Today the program didn't work properly. After stepping through the code, I found that a column of numbers I was copying from Sheet "Suppliers with ABN_ACN_BN" in Book "Automation V005.xls" to Sheet "ABNLookup" in Book "ABNLookUp.xls" wasn't copying (even though it used to). Investigating this further (with another co-worker who knows VBA), we found (using the Watch and Immediate Windows) that the workbook/ worksheet to which I was trying to copy the data wasn't activating. After trying everything for two hours we finally gave up and so here I am. Here is the actual code: (Note: the variable "strActiveSpreadsheet" contains the spreadsheet name "Automation V005.xls") Workbooks(strActiveSpreadsheet).Activate Worksheets("Suppliers with ABN_ACN_BN").Activate Range("E2:E65530").Select Workbooks("Automation V005.xls").Worksheets("Suppliers with ABN_ACN_BN").Range("E2:E65530").Copy Workbooks("ABNLookUp.xls").Activate 'THIS STEP DOESN'T WORK Worksheets("ABNLookup").Activate "ABNLookup" in "Automation V005.xls" is activated, not "ABNLookup" in "ABNLookUp.xls". You know this because its tab is highlighted. Why doesn't the step Workbooks("ABNLookUp.xls").Activate work? (The code above is now a mixture of the code I started with this morning as well as code from attempts to get the program to work.)

Variable Worksheet Names
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Hello, I have been trying to get this to work. =CELL("filename",Sheet1!$A$1) I have an existing worksheet with multiple tabs. I want to create a named range of worksheet names for a sequential portion of these tabs. If I try it exacly as it says, I get a value not available error, probably because I do not have a sheet named Sheet1. If I try to replace Sheet1 with the name of my first worksheet for this named range, Excel asks me where I want to save it. =CELL("filename",Day One!$A$1) If I add double single quotes, I get a formula error message. =CELL("filename",''Day One''!$A$1) What am I missing? Also, once this is working, I would like it to pickup any newly added worksheets within this range of worksheets and add the name to my named range of worksheet names. Is this possible? Thanks for your help.

corrupted worksheet
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I have a user that is opening a worksheet that is stored on a public drive and when she opens it,all the data is unreadable, but the graphs are fine. But when another user opens the same worksheet it opens like it should and all the information is readable. Thanks

Rick B
Hi, first time poster here! I'm not too experienced in Excel so I may be overlooking somethin obvious, here's my problem. I am making charts to record the daily attendance figures of the gym work at, so we can track how many people are in the gym at any give time, in quarter hour intervals. On the worksheet, the x axis shows the time of day, starting at 09:0 and continuing in increments of :15 until closing time at 21:00 (eg 09:00, 09:15, 09:30, 09:45, 10:00 etc) The y axis represents a user of the gym, starting at User 1, an continuing downwards to User 60. There are really usually a maximum o 50 visitors a day, but I gave myself 10 extra just in case (this is small college gym btw, in case you were wondering why the numbers ar so low!) Using the gym register, I am marking the period that the user is in th gym with a 1, and leaving the rest of the cells blank. So if a user i in from 10:15 to 12:30, the row of cells between them times have a 1 i them. I go through the register and continue filling in the rest of the cell for each user. Now looking at the worksheet I can look at the columns and can see ho many people are in the gym at a given time, but to make it easier t see, instead of a sheet full of number 1s (!) I use this data to mak ... a chart! I've chosen a stacked area chart because of the way the data overlap and layers itself, each layer (series) representing the user. Creating this chart is tedious, because I am creating a series of 6 users. This means clicking on the New Series box, then selecting th name of the series from the chart (user x) then selecting the range o cells for that users data. Then repeating 60 times. Yawn. THE POINT OF THIS POST! The thought crossed my mind, there must be an easier way, instead o creating a worksheet and chart for each day, I could make a blan sheet, then make a chart for it using the method above, so when I star filling in the sheet, the data starts accumulating in the chart. I have, and it works beautifully, but here's my question (finally!) Before I start filling in the data proper, I would like to copy thi blank preformatted worksheet and chart, and paste them underneath eac other as many times as there are days in the month. The charts are inserted beside the worksheets. If you want to see fo yourself what I'm doing, you can grab the file 'HERE ( Thank you for your time : -- Message posted from

Revels <
Copying all formats from worksheet to worksheet
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How do I copy the header row from one tabbed worksheet such that it will paste all formats, ESPECIALLY CELL WIDTH, to each tabbed worksheet?

I have a worksheet Hours and a worksheet Costs. Each cell in Costs needs to be a function of the corresponding cell in Hours so, for example, Costs!K12 is a function of Hours!K12. The problem is that cells frequently get inserted or deleted in Hours. In this case Excel changes the reference in Costs so that, for example Costs!K12 now refers to Hours!L12, which is no use. How do I get Costs to always use the corresponding cells? (I came across one or two old posts in the archive which seemed to imply that this problem could be solved by means of the OFFSET function, but a bit of experimenting seems to show this isn't the case.) -- Stephen Poley

Stephen Poley
I would like to be able to protect a file without having to go into each worksheet indivudally to protect? Is ther a much quicker way? Example: We have payroll twice a month, I have each two week payperiod in a sheet and want to find an easier way to 'protect' them as a whole and not individually. Help please, make my life easier!

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I have a worksheet with a "weekly total" on several locations (34 rows apart) that needs to be put into a second worksheet in a column next to the week ending date. The formula being used is simply "=worksheet1!C34" and the next one will need to be "=worksheet1!C68" and so on. I can't figure out what formula to use to increase the row 34 places and attaching "+34" gives me just that, the total + 34. HELP!

Conditional Population in separate Worksheets?
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This may not be possible across worksheets. If worksheet 1 looks like: A1 B1 C1 D1 Smith |Travel | 1 Jan 06|10 Jan 06 Jones |Rest | 1 Jan 06|10 Jan 06 What I need, is in Worksheet 2 if A1=SMITH and B1 is Travel then copy over...: Smith| Travel | 1 Jan 06| 10 Jan 06 I expect to have about 50 rows in Worksheet 1, but only about 4-5 rows in Worksheet 2. V/R KSL.

How can I have a hyperlink automatically go to the control (on a different worksheet) How do I assign double-clicked value to a cell? How do I move to a different cell after the calendar has been double-clicked. These are all simple, I'm just missing the appropriate words - Help has been no help.... TIA

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What I am trying to do is link a worksheet to another worksheet. When I change the original I want it to change on all of the other sheets. Is this possible?

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I have a problem. I am trying to figure out how to use a the command button to link th worksheet with the command botton to another worksheet within the sam file. Much like using a hyperlink to pull an external file but in this cas simply going to another worksheet in the same file -- Message posted from

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I have 2 worksheets in the same workbook. One worksheet is for the price quote to the customer and has many rows, each item/price/quantity in its own row. The other worksheet is for the actual order sheet which the customer has purchased based on the quoted items. However, the customer doesn't usually buy every item on the quote sheet. So, what I've done is created a column on the "Quote" sheet which is entitled "ORDERED?". If there is a "Y" in the cell, then I want columns B, C, D, and G in that particular row of the "Quote" sheet to populate corresponding cells in the "Order" sheet. For instance, if there is a Y in A10, I want B2, C2, D2, and G2 on the Quote worksheet to populate cells A15, C15, D15, and E15 on the Order worksheet. However, if there is a "N" in the cell, then I don't want any of the information to be copied to the "Order" sheet. I also want all the data bunched neatly at the top of the Order worksheet, so the IF statement I tried did not work properly for this. Is this possible? I've tried to be as descriptive and as thorough as possible in my explanation and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Veronica Johnson

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I read the different ways to go to worksheets in a workbood (ctrl-pgdwn...) so this has solved my current dilema: When I select a worksheet by clicking on tab, the 'page' icon attaches to my cursor as if I am going to move the sheet, but then I get stuck. Won't let me drop it or leave excel. When I go outside the work area, it gives me the "NO" icon (circle with line). What is happening???? I can't get rid of it no matter what I try and can do nothing else.

automatically updating summary worksheet
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Hi, I have several tabs (worksheets) representing purchases for a specific year. There is one tab (worksheet) that is a Summary of all purchases for all years. How do I get Excel to automatically update the Summary worksheet anytime one of the other worksheets are modified?

worksheets equaling other worksheets
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I have a main workbook that I would like to feed a scenerios workbook. How can I make an entire worksheet equal another worksheet (value & format), without making formulas in each cell? Once these two worksheets are linked, I need to make rows in other sheets equal specific rows is the main scenerio worksheet. Any suggestions...

Data in cell to reference a worksheet page
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Column "a" has the name of the worksheet that I want reference. I always want it to return the value on worksheet "Name" column B. Is there a formula other then doing it manually ="Sheetname"!B1 -- eklarsen ------------------------------------------------------------------------ eklarsen's Profile: View this thread:

EXCEL worksheet
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Decimal place + - button use in protected worksheet
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Hi, I have one cell that I need to manually nudge up or down the decimal place for by using the quick button on the top menu. Problem is my workbook has protected sheets, and all formatting functions vanish when you protect. How can I allow users to change the DP in this one cell in my protected sheet? Currently I unprotect, change the DP and reprotect. Cheers, Aaron.

Adding and deleting worksheets
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I have 2 questions: 1. How can I add a worksheet to a workbook with a name that I specify? 2. How can I test for the existance of a worksheet by name...and then delete it if I find it? Thanks chuck

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Hi, Is there any way of being able to maintain (edit) the Worksheets inside an Excel Add-in without converting the add-in back to .xls? Is there any other approach of providing managable data along with the Add-in? Thanks, With regards, On Ali

On Ali
On our network we have a Excel 97 worksheet (containing a clever macro to add new rows and some column filters), previously I could open this with Excel 2003 and everything eas fine. Recently when I open the worksheet 99% of the cells appear blank but when I select a cell you can see the data in the formula bar. This problem only occurs on one of my machines all other machines seem to open and view the data correctly. My IT department has uninstalled and re-installed excel and done a a repair on the app also with no avail. I have also tried saving the document using the working Excel 2003 PC and opening with with the non working Excel 2003 pc. This still shows empty cell data. Each time I try and save the the workbook excel crashes and an error report is sent to microsoft. Workbooks created in the 2003 version seem to open and save correctly it's just the Excel 97 ones. It seems to be an issue with my machine not the workbook but I cannot seem to find a way to fix it! Other people seem to be experiencing the same issue:

Linking Worksheets
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How can I link several worksheets to one main worksheet? I just want the text to copy from the smaller worksheets into the main worksheet? Sounds very simple but I cannot figure this out! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Rich

Filter data into separate worksheet
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I'm in the process of trying to make a spreadsheet for work but I'm just clueless... excel is not my area of expertise! :) The original spreadsheet has 10 columns with various pieces of information... column D is what is important to me... column D has 5 choices for "reasons"... I want the main tab to remain untouched but in the other 5 tabs of the spreadsheet, I want the different "choices" to then filter into the other tabs... For example - the choices include "Coverage" "Equipment" "Customer Service", etc... I want the tab entitled "Customer Service" to have all the rows retrieved that have "customer service" as the entry for column D... the only issue is - I want it done automatically... not a filter I manually do because I will get data everyday to add to the main page and I want it to just dump into the other tabs. Is that possible? Can someone help me? Thanks! :)

Worksheet tab name
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Sometimes when I rename a tab for a worksheet, it, it adds the following: .xls] in front of the name. For example, I had a tab named "EmployeeInfo" and I renamed it to "EmployeeDataEntry" (without the quotes). When I hit <enter>, Excel automatically added .xls] so that the name now reads ".xls]EmployeeDataEntry". I cannot rename it now, without getting an error message stating that I entered an invalid name. I am not trying to enter a name with invalid characters - just what you see above. Any ideas why Excel is doing this, and what I can do to keep it from doing this? Thanks! BTW, using Excel 2003 SP1.

Adding up a column in a worksheet
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I'm having trouble figuring how to add up a column that meet a condition in Sheet1 and having the results show in Sheet 2. Example of what I'm trying to do: Month Amount Category Jan 523.00 JOB1 Jan 121.00 JOB2 Jan 75.00 JOB1 Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks,

Can you password an Excel worksheet, if so how?
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Can you password an Excel worksheet, if so how?

How do I check if a worksheet exists in my workbook ?
2 replies , 10/19/2004, 9:41:02 AM
Hi, I am trying to set up a number of columns (1-52 wks) which are populated by the data from several other worksheets (Wk1 - 52) within the same Workbook using Vlookup. If the the Weeks data has not been added yet (does not exist) I would like to display "No Data" in all of the cells that lookup. Does anyone know how I can check if the worksheet has been added yet before looking up the data. I was hoping there may be a function called exists ? e.g. if ('Wk 26' exists, Vlookup(A1,Wk26_data,18,false),"No Data") Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Worksheet Macros for All Worksheets in a Workbook?
1 replies , 10/2/2006, 3:49:35 PM
Hi, I have written a group of worksheet macros (things like Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean)). I would like these macros to apply to all sheets in the workbook, including ones that are addded later. How do I do this? Thanks, Andrew

delete page within a worksheet - How?
3 replies , 5/25/2010, 6:20:26 AM
Version: 2008 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Does anyone know how to delete all the extra pages of rows an columns that show up in excel within a worksheet? <br><br>I don't know if these are extra pages but when I scroll down or to the right, it just continues adding them forever. <br><br>I don't want to to set a print area. <br><br>I want to delete the extra sheets. <br><br>Phil

worksheet to worksheet . . .
5 replies , 9/26/2006, 9:40:02 PM
I'm not looking for volumes of info on this one. (Um, that doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate it, though! LOL) I just need a jump start so I can figure out what to do to get started. I have a workbook with about 50 sheets. 4 of the sheets get data, dumped from a program. That data is carried to other sheets as needed. These "other" sheets basically just have a formula in each cell, so data is pulled from the main sheet it's "connected" to. Now that the workbook is working great, I FINALLY get feedback from our Engineering dept. They have 2 concerns . . . The dilemma . . . 1). If they send the finished workbook to the customer, the customer can view any/all formulae in the cells. They don't want the customer to see any formulae. 2). The size of the file is fairly large. Because not only are the final Engineering reports part of the workbook, but the sheets that do the "math", and our internal reports are all a part of the same workbook. So . . . they want to delete all but the 5 or 6 sheets with "their" data. But if they do . . . the source sheets supplying the data go, and their sheets end up with nothing in them. The solution(s) . . . I know I can hide formulae. Haven't yet gone in and tried to figure out how. But I know I can do that. So that part shouldn't be an issue. But . . .. They can't delete the source of the data! So what I'd like to do is . . . Make another workbook with just the Engineering portion. Then, once all the calculations are done, and the data is in the appropriate Engineering sheets, have the data go from the Engineering sheets in the main workbook . . . to the copy of the workbook. But just the values . . . not the formulae. As in, EX: Sheet D2 gets data from one program, does some calculations, and puts the results into a column in that sheet. The data from the colum with the calculated results is sent to sheet E2. How? Sheet E2 has a formula in each cell pulling that data over. You know . . . if something is in this cell on that sheet, put it here. Now comes workbook 2. I'd like sheet E2 of new workbook to receive the values of main E2. Without having a formula in every cell in the new E2. So when it's done, Engineering can send the new workbook to the customer, and still have the "working" workbook for reference. My best guess is . . . have all the cells in the heading section of new workbook use the formula to pull identical info (text) over, so the heading is done identical to main workbook. Use the "hide formula" function for the heading. Then somehow have all columns in main workbook sent over to new workbook, without forumlae in each cell of new workbook. (Ugghhh!) Does that make sense? :)

margins and page size in worksheet
1 replies , 10/10/2006, 11:45:02 PM
I will try to express myself clearly but I might not be able to fully do so: I have a 22 page worksheet with each page as a technical data sheet. When i print these, the text is fine but the size of the main outline border is different on the different pages---in other words, the space between the side borders to the side ends of the paper, and the spacing of the top and bottom border lines to the top and bottom of the paper, is different on different pages. This may have something to do with margins and page setup, I am not sure? In summary is there a way to format these 22 pages so that when they are printed they are identical as far as the top/bottom borders from the top and bottom of the page, and side borders from the sides of the page be the same for all sheets. This does not mean that the spacing of the top/bottom and sides on a partiular page have also to be the same dimension I would request your assistance, and also that of Debra Dalgleish if she sees this question Thanks a lot Aamir

i want to maintain one main worksheet with ALL the info and separate it into multiple worksheets. when i make changes the the multiple worksheets (within the same spreadsheet) i want the same changes on the main worksheet.... is this even possible.

Hi all, I have 2 worksheets to compare as follows:- sheet 1 with 6 courses to be completed by learners (these are a compulsory courses) course 1 course 2 course 3 course 4 course 5 course 6 In worksheet 2 I have hundred learners who have completed some course from the above Learner A has comepleted course 1 course 3 course 5 Learner B has completed Course 2 course 3 course 5 coursse 6 Learner C has completed all course course 1 Course 2 course 3 course 4 course 5 course 6 How to set a formula to know who dose not completed the courses for a hundred over learners Thank you in advanced.